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Okay explorers! Sir Francis Drake is here and at 0:14 in

What else is here? Google Maps for iPhone. Download & share with your friends!

Thanks for playing
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Loving the quality and design of your recent iPhone application updates/apps. Well done.
google maps pls come to worldwide store! :(
Hi, when will Google Maps for iPhone will be available for Malaysia? It's super frustrating and annoying to know that it's available for Singapore but not for Malaysia.
Congratulations GoogleMaps for doing a iOS app better than the Android one.
I just disabled ALL errors, crashes and statistic reports from ALL my Google apps on ALL my Android devices. As you don't care of your own customers, I don't have to use bandwidth and octets from my costly data plans. You don't need them anymore.
It should congratulates Google Map team because APPLE allowed it to publish in I phone market.
El pirata...buenos valores jaja...¡Habra seguro tambien monumento a todos los que fueron nombrados sires y adquirieron patente de igual que ahora nuestros politicos.- corruptos con, permiso no escrito (quizas), para saltarse todas las leyes sin problemas con el mismo fin... riquezas para los poderosos.Da igual reyes o politicos corruptos (como en es nuestro caso en españa), o cualquier otro poder que les haga andar a sus anchas, mafias..ect...da igual el caso es la impunidad de acción ..y luego monumentos...Caramba.. luego nos tieramos de los pelos porque tenemos un mundo sin valores....'Por que sera?
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