The indoor floor plans that you’ve been using on Google Maps for Android ( to figure out where you are and what’s around you within many popular indoor locations are now available on Google Maps for your desktop!

Before heading home for the holidays or out to shop on Black Friday, check out indoor maps of the airport or shopping mall on your desktop to better plan your trip. Simply zoom in on a building on Google Maps and you’ll automatically see a detailed floor plan with helpful labels for gates at the airport, stores within the mall, departments within a retail shop, as well as ATMs, restrooms and more.

Accurate and easy-to-use indoor maps are currently available for select venues -- including transit stations, libraries, museums -- in certain countries. A list of some participating locations across the globe can be found here: 

And if you’re a venue owner interested in adding your floor plan to Google Maps, please visit the Google Maps Floor Plan tool (, where launched, to help customers get acquainted with your location. 
Indoor Floor Plans
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