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Building an Android app that uses Google Maps? You can now take advantage of our new Google Maps Android API which features vector-based maps that can be tilted and rotated with easy gestures, as well as new indoor floor plans for many major airports and shopping centers around the world.

Over 800,000 sites and apps, like Trulia, Expedia, and Flighttrack use our APIs and we hope these improvements can make your apps even more beautiful and interactive. 

Read more on our Geo Developer Blog:

Get the documentation:
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Oh, sweet. I guess I'll be redesigning my app from the bottom up ;)
If you wanna make us help you so add application on android to build maps because map maker site doesn't work on nexus 7 tablet and chrome browser.
I tried the sample app but got "This app won't run unless you update Google Play services." ? Running latest 4.2.1 on GNex.
+Miša Peić We're in the process of rolling out the Google Play services APK in the background.  Users should get it in a little while.
It's about time! The previous version was terribly feature-poor and has been in need of significant overhaul for years...
Is there a way to use UrlTileProvider to get Styled Maps?  Ingress seems to be using something to get different tiles, but Google might be providing the tiles for them
+Ryan Bailey Now that maps in your app are rotatable and tiltable, getLatitudeSpan() no longer makes sense. Instead, use Projection.getVisibleRegion().

Maps aren't confined to 2D anymore :)
Hao Ren
I'm currently developing an app for taxi booking and I find it harder than using WebView and put my own map.. Anyone can give me some pointers for Map API?
I can only say this: It's about time!
this v2 api isn't compatible with v1! a lot of work has to be done on porting.
This needs to be on iOS. 
I am selling brandable applications for taxi/cabs companies  
and  ability to show 3D building sketches& tilt is better way for customers to understand where they are  without burden of satellite images informations....overlay of traffic will help taxi driver application... however I would welcome similar integration of turn by turn nav. 
Why should Google have to fix Apples problem? Apple made their bed.. Anyone who wants to lie with them can catch the fleas too.. ;) 
And finally in emulator of android adt, show this: this app won't run unless you update google play services, What I can do?
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