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Check out our new and updated maps in parts of Europe, Africa and Asia!
Today, we’re launching updates to +Google Maps for Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Lesotho, Macau, Portugal, San Marino, Singapore and Vatican City. These new maps are more detailed, with better information for things like parks, coastlines and bodies of water; more accurate names and locations for major points of interest; and more clearly-labeled ferry routes—plus some other improvements. 
Whether you're travelling abroad or exploring your own city, the maps you carry with you should be comprehensive, accurate and easy to use. We're constantly making improvements to Google Maps to help ...
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Where is Poland ?? In my city there is a roundabout which was built 3 years ago and still it isn't on the map ;/
My street now has a wrong name! A regression! Where can i open a fix request?
Nice update to Singapore. Can we have offline maps and Navigation for Android please? 
Os probably you fin yours car Byte Google map's.....

gerardo alvarino
Yes...i haved just use it, and you will see whow you get .......what you
looking for.......

gerardo alvarino
+Google Maps are you bringing offline maps (for +Android ) to those countries too? in particular the Czech Republic?
Os responder Home anglo republic around te world.....

gerardo alvarino
Where is Poland? Maps are very inaccurate. Villages, roads and rivers don't exist on Google Maps. Public transport and photos 45 degrees in towns and cities are only dreams (without cities where were Euro 2012). I believe that Map Maker in Poland can be great idea. OSM aren't popular here, but maps are more accurate. Google, please! Do something.
Consulta with you page indica http://orden Atlas least ir you
Know working indica computer.,...

gerardo alvarino
Now google map will use local language as default, when I browse google maps half the language I can't read and make the maps not-usable... 
I just discovered the updates to the greece maps. This update comes just in time for my planed holidays :-)
I'm planning some trailruns and I love the more detail the update provides.
But I would like to see map maker work also for greece (and germany!) since there are still a lot of smaller trails not in the map. Planning a route for trailrunning, hiking, mountain biking, etc. is still kind of difficult.

Another thing is (although this is probably not the right place) that the android maps app can't follow a predefined route.
My scenario is: I want to plan a route on my pc, store it in 'My Places' download it to my phone and let my phone guide me along exactly that planed route.
I think that there are a lot of other activities than running or hiking, too, where you don't want to follow the shortest or fastest route between two places but follow a planed route.
This feature would really rock!!!
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