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There is something very fishy about this Street View image #streetview
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Mike Wood
I bet it was one of the flying sharks from the Dr Who Christmas special a couple of years back. :)
Dan Cross
I can assure you all that's the only thing worth visiting Headington for.
haha....shark in oxford, used to pass this place everyday!!!
In my opinion Google Maps are 8th wounder think of this world. 
This is in Oxford right ? 
Something just jumped the shark there.
Hmm, could be that shark stuck in the middle of the houses
Is this what the "Report a problem" link is for?
Is that really still there?  Haven't been to Oxford for a long while...
I remember being driven past this in the back of my parents car when I was about 7. It was the first time I did a full on double take  :D
Ts no longer rainin cats n' dogs, but sharks.
Headington in Oxford is actually really nice. The streets off the main through way are a maze of beautiful Victorian houses and the shark building really shows off the English sense of humor. The local council actually tried to make the guy take this down shortly after he'd done it.

Oxford is one of the most amazing cities in England - you should all visit.
Farewell and adieu to you, fair Spanish Ladies,
Farewell and adieu to you, ladies of Spain;
You are drunk fish, Go back home!
Better watch out people! Flying FREAKING shark!
wat a big fish......................................
No mr. Shark I said that guy in Oxford was a chump... Not chum!
that's riddikulus , flying shark or else
I kept telling this "Great White Shark" not to come out of the water ... there are "Great White Humans" on land who will land you in trouble.
It's also a portal. I captured it once.
I used to live near here - the chap who owned the house (and fish) was a local DJ
The shark was using Apple Maps.
i think there's a real hancock in the world
who might have thrown this fish
lol what the fudge
Definitely something fishy abt that house

this may a shark which can jumps from the ocean. right?
The infamous "SNL - Landshark"
And in other news, Margaret Thatcher has stepped down as Prime Minister of Great Britain...
Ohmygod a person in a gmaps image :O
Land shark!!!! Usually they knock at the door (remember the SNL bit?)...this one must have been really hungry! :-)
Might have problems selling this house.....Something fishy bout
Ryan Ng
Why am I looking at a house of a stupid Englishman who decided to put a shark on his roof?
The first photo ever seen...........
Dam flying sharks....I had one hit my car last week.  What a nuisance.
Desperate shark searching for a yummi catfish.
I know this! It's in oxford right? I went past it all the time when I was at uni at Oxford Brookes :)
thats what u get when u do home delivery wid tescos....
L deez
now thats something you dont see everyday
That looks like the radio presenters house in Oxford UK
did this came from shark night or jaws huh?
Makes me wonder if this imahe has ever been in a movie? ???
Used to live down the street from this guy. It's in Oxford, England. Does it to annoy the local council. 
I used to live down the road from this when I was 3. 
holy cow!! it's raining fishes
Wouw,.!? Its where big fish can do it,.. men.
there is something very fishy about this street!lol!
this was very funny like one of the what __ hum!!
I think the fish used apple's map
Whooa! Now, I wonder who was expecting "that drive by" from the folks from Google? Awesome!!! LoLoL
......... No comment.?  what The Fudge!!?
flying fish this far north?global warming lol
Within a few meters hmm, Glad are defense's are just a Tad bit more accurate. 
Ryan Ng
+Jim Chatman Must have been by a very stuuuuupid English woman fisherman...
you hope Tesco is that good at deliveries :-P
From "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" - The whale:
- And hey, what's this roaring sound, whooshing past what I'm suddenly gonna call my head?
- Wind! Is that a good name? It'll do.
- Yeah, this is really exciting. I'm dizzy with anticipation!
- Or is it the wind?  There's an awful lot of that now isn't it?

- And what's this thing coming toward me very fast?
- So big and flat and round, it needs a big wide sounding name like 'Ow', 'Ownge', 'Round', 'Ground'!
- That's it! Ground! Ha! I wonder if it'll be friends with me?
- Hello, Ground! 
go home shark , you're drunk
Presenter on BBC Radio Oxford lives in that house. It's become a classic Oxford landmark, not without controversy we might add!!
I think that shark was using an iPhone to navigate.
Looks like he missed the ocean!
I guess sharks can fly!!
The stuff they must see on those mapping adventures.
This shark probably follow the i* map …instead of leading it to deep blue sea, it ended up on someone else's. rooftop. ;-) 
thats casually were google maps brings you
all i can say is final phase of transion of "oxford" to "sharxford" 
all i can say is final phase of transition from "oxford" to "sharxford" 
If it looks like a fish,smells like a fish,then its probably a god dam fish! But a flying fish? Must be larry the cable guys house.
Mwuahaha Jaws did not found food anymore in his ocean.. xD 
Fish on the house!!!!
That shark was using apple maps
its all down to the gulf stream!!!! love always tel x
I knew I should have gave him three fiddy
"You can't fool me, you're that clever Roof Shark."
That's the new pin icon for maps.....
I live not far from here, this is fabled to be a DJ's house and he put this here because he was refused planning permission for a conservatory but it turned out he could put a giant shark in his roof...
i used to walk past this street every day in Oxford. a local landmark
i used to live two corners from this house in oxford UK :)
This is so not impossible !;;;
In Soviet Russia, shark jump YOU!

(over 300 comments and nobody beat me to this one? sheesh)
See, that's what happens when you start throwing sharks without proper training. Bad for the shark and bad for the building. Now they're gonna have to fill that apartment with water so PETA doesn't get upset.
Part of thr new Chrome Themes!
"I knew diving him off of a plane into a small glass wouldn't work, now look, he's branching out from the circus and taking care of the children of parents who have had enough of their kids!"
oh that's normal. it's just chuck norris on a fishing day :D
Ah i heard about this one before its in oxford england which is also a very nice place
A tribute to the roof tiler who died while driving the last nail with a giant hammerhead.
Les poissons volent trop bas cette année :-) Fish fly too low this year :-)
it's very nice to see this , i will feel very lucky myself if i did see this live .
Nat J
That's what happens when you take directions from Apple's Maps. :-D 
I dont know ,hell of a publicly stunt 
Some people will do anything these days for good reception.
I dont know , its a hell of a publicly stunt , I dont think its for feeding
the cats, but do they like shark?
Dude I y think you hav a shark in your roof
That sounds about right , man imagine the stench if that thing was real
Y- Fi
It shocks me when i hear such unrealistic stories and people belief in it
Oh you just need to stop it....
Lol how in the world could you find that
A Kan
Flying shark?
Yeah I know what you mean , but you know the way its displayed its meant to
attract attention
It shocks me when i hear such unrealistic stories and people belief in it
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The shark probably used apple maps...
This doesn't have to be photoshop to be fake. People do things like this all the time! Like the people who made it look like their Christmas tree went the roof. That was cool!
No I think his gps signal got fouled up , or it doesnt know how to read a
On Jan 30, 2013 10:43 AM, "George Smith" <****@**> wrote:
that it's just odd what your GPS can do. now how in the world to get that shark out?
Oh my god that is a big rain fish
Wellwhat can I say , let the rocket scientists figure it out , or anyone
for a shark burger?
I hope this beautiful young lady dont mind my kidding around ,-- yes and Selena Gomez is posing in body paint
i bet that shark is using Apple Maps :D
Tremenda captación, y si es por satélite más grandioso todavía.... 
I agree something is very fishy about that picture. hmmmmmmm, i can't put my finger on
No I dont think so , what happened is his gps got fouled up or just doesnt
know how to read a map
Oh my god are you kidding 
Great more google map errors.   ._.
Yeah, that person's face looks so messed up! WTF!?
Lolololololololol thats in Oxford
For a second it looked like an image from Apple Maps! 
I just figured it out its from the north Koreans, its one of their new high tech missles 
I used to live in that street - easy to give directions... Turn left into the street with the shark... yes the 'Shark'... you will know when you see it...
Is that the one that got away ?
Oh no! Not again! Sharks from outer space!
The problemas is how the fish can fin that place...?

Looks like another unfortunate victim of Apple Maps.
Is that  an illusion??? 
Because , it is to make you laugh and feel good about joking around , instead of getting so frustrated you r about to cuss , makes your day 
actually i was fighting with this shark wen i threw it from india it fell here paavam
+Sarah Thompson - Yes this is an actual picture.
+Pedro Rosales It was lowered in by a crane, the broken tiles are fake and there is no head to the shark it ends just under the roof.

The owner of the house is runs some local student cinemas in Oxford.  He is quite a character.  

This shark arrived just before I moved into the street, when my youngest daughter was born, so that makes it about 24 years old!
Did the shark had a fight with superman?.....
I did not know that White Pointers swam so far north ?!
You missed the shot just before this one - the one where the GIANT EAGLE dropped the shark from it's talons...Wicked Awesome
Jaws 5: Revenge of the previously failed Revenge
Sharks are now on the no fly list
Shark Go back to the see, you're drunk
you are a stupid man kaung htet paingh htoo!!!!! jajaja fuck you motherfucker
fuck you!!!! you are the uglyest man in the world! FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!
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