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Maps community,

With the Views website now offline, today marks the beginning of an exciting new adventure for those who enjoy sharing great, geotagged imagery.

Effective today, you’re now gaining:
• More exposure for your new Maps profile (see “Contributions” from the side menu)
• More exposure for all photo spheres you associate with Maps listings
• Better integration with the rest of Google Maps

In the very near term, we’ll also be:
• Displaying the total number of published images in your account
• Showing your total view count
• Adding more ways to publish and geotag images

And of course, we are working to deliver you additional useful tools in the near and longer term. Thank you for your patience during this transition. We’re very excited for the many improvements in store!

— The Google Maps team

See original post here:
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Tj J
Can't wait ☺
+Google Maps​ thanks for this, hope the transition is a smooth and productive one...
Wait im on google maps every single day faithfully!!!! I cant breath..... Lol
I hope the view counts in the transition are not lost. 
IT seems next To that crystal Cube in The Center of google Earth ., There is à giant star Network from The Center of The Earth in google Earth .. With system booth pathways 
No Contributions here either.  Most likely the feature hasn't fully populated yet. 
The views page is gone but I still can't see "contributions" on maps. Great update. -.- Maybe next time you should activate the new one before you shut down the old +Google Maps 
Would be happy if an easier way to transport our photos from #Panoramio could be provided. Let's hope for the best :)
"Contributions"? I don't see it in Maps menu. Nice.
Is there a map I can access that shows only my geotagged images?
""Displaying the total number of published images in your account
• Showing your total view count
• Adding more ways to publish and geotag images"

- OMG! i had this functionality all the time in google views. so my account was updated in the beginning of 2014?
It seems to me that these bulletins are really aimed at the US and there is a lag between what happens there and what happens in the rest of the world. 
I am in the UK and my views are all still in place (though they have never been ALL visible in one folder) and I see no 'Contributions' link in a side menu.
In other words, these changes have not happened to my account in the UK, yet.
No Contributions link in the side menu.  My account is in the US.  Guess this will take time to roll out.
Please add lebanon to the offline maps in maps app
I don't see > "Contributions" anywhere as you said - " More exposure for your new Maps profile (see “Contributions” from the side menu)" -----------show me a screenshot please. ALSO will the total view counter be on each individual image?
Much Thanks!
This is horrendous. It's the day before school starts, so everyone is looking at the school on Maps. There's a HUGE problem with this, the image that has been chosen as THE image of the school, is a picture of my daughter's purse. It's bright pink with black accents. Worse... the image links directly to my Google Plus post about it.

Even worse than worse... the Views site now redirects straight to here so I cannot revoke the "public" status of the image. Why the hell a picture of a purse was chosen as the representative image for my child's elementary school is beyond me. Having that photo then link directly back to my Google Plus post, means that the world now knows where my kids attend school.

This is unacceptable, I've reported the image and it remains, I've deleted the post I put up that featured the photo and it remains, now I'm venting in the only place I know (the place that the Views website now redirects me to). This is a SEVERE problem that I had no idea would be a problem. There was no indication that this type of thing would or could happen.
Damn it! Even clicking on the wording of the post within Google Maps takes me here!

I'm tired of being redirected here!

When I try in an Incognito Window, I get the whole "Join Google+" thing which is immediately followed by:

 "Share the right things with just the right people."

I'm a dad looking to protect his kids. I'm about to throw my monitor against the wall and send a bill to Google to replace it.
Wo sind meine Google Views Bilder und wie komme ich an diese ?!
Guys, the "contributors" option is inside the Maps menu. Top left corner, just on the left of the cursor (where you type). Click there and you will see "contributors" on the middle of the menu. By the's not that great feature yet...actually....I hate it (so far)!!!
Wow, after getting everyone I know to report the image, it's finally gone. I did not like that AT ALL. I still feel sick.
Rene Meeh
What a disaster!!! I just checked out the new Photospheres feature on Google Maps. Once again Google releases a product that is multiple steps down from what we had before and it looks like it's not even finished. Congratulations on the new f*up
Contributor menu is a disaster - plenty of panoramas missing - black dotted seam and of course not intuitive at all .
yes, what's up with the black line in the photos? and linked photospheres are no longer linked? WTH? please tell me this is all temporary.
On the frontend side the Spheres are not more prominent than before. Google just deleted google maps views. Nothing more.
- WHERE is the new app for Android and IOS
- Where is the option to label PS correctly?
- Where is the option to relocate/correct location? 
- Where is the rest of the functions I had yesterday? 
- where is the Share my profile option? 
- Why is Half my photos are separated by some label or grouping, I want to combine them into one area (constellations??) I have pictures not in the correct groups - or duplicate groups... 
- WHERE AM I???? There is now NO DOT to represent the location of the PS, fine for me as I know where the photo was taken.. .people need to know for reference.
And Why is it taking months to approve me as a Trusted photographer? I have business lined up, and won't get promoted till I have my Street View | Trusted status. 
how can i add new image/sphere then?
+Robert McCann​​, dude, I feel you. This hurts all of us, users included. But I can answer a few of those.

Constellations are gone for the moment and will be restored in the fall.

You can enter or correct the information in a photosphere when you drop Pegman into the image. I just had to do this in a hurry because I named an Aventador a Reventon (a HUGE mistake in the car world). I honestly don't want to go back into my desktop and mess with it again so I can't give more detailed instructions.

The app was supposed to be released to coincide with all of this so I'm blown away that we haven't seen it.

I can't answer the others. I'm as confused as you on those.
Got it. You'll need to go to , find your "Geo Panoramas" collection/album, find the image and click on it. From there you'll be able to make your changes after clicking the info icon at the top right.

Like I said, I was in a hurry when I made my changes so I wasn't focused on the "how" I was just focused on getting it done.
I'm disappointed as well in the Contributions view on Maps

- No way to filter by type - I have a ton of photos that are useful that I've made public, but I don't care much about them. What I've put a ton of time and energy into are the spheres, and I want an easy way for someone (including myself!) to be able to just view my spheres. Views was perfect in this regard:

- No custom titles for spheres - I also spent time crafting titles with actually useful information. I realize that most people uploading spheres did not do this, but for those of us who did, there's a reason we put in the effort! Just a few examples from recent spheres:
Yellowstone - Doublet Pool with Lion Geyser Erupting in Background (mine) vs Teton County (Google Maps)
Tokopah Falls - Sequoia National Park (mine) vs Tulare County (Google Maps)

- No photo sphere descriptions - I also spent a huge amount of time attempting to give interesting, informative descriptions to my spheres. Again, this is one of those features that most uploaders to Views did not utilize, but I'd argue that those of us who did were generally the most passionate and provided some of the highest quality content. I loved that Views encouraged the addition of this extra, often highly valuable context, both through the website and through the community (+Adam Lasnik and +Evan Rapoport were really amazing at pushing this in the Views community when they were active on the project). Honestly, this is probably what I find saddest about Views shutting down. For an example, I loved writing commentary like this:

- No dots on the map - It was so nice to be able to use Views to view someone's profile and see dots on the map that represented the locations of their spheres and photos. This was quite engaging. Actually, in thinking about this further, what I really loved was the ability to browse to an area, then filter by photo spheres (thus just showing spheres on the map), and explore an area. Compared to Google Maps, I'd kill to have Views back just for this. Exploring the world for photo spheres using Maps is extremely clunky compared to Views. 

I get the desire for unifying products. I hope that Maps incorporates more of what Views was. But, as it currently stands, I am disappointed. 
What about the embed link. I no longer see the embed link in Share. What should i do to get the embed link.
 Kudos in migrating old data to new system without breaking any integrity.
One suggestion, and I feel it is important to address and is actually easy to address. Please include panoid on the URL.  Without that it'll be very error prone to use a Panorama through Maps API.  Or give a way to locate the pano id.  Probably you can add <IFRAME> embed snippet back on the SHARE tab. 
We can't contribute anymore ??  Bummer !!  :-(
Hello i notice that  before i  added photoes as profile or as pages and now this seem is not possible. The profile match to the emal account and i cannot select the sharing identity. For me is a bed news. How can manage more than one    pages ? Maps contributions is only for the email account not for the various identity. I Remember that one email account  can manage various pages of Local Business...
Non fosse stato per la Vostra Mail non sapevo neppure l'esistenza di Maps - conto su di Voi per rivederlo e ringrazio INFINITAMENTE per avermi dato la possibilità RIBELLARMI alle ingiustizie verso PERSONE INDIFESE - GRAZIE MILLE DI CUORE in fede mc54
How can I add new images? There are so many features missing!
No sorting.
No filtering.
Spheres and photos are at the same list.
Sorting by date of taking photo, no by date of publishing.
Photos belongs to constelation aren't marked.
Moving between spheres belongs to one constelation doesn't work when i enter to sphere by "my contribution". It works only if I enter by "Maps"
How to add sphere?
Maybe it is pre-alpha version which was published by accident?
I am very disapointed, panoviewer is still awfull
adding sphere is now much more´s instant ! No wiaitng for qualtiy upload and it´s in second paired with business.
I'll admit it; I was sceptical about this, but the 'contributions' approach does work pretty well. Could you provide the total number of views though? It's nice to watch that creeping up!
I've a costellation of 31 PANO that was waiting for approvation (a trail in the mountain). In the future this costellation can be approved for Google Maps also if the system was migrated or I need to re-upload when newfunction will be online?

I can see my numbers.. but you cannot??
Also the IFRAME integration for web site isn't avalable everywhere. It works if I want to do it with +Zeljko Soletic photosphere, but not with my own.
Views was cool, I loved it and it was the only thing, why I'm not on facebook and now alle my picture taken for views are bad links, no help where the picture are and how to place them again on maps - or how can I get all picture from the now dead business-views account to my personal account - as long as the personal only works on maps? It 's sad, why did you do that?. So there is no interest in using Google further, thanks for destroying our work we did.
Ludia prosim vas ako spustim street viev
kalumo k
This migration is a total disaster.
I only hope this is some kind of very preliminary verison of new software.
Four days ago, I made my first collection of multiple photospheres. I defined paths, so you could move from one photosphere to another. Now its broken and the paths are gone! :(
What the hell here happens! All I've done before I can not find!
All my former links to my photospheres are dead, nobody can find my work anymore. That's a really big shit!
Why even bother rolling out a new interface when it is not complete?  +Google Maps you are leaving a very substantial group of loyal followers and supporters in a terrible state of confusion.  
I'm really sick of good working products becoming alpha version of themselves.
Views started with several limitations, but it was an entirely new product, so it was ok, and with time and feedbacks we got more control over our photos.
Now everything is gone, months of feedbacks thrown away and again I feel I'm not in control of what I show on Maps, like I did when Views goes public the first time.
Very bad . . . the system is frightful, where is the visits , , , ,in 360 views I had almost 6 millons . . . 
Question - How do you add an image/photo-sphere from the Contributions Tab?
Hi! How can I access my photospheres Constellations, now that the GoogleMaps Views was discontinued ?
Let's see if I can upload some photosphere 
+Places Mobile Googles general moto is "release early and iterate" - if they waited until a product was 'finished' would never release anything. We get to play with alpha releases. 
So how do we import photosphere's now? I don't see any options for that. And will we be able to connect images as we were able to do in Views? so far I don't like it at all. Is this an upgrade or a downgrade.
+James Brisciana we will be able to do it again, I'm sure of that, but who knows when... Maybe in a month, maybe next year... Meanwhile we are left in a limbo where we can't do anything we were easily doing before.
Very disappointing launch. In the public maps application, valuable information is now missing: no more blue dots to show where interesting imagery is located, and since the photo captions are no longer displayed, when you do find something of interest, no additional useful information about it is available. One of the big attractions of imagery on Maps was that clusters of blue dots would guide viewers to places of special interest. 

As well, the "new" Explore panel no longer highlights popular images, and many are quite obviously misplaced.

It is hard to see how the Contributions sidebar will give photographers "more exposure" since it is not location-sensitive. The stack of image thumbnails presented often use very vague titles that often bear no relation to the actual location. Moreover, they appear to be sorted by date with no ability to sort by any other means.

What's happening Google? The reworked Photos is full of holes, and now this. Why wouldn't you draw on the large group of dedicated people to craft a truly useful tool? 
It's just frustrating. I was very happy with Views. Do you know what the deal is with Panoramio? Is that another Google photosphere type product? Confusing
Panoramio has been dead for months.
+Davide Stefanini Nope. Not now Google works. When they 'rebuild' a product, they make a conscious choice, not to just bring 'everything' over. Start again with the MVP, add just the cool stuff. The definition of 'cool' may well be different to designers working on the previous iteration. On the one hand its liberating, and leaves free to try new ideas not be constrained by the choices of the past. But yes, it can suck, if your pet features are lost. Can't please all of the people all of the time.  
+James Brisciana Panoramio is a great community, but unfortunately, is a very disappointing product! For example, there is no reply button, you add a comment on someone's photo, they respond with another comment, and you get NO notification can see the answer to your comment only if you return on the page of the photo where you added the comment! So, I might say that Panoramio is social media at the level of 2004 or earlier :(
+Barry Hunter features like edit the date of a photo were introduced in the old Google+ Photos after consistent feedbacks, how in the world someone could think it's a good idea to leave it off in the new Photos?
Indeed it was reintroduced just yesterday, and this proves that they are absolutely incapable of choosing which features are "cool" and which not.
In this case (Views) it seems they just decided that ALL the features were not cool, because now we can't do anything of what we could before.
How is everyone adding new Photospheres? I must be blind, can't seem to find it anywhere.
+Davide Stefanini I doubt its a concious "choice" to remove the feature. Just that they didnt think to add it. Just like the original designers of Google+ Photos didnt think to create it. The designs of Google Photos, didnt either. Rather than enumerating each feature, and saying nay or yay, just start from zero, and think what features they NEED. 
Good question. And the few photospheres I did have in Views and was appearing in Maps have now disappeared. Strange to launch something new, which really doesn't have any features.

EDIT: OK, I have found them now, but you really have to zoom in a lot in the right place to find them. Much harder than before. Next to try and upload a new one.
This "Contributions" interface is retarded. This is a downgrade. I don't understand the reason for shutting down something that works well and not provide a better replacement.
+Google Maps How do we contribute photospheres? I find it displeasing that you implement this new program without even allowing this basic feature! Please help
There needs to be one page on one URL which describes all the new changes and provides clear and concise instructions.  The information you are providing for us is poor, non-specfic, and scattered.  Those of us that have been working in the GBV program since its inception have received no clear guidance on how to proceed.  There is no logical reason why we should not be given very specific information on all the changes and how they will affect our day to day workflow and operations.
It's very confusing. It seems that there was no planning. We need more information and to be objective. You can leave Panoramio out, it is too outdated.
Still no response from the Google Maps team. Huh...

I figured that with 75+ comments, most of which center on questions that they can answer, they'd pop in. Instead they leave us to speculate and be baffled.

Their lack of response is yet another thing to be baffled about.
This is a downgrade, not able to edit description or name of the place where to photo was taken. No overall stats, no sorting on views. Reminds me of the Photo’s app also a downgrade in regards to Picasa or Photo+  and up until today I have seen no improvement in the new app.
Think this will also be the case with views to maps….bummer, just take out the fun and let the machine dicide.
Wait, I have clients with photospheres and now I can't access them?
+Marco Bianco zoom in really close and scroll over to the left in Maps
Really hidden now.

Update: Yep, located one of your photopheres in Google Maps OK using the above method. Not ideal though.
I need the Iframe functionality for my photo sphere. Please add it.
can someone tell me the link to go to,  to view the photosphere, as share more...
I'm not happy at all 
My Panoramio photos are not affected :) , they were supposed to become a part of Google Views...
I hope this is a failed update. The old "Views" page was not to bad. So I was looking forward to this "big update". But this is just horrible.
Panoramio, Picassa, G+, Views, Photospheres. I,m completely lost with my pictures - anyone at Google got a Map?
What a mess!!! I hope the G Human Resource department is getting busy these days.
There is a way to go back to the old Google+ Photos. Go to Google+. Go to Photos. Click the ... icon on the left hand menu. Then click "Back to Google+ Photos". Then you are back in the old interface that has more features. You do have to do this dance every time though.
I still don't have views here.... and i had a lot of published spheres, and no "contributes" voice menu at all....
It is unusual to be part of an epic fail of this size.
INET 101 if the service is free you are the product, everyone settle down, it's not like they shut off reader... 
I want old Panoramio back ! When are you going to repair it ?
I got use to Panoramio .. it went away .. I got used to Views .. now it went away. Sigh. 
the new google maps is pretty fubar. I've already lost interest... (except for one more comment)
KFC wants to know about new positions twerking the clubs on a hand stand 
For now everything is very sad:
- I can not get the map display with only my photos to see changes over time on the same place
- Over 17,000, they have become in 5000 photo
- I can not look for specific images easily entrusting the place because the only order available on Google Maps is to time, regardless of where framed
- All of the links reference Gviews attached to the photos in detail described with reference to other pictures of the place now no longer serve any good
.. I do not know what else, but certainly I found only negative resolutions and much less service than before.
... If so, the next time leave it like it or not write algli users that will improve everything when in fact there is absolutely nothing better than before ..
:( :( :(
Wai Kin
already 150 comments, but not even a single word/reply from +Google Maps . BTW, where is the promised New Street View app?
I VERY MUCH PLEASE opportunity to describe my pictures multiple tags (and their own base my tags)
+Google Maps, if I could only open Photos/Photo Spheres (shared from Maps to G+) in +Google+ app for Android (redirected to Maps app), not only on computer. 
The real head scratcher is how many links to photo spheres are featured here on +Google Maps that no longer work......  
Cant Wait , kindly back ASAP 
Thank God I copied all my sphere descriptions to notepad 2 days ago..the option to add information and differentiate between photos and photospheres should be reinstated along with embed iframe snippet share option can we have a future timeline statement from the Maps boss regarding what will be reintroduced for this huge communities benefit and not its demise
So this is all? Not enough, guys.... not enough...
Sure it is not renewal, not transition.. it is words google use to mask  DISCONTINUE of Views. if they won't have something similar to Views in nearest future - no mo content to google from me. My own site,, 360cities! Аnd probably i will delete all contents from google plus - after this "transition" google looks like bunch of loosers who unable to deal with contents providers
i used to see all my Google sphere in one page that is gone now, where can i see all Google sphere, how many views, etc
Taken from: Rock With Barney (2002 Version)
а если по русски. что это все значит? что происходит? )
En la nueva pagina mis fotoesferas se han dañado, ahora se ven como una imagen muy pequeña y plana... ademas no puedo ver todas las fotos que habia subido....
Где мой аккаунт, мои фотографии и 13 миллионов просмотров? 
No esta claro. Donde cargo mis fotos? Donde creo las constelaciones? X favor, informen d mejor manera.
Dear +Google Maps, there is so much people here working for you freely by sharing their data, and you make money with it. So please, give us decent tools to let us work in best conditions. ;-)
There's a 'Share or Embed' option on our photospheres, but we aren't offered an ability to embed.. c'mon gang!
Views is gone, and even on the map my photo spheres are gone. Now I have these flat images. Gone. Lots of work. So what's the point of contributing any more?
Arek G
Jak teraz dodać zdjęcie do google maps??????
Blue dots are not there on the map either .....
what a mess - i have onluy 150 panos - browsing those is alread a pain 
( strip ) and of course the most important ( some of the them featured bu maps ) are gone.... ( not on map and not in the useless side strip ) 
Ma dove sono finite le mie sfere ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
+Google Maps it must feel horrible to have upset so many loyal fans in a single day... and this 600+ and comments is just a tiny fraction of the real number of totally pissed off followers. 
Era troppo bello ,voglio sperare che sia efficiente come prima anzi più di prima, dando all'utente facoltà di visualizzare il profilo in un modo pratico e lineare.
I still do not see the option to upload photo spheres, on my Google maps menu. Can't wait to see newer version.
Just please ... put everything back the way it was....
Per adesso fa schifo! un disastro totale... mancano molte foto che avevo caricato, molte altre ci sono ma da foto sferiche quali erano sono diventate semplici foto normali, di foto corrette ora ne avrò un paio a dir tanto... non posso ne aggiungere ne modificare ne eliminare le foto... rimettete tutto come prima o sistemate la cosa perchè l'idea di unire view a maps è ottima ma cosi è una schifezza che fa solo passare la voglia a chi come me ci mette la voglia e l'impegno, scatta foto sferiche e le carica su maps.
It's quite confusing... How could I add photos? How could I remove some photos? Why those photos that I took are sharing with the whole world? Can I change the title? Can I change the name of that place? 

It's not a completed feature and I have no idea why you so eager to turn Views off and show off this kinda semi-finished thing....just Why?
RIP Views. You will be missed.
And no official reply. How it feels to piss off so many loyal Google believers and followers?
How do I see all the other photos (the red dots on the map tha you could click)???
Where can I now see, upload and change my pictures now! And no word from Google! Forget the photos I took... I won't upload and new ones from now on. no Contributions button there.
Yeah, STILL can't get the "contributions" button and now all the images have fallen over and STILL no word from Google. Nice.
lost all those blue dots for photosphere.:9 Geotagged photos are suddenly not geo-anything..!
And what about being able to embed a tour (connected images)into a website which was one of the best features on Views? The few tours I did embed into a website through Views are still active but what now? We can't do this anymore? I realize they claim they will be adding features along the way and that sure as heck better be one of them, and soon!!!!
+Eliecer Marchante
As a TIP doesn't this actually help you out? Now there is zero competition for anyone like myself who was trying to use Views as a business tour option. If the new Street View app is anything like the crappy photo sphere app that will also help you TIP's.
Sorry, but as photographer and SEO enthusiast i cannot understand, that google maps produced dead links of my pictures i have had in VIEWS. Since I have my own website, I am always following the rules of google for a perfect place. One rule, I follow is, that google doesn't like my page, when I have dead links. I'm very sad about what and how it happens. Where are the promised advantages? When people click on my pictures in google picture search, they don't reach, what their interest is -the picture!!??

Thank you.
For those who are looking for the embed option for Photospheres and Constellations published under the old Map Views I've created a step-by-step workflow to find those assets. For constellations you can locate them, select the embed option and select the initial photosphere. You can find the tutorial on my website at

With all these changes going on no telling how long this functionality will be available :-(

+Trippy Legs +Henrik Heino +Peter Askew +James Brisciana 
Do they only have programmers working there or do they have actual project managers to instruct the programmers on how to properly roll out products?
+Tony Redhead​ thanks for the post. However it would be great if someone from Google can inform us if we would ever get the same kind of functionalities as Views. I just started experimenting with photosphere and constellations and it's gone. If there is another way I could still use those functions. Even if it's a paid version I would love to try it. +Google Maps​ .

Where are you going Google? On your path from Picasa, Google+ Photos to Photos you lost a lot of functionality, Same happens again for Panoramio, MapViews, Maps. Your programmers should look in detail into existing staff before doing something new.   P.S.: Look into the comments and perhaps you might understand!  
Laura C
My two cents:  (1) PANORAMIO PICTURES - I do see my Panoramio photos in the Contributions Panel (hooray!), BUT when I click on any one of them, they don't fill the screen the way my (uploaded from Views) photos do; (2) PHOTO SPHERE VIEWER - With the new viewer, many of my photo spheres show a vertical black seam; (3) UPLOADING PHOTOS DIRECTLY FROM THE MAP - I can upload my photos if I drop a pin on a famous hotel or landmark, but I can't upload them from ANY POINT ON THE MAP; I'm going to the middle of nowhere next month (Altiplano), and I hope to take fantastic photospheres, but how will I upload them to Maps?
前のGoogle マップビューの方が使いやすかった。

Yes +Laura C et al., I have managed to upload a new photosphere by adding it to an existing place on Google Maps. Make sure your image has the correct metadata and it appears on my account, with the promise it will be added to maps soon.

UPDATE: Just looked at it in Incognito mode, and may new photosphere is listed as a photo associated with the place, but does not appear as a photosphere on the map when you drag Mr Pegman over the map.

Now, next question is, if you have a photosphere in the middle of a field, how do you add it? Maybe create a new place? Will investigate how to do that.

This is how you add a place:

So then add your photosphere to the new place. Don't know if this is just a hack, or how Google intends you to add new photospheres. 
What a disappointment nearly a million views in Google maps views (99700) all gone .How do we add new photos ? Google don't try and fix something that was working fine!!!! 
Many (the majority) of my photospheres on maps are no longer linked to my account.   Example this is a constellation of 16 photospheres I posted in 2013 and not one links back to my account.
+Pavel Novozhilov
The worst Google's "improvement" for all the times. It's seems the "improvement" was made by some group of lamers who didn't  think about consequences. It's TERRIBLE. Even if after a while everything will work somehow, this "transition" will become history as the worst planning act. SHAME ON YOU google!
This whole switch is very disappointing. I can see why they did it though. Our photos (views community photos) we so popular, we were driving to much traffic away from Google Maps over to Views...
Congrats to the +Google Maps and Views team on what must have been a difficult transition but one that seemed inevitable given the trend towards consolidation. I'll second most of +Ryan Allison's feedback and add my own observations so far. 

Current filters are Reviews and Photos with the Reviews tab always loading by default. I'm guessing most of the photosphere fanatics here like me would much prefer the Photos tab show by default. Also, like before it would be preferable to have the option of just viewing Photospheres OR Photos and Public (approved) OR Private (pending). 

Reviewing All Media - UI Hints
I've just scrolled through all images / spheres on the contributions pane to review all of my public media and there is no clear indication that I've reached the end. I get to a certain sphere, it doesn't load any others but displays the pop-up "Server error. Please try again later. X" I did the same thing nearly 12 hours ago and it scrolled to the same sphere and displayed the same pop-up. 

Privacy Mistake
While doing this I realised one of my Google+ posts had shared a photo geotagged to my home and so communicating my address publicly. My mistake but I had to hunt for the post on Google+ to find and remove the location information - easy enough if a little tedious. But it'd be nice to have these tools baked into Maps Contributions if possible. 

Red Dots
I really hope you guys reintroduce the "red-dots" UI for users as the old Views had - such a great feature, being able to see the location of one's Photospheres on the map then click and launch. It's only really needed for Photospheres, not so much for Photos. This was the main way to find and explore one's Photospheres - having to scroll through and review all media as above, just to find that one odd Sphere you took in Germany that time doesn't really work that well. 

Otherwise you seem to have my other concerns addressed and to be introduced in future. Good luck and congrats on the looming Google+ billion-view milestone. 
С такой густой каши... так жидко обделаться...  
I love Google Maps. I'm so glad they bought the satellite mode back!
"Exciting new adventure" ... it's not new, because it's the same embarrassing experience we had at G+ with /photos/ gone and replaced with photos.googlecom and it is not comparable to the change at hangouts which is a real improvement, faster, more stable and at least all features are still there ... it's not exciting, why in the world can something be exciting which isn't new or better or full of suspense or even has a glimpse of excitement. Letting a whole site of functions, information and administrative tools vanish is not only the opposite of excitement, its plain embarrassment. 

But I must confess ... it's an adventure. I feel lost, stuck in the unknown, without knowledge where the path leads and if my pictures will survive. I have to explore, feel unsafe, out of my comfort zone and may be predators around the corner. Should I call for help, cry, burst out into a flood of tears , or just sit in a corner - casually free of predators - and regret my own existence. Yeah, that's a hell of an adventure. Thanks.

That should have sounded sarcastic. 
Can't find a way to embed my PhotoSpheres into my website anymore. -1 for the downgrading us to an unfinished product.
Spheres are now completely hidden on the maps. only "view from inside" and streetview are shown on the map... Really Google?
How can I upload my photo spheres now? and connect them? Can't find it at all!! 
Still waiting for the contributions button in the app Google. Still waiting for the app to allow me to look at my own photos and photospheres. Still waiting to be able to see everyone else's photos and photospheres. Still waiting for any of my queries, posted through your proper channels to get an answer. 13 days
HEEELP! Im trying to upload a photosphere in my google views account, but now I cant find the URL of Google Views, can someone share it please?
I had 500+ photo spheres up with 2.5 million views.  They are not showing up in the contribution menu.  sad day :(  Hopefully it is just a wait till they get migrated.
Photospheres only show as flat photos on the mobile app. No categorization for them anymore. Can't seem to grasp the idea behind replacing a finished product with an unfinished one. Plus you ruined my unique URL :-( Will the old profile URL eventually link to the new maps profile? 
what a disaster :-( WHY google NEVER listen to users and partners ? WHY is that ? I had 200 panoramas, and more than 4.4 million views. Now I can NOT find not even ONE of my panoramas that were on Views :-(
gary p
How the heck can I view my photosheres on mobile device? All urls are being redirected to this page. Way to promote mobile use, Google!
Is very confused!! I want to see the red points (photos) inside street view but I can't find it...
+Ayrton Camargo try also the views are retained. I had over 100 Million views, they are still there.
+Alexander Vollmer You wrote: "That should have sounded sarcastic".
Damn I misunderstoud you, I thought you were.

Google has lost our confidence.
Query. Since we all know Google will never respond to any of our concerns ever, are there any other platforms that could read my photospheres? I'm thinking of baling out on this whole "merging" disaster and taking my stuff with me. I can obviously use my photographs anywhere, but I also have some photospheres of largely unknown and difficult to access places in my locale that were hard won which I would like to be able to still access through non-Google products.
They erased blue dots today
Like that we lost everything if we didn' t embeded constellations somewhere..
#GoogleViews has been down for more than 5 days. We are hoping that this is sign of an amazing transformation :)
The Google Maps for Android app now has a Add missing business feature, so now you could at least add a business or place, then add your photo sphere (with proper metadata) to that new place.
Wow ! Now i See all My Contributed Photospheres and Reviews :) 
Instead of redirecting us to this post, why not redirect us to the new page?
Ok, so how do we now upload new photospheres on Google Maps and how do we connect those (the ones that are close to each other) so that we can make the "street view" experience for users?
+Alexander Toshkov Currently, only found a way to add photo spheres to a business listing. No way yet to connect them together. This is assumed to be coming at a later date. We basically have to wait it out. A bit crazy. Why pull the plug on Views if the Maps version wasn't ready? Very bad management from a user perspective. 
you gotta be kiddin me! i wan't that back right now!
Photospheres in the new Google Maps - An Arthur Dent Moment

In researching how images and photospheres are uploaded in the new Google Maps I've had my own Arthur Dent, the long suffering human in Douglas Adam's Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, moment!. My own locked filing cabinet comes from the demise of Google Map Views and it's integration into Google Maps. Maybe I should remember the cover of the book "Don't Panic"
Note to everyone in this thread: You can still upload photospheres / share to Google Maps using the share function built into Google Camera. Simply launch Google Camera on your device, swipe right to left to bring up the last photo from your Gallery and keep swiping until you find your Photosphere, tap the share icon, choose Maps, accept, done. Good blog post +Tony Redhead and sounds very frustrating having to dig like that "Burried under layers of obfuscation" indeed - I can't help with finding them on Maps later but for the uploading to Maps in the first place you could try the method I mention here - just throw your spheres onto your device Gallery, find them in Google Camera, and upload. 
Oh, also for +Alexander Toshkov this might help
Guess I'll add to the noise.
Pretty disappointing transition.
I guess you get what you pay for.
All my contributions are showing up as a list, but they aren't showing up on Google Maps, and the news ones I've added have no way to edit the title/descriptions. The chronological list it gives you in a single line is difficult to navigate, and pretty frustrating compared to what we used to have. 
+Mark Bruce why do you post here USELESS advice? The most people use DSLR, not google camera. I read your previous comment with positive review of this TERRIBLE transition. Are you google minion? Clean up your glasses and read what MOST of people think about latest google "upgrade". 
Newsflash: you can actually load your DSLR shots (geotagged with sphere metadata) onto your phone and gosh! Google Camera will see them in gallery and oh my god, really!? allow you to share to Maps. O_O wow, #whowouldhavethought  
Please, think more, talk less
Thanks +Mark Bruce ! Your way works. I posted my photosphere today from my Nexus 7 and it appears on Google Maps in few minutes. 

UPDATE: It's easy by PC without mobile things. Just search nearest object on Google Maps and click "Add a photo".
Ah +Mark Bruce, I did find a clue about your method, but I thought it was the Gallery app. Didn't try the Google Camera app. We are slowly getting there, clobbering together a work flow through a maze Google code.

UPDATE: Doesn't work on a OnePlus One, probably due to CM. Nexus phones and tablets or pure Android are peoples' best bet.
+Mark Bruce​​ That method of uploading to Maps has been broken for a very long time now for Google Camera. It was mentioned to me by Adam and Evan that uploading from mobile to the Google cloud had a very poor success rate. Reason it was discontinued after Android 4.4. And no longer documented.
Of course that was a long long time ago  
+Steve Wooding​ and +Jim Jensen​ I completely agree it is an inelegant hack at the moment. But I've been doing it this way for over a year now, ever since stock Gallery was omitted for Google Photos that lacked the function. I only have Nexus devices however so yeah they may well play a role, sorry for not making that clear
Stupid integration... Half functionality in Google Maps contribution. Give me back Views... Where I can connect my near photosphere pictures as i can in Views? Sorry for my english.

Oooops. Before I can se my photosphere in Google Photos after auto upload from my phone, now I can see photosphere only as normal photo. Photosphere symbol is gone.
How do we submit photospheres through google photos/maps now?
As the "default" way via Android just doesn't work anymore for me, constantly app crashes when i go to submit.
+Andrew Mastroianni in Google Maps go to the location where your photosphere was taken. You may see a number of photos/photospheres in the image carousel but no "Add a Photo" button. Find a location/landmark, click on it and you should get the link in the main dropdown menu and the button in the image carousel. Bear in mind the name of the location/landmark will be the title of the photosphere and the name required in the search string to find it.

I will be publishing a tutorial in a day but in the meantime you can read about my experience with publishing on the new Google Maps at
Bonjour +Tony Redhead  et les autres.

There is well a method to integrate(join) Photospheres to Google Maps.

1) Realize your photosphere.
2) Transfer this one on your smartphone having integrated(joined) into her the GPS data and other information.
3) Share the photosphere since your smartphone on Google Maps give her a title
4) Validated

As for me realizing at the moment my photospheres with my smartphone the transfer came true with no problem at all and the photo is good in my list.

PS: to integrate(join) the GPS address and phone number(coordinates):

Photosphere integrated(joined) into Maps with this principle

To you to make out a will(to test), I wait for your returns.

to do that's you need


Il existe bien une méthode pour intégrer les Photosphères  à Google Maps.

1) Réaliser votre photosphère.
2) transférer celle-ci sur votre smartphone après lui avoir intégré les données GPS et autres informations.
3) Partager la photosphère depuis votre smartphone sur Google Maps lui donner un titre
4) Validé

En ce qui me concerne réalisant pour l'instant mes photosphères avec mon smartphone le transfert s'est réalisé sans problème et la photo est bien dans ma liste.

PS : Pour intégrer les coordonnées Gps:

Photosphère intégré à Maps avec ce principe

pour la réalisation vous devez avoir cette application

À vous de tester, j'attends vos retours.
Where is it the gallery best places with original street views of google? 
mmm... I think It's good to compare "Google Views" with "Google Maps" . 
But, we wanna access to original Views & Constellations. ('A`)
This is a very exciting i get to see everyones house lol
There is no 'contribitions' in side menu
and great job +Google Maps now i cant find my photo spheres anymore. because they are somewhere within my thousands of geotagged photos. hard to find anything. what you mean by more exposure? its less now, because how do i find them. pretty bad move so far. This move is like the improvement of the contacts in google mail. Now I cant even add a real address anymore because you only give me one field and not multiple fields for street, city, state and so on. This might work for the US but your system cant figure it out for the rest of the world :(

Just browsed. It only shows me a couple of my 4000 pictures and not one single photo sphere. Great!!!!
+Google Maps - Nice Rollout of the new program and features - NOT!  Unbelievable how badly this is being handled.
+Paweł Adamus okay I can see your photos now, sometimes you need got toggle back and forth between Reviews and Photos to get them to load. It says you have 540 photos.
Had around 1.100 photos in Map Views with around 8 million views. As far as I can see now only the last 15 are still available...
Hi +Peter Reinold I took a look at your Contribute sidebar,-80.2108878,15z and if I scroll down I can see your photospheres. The first one appears under the title Northeast Coconut Grove. When you scroll down in the sidebar there is quite a lag when it reaches the end of the images its loaded into cache. So you have to wait until it fetches the next lot. Scrolling through your 4,000+ images is going to take a long time. As Google neglected to offer any form of filtering it makes the sidebar useless for serendipitous discovery.
+Tony Redhead thanks but that doesn't sort the problem of the users name, to which the embed is attributed, linking to this post and not their (Google+) profile. 
Thanks Steve. I'll check out those sites. If they work for me I can continue stripping my contributions from this useless product.
Google you made a disaster! Views was one of the few apps that worked well.
I think we all need is patience. I do not believe that Google will make a worse system. I believe that the whole system will be upgraded over time, but they should abolish Google Views while this does not happen. The only thing left is to wait.
Be warned about the Android Camera/Photos approach, I've just discovered that there is (currently) no way to delete a photo uploaded via Photos (they only appear in the Maps Contributions pane with no options except 'share') but you can delete a photo uploaded via Camera (they appear in Google+ in addition to the Maps Contributions pane).
So when someone clicks on the photo title or profile name now in Maps they are directed to the same thing we see when pulling up our contributions, just without the total views count. This is just a long list of mostly non categorized photos, very sloppy looking. Shouldn't it be directed to our Google+ page instead? How can users even find our Google+ page now?
Also, should we upload our photos to Google+ first and add location data and title before using the "add photo" on Maps, or just upload it directly through the "add photo" option. When adding directly with the add photo option it doesn't seem to give you the option to title the photo. 
+James Brisciana​ if it works as before then any publicly shared image with geo data will be there without the need to do anything more.
je ne retrouve plus mes photos sphère ni leurs point sur google maps.
j'arrive pas a me connecter au google VIEWS.
+Robert Wallis So then essentially all you need to do is add your photos to Google+ with location data and that's it? What if we do that as well as "add photo" in Maps? Guess it couldn't hurt to do both? Not really sure, still need to mess around with it a little more. Thanks though.
+James Brisciana if you do "both" you'll end up with duplicates. 

Note: I haven't seen any official conformation that this is how it will continue to work, but it makes no sense to change that. 
does anybody know
1)where I can find my photo collections (panos, photospheres) such as "views link"?
2)how and where I can connect photospheres and make them look like street view back and forth?
Dear Mr G please split Photos and Photospheres as defined categories on your nice map. Thanks.
I found this: "(see “Contributions” from the side menu)". I did not see it in Safari but saw something in Chrome. In Google Maps, expose the images row at the bottom. To the far right is a + symbol, that will let you upload a pre tagged/metadata photosphere. I assume it will go through the review process as before. Flat images can go via Panoramio. I just tried it and will see what happes.
+Allan Der​​​, I'm not sure about if an image has to be geo-tagged prior to upload. If so, that's new to me.

If you haven't uploaded photospheres not done on a phone before, the only stipulations are that they must have a ratio of two pixels side-to-side by one pixel up-down (2:1). When Google sees that aspect ratio, it'll present it as a photosphere. The other is file size. I'm on mobile so searching is difficult, I'm thinking the preferred is 32MB with the upward level now done away with. As for the Business View program, the file type must be JPEG but others might be supported now (not counting Google's new compression algorithm).
I'll stop G+ and go back to Facebook - they are able to make is useful.
+Google Maps​​ you destroyed the good work from +Evan Rapoport​​ and +Adam Lasnik​​! They both talked with us... The people who gave views a live
You don't reply to your own community. It is a shame... If you don't want our work we have to leave! Downloaded 360cities to give it a try. Everything is better than your solution in Google maps for spherical photographers. The same in +Google Photos​​: no possibility to view spheres on desktop browsers. And no response at all. It is a shame... The next that will die is Google+ because the own employees don't know how to handle it!!!

It would be very simple and very wise to hear some official response from +Google Maps.  That said, I have heard from a reliable source, that things will improve.  The shock of such a drastic change we are all experiencing is natural, especially when there is no official response from Google on this thread.  
I suspect the task set before the engineers on this transition was far more "buggy" than they had expected.  I will try to expand my patience further.
The usual Google Maps way of doing things.

* Nuke a nice working application that Views was.
* Provide a completely inadequate "replacement".
* Completely disregard the mainly negative feedback, because what can those silly users do about it.
Hopefully it is just that; they are going through very heavy and time consuming processes to avoid duplicate images during import operations for each of the #GoogleViews contributors...
Laura C
Some new problems this evening (this morning?):  I opted to use Picasa to reorganize my albums.  The least of my problems was that all pictures in the albums had their view counts reset to zero.  Nice!  More serious than that:  My 17 photospheres dropped off my list of photos in Contributions.  I tried to to reload two of them, and they're on the list but as PHOTOS, not PHOTOSPHERES.  Hope the Google Gods are reading this, because I'm getting desperate...  :-(
Hi, it's good, but now I'm lost my constellations that I have on Google Views.... how I can modify my old constellations? How I can create a new constellations?
Russell walk thornaby
Stockton on tess
Anyone knows - this google "transition" is still in process or it completed already?
From 52 my Google Maps photospheres the only 1 exits in "My contribution" as photosphere and there are 5 that open as ordinary photos, not as photospheres. Where are all remaining ones? 
You have tremendous problem, ok, with this invention to put everything together, I think this time is wrong, if you let the pictures on the previous places not you will have, what you have now, as I can see, all photos displayed on the same place, but look carefully, which were to Google Views were for Views, another big example ... Panoramio, that after much to bother you with geographical location, we now find duplicate along with all the photographs of view where this fusion so much have talked ... now do not understand how you put all the photos from wherever you have photos, you will have thousands of photos "DUPLICATE" without geographical situation ... My God that gaffe you have made ... ☺
Anh Bui
it's a week, 340 comments and no reply from +Google Maps , very irresponsible customer service !
Seit Google Views abgeschaltet ist sind die Photos zwar weiterhin auf Google Maps sichtbar, wann man den Foto Inhaber Namen anklickt kommt man auf den hässlichen Link, nicht mal das Google Plus Profil kann aufgerufen werden, bitte das nächste Mal etwas mehr überlegen, werde alle Photos löschen wann sich dies nicht ändert.
Could you send me official date for the new release Street View? THX
+Bruno Rafael Castor There's no official method to do it through contributions yet but they are supposed to add this in the near future for whatever that's worth. If you Look through this thread someone posted a method on how to do it manually.
What's the deal with the black line/seam that is on all my photospheres? Is everyone else getting this line also?
+James Brisciana Unfortunately we are all getting the black line though more prominent in some images than others.  :-(
Where are my photos?
How do I upload my panos?
How do I know the views of my panos?
Laura C
Roberto Ruiz - Answer to your question 2 - go to Google Maps and do a search for the location where you took your pano; when you're at the location, travel to the end of the photo carousel and you'll see an icon displaying a camera; click on it, and follow directions to browse to your pano (if it's downloaded to your computer), and that's one way to upload your pano.  Answer to your question 3 - go to Google Maps and you'll see a thin horizontal window at the top left with three horizontal bars; click on the horizontal bars; from the pulldown menu, select CONTRIBUTIONS; click on the Photos tab; all your photos are below with their views displayed in their lower left corner.
Having +Zeljko Soletic weigh in here isn't something to be taken lightly.

Just thought I'd point that out...

Also, going to no longer redirects you here. It now 404s you. Google has noticed this response thread and has attempted to stop the flow of pissed-off photographers. I find that telling.

EDITED: Sometimes it does redirect you here, sometimes it doesn't. It's like roulette! Google has given us a game to play! WooHoo! 
Laura C
Greetings, Google job managers, here is my question for this evening (8/25/15):  I was able to upload eight new photospheres from my computer through Google Maps.  Next, in Google Photos, I created an album for them.  Next, in Picasa, I switched this album from private to public.  Next, in Google Plus, I gave them titles.  No problems (though this is sure a lot of hoops to jump through just to name some pictures!).  But then I did the same procedure for 15 new photos, and - the minute I switched their album from private to public in Picasa - I ended up with two sets of duplicate photos in CONTRIBUTIONS.  Why did this happen for photos and not for photospheres.  I find if I don't put them in an album in Google Photos, I can't give them titles in Google Plus, because I can't SEE them all in Google Plus.  They don't all appear.  So, clearly my "hoop" method is not only ridiculous but also not working for me.  So what's method to use to give titles to my 15 new photos?  Thanks mucho.
The amount of things broken in this update is shocking.
1. Photospheres icons don't show.
2. Clicking the photosphere titles, take you to a broken link.
3. No reasonable way to upload photos
4. No possible way to view photosphere descriptions.
5. No possible way to view contributor profiles with information.
6. Total views count missing
7. No way to filter photos/photospheres.
8. 360 Rendering engine seam issues. 
9. And others I've seen reported {missing contributions, photospheres rendering twisted or black, existing embeds broken}
10. No way to position photospheres to a location
11. Constellation support removed.
12. Contribution List Hangs on first load
13. No way to sort contribution list by type or date
Is anyone able to find photospheres (blue dots) with the yellow pegman? This was working straight after the new release, but now it doesn't?
I completely agree with Sacha: this 'upgrade' is a disaster, a loose of many useful and good features... Sometimes I don't understand Google, as it happened with its Latitude, that also disappeared, and the lack of a linux version of the Drive synchronizer... incredible in such a giant services provider.
Fantastic move back google! it looks like you had deleted all photospheres from maps...
+Scott Nebeker - gives us a glimmer of hope that they will come back ? It does say "• More exposure for all photo spheres you associate with Maps listings" in the message above. 
+Nick Hobgood  it could very-well have slid past my attention and been there the whole time.

There is this however (no, it's not a hope-inducing thing):
Instead of posting again, I'm editing this one:

In my bookmarks, I found one with the official (Google) title of: Contribute - Street View - Google Maps (which takes you here: The link gives a 405 error (405 errors basically mean "you can't see this!" ). The bookmark is old from, at least, early last year but I don't bookmark things that aren't useful. If you chop off the "preview" after the forward slash, you get this: where you can create (upload?) a photo sphere. I haven't played with it, so I don't know if its functionality is still intact.

From that same page, clicking the "Contribute" link at the top will take you to an updated but still irrelevant page: (that URL seems like it's THE place for the most up-to-date information but it's not).

A few clicks from there, you wind up here: , which is a branch of THE official support page for Views.

It's been said many times in this comment thread. This whole thing Google is doing is very disjointed. It's disjointed to the point that irrelevant support sites are still up and running while years-old creation tools apparently still work.

I know, long post but I thought I'd explain some methodologies.
Laura C
Greetings to all,
TO MY FELLOW PHOTOGRAPHERS:  I've concluded, after hours spent playing with all my new toys (contributions, google photos, etc.), that I no longer can throw good time after bad trying to make things work together that don't.
TO THE GOOGLE TEAM:  Here's my observation for today:  The issue I'm having with album creation in Google Photos is that, it seems when you assign a photo to a new album, that photo is being copied to the album, not linked to it.  This creates problems where you can end up getting duplicate photos on maps; the copies with all the views are usually the ones that are NOT in the album, so when you delete those copies, your views reset to zero.  OR you can delete the album, but that creates a mess in Google Plus where you simply cannot see all your photos.  The album makes things prettier and more organized.  However, if placing things in albums means copying them to the album, IMHO, the album is not a suitable file management tool.  Also, Google Photos gives you no opportunity to rename your files; don't you think it should?
Today in August 26, the 360 spherical blue bubble icon , in México is missing in google maps. only the orange bubble
Dear Google
This is the worst upgrade. No one is happy with this upgrade. It is now too difficult for anyone to upload and browse there images & Photospheres. So please make it simple and easy.  
Views is not available for me anymore. Contributions appears for me in Google Maps, but I found no way in Google Maps Contributions to upload or get them from Google Photos or Google+ posts. Anyone to the rescue?
I've worked for many IT companies. But this process must be very new. Let's shut down the current system and looking forward to exciting new adventure.
Hello, Google views competitors out there! This is your chance  ;-)
Laura C
To Luciano Evaristo Guerche:  You cannot upload pictures from Contributions.  Instead, in Google Maps, (1) Browse to the location where you took your picture; (2) In the lower right portion of your screen, you'll see a double arrow pointing up (^); (3) click on this double arrow and a carousel of images will appear; (4) travel to the end of the carousel and you should find an icon that looks like a camera; (5) IMPORTANT NOTE: You may not see this icon if you're parked at a location that Google doesn't recognize - if this is the case, look closely at the map and try to find a little symbol in a white circle - this represents a location that Google does recognize - find the one that's closest to the spot where you took your photo and click on it; (6) Click on the camera icon and follow instructions to upload your photo (assuming your photo is on your computer).  Forget about Google Plus - you don't need it to upload your photo.
Has the transition been completed or still going? Any official follow up?
Will I still see my old panos on maps. If so when and how.
The work of millions of people were thrown out in the trash
Now How to upload pano/photo of non mapped place/landscape/trail
Laura C
Mahesh Dilip Salvi - Non-mapped images can be uploaded through Google Plus or Google Photos
Forget any way to put photos, if you use Panoramio ... they'll put your photos on the map, but mark you, no longer will put the count you had when you were using views, it seems the clock count was very expensive ... ☺ ☺, will now put your photo, yes ... but if you put good on the map, and with it the duty were removed and stripped of the job you did, now we will be idiots who will do free, for those we are stupid enough to continue to rely on them
How can I retrieve the location data of the images it took hours upon hours to geotag? 
This one programming  masterpiece. You can download anybody's photsphere in full resolution.
With Views I was able to see my mapped photos in any particular area. Not possible at all with Maps. I understand that you guys wanted to consolidate your solutions, but Views was a lot better than what we have now in Maps, even without any support, Views would be lightyears more advanced. 
i have a published sphere i am trying to download as an image. anyone know how to do this?
It would be better if we can see our pictures on the map , as before with google views. Please do something about it!
  またPicasaででしか削除は出来ず、またPicasa Webで登録してもMapには反映されない

How can I view my photospheres on my google pictures?? It just opens them as a flat image
Congratulations Google Maps Team!!! Constellations on Contributions are now broken as well for all photospheres. Keep going like that!!!
Google in general has a fairly good reputation,  but so far I am not impressed.  I started switching from Panoramio  to google views as it was indicated that Panoramio was going away.   I hope things start to improve with the new Google Maps and that one day functionality will out perform the functionality of previous tools.
Who would be stupid to think of consolidating all photos ... what he has done is duplicate them triplicarlas is certainly true, gaffe that consolidation
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