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Get lost in the twisting trails, tangled trees, and towering temples of #AngkorWat  with #StreetView . Hello, #Cambodia .
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Pound to be Cambodian :)
guys I need an app to record my travels, Something at least like Facebook places but havent found anything. preferably it should be a google app :)
+Apostolos Apostolidis Why an app? U can take pictures with camera and/or smartphone ,u can hold a diary on the phone /tab/laptop or something,and use public internet to connect with social media that u prefer.
My sis is making a Asia trip right now with friend,and they have created a tumblr page for that. ones in a few days we/i get some news and photos from there.

Make a new G+ account for it.
a la fin de la vidéo , vous aurez pu mettre Chrome OS au lieu de OSX. 
de la pub gratuite pour Apple...
Its really beautiful cambodian temple.
‏‫من جهاز الـ iPhone الخاص بي‬
Wow is nice. I'm south Africa beautiful lady I need some friends from ather country. 
More videos like this please!
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