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Hello mappers,

We’ve got some exciting news. You can now map with your friends on Google+! With a few simple steps you can share from Map Maker to your Google+ circles, and build your ever-growing Map Maker community in the process.

Anything you share from Map Maker will appear on your Google+ profile to the circles and individuals with whom you’ve shared the post. People in your circles can comment on your post, and from there you can continue on your way to creating comprehensive maps of the places you care about most!

To learn more about how to share Map Maker edits on Google+, go here:

Thanks, and happy mapping!
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I want to share better driving directions on +Google Maps the ones that maps directs me too are long and not effective when there is traffic. I know my neighborhood more than Google let me map out better driving directions.
Neat feature...please bring back the Latitude widget
I spoke to the Google office in Sydney Australia this morning to try to get some information about map imagery updates for a non profit group and got a corporate brush off. Not what I expected! For this group it looks like they'll have to find another way to map with their friends +Google Maps 
Maybe if I saw a video I'd understand
Love Google Maps going to check it out
Would love to get my hands on the Map Maker in the first place. Not available over here. I wonder why ...
Hi +Philipp Bunge thanks for that, I think we've tried that one already but I'll make sure.

The group are working on local environmental and fire risk management. The only way we can get suitably hi res images appears to be using the Pro version of Maps which the group can't really afford. an update to current imagery which stops just meters from the area we are working on (of course) would be enough.

I've had a look at +Google for Nonprofits  but I don't think it offers much for Australian organisations. Happy to be proved wrong or for +Google Maps to ride in on a white horse :) 
This is awesome, will use it with Dutch mappers to get things done. Thanks a lot.
When it will be able to use in Hungary ? :D
I want to add one good restaurant ;)
Jiri H
The same for Czech Republic
Very good +Google Maps . By the way are Map Maker available to Brazil? 'Cause before I made something, but now...
Waiting for Map Maker in the Czech Republic. Meanwhile mapping in near Poland. :)
What a useless feature. A useful feature would have been to actually activate Map Maker at all. Or at least tell why you have opened access to the entire world except 10 unlucky European countries.
Evolution going backwards. Why?
It is strange that I have to uninstall the new version of maps on mobile to precache maps of a certain area.
That's just ........ehmm.......looking for a better word........nope its stupid.
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