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Curious to see how Google Map Maker works? In honor of our recent launch of Map Maker in South Africa and Egypt, we invite you to come join us for a Map Maker demo on Mon, June 11 at 5:30-6:30pm GMT in a Google+ Hangout on Air, hosted right here.

Have questions about Map Maker? Post them here: or as a comment below.
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Bing Maps suck, Google Maps is easily the best.
I just started using Map Maker. The response time for approval is pretty good. Too bad I don't have a way to save the hangout (event) to my Google Calendar.
+Google Maps I wanted to know if Map maker is already in Nepal and who approves the changes that we make?
What we really need +Google Maps is a way to make changes on the mobile side. The process the last time I used it was to time consuming on the desktop.
Does this mean I will be able to replace the three year old Sat imagery with something a little more up to date?
Don't think so +brendan eales, thats still controlled by Google. You can just add roads, buildings, parks and places of interest as far as I know.
Is there a way to add hiking trails in map maker? With offline maps and good trail maps that would be awesome
+Paul Johnson - You already know the answer to that is "Never".  Please stop trolling.

+Piyush Bhopalka - Yes, Nepal is open for mapping in Map Maker.  As for who approves the changes you make, it depends on the type of edit you make and the trust ratings of yourself and the people reviewing your changes.  There are however "Regional Expert Reviewers" and Google Moderators who keep things under control though.

+brendan eales - Map Maker doesn't allow you to change imagery, but you can request updates to maps imagery here:
+Raulan Grajewski Wow thanks for letting us know it's coming to Australia, I haven't got round to watching the maps presentation yet (assuming there is one ;)).  Long overdue (isn't everything).
+Jacob Burrell When users submit changes in Map Maker, they are reviewed by other users.  Often times, the reviews come from Google employees on the internal review team or from other volunteer citizen mappers that experience editing and reviewing called Regional Expert Reviewers.  Regular mappers who show lots of quality work editing and reviewing in their region can become RERs over time.

+Stephan Trenker Austria is on the list of countries that will be added to Map Maker in the next month.

+Алексей Поляков +Erik Babakhani Russia and Iran are not on the list of countries announced to be added to Map Maker within the next month, however, they are adding new countries all the time.  I would think it won't be long before they, too, are added to the list.
+Steve Jaszczak Thank you for you comment about Paul. Every time Gmaps makes a post he's commented on it.
I'm trying to fix my town, what is the convention for shops, put the marker near the door?
The labels are literally all over the map.
Also should one fix errors with MapMaker or the “Report a problem” tool??
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