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Say hello to the new Google Maps app for Android.
Navigate your world faster and more easily with a new design, a dedicated tablet experience, GPS rerouting based on traffic conditions, and more. Learn more:

Note: The update will be rolled out gradually over the next few weeks - starting today!
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I'll search the world and map with you. 
+Google Come see the difference--it's getting better all the time. 
mac t
Finally!  I've been waiting for the update for months.
The new version is wonderful, but there is no more Latitude!!!! I loved it!! :'(
I say goodbye to the new maps...

》no Local
》no Offlinemaps
》no Latitude
Obviously a few things missing, hopefully just temporarily.
Any word on when we'll see starred places and offline maps make a return; I imagine some people would find it hard to live without those...
Hey when you will make it possible to make a route on Google Maps on PC and then share it to our mobile device to navigate through CHOOSEN BY ME route?
+Thomas Hofmann No offline maps? That is a show stopper! How could they do such a stupid thing. +Google Maps what on earth were you thinking? Some parts of the world are not permanently connected!!!
"over the next few weeks"... Why so slowly?!
Search OK MAPS to save maps offline? Who came up with this brilliant idea? How does one find out about this feature? 
Apparently you can save maps offline by typing "OK Maps" into the search box ... what the hell? How is that "simple" or intuitive?
Removing offline maps renders this app pretty much useless for me. Why is it a hidden feature? 
The offline maps feature is not included in today’s release of the new Google Maps app (version 7.0) for Android.

We know a lot of you love offline maps, and we've included a special feature hidden in the app that allows you to pre-load an area of the map you need offline simply by going to that area in the app and typing “OK Maps” in the search box (or speaking “OK Maps” into your Android device). That area will then be pre-loaded to your device cache and accessible when you don’t have a connection. Just return to that area of the map, and it will be available to you.
So, everyone is ignoring the link posted regarding offline maps?

Offline maps was never great. I had problems with my maps not being available or not loading properly. Plus in in Spain a lot and offline maps are completely unavailable - This is the place I need them most due to extortionate roaming costs. Hope this new way works better. 
Latitude lives on, right here in the g+ app
google chatting with themselves, googleception
+Wiktor Jędrzejczak I believe something similar is possible with new Maps and Google Now. I looked up some places on desktop and same places appeared on my phone's Google Now.
+Tom Graham I can see my starred places just fine but where are my own map layers I created? Today, I am leaving on a holiday, I prepared a custom map with my points of interest, and I cannot access it now!
No offline maps ... Seriously google have u gone coo coo? 
Love the design of the new Maps. Works really well on my Galaxy Nexus. I am disappointed by the removal of Offline Maps, however, as I use that feature all the time. Hopefully it will return as soon as possible.
+Aleksandar Stefanović Yes but its still a route that google choosed for you. Your destination, not your route. I`m looking for my route - im choosing which roads i want to use.
Now someone has copied and pasted the explanation of the new offline system and people are still ignoring it and over reacting! Incredible! 
Yes, you should all make sure you give +Google Maps feedback that explains why waypoints is a dealbreaker and you will most likely see that feature readded soon.
we need FULL OFFLINE turn by turn navigation, contrywide downloadable maps.
It is 2013 already, Garmin has it since 2000!!
People are complaining that Latitude is gone? Really? It was just a fragmented social network within Google. If you read the link, you can perform your check ins and location based social networking from G+, which you all clearly have. Google is just streamlining and defragmenting the experience. 
Get back to the offline maps. How come Google release this shit version to us? It seems this version copy from iOS. WTF
There is no simple invitation function on G+ Locations for non-geek users, which makes it impossible to get my family and friends on board without me configuring it for everybody. Locations is totally useless for me. At the current state of Locations, it is no replacement for Latitude, which has been removed in maps v7. Google, what have you done? I lost all my Latitude buddies...

Also, Locations uses a strange stripped down beta 0.1 style version of a map, which has nothing to do with the current maps experience. WTF???
where is the offline map setting?
Also, the feature of real time updates about road hazards and such... I'm guessing that's thanks to Google's recent acquisition of Waze. That was quick! I hope it gets even better from now on.
+Alex Reusch what? they move  Latitude out? damn, how could that happen? ok, i think i wont update until google bring latitude back.
Offline maps - "Okay Maps" (not intuitive but at least its there, wasn't golden in the past either way sometimes failing to load)
Latitude - In G+ (admittedly missing some features and kinda sucks)
My Maps will return later

Just breathe everyone it's still all there in somewhat limited fashion. I'm not ecstatic either but we saw this coming with the whole G+ integration movement. I'll miss it also but at the same time realize the need for changes and advancement towards making it all better. At least they didn't axe it like reader grumbles

No matter how hard I try, G+ Locations just does not work as reliably as Latitude, and Location History is completely gone.  I'm not updating, not without these two key features.
I give up. Three people have explained how to get offline maps. It's easy. Yet people continue to complain it's gone. Time to mute this. 
Why some weird "OK Maps" and not a simple item in the context menu?.. I don't understand what the text is supposed to mean... What does OK stands for anyway?..
+Patrik Müller ok maps? So funny and it works! hahaha... So what is the hidden command for Latitude? OK Latitude? OK Locations? Hmmm... does not work :-(
G+ locations suck compared to latitude... It is NOT an option.
It's still not available here but I am going to miss latitude as it is now. When I tried the new maps for desktop I was wondering why didn't they merge latitude, now my question is answered :-( 
I love the interface. But I have to think twice before I update, for I don't wanna miss the Offline Maps feature. I hope it'll come back soon - on account of heavy user requests.
+Sarath Chandra Gullapalli 
Read the description ;)
The offline maps feature for Android is also no longer available. Instead we’ve created a new way for you to access maps offline by simply entering “OK Maps” into the search box when viewing the area you want for later.
So, Locations in G+ seems to be a poor replacement.

I can see everyone on G+ that is sharing their location with me. Surely I should be able to select a circle, and ONLY see those people on my Locations map that are in that circle? Not everyone...
would really hope to wake up tmr morning and receive the update. but my guess is that with navigation, anywhere outside US won't have turn-by-turn voice with street names.
Béo Em
EveryOne add me, thanks!
Looks really good to me, but I am missing the Latitude integration! Google+ locations just isn't as good (yet?).
Damn no offline maps... I don't use it often but when I need it, I an so glad of that functionality...
I wanna offline maps feature
"Standortverlauf" is missing too.

Was my favourite feature. Not cool
Ehem, where did the "check-in" choice go? I'm mobile.
-edit:-It seems that I am in between versions. Still have the old 6.14.4 but with some features disabled. I will have to wait and see what happens.
where is the option for offline map?
Please add Offline Map and other popular function back in next release.
Why is Googles apps having a nicer look on ios? Google now is a great example. There you can search with pics. We that have android can not do that? 
Everyone, read the product announcement before posting. Offline has a different implementation since the old way had major issues. Latitude is moving to Google+.
Offline maps haven't been available in Russia before and I don't expect them being available now... The only time they were available was long ago when the feature was still in Labs section... Then Google met the stupid Russian laws...
+Google Maps  Location history has been disabled in this latest update for me. It says "Location history not available in this region". Why?
Getting better all the time? Are you smoking crack!? Why remove all the most useful features of the app and give us this?
I dont have that explore thing in the middle, is that coz I live in shitty part of the world
I am not liking the retirement of some Google services. But I am not paying for them, so I have to go with the flow. 
Hmm, UI is now really confusing.  Can't work out how to cache map areas for offline use.

EDIT. Just seen the "OK Maps" thing.   But no mention on how to manage the offline maps.  Do they stay there forever taking up space on my device?  

Use-case scenario: I go on holiday and cache maps before I go, how do I delete them when I come home to free up space on my phone?
As they are going to kill the Latitude API in August, say bye-bye to Backitude as well. Nice move, Google.
So how do I remove offline maps that are no longer needed? Type not OK maps? Why does it have to be so non-intuitive? 
OK maps? surely this is a joke? what was the issue with making it an option in settings? like it always used to be?
Well, I guess that was too intuitive for the new breed of smart arses at +Google and +Google Maps 
+Google Maps: While it's of course your own product and you can do as you please, it would really be interesting to hear some kind of design rationale for why this "OK Maps" way of accessing offline maps was chosen. To me it sounds completely unintuitive and non-discoverable instead of an improvement over the existing implementation.

(To be fair, most of the other changes sound really good!)
I have just updated. Let try my hands over it!
+Thomas Hofmann +Tom Graham

Even location History is no longer available. It was working with the older one, but now says, not avai in this region . Please +Google Maps , bring back latitude and location History.
Erik N
Great, but this whole staged rollout thing is ridiculous. I have tried the beta version of maps on my computer for a while, and now it is finally available for Android, only that I can't get it yet on my Nexus. Friends and family are asking me about how to do thing with the new maps, and I have to tell them that I don't know, because I haven't got it yet.

At least give us that are interested in technology the option to have our devices prioritized, so that we can test these apps right away.
+Erik N You know what happens when too many people try to access the same resource at the same time... DDoS... Plus, it allows them to notice and fix critical bugs earlier, before everyone updated and improve update experience for the most people...
> no management of offline maps
> no more my maps!!! (what about all the maps for a bike tour not getting into maps now? maps engine lite desktop doesn't help on the phone!)
> no latitude (we need this for my daughter travelling around the world. G+ locations is no option for Android < 4.2 and people not using G+)
> no my places

useless for now; deleting maps and using other apps... :(
Why is Google killing off My Maps?  It has been removed from the desktop Google Maps preview and now from Android.  $5 says we're about to see a pay-to-use My Maps.
Is anyone else experiencing difficulty getting to the card-based 'Explore' page? I know it should open then clicking on the search box, but I only get recent searches and a few landmark symbols.
Sean G
Roll it out in PA! +Google Maps ..... Waze must be worked in already 
I'd welcome using G+ locations over Latitude in +Google Maps, but Locations doesn't work on either of my devices. (galaxy nexus and Asus transformer). All I see is a grid when I open it up. No map detail. Many others have the same issue. Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't think there is any way to use +Google+ locations from the desktop. That is another step backwards. G+ locations has a long way to go to catch up with latitude. 
No latitude makes me sad, what's going to happen to the web version I really like seeing all the stats on where I've been, taken off from, trips etc I hope these aren't all disappearing :(
+Mufeez Lebbe Yes, because users shouldn't be able to voice our opinions about features being killed off.

Technically, all users contribute because Google mines the user data.  Additionally, I'm submitted dozens of bug reports and incorrect location reports.  Am I still allowed to ask why they killed off My Maps?
Photo details 
hahahhahah, even google does not use google+ as a primary social network, oh and the new maps roll-out is seriously lacking major features!
Looks good. And that's where it ends unfortunately. No latitude, no proper offline maps, no measuring tool. This is a downgrade.

Google+ locations is crap and not for the general public. Not everyone is a geek to figure it out. it is slow, sluggish, looks crap, inaccurate, Laggy... 
Really loving that modified Roboto font, btw. 
Stinks period, people stop saying is amazing if you haven't use it yet. Google have plenty of space in the left menu to put offline maps, and where in the world is the distance rule? These feature in labs and the bigger size text where great.
no "My Maps" feature until some future release?? I think I'll stick with the old version for as long as possible, thanks.
Damn Google, what where you thinking. When trying to make it look nicer we cut off a lot of features or make them less usable(offline maps).

How about measuring distance, add more then one destination, save routes, more route options, preffered route options.

It looks nice but maps needs to be about functionallity.
+Phill Gillespie I know there is offline maps, but you are not able to manage them. They are saved in cache(but how long, what size etc.) Besides that it only saves that zoom level to the cache. So saving a big area isn't usefull at all.

So yes there is offline maps but not usefull.
+Google Maps +Google What would be great is if you could do not only offline maps but also offline navigation. I know you can do it if you start it while you are online but it would be nice i were able to navigate with a tablet while driving without being online.
I will miss Latitude. I have some friends that refuse to join any social network, but they can still use latitude. No go if it relies on check-ins. Is it true my star places are gone too?! I visit countless customers, I must have at least 250 stars on my map. That would really blow goats to lose that feature!
Offline caching is a must, especially while traveling. Latitude also gone.... I didn't upgrade and will not do so until Google incorporate these fantastic features like they were.
Yeah there are a few features missing, but the product itself is much better. I'm sure Google will add back some of the features it lost in time.
Nice move, folks. "Ok Maps" offline thing is not working for Buenos Aires, Argentina. Now a 15 million people city that has no useful 3G network has no way to get anywhere. I had it on my cache and now it says "map pre-loading is not available in this area". Please use the beta program for beta testing BEFORE moving to PRODUCTION... I'll gladly test!
Bring back Latitude! The G+ "equivalent" is nearly useless. 
So 'My Maps' have been removed? This is a massive problem for me. This makes it actively less useful for me. A bad update
Bo Peng
bye Latitude, damn you google
"Note: The update will be rolled out gradually over the next few weeks - starting today!"

That means most of us won't see it for several months.

I'm still waiting for the ability to send $ through Gmail.
Bring back latitude and precaching routes and maps! Bring back starred locations!

How can you reduce functionality and call that an update?

What is your solution for those of us who go to the backwoods? How can I check in to a map location without an address and view the progress of my backpacking buddies' drive to the trailhead?

This is really frustrating. 
Kit C
Don't you dare tell me that starred locations are a thing of the past.........
Where do you get the data for traffic incidents from? Waze? Some other place? I live in Bergen, Norway, currently the best source would be Waze. Sadly, the adresses for navigation are not very good in Waze over here :-(
I'm using it this morning to find a job for work. I use it every day almost. The best navigation is from Google, same as the best phones. Works perfect on my nexus 4. 

Without it my day to day life and job would be much different. I'd be lost using a garmin. 
I love the GPS rerouting for traffic
no vedo nulla è uno scherso 10 minuti di scermo bianco
Where is the compass mode for the maps view? Why can I no longer specify a route start by choosing a position on the map?
Hugely disappointing!! My whole business back end relies on latitude! also in my private life I use it a lot. I don't mind integration to g+, but not with hugely reduced functionality  ... I will not update (yet?)!

Google Y U sacrificing the best of you producst to lure people to g+??? You can not force this ...
The offline maps thing sounds like a massive downgrade.   "OK Maps" sounds like a last minute hack, not a feature.  

Losing latitude is also a pretty big step backwards :(.  
oh, jeez, no Starred places either?  I use that all the time!
How long until people running gingerbread start complaining?
Ok My Maps - So when can we have access to our layer / custom maps back again? I've crafted a custom My Map for my trip to Japan in August - and I can't see any way to get to it from the app.
I am a huge fan of Latitude and sad to see it go. If I choose to use Locations here in G+, is there anyway that I can hide my home and work address from everyone else? I don't mind showing check-in's but not my home and work!
No "My Maps"?  I won't be installing this update.
I just tried typing "OK Maps" and instead of saving the map, it searched for Oklahoma. WTF?
I love that the file name is for facebook....
Once again, another feature as been blocked for people in Canada: Explore
I have the latest version but not seeing the new UI or features? Uninstalled a few times and re-installed but still not there. When I try to select my home location the app crashes, any ideas?
Re: retirement of Latitude and check-ins via Maps:
"You can still check in via Google+ and see your check-ins in Google+ on your browser."

Uhm... how? I've gone to pages in G+ for businesses, for my home, for my work... there's no option to check-in anywhere. Am I missing something?
Unless I'm missing something, I'd love for you to bring back Terrain View, My Maps, and an easier way to download maps for offline use. Seriously, how are people supposed to know to type "Ok maps" to cache an area?
+Google Maps , help.. after update, Google maps can't locate my position. Looks like there is something wrong with your port, somehow can't connect with my inet provider. But i still can browse, chat. I also can't download from Google play. Looks like it always stuck n i must force it to works again, but works very slow n then stuck again. Before update, i don't have problem with Google maps, after update, it is adding more problem. But, if i change to another inet provider, everything back to normal. Plez help n give solution. I can't change permanently to another inet provider. Thanx.
You take Reader from me, that makes Listen stop working, and now Latitude... Ugh.
+Tom Graham Stay tuned for an update to get offline maps. If you need it now you can always pan over an area you want to save and type “OK maps” and cache a city area.
has anyone got the new update in the uk yet?
Google's gradual rollout plan encourages people to go third party sources for the APK. The same week as a major flaw is found in signing security, and before anyone has received a fix.

Did this daft plan come out of the same heavy drinking session as actually shipping a piece of software with the awful offline maps crap in?
I enjoy being able to use latitude features on my desktop and the dashboard was neat. I don't understand why you don't transfer all the features to g+.
When I was Puerto Rico Google Maps or GPS rather was not working said not available in this area I was really surprised
just got it and so far really cool, miss the latitude bit just looking for the G+ update apk to complete the goodness.
Well they say that some of the latitude stuff has moved to G+ so I'm guessing so .
Location Reporting and History settings for all your Google apps and services have been combined into a single setting for your device. Check-ins are available in the Google+ for Mobile app. You can also share your location with your circles, and see your friends on the map, with the Location sharing feature of Google+ on Android and coming soon for iOS.
Talk about a downgrade. Very disappointing news. A load of stuff that's going to get in the way (eat, drink, shop "cards"), removing my most used features: Latitude & My Maps and making offline caching some bizarre text entry.
I can't see why so many people say Google+ Locations is worse than Latitude, they looks almost identical to me...

+Google Maps There's just one thing I will really miss about Latitude: the ability to define the share precision friend by friend.
There are only few people with I would share my exact location, but I would share my city level location with a lot of other people. Now I'm forced to hide my location to a lot of contacts.
Seriously, this was a downgrade!
I miss my maps and latitud. If latitud is moved to Google+ that's fine. But for my own maps/layers there is no alternative... I think the gui is nicer than the old google map but why remove all the nice features? I do not really understand how they are thinking when they removed the features in this version... I would have waited with the release until all the features were working! +Google Maps +Google 
What about using the Navigation UI without a destination?  Like before when you clicked the M button to bring it up?
I need my option to import waypoints - Love the new interface but miss this function. How about upping the maximum amount of waypoints while you're at it.
I like it but I cant wait until they mix in some of the google earth
soory but is this not released for sweden? I do not get this update..
+Google Maps While driving using navigation I can't fine any any gas station which appear on the map
I have to leave the navigation go to the map find a gas station then back again to the navigation and I have to do it while I'm driving
Why there is no explore button in Russia ? Will it be avalible soon ?
Just got the update. First impression: BIG step backwards from the old maps. The layers menu is gone... in particular the "transit" layer is gone, meaning the perverse car-focused map presentation is now locked-in. In Tokyo. Where nobody in their right mind drives. 

EDIT: My bad, there is a transit toggle in the side pane ... of course, all the other layers seem to be gone ... 😆 
Where are My Maps? Seriously, Google, removing all favorite places that users created (and especially now during holiday period) is a very bad joke! After GReader, it seems we can trust Google anymore, we can loose all our data just the next day without any warning ..
+Google Maps Love the UI, the improved traffic and the multiple route choices. I'm disappointed that there isn't a way to access Starred Favorites quickly from the Navigation screen. Just below the Home / Work cards there should be a Saved Places card. I also don't like the fact that I can't search for a contact on my phone unless it is a Google Contact. Why can't we retrieve Exchange server contacts like other TomTom, Navigon and other nav apps do?
it's a shame to have lost Latitude. was very convenient to know the whereabouts of their family members, especially teenagers, without being oppressive
I need the distance measurement tool in old version. It is practical
Where is labs and MY MAPS!!?? I use that for work and now its GONE!! I track all my customers that way!
Looks good. Only they shouldnt have take out latitude. Switched back to te old version....
I want latitude back!!! Come on guys
Its good, but no offlines map? Nah.
Hello, i am so exvited to know there is new looking of gmap
The "Local Favorites" tab is a complete joke. Walmart is NOT a favorite local bakery.
can you guys put back "Route and alternates" or is it there and i just cant find it
Biggest letdown: When searching for a restaurant, I can't narrow down by those that are just open anymore. Huge drawback for those of us burning the midnight oil...
And now the maps are laggy on my nexus 4. Previous version hadn't any lag at all !
No off line maps, my maps, scale bar and measure!  What happened to the "Labs"? I liked  Google maps because it had so much functionality, now it's like the dumbed down Crapple app!
keep going this way +Google , i ve just put on sale my 2 Android Smartphone, 1 Android Tablet and 1 Chromebook. Morover few days ago a I had a google workshop for my company, about the migration of 1000 email account, Now i will plan a new one with Office 365 Team.
+Google Israel כרגיל, גירסה 7 כבר יצאה ואנחנו מתעדכנים במאסף... נשגב מבינתי, כל כך קשה לעדכן את חנות היישומים שגרסה 7 יצאה לאור?
+Jeff Carpenter Where are Multiple route choices? Missing route options such as No Highways and No Tolls, too.
Offline maps is not gone, just zoom in, tap the search bar and press "save area for offline use" or something like that in the blue text. Or type ok maps in the search bar.
How to use contacts in navigation?
Hey, Google!
I have a question:
I am going on a trip to the backwoods of Minnesota where I am guaranteed to lose my data connection most of the time.  I will be using my phone to travel lake to lake with a map I have created in My Maps and have already pre-cached on my phone.  I have shared this map with the other people that will be joining us for redundancy.  Prior to the arriving in the backwoods (BWCA), I will be able to follow my friend's journey, first by car, then by plane, then back to a rental car and finally to the first portage with Latitude.

How will I be able to use your new maps on my trip?

I have accumulated 57 maps in My Maps over the years and have been easily been able to share maps with people who have no backwoods navigation skills with the current system.  What should I do moving forward? 
I feel so dissapointed when you abolish the latitude function. Its very cool apps. I can track my love one.. it helps me a lot before.. to safe him from danger. I feel so sad..when u destroyed it.. 
I hope somebody at google reads guys need to get a are the leader not a startup.....improve incrementally and dont release half done updates.  MY MAPS support is not a luxury, it is the key why people should have a smartphone.

Thankfully i am technical enough to roll back this update, but I pity the people that have to take such a step back with this update.

You seriously need to admit you are wrong with this google....otherwise i question your judgement.
If you use Google as your car Navigation - DO NOT UPGRADE YOUR APP. It is a hot mess. I have a docking station on my dash. I get in my car. My phone goes in and I use it to navigate everywhere. The new interface to navigate with in the updated Android app is so horrendous I had to uninstall. I will explain. 1. Setting a destination should be as simple as hitting a button that says set destination and you say the destination or type it. Thats what you used to be able to do. But there no longer is a set destination button! you have to X out of the current destination. Search for a new destination. When you do, the destination does not appear. And when you finally figure out how to make it appear it only gives you the street address. You can easily set your destination for another town that has a Main street or a Broad Street or maybe Google doesn't hear you correctly and just thinks you said another town.Now you are going in the wrong direction. 2. General searches failed. I said to maps Staples. It started directing me to a Staples no where near me and the only other options were NYC not the closest Staples to my house. That is a Huge Failure. 3. Traffic Light is missing. You know how huge the traffic light was! I could easily tell as soon as I set my destination that I was going to run into traffic somewhere along the way. I could then hit the traffic light and see where the traffic was and plan an alternate route accordingly. At minimum I had peace of mind knowing to set my expectations properly. "Oh well. I guess I am going to hit some traffic along the way. Better sit back and relax." Gone. Where is the traffic light? This is a poor decision to remove this feature. 4. Alternative route selection is there but barely works. The alternative route forces me to view the alternatives at a scale that is so ridiculous, you cannot tell if the alternative makes any sense. It used to show you alternatives with a view that was scaled to fit the screen of the phone, now you have to zoom in. You think I want to pinch and Zoom while I am driving to see an alternative. I mean Google thinks it will reroute and give me a better alternative on its own thats all well and good. But I live and breath the streets and areas ob Jersey and there are shortcuts that Google cannot know to think of and as a Human being I will not relinquish my ability to think on my own. Albeit with Googles assistance. I am sorry. But just like maps on the computer have taken away the ability to map out driving to multiple locations, I have yet to upgrade there and I have uninstalled the upgrade on my Android Phone. Galaxy S3. I am not a tech geek. I am a Real Estate agent who uses all of google tools everyday to make my business and life better. I am a huge fan of Google and just want to see them continue to put out amazing products. This is an attempt to make it better not to bring down an amazing product. Sincerely, Vincent J. Costa III
Google is seriously messing this up.  No starred places, and now Google Navigation takes me to the Maps app, where the flow to set navigation is more steps and more confusing.  I have no doubt they will eventually fix this junk, but I expect them to not mess it up in the first place.
Running Droid RAZR MAXX. Just took a 90 minute driving trip. Easy to plug in my starting and end points (though I miss having the starting point default to My Location) and had it crash a couple times if I hit the Navigate button before the screen of the route preview finished updating.

The travel time was shows as 1 hour 15 minutes. I followed the route exactly, mostly highway driving. During my drive along the highway where I was at or above the posted speed limit the entire time, the arrival time kept creeping up, eventually ending up 15 minutes past the original estimate with zero traffic or accident warnings along the route, travelling at an average of 3-5 MPH above the posted limit.

The travel time used to be dead on, now it's horribly underestimating the time.

Very much miss the ability to view alternate routes before starting out or en route.

Also miss the ability to specify a preference for a route with no tolls or no highways.

Maps look nice, but Navigation feels like the Apple Maps debacle -- a step backward in features and reliability.
Does anyone now when this update will be launched in Germany?
What a truly #craptacular "update". Very slow, unstable, and worst of all missing features compared to the old version (and I'm not even talking about Latitude). Thank god for backups and the ability to revert back to the last Maps version. Glad someone hit their OKR to get this out the door but come should be embarrassed Google.
This is absolutely terrible. I tried the new "ok maps" feature and everything I have tried to download is too big to save. They have basically downgraded Google Maps to look like the iOS version. 
I went back to the factory version that came with the phone. First Google
App I've ever uninstalled an update to. Have my alternate routes and
preferences back. I'll wait to update when they get their heads screwed back
on straight.
The lack of overview button enfuriates me
The new maps app is the most disappointing upgrade ever.  I miss the terrain layer and the local button, and the Labs/measurement tool, and the old interface, and YES, I miss the old Off-Line Maps.   Oh sure I can download one off-line map, but prior, I could download many many little maps that came with a management list.    I'm a bike rider, so thank God you didn't delete that feature.   I'm a google fan and I tell all my iphone friends who ride bikes to switch, but after the upgrade, it's going to be hard to make that recommendation.
There is no way to just follow yourself without navigating the way you used to with the old Navigation system. But I have figured out why google destroyed navigation in google maps. So you can find an alternative program. I am now testing out and using waze. So far it's not as good as old google navigation but it's way better then the current version. 
Where's the scale rule? The measurement mode? Terrain overlay? How do you indicate the extra places to go VIA when getting directions? (This last is VERY important to me)

Someone tell me an easy way to roll back, please.
Not sure where else to recach devs, but here's a problem I have with Google Maps. 

I LOVE "Add as a search engine" in Chrome. Right click the search box in Wikipedia, add it as a search engine with the keyword "w", then I can type in the URL "w goats" to wiki goats.

So why doesn't this work on Google Maps? Try it, it just makes the keyword pop up as a lone page. I'd love to see Google products being champions of Google features!
These people who complain are akin to someone who gets free toilet paper and then when it disappears complain that he or she has nothing to wipe with.  Get a Life you entitled souls!
+David Pina Every Click. Every search. Every single time you use the internet. +Google makes money. You may not see it come out of your account but they are making money. They put out great products. We are fans of their products and entitled to inform them that they are better then their current incarnation of Google maps. If google promotes their products as something to use everyday for business and you all of a sudden cannot use them because they no longer function, then it deserves a little criticism. 
I guess I am the only one who like this new version. I like the way that you can pinpoint on the map or search a location and it will show you exactly how long to get there at the bottom, then hit the car icon, it will show you all the different route option including the traffic condition, then back to the map and you can see all the route on the map by sliding your finger to the left/right. Anyone with me?
+David Pina then you don't have  a wife who's whereabouts you can check on to see how her journey of several hundred miles is going, you don't have children who you want to quickly check on to see if they're home so you can pop in and see the grandkids.......I appreciate Latitude is "free" (I'm using it on a phone I paid for, with a data contract I pay for) but it has a much larger significance for personal safety or even phone theft. My wife feels happier knowing that any of us can see where she is and so do I. Latitude retiring I can live with but the replacement system with G+ is so far terrible and should have been polished and run in tandem before they got rid of the old way.
+Vincent Costa, ditto! The navi app used to be so easy to use and work with and now it's all gone! I also used it all the time and especially liked the traffic light and alternative routes option. And on top of all the unfortunate changes the color now barely visible grey on grey instead of pretty distict white on black! I almost got into accident today trying to figure out what did it say for the destination!!! Such a mess! 
Maybe as a map it is ok, but as a navigation is just a load of crap. I am going back to the original version.
+Vladimir Mikhaylov I uninstalled and it automatically reinstalled. I am not going to fight that battle. I installed Waze. It is very easy to use and so far seems to work well. Only problem is lack of integration with Google Now. Must go into app to use voice commands. But that's ok. 
Marc F.
Hey google maps, Why do you want after each call with my iphone know my location? the GPS icon appears in the upper right corner after each call. what is this?
+Vincent Costa
To stop the auto update, Go to the "PLAY Store".  Then pull up the settings menu.  Find "Auto-update apps".  From there you should know what to do.
+Paulus Spernbauer
Your comment about Bike tours is spot-on.  Us folks that do long trips need multiple off-line maps.  When you're riding a bicycle, you can't take the freeways, so I'm always outside a service zone.   I cache many overlapping areas so when the ride begins, I always have a detailed map.   The new version only lets you cache a single area.  Unacceptable.
Thanks all for letting me know in time about this lousy update. I got auto-update turned off in time!

I too love the offline maps ability - traveling on the train means intermittent at best cell service ( let alone 0 to none data connection!) 

I love to have the map cache so I can follow along as we go through the various canyons in the western United States.
The new app is awesome. 
In my region every building and house are not on the map. Therefore we really need the feature to tap on any arbitrary place on the map and start (bookmark) it. The old maps app had that capability but new application does not (even the new maps web interface does not support this but the old interface did). Please add that feature back to Google Maps.

Also can someone please tell me how to get the full list of your starred places. (Not the recent list but the full list)
My map is not give actual location bcoz my mobile do not have GPS. So plz help me for actual location wt I hv to do plz tell.
Why did iOS get it before all of the Android users? I have a Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7, but still waiting for an update, while iOS users woke up to a full deployment. What gives???
+Google Maps  is this a staged role out? I am still waiting but didn't get any updates...
Is a waste of time and something stupid enter to g+ to see an application that is for maps.
I need Latitude outside of G+ I just need to see latitude, not all my circles
What happen with google,? currently is doing all wrong, what a pity. I started to look alternatives for latitude, G reader, maps out of line, my places. and what's next, gmail?
New pretty interface but they've decimated functionality!!!

No 'My Maps'!!
No zoom buttons, measure & terrain maps.
Offline maps unnecessarily fiddly with only 1 smaller area apparently.
Lost any starred locations not attached to an address.
No separate Navigation - only available via maps.
No navigating to contacts direct from Dialer.
Harder to find traffic overview in Navigation & harder to reroute.
No' bubble ' on maps
No option to add business as a contact with address details etc
No layers for fuel, restaurants etc in Navigation.

And is just what I'm missing, I'm sure there's stuff I didn't use that's gone....

Not cool Google, not cool. Remember what Apple did with iOS maps?! You've dropped an equally big clanger on your showpiece app.....
Completely agree, Google Maps officially sucks now for all my uses.  So, it does the most trivial and basic stuff better, while sacrificing the most useful parts. 

No MY MAPS?!?!?!?!  Seriously?  Layers???  Routes?  Import/Export?  Multiple destinations??  Tours via waypoints and landmarks?? 

I can't even develop trips on the computer and import them to my Android phone. 

All the while, making it less intuitive.  Google tanked this one.  It's going to be a while until they get it right it seems.  IN THE MEANTIME, see ya.  I've officially switched.  See ya.  Welcome back paper maps and Garmin, you've supplanted Google at getting to where I want to go when I know where I want to go. 

I wouldn't expect to actually have added functionality here, but can you filter travel by road type for those that don't want to take highways and main roads and prefer to stick to dirt roads whenever possible. 
!!!WARNING!!!: This update all but destroys the ability to save offline maps!!! You can still clumsily cache a few places, but nowhere near the level of functionality the old maps app provided. My wife is pretty upset by this update since we like to take long drives and have maps available to find scenic shortcuts etc, now we have nothing... Very disappointing.
I don't like Google maps nor do I want but can't seem to delete it 
+Google I hate it as now they have an app like 100 others. . latitude was great, had some unique features and I like the ease to save in Google maps and access via the phone. I have selected a different map app than this one.  Way to go backwards!
what were you thinking with navigation in night mode? Black roads on a black background?
This is missing a lot of functionality included in the old maps. Particularly "My Maps" and "Terrain." Rolling back to the previous version...
This upgrade has essentially destroyed the app's usefulness for me. Problems I've run into in the first hour or two of using it:

* No more zoom buttons (much easier than pinching when using a car dock while driving)
* Touching the find me icon now zooms way in. This also breaks toggling between North at top and travel direction at top for me because it changes my preferred zoom (and pinching takes me out of travel direction at top mode).
* No easy way to see alternate routes and particularly traffic along alternate routes.
* Vastly reduced offline capability.
* No way to access my list of starred places

Other than that, it's okay ;-).

It's possible that I'm missing the "new way" to do some of these, so I'm open to suggestions. Otherwise, I'll be reverting to the old version.
I agree it is one of the worse apps I have seen. . It went from first to
worse lol .
Old version was great. This new updated version is a step backwards. So far backwards that i now need to look for another map app. Google, why would you throw away all that great functionality (as already described above) ? Why? Unbelievable!
Agree that this is a downgrade in many sense. New UI or not, you shouldn't take away Offline Maps, My maps and make it difficult to find starred places.
Now a backtrack to include offline maps. Why don't you poll or do beta group testing of new features to assess what people want ?
+Google Maps, enough complaints about this "upgrade". Will be looking at WP and Lumia as new phone instead of android
It's pretty clear Google isn't interested in any of our feedback seeing as there's been nothing by way of an acknowledgement of the thousands of unhappy users.

I also just can't understand how the Tech press aren't reporting any of this so personally I have started bombarding them as to why this is the case. Unless it makes some headlines Google won't feel like they need to do anything so I suggest you all start doing the same. Unless they're all too scared to speak out against the big G of course.... 
At a restaurant that we frequent and I can't check in because Google+ can't find the place. And I can no longer check in through the Maps app. We check in here every Sunday and now I can't check in at all. You guys really jumped the gun on this. 
New maps is crashing more than 50% of the time when clicking 'Start' after calculating a route, screen just goes black then get a 'Maps has stopped responding' error. I have a Galaxy S4

I still haven't found a way to get at all my starred locations listed without scrolling across the whole map to find them, I literally have hundreds of starred locations and could see the list simply by swiping left while in the menu on the old navigation app, PLEASE tell me how to see a list of my starred locations in distance order as before.

I can no longer see the traffic hotspots along my route like I could previously simply by pressing the destination ETA in the bottom left, I still have an ETA but when I press it, it just cycles through distance, time left and ETA - Please tell me how to see traffic along my route in green, orange and red like before - this would help me make decisions on what route to take.

These 3 things are making the new maps app unusable for me, I have been a fan of google navigation for years, ever since i ditched my £60 TomTom app, now it is next to useless for me, please help, I need the old app back or I will need to look at alternatives.

Edit - Forgot to mention that I cannot multitask since the update, if I press my home button and do something mid route, and then go back to Maps, it is asking me to choose a destination again, even though in my notifications area the next route maneuver is displayed, this is when the crashing starts - once i enter a destination for the second time having left and come back into the app, it crashes as per my first point and will continue to crash for at least the next 2 times i try to start it, enter a destination and press start - it crashes at this point.

Also - Offline maps!!!!! Why has this gone???? I sometimes travel abroad and don't want to pay to download the map on the fly on expensive foreign data, I want to connect up to mobile data, calculate a route along a map I have cached, and then disconnect mobile data, worked a treat before.
Yes, what is the point of my adding a star to a bunch of places if I can't retrieve them?
I may be to old for all this tech stuff.
New app is terrible and unintuitive. Offline map cache loss is a nonstarter for me. Navigation is now less intuitive. Need to fall back to old app at once!
Garmin, Tom Tom and all must be rubbing their hands. I've now had to refit my Tom Tom satnav and resubscribe to their Traffic and Map service. I'd happily have paid Google this money to keep Maps and Latitude.
Would Google consider resurecting it as a paid app?
I have a BIG problem with Google Maps. If I take a look at my location history, I can see some positions far away (1-2 km) from where I am right now... those position are not precise at all either. I know that this is normal if my device can not identify/find a position with wifi... but I'm sometimes getting this even if my device is connected 100% of the time to my wifi network and when there are some other wifi network around my position. Is there anything we can do to fix this problem?
No puedo localisar a mi esposo. Necesitamos . Latitude please 
Hey +Google Maps - are you going to bring "My Maps" soon? Like in August maybe? I'm going on vacation and I need it (that's why I haven't updated Google Maps to v7 and android to 4.3).
I m in Orlando FL on vacation, I didn t bring my Garmin, i thought that my cel phone was enough, i can not use roming,  is too espensive!!!
hey google... we need offline maps please!!!!!! 
Where is the distance measurement bar? Where is the scale? Where is the +-zoom buttons? How do I know what area the offline map covers? This "update" is a JOKE.
Check out the reviews of the new app, 95% is negative. I agree, the new version is awful.
why i use latitude? because i travel a lot and even my hometown is 800km away. please understand that this is a safety feature. whenever my family refresh his latitude it will tell when and where my phone last report my position. if i am driving back 800km, i cannnot go and manually update my position every 5 minutes. but my latitude can. what if something bad happen to me? i could be in an accident but few minutes prior to that my latitude already updated my last position and time reported. i cant manually update after d accident, cant i? i might be injured, or my phone crash. what if someone kidnap me? surely i couldnt ask my kidnapper to update my position. but i will know that few minutes prior to that, my phone would update where my exact location and when. surely this kind of information would b useful for detectives who would later track my steps. do u understand dear google?
I can't tell you how shitty the navigation on the new Google Maps app is. Give us back the ability to view traffic conditions easily (red, yellow, green) and the ability to view and select alternate routes on the fly. The biggest reason I tried and couldn't stand the iPhone was because of the poor GPS options. Now I have to deal with this crap update?!  Unbelievable.
The absolute biggest mess I have seen in a long time. A constant frustration. Barely functional. Used to love to use it. Now a exercise in futility. Complete asinine stupidity. I wish I had paid for it so I could demand a refund and maybe even file a breech of contract suit. Can you tell I really don't like this "Upgrade"?
A dumbed-down version!!
What's with all the dumbing down of of Google Maps!? The best things about GMaps was the ability to plan your routes on the PC then get at your "My Places" on your phone version. Also all the neat extras in "Labs", like the measuring tool, what happen to them!?

Thank goodness for Locus so I can get at "My Places" map info and import it in. I used to love Google Maps and it's neat advanced features, but you've now killed Google Maps as far as I'm concerned, I'll be switching totally over to Locus from now on! 
Google, Maps on android went from almost instant start to super slow with terrible frame rates. The new color scheme and map theme doesn't call out "Google". I know people will get used to things, but why did you have to fix something that was not broken? Why not add a few features instead of changing everything at once? Also please give us the option to at least add zoom buttons to the screen for one-handed use. I'm tired of big companies "knowing" what's good for the user and changing everything upside down and killing successful products that people love, that are tried and tested and actually useful.
well i used to use Tom but switched to maps now this version has come out i will go back to tom tom. Used the new version today anmd  it estimated a time of 7 hours for a 10 min journey.    Crap apps !!!!
Maps in Google+ is a buggy useless replacement for latitude as it is now. Google really fucked up this time disrespecting users like this. They will lose a lot of customers if they don't come with better updates fast.
WOW!!!... Am I glad that this version didn't come out when I travlled overseas earlier this year. It was such a functional tool, from easily starring locations, finding nearby points of interest and downloading My Maps for navigating offline. I have now tried the function "Ok Maps" in the new version and there is no way I can see of storing different maps. It only allows to cache the area that you are now looking at... TOO MAKE IT WORSE... I can't even cahe a map area large enough to cover a drive from two major cities in Australia - Brisbane to Sydney a 10 hour road trip... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add some functionality back into the new app to allow saving map data on our Android devices and add function buttons to easily star places and find local points of interest!!!!!!... I know some of these functions are still there but I have just reverted back to the old version and all these features and more are far easier to access.
This is one time when Google had their head up their you know what. The update lasted about an hour on my phone before I "uninstalled the update". If the google map team were smart they'd be working this weekend to offer an improvement to the issues report by first thing Monday Morning..
This new version sucks. Did someone at Google forget that people use this while in a car??  This apps sucks in dock mode!  I uninstalled and went back to the prior version.  Fix this Google!  This is an Apple like gaffe!
I uninstalled the new app about 3 weeks ago.  Was hoping to hear about improvements to the new version since I've been away.  Very sad to hear nothing has been done.    Somebody mentioned the lack of media coverage regarding the Googles step backward.  It amazes me too.  Thanks for your plus1.
Everyone is clearly really disappointed about the updates, but remember to use the 'Send Feedback' option and let Google know how unsatisfied you are on there changes on Google Maps and Google Plus locations (laditude) - They don't read all the different threads where people complain - much better to send them feedback
Where is a good place to "Send Feedback" to Google?  
Wish they would have a tutorial to walk you through finding the features you had before and explain the ne ones. Spent too long looking around for basic navigation functions. Actually ended up using the navigation on my phone. Gross but when I figure it out ill be a happy user 
Beyond stupid Google map new updates takes over my navigation system on my Samsung S3 and renders the nav system useless in other words its an app raping another app. Geez leave well enough alone. I dump the google maps app to restore/get my originally S3 navigation system back
had to uninstall the new version. why remove the turn by turn navigation for public transit? i use that all the time. this new version is crappy. pls fix it!
The new G+ Latitude substitute is awful.  I can see my family, but the map is dead.  I can't inquire about a local restaurant, or search for nearby services.   So planning a meet up takes extra steps that I didn't need to do previously.   Horrible upgrade.  Give me back my Android Maps.  
Add a CLEAR offline maps functionality. I liked all other changes but the offline maps is a MUST as there are many places with no connection and not having maps offline is a BULL.
So, this update is just about the worst thing Google have ever released.  turn by turn navigation is broken, maps search for places is broken - even the most simple things, like remembering your last destination are broken. absolutely useless - the only good thing is that we are able to uninstall this pile of crap; of course, now we have to stay behind the curve by disabling auto updates...
Glad to see I'm not the only one. I've been a big fan of Google, but agree with the majority of posts here. My biggest gripe is the turn by turn interface is horrible. I hate how it is locked into a NSEW map view instead of reflecting the orientation of your car. I never thought I could get a job at Google since I assumed they are all genius... maybe now I have a shot!
That's great. I didn't know it could get any better.
god every update throws away usability in the name of design, its getting worse and worse! For fuck sake google I don't care about your material design: I want to save a map easily FFS
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