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You can now play CUBE, a WebGL game on Chrome Experiments about Google Maps at

Inspired by the Explore Your World video (, Cube is an interactive 8-level labyrinth game that tests your navigation skills through different cities using features of Google Maps.

Play the game and challenge your friends to beat your best scores. You can also check out other Chrome Experiments at

Note: This is a WebGL experiment and requires a WebGL enabled browser and a supported graphics card.

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Very good game Google. I have played a lot of time! :)
Great game! Takes a while to load but runs flawless after.
I have Chrome 20 dev, and the game tells me to get a WebGL browser, or install Chrome.
Any idea when webgl will be enabled for chrome on intel chipsets?
Meanwhile at Apple: "We're running out of ideas! Who can we sue next?"
Great way to keep feeding us publicity!
Liked it, too bad I had to use Firefox instead of Chrome on my new Ubuntu 12.04 install :/
I'm using google chrome and it says "your browser is unsupported".... Is it because I'm on a mac?...
I think it's an issue with some video cards... maybe mine is not compatible :(
This was fun. I was slow but it was still fun...
Does MapsGL not work with AMD cards and Intel Sandy Bridge GPUs or is it only with me?
Try it on Firefox - using Linux here and it does not work in Chrome but is flne in FF
Indeed it works in FF, +Matthew Hudson, thanks. But that's quite surprising.
+Pierre Gardin Thank you the flag I found was and 'enabled' is:

Override software rendering list Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS
Overrides the built-in software rendering list and enables GPU acceleration on unsupported system configurations.

This worked - nice one + all those other options - liking Uber Settings!!!
Only Persian gulf
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