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Now the Apple users are able to find home again!
You could have added a link to maps on android first. Because fuck apple.
How come there's no link on the page to Google Play store?
Google maps comes pre-loaded on android devices, why would they put a link for it there when you've already got it?
Is Google Maps pre-installed on all Androids? Just thought it doesn't hurt to promote Google Play.
This makes my work issued iPhone tolerable again
Currently not available in the peruvian store. -__-
Ari Fi
que gracioso!!!!!
Ari Fi
¿Me podrian dar la foto Google Maps?
Can you give me the picture Google Maps?
Any ideas when it will be available in Croatian appstore? Pretty please?
I am a little frustrated that you made an app with better design for the iphone than your own baby. but I am also happy that el goog continues to provide the best cross platform connectivity for free of any vendor out there.
You are way too nice Google. I would have let them rot! 
lei fan
Finally, than you google for the amazing job
@Jake Van Epps True I would've liked some of the new features however I look at it this way, iOS can be the guinea pig for Google maps work out any kinks and that those on Android can have the fully fledged finished product.
Google delivered an elbow from the sky. Apple's maps must be really hurting this morning.
From my first look at the app, I cannot figure out if it support bookmarks like the previous version.  The new app does allow you to look at recent history but I really miss having locations saved as bookmarks for easy access.  Including turn by turn directions is great, but unless I can save 'pins' or locations as a favorite of sorts that can be readily accessed, it is almost a step backwards.

Has anyone figured out how to save locations as a bookmark or something similar?
+Wesley Sanders Hit the icon on the right side of the search bar at the top. Underneath your home and work addresses will be any starred places. You can star places in either Google maps on your iPhone or through your web browser that is signed into your Google account.
LOVEEEEEEEE google.maps
it takes me out of my home lol
Sorry, I can't see any advance compared to Apple maps. But perhaps my expectations were too high.

- Newly designed and streamlined interface for even easier navigation

That's not true all time. I have to figure out, how to navigate the interface, and it's not clear and easy to use.
yes... I had to watch a video to understand how to use it. Not totally intutitive. 
It was always there for Android users...we never got lost!
+Lucas Varese That's not the point. Google Maps App was available since the first iPhone. But there was no innovation and change since then. Apples's decision to cut Google Maps on the iPhone brought iPhone users a technological update. So I think, it was a good decision by Apple. Even if the result wasn't as intended :-)

And luckily we got a new YouTube App. That's so good and better as before.

So I don't understand, why using Android or iOS is such a religious thing.
+Grega Mali I got the app in the German sore too. But I had to follow the link to iTunes.
Maybe it will be soon available in the slowenian store :-)
how to import a saved route in its account, the application to iOS? please
lol I love your website
When can we expect to have full navigation on Colombia?
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