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We appreciate all the feedback on the new Google Maps app!

Stay tuned for an update to offline maps. If you need it now you can always pan over an area you want to view later and type “OK maps” and cache a city area.

Thank you for your patience as we roll out the app. 
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What about Latitude? I love G+ but the latitude replacement in G+ does not have all the functionality of Google Latitude! 
"OK, maps"? Why not "cache map", or "save map"?
A menu entry instead of typing "Ok maps" would be so much easier. And no, I do not want to talk to my phone... 
I hope the Google+ Latitude replacement gets more functionality soon because it's not that robust right now and I don't really want to use it in its current state.

I'd love to be able to set more easily which circles can see where I am with varying degrees of accuracy. (Followers can see my country, Colleagues can see my district or if I'm at a Place like the Office, my Best Friends can see almost exactly where I am and my Family see nothing ☺)

Being able to set it by time would be cool too, so as to, for example, only share your location during business hours.

I know this isn't really about +Google Maps anymore, but it's my wishlist 
If you are going to let Latitude die at least carry all the features over to it in +Google+ 
Bunch of whiny bitches lately about everything. If you don't like it don't use it. First hangouts, then maps..... They are slowly implementing new features to each over time. Give them time.
"ok maps" is a nice way to fix something that was not broken to begin with. I am at a loss, here...why?
#bringbacklatitude #featureloss I use latitude more than I use maps and if you scrap it I'm going to be seriously irritated! G+ is no substitute for it. I'd rather have latitude than all of the new features. Make maps better not worse.

On a daily basis I already know where most things around me are located, what I don't know is where the moving objects like family and friends are. I used to be able to navigate to a friend, with the new version it should even update on the fly when they move. Now that's what I would consider an upgrade! 
That's good, but how do you delete the cached area when you don't need it anymore?
+Michael Hoang  It was dead easy to give people access and take it away on the fly. There never was any need for 'people to know my location at all times", unless you specifically wanted and permissioned them to.

The G+ solution requires everyone you want to share your location with to be on G+. To put it simply, that's a crappier solution than Latitude was. But rest assured, having it available via G+ , though a crappier solution, doesn't mean you have to have people knowing your location at all times either....
+Google Maps This is OK and fine, but in Slovenia it says Map pre-loading is not available in this area :O In 6.14.4 it was. Are we downgraded to the 3 class country?
+Gaz Almonte Thank you! I love the Android Community. It's awesome for those of us who just can't wait for a system update or roll out. 
+Michael Hoang probably you don't know what latitude could do. I was always using auto checkins to frequent places which was shared only with me. Plus the history showed me total distance I've traveled using it. Not to forget points accumulated through it. 
From the blog: ( re: Latitude
"We understand some of you still want to see your friends and family on a map, which is why we've added location sharing and check-ins to Google+ for Android (coming soon to iOS)."
Hey +Google Maps I would love to see in the future the ability to find points of interest/restaurants/gas along your navigation route, without having to renavigate.
You really need to change the colour of the directional route as the light blue clashes with the green of some roads, can be difficult with work out especially when driving.
Can you bring back VoIP on Google Hangouts please. That's pissed me off more.
Where the heck are "My Places," and "My Maps?" We were planning a vacation, and it looks like all of that work was lost?
+Google Maps its sad to remove features instead of adding for the countries outside the US! And I am not talking about the offline maps or latitude! And not only for G Maps! Other google apps too.. Location history removed in my area, Music recognition of google now, and other staff that we had working okay in first place :(
+Tom Rodman ouch. Your starred places are available to you when you hit the search bar. They aren't in their own particular list though and are instead mixed in with recent searches and other items. My Maps unfortunately appears to be gone.
I really like the history and the ability to verify if they have me "checked in" to the correct place.
+Anthony Raffini What stings the most is we'd planned scenic drives in "My Maps" (not the shortest path from point A to point B), and did a lot of time-consuming, painstaking research. That they'd just let that "vanish" without warning, is a real let-down.
Is anyone looking at the problem that some custom ROMs (Cyanogen 10.1 for one) are having getting a map in Google+ Locations?   Latitude never had this problem.
Why use such an unusual and non practical way to do a simple task as map cashing. This has really little sense other than creating a geek aura over a Google product. This update brings a nicer look but less functions and capabilities. Latitude which many people rely on is another of the many Google products that just get left out and not really get replaced. I'm slowly but surely getting less fond of Google and I'm beginning to look at other ways to accomplish my tasks.
Google, please stop this bullish way of treating your users (not customers because they pay for ads so maybe that IS the problem). 
Any chance there will be integration with newly acquired waze app soon?
Just tried it out and love the police and speed trap warnings.
How about the measuring tool from labs?
+Sebastien Defrance I'm not sure on all the features that didn't translate, but for starters, Locations doesn't have 1. Accuracy circle or 2. Timestamp. So you have no idea how accurate the information is. So if you need accuracy identifiers, you will have to seek elsewhere. No, I don't need accuracy from my friends, but we do have a kid in the house and so our household uses it for each other.
46 comments and not one addresses the fact that the menu button in the lower left doesn't actually fit on the screen?

+Google Maps Already submitted it as a bug, but not sure if it got the screenshot part right.
+Tom Rodman I'm surprised they would let that one go knowing that many people have made their own maps and routes. Latitude was nice but not something I used or cared for. My maps needs to come back. 
I really want the update! :-) I have been using the new Web version and been loving it! Please roll it to me soon! :-) 
Sorry +Google Maps , not happy. Why can't I plot directions from A to B to C and so on?
That was one of the most usefull things on Google maps, now I have to find an alternative :-(
Shame that latitude is no more. I liked that. 
Please quickly bring some type of My Maps functionality. I can't bring myself to upgrade without it.
How deeply can I zoom in once I perform this Okay Maps kluge?
Location on G+ is a great replacement for latitude. Thanks
How do I view my location history now that latitude is gone off Maps? I'm getting worried about staying in the google ecosystem now.
Bring back latitude please!!!
I am missing My Places in both the new Android app and the new web app. At least on the web I can temporarily jump to the old one to get it.

That was a killer feature. Please bring it back.
I relied on Latitude api and public badge for some of my apps. will be a way to fetch location data if user willing to share from a REST API? 
Fantastic app. I think I'll be planning more trips just to get some good use or of it :P
please bring My Maps back asap as we need it for trip planning very often.
thanks and good job
And what happened to "my places". It was so useful to plan my vacation places and know where to visit. At least, my girl has not updated yet
Can you add as default the old "google labs" option of the ruler? I used a lot to know the distance between 2 points in the map. What about, with multitouch, if i tap for 1.5 sec 2 points in the map with my fingers, it show me the line- direct distance..
I would like to know when they're gonna fix google latitude.I need it so I can check where my family is at at all time . When they gonna fix it.
+Anthony Raffini Sorry, I'm afraid I don't understand your point: how could something that I was already using be "not ready"?
Thank you Google! I've been waiting for you to give it a refresh, it took long enough but it was worth it.
The loss of my maps is a slap in the face... many people spent a lot of time using it to plan trips and now it just vanished
I like how you move Latitude over to Google+ but can you bring back the time stamp of check-ins?  Thanks!
Location report and location history it's say (it doesn't work in my region"Saudi Arabia") but it's work before.!!!!!!????
After this update my Google now no longer shows weather, commute, or other location based data. Maybe because I use different accounts for g+ vs Google now? Really annoying.... tried clearing data. Location history and sharing is enabled on my Google now using account
As a cyclist, I'm sort of bummed to see the elevation tool removed. It made it easy to quickly see how much of a climb (or a super fast downhill) I'd have on my route. :(
G+ Locations badly needs more functionality. Timestamp, user filter, real time updating. Feels like Google is kicking out Latitude before G+ is ready :( Hoping the next G+ update delivers! 
why should it be that complicated, why cant you just select the option and store the map
I hope to up date googlemap new ʕ • ͡-• ʔ Good morning. Is fun
I depend on offline maps -- not just one: choosing and managing the regions for which I have offline maps.  This is very important when traveling internationally to avoid roaming charges.  So I guess I will wait for full support .
+Ignacio Rodriguez they stated in their blog post that the "My Places" feature will return in a future version.
I use different accounts for G+ and Latitude. How do you suggest I work now?
+Google Maps thanks for the hard work. I haven't got the maps update just yet, but I'm sure it's in the works.
No Latitude? No offline maps and my places gone? Auto Update -> OFF !
Not updating Google Maps will not stop Latitude from going away. Also, this post specifically outlines how to save offline maps.
Sorry but I think Google has missed the mark on this update. I realise Latitude was moving to G+ a while back, but limiting options/features isn't helping anyone. (There were many missing features in Maps/Latitude already)

Is location history also being retired? I actually used it for work and keeping track of locations.
Thanks for listening for the feedback! Loving that Offline Maps will return to normal (or better).
I'm really going to miss Latitude.
can't wait: offline maps are so valuable! 
Please bring back the offline maps and it would be priceless if you could add a offline navigation or point to point guidance; something basic to make the use of offline maps highly useful.
I have use it several times for abroad trips and is really helpful! 
Greg W
What about alternate routes wile navigating? This is essential when in heavy traffic. 
Taking out offline maps and latitude?  It's like your trying to get me to change my mobile os.
I want "my maps" back!! PLEASE⊙﹏⊙
Very glad to hear an improvement to offline maps is planned.  As someone who lives close to the US/Canada border, which makes for easy travel but ridiculous roaming data fees, the ability to cache Google Maps sections offline was invaluable.  

The 'OK Maps' functionality, while a useful stopgap, definitely suffers both from being very easy to forget (even when you start to type it in, there's no autocorrection or suggestion that you're doing the right thing), and also very unfriendly to use, giving an unhelpful 'zoom closer' error if you are too far away, compared to the old bounding box that allowed you to visualise and select the optimal cached area.

Otherwise, while the loss of Latitude is certainly a disappointment, I am mostly impressed with the new app, especially for tablet usage.
+Tom Rodman check #Osmand which is abetter alternative = offline maps for the whole country + offline direction and navigation + open source
I need My Maps! Now! Critical feature for me
No Latitude, No My Maps... This is an upgrade? Really??
Paul Glew
You want feedback, I'll give you feedback...

Whoever had the dumb idea to remove the ability to rename your Starred Places on your phone needs a punch in the face... i used to spend half my day driving around Bangkok saving places of interest as I went and making notes on my phone of places to go later... then, gone... why??

Then we have Navigation which is still not available in Thailand or Cambodia.. why? I just want it to tell me to turn left or right, whats the hold up?

Latitude, meh, do what you want with it if you ask me, yeah its nice to watch where your kids go, but likewise I dont always want them to know where I go...

Caching, why the hell remove this?... "ok maps" my arse... put it back and stop being jerks..

So in summary, get off your fancy bouncing chairs and your office skateboards and make Maps BETTER with your upgrades... not worse.

After 5 years of relying on your software dont make me jump to Nokdows
Bring offline maps and my maps back in their original state.
I can't understand why some of the best features get left out of new updates.....  offline maps?!?  MyMaps?!!?  Those are essential.  And we need to have an offline version of MyMaps, too!  Need these to move forward, not backward.  
+Google Maps +Google Play  I really hate "Staged Rollout", there is nothing positive about it, many users install now the APK from unknown sources. That couldn't be your goal.
+Andrea Borgia Do you really need to ask? Google wants you to be online and logged in with their services at all times.   „ok maps“ either a small subversive action by some of their stuff or a test balloon to check how many people are willing to to give full disclosure just to save a minor effort.
we need FULL OFFLINE: turn by turn navigation, search, pin waypoints onto the map, contrywide downloadable maps.
It is 2013 already, Garmin has it since 2000!!, Nokia has it since 2007 or so!!
And it suppoosed to work on what operating system and in which version  of your mobile app...Don't see any updates for my Google Maps app on iOS neither this funcition work. Can we get a little more info regarding this function?
Just got the update. First impression: BIG step backwards from the old maps. The layers menu is gone... in particular the "transit" layer is gone, meaning the perverse car-focused map presentation is now locked-in. In Tokyo. Where nobody in their right mind drives. 

EDIT: My bad, there is a transit toggle in the side pane ... of course, all the other layers seem to be gone ... 😆 
Bring back "My Places" and "My Maps" which many users depend on heavily.  It's a shame that I had to turn Automatic Updates OFF for all my Google apps because of Google's recent trend of removing features from their updates.
At least I can still use "my maps" on the mobile site for my vacation planning... but I'm afraid that will disappear soon as well! Please don't remove this feature! 
Distance units "automatic" doesn't work so well.. gives distances in yards etc when outside the US. Location != US = metric.
it's a shame to have lost Latitude. was very convenient to know the whereabouts of their family members, especially teenagers, without being oppressive
Latitude was fun to use... as long as google uses the money to hire a UI designer, fine.
What happened to My Maps???  I used to be able to group my POI by city. I don't want to have a long list of "starred" places.
+Michael Dujunco I agree. I want to keep my states places from other cities (vacation spots) separate from my everyday, around town things. That's why "my maps" / "my places" was so important!
I am not happy that you guys are taking away latitude. I do not like google plus
Fine, move Latitude functionality to G+, but then please do it properly. At the moment, "Locations" on G+ is less than a bad joke. Yes, I can see a friend's location on a map, but that's it. No timestamp, no indication how accurate the position is using blue circle. Check-ins have become useless. Too much interaction required to post one compared to Latitude's Auto-Check-ins. Try to find a check-in from several months ago on G+... I gave up on that.
I know that no Google employee will read this, but I have to ask anyways: Is "Locations" on G+ in its current state all we can expect? Are there any future plans with its functionality? I need to know, because the current implementation will force me to move to 3rd party apps like Foursquare etc. 
Where did the layers (like traffic or ATM, gas stations etc.) disappear to ? 
This update needs to die in a fire!
Some people want to use latitude like features without a full blown google+ app :(
Atif Khan
Where is My Maps and Starred places ??
How do I zoom out with one hand ? (used the buttons earlier)
How do I measure distances ??

This update is crap !! Features removed, usability reduced.

Features removed from apps, killed off reader, removed SD cards from phones, etc. Google is becoming more like Apple ..i.e. evil
If I wanted all this crap, I would have used iOS. <sigh>
Killing off Latitude is a fail in my opinion, especially in that one was able to save a history of one's movements around the world. I guess I'll never reach the Moon since I've only clocked up around 20,000 miles, and that history is likely to be killed off too, no doubt. 

While My Tracks can facilitate the recording of a journey, one has to preplan its use, and of course it sucks up battery power.

My Places have completely disappeared. Terrain has gone. And reviews and restaurant information is seemingly inaccessible!

As for offline mapping, it is far less user friendly than before. Reviews on restaurants etc do not show, though pictures do. However the overall look is better. But saying that it is generally a step back rather than a step forward.

In effect there are few if any new features, an ability to measure distance would have been useful. Instead many features have been killed off or made difficult to use and less intuitive.

Google, please stop changing things just for the sake of it
Kindly keep google latitude on. This is the best feature of google maps. Cant do without it. Helps in knowing that family is safe.
New pretty interface has removed decimated functionality!!! No zoom buttons, measure & terrain maps or my maps. Offline maps unnecessarily fiddly. Lost any starred locations not attached to an address. No easy way to set home & work locations. No separate Navigation. No navigating to contacts from Dialer. No traffic overview. Harder to reroute. Not cool Google, not cool. Remember what Apple did with iOS maps?! You've dropped an equally big clanger on your showpiece app.....

Oh, and no option to add contacts direct from the map. Nice one. 
When in navigation mode, how do I perform a search for restaurants? 
Mi móvil no es multi-touch es gama media, actualizo el GMap y ahora solo puedo ampliar el mapa, no permite reducir, no hay controles de zoom, esta planeado para móviles multi-touch, solo puedo tocar 2 veces rápidamente para ampliar, pero reducir, no hay forma. LG GT540
Bring back the navigation shortcut!!! I should not have to go through hoops now just to get to navigation!
Is there support for multiple destinations on the mobile version?
I think I'll just keep the old version of Maps and disable auto-update.
I hope they bring back the option to add zoom in and out buttons. It made it much easier to use one handed and when driving.
Maybe Waze will add a Latitude feature, then I can dump pretty much most of my Google stuff. Google + is a joke. Google, can you say "were revamping the recipe to Coke". We remember how that went.
I still haven't received the new maps on my nexus 7... Hope I get it soon, but why is everyone complaining about Latitude? I mean I get it has great features, but don't you trust Google to implement something worth our while? Until then, can't you just call or text people to find out their location.... Just seems like an awful lot of complaining for something so insignificant.... 
ok maps is far inferior to the old offline version. when is it coming back to south africa?
I fixed the problem with this horrible update,I uninstalled all updates. So I'm back to the system as installed on my note 2.
You removed public transit navigation, removed bus stop ID from public transit directions, removed alternative routes from driving navigation, removed street view from driving navigation, removed map layers (gas stations, restaurants) from driving navigation, removed terrain, removed map distance scale, removed zoom buttons, removed distance measure, removed offline maps management (my places), and in its hollowed out empty shell you left behind a pretty face. Have you hired some beauty pageant organiser / designer from Apple Inc? Has the lack of competition made you arrogant and ignore the needs of your users? What are we going to do with this good looking but functionally backwards map 7.0 update? I'm downgrading back to version 6.
If Google keeps this up, I'm going WIndows Phone. At least it's better looking and doesn't lag
OK Google
I learned something today: Never rely on a service provide by Google. It could be cut down anytime.

I didn't use Latitude (and I didn't like it as I don't want to be tracked), but I won't use Google Keep either and stick with Evernote: Google Keep will be surely cut down 2015 or so. And I won't rely on Google Drive and stick with Dropbox. I'm pretty sure at least they won't cut off their only service. Who knows how long Google Drive will be available... 
Rob M
Need to put timestamps on the locations in G+ like in latitude otherwise it is all but useless
Some of you really need to look at the app... many of the features you're talking about are still there.

+Michael Mies 

- my maps (Coming back in the future)
- my places (Click Profile Button, Recently Saved Places)
- latitude (Not coming back because it's in G+. Features will be added there.)
- topo/terrain maps (No mention of this yet)
- filter for e.g. Restaurant search (Tap Search, Tap Restaurant icon)
- location history (Still active, turn it on in map settings and go to If you want the in app version then it's just Recently Accessed Places for now.)

+Rob Fail I still have Navigation icon on my devices.

To choose a different route after starting navigation, tap back and then choose a different route.
+Terry Cameron - mate, SOME of the features are still there, not MANY of them. And you have to go looking for them now which means the app isn't as intuitive as it once was, although it is (a bit) prettier...

I've always been the biggest advocate of Google but lately they're really testing my patience. There is so much functionality removed from this 'update' that it makes me wonder what Google's long-term plan is for maps.... It also looks like they couldn't give 2 shits about the people who supported Android to get it where it is today as they're not responding to any of this feedback.... 
It's just a matter of re=learning, which happens with all major updates doesn't matter which software you're using. :)

I agree that there have been a lot of changes that are not great, but maybe other great things are in the works. I'm not against letting +Google Maps know what you want, but some people have a really bad attitude about it.
I'll +1 the attitude bit there dude,there's folk in desperate need of anger management courses judging by some of the responses on here....!!

I'm all for re-learning tech, I'd even go as far as saying I'm a but obsessive about app updates provided (and this is the key bit here) they improve the experience & functionality. Google have failed miserably on both counts here IMHO and I hope other things are in the works as it's an epic fail otherwise...! 
+Terry Cameron
The filter for e.g. restaurants (as you wrote: search, Restaurant icon) doesn't even appear everywhere. Depending on where you are, there is no explore mode!
Maybe that's because of the fact, that there is no Restaurant in the momentary displayed map pattern. But it is a useful question anyway to ask for near restaurants, even if they are outside the momentary displayed pattern. 
Google, why did you do an Apple to your maps?  No legend option, terrain is gone, Latitude is gone, and I have had Maps give me a wrong destination and a wrong location in a single weekend.
Please just bring back "my places"!. There are other things missing, but I NEED my places or will have to take all my places and use another app!
I loved latitude.. I'm very disappointed in the new location in Google plus. Please bring it up to par or bring back latitude! 
+Tobias Caspers Strange... When I click search I get the restaurant, attraction, etc box. As long as the search box is empty, I get that box. Sometimes it takes a few seconds to come up.

When I click on those option boxes out here in the bush (where I'm working) it goes to the closest restaurant and zooms out a little to show the area. I can then browse all around the map (different cities) and the restaurants all come up as red dots.

Tapping the "suggested categories" box is the exact same as typing Restaurant in the search box. Just a short cut. :)
+Terry Cameron
You can test it yourself: Center your map in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. (I was there when I tested it)
When I click the search box, there appears only my search history, nothing more.
For other places, the explore shortcuts work, yes. 
Until "My Places / My Maps" is available and working Auto Update is turned off for me!  This is by far the greatest feature I use of the Google Maps interface...the fact that this was not rolled out in SOME functionality as part of the beta is a disappointment!  I have also noticed that when I tried the transit route option the departure time is defaulted to 6 hours ahead even if I tried to change the time to now.
Missing Latitude sucks. Google+ locations does not work!
Why can't Google get Maps/Navigate right? In fact, why purchase Google devices at all? My ten year old, $50 GPS with just 1G works better than my Google Nexus.  Offline maps need to stay available until I delete them - not vanish from cache after a few days.  And Navigate needs to work with stored offline maps.  Otherwise what's the point?
Not fixed yet. You have to be online to access Map history to access a cached map. So offline is useless if you need more than one map. 
It'd be nice if you brought back the "My Places" feature!
I'm always on d site of Google Earth & Google Maps as one of my favorite for touring places via internet & for updates. Is it possible to update old version of gmaps, i'm using samsung galaxy s gt i9000 w/ google. Ps include gmaps on free zone as well...thx so much GOOGLE!! Just wishing a request would be granted.
G Latitute soit disant poussé dans G+ mais en mode PC pas moyen de visualiser mes amis, en gros tout le monde doit re-paramétrer le bazar... Cartes en mode hors ligne ridiculement petites... oubliez les balades à pied dans la campagne ... mes favoris maps n'apparaissent pas dans la carte de G+... obligé de switch de Maps à G+ alors que j'avais tout sous la main dans l'ancienne version...  en résumé on passe de G+ à G-----
it looks nice but i really miss  ALOT layers. I used my own map created in google maps for marking ....  please put it back!
what happened to the Nav App
I find the new version hard to use for turn by turn voice directions
I am seriously considering switching away from Google since they are removing latitude. The location service for google+ is such a HASSLE! WHY WOULD I WANT TO CHECK SOCIAL INFO IF ALL I WANTED TO KNOW IS WHERE PEOPLE ARE ON S MAP?
I like the update but for me loosing my maps is a big dead breaker. I use them extensively so I won't be using this new version until my maps come back. Why wasn't this included from the get go? It really frustrates me that Google will drop good features like my maps on a big update.
It's pretty clear Google isn't interested in any of our feedback seeing as there's been nothing by way of an acknowledgement of the thousands of unhappy users.

I also just can't understand how the Tech press aren't reporting any of this so personally I have started bombarding them as to why this is the case. Unless it makes some headlines Google won't feel like they need to do anything so I suggest you all start doing the same. Unless they're all too scared to speak out against the big G of course.... 
Add back terrain mode, measuring ruler & on screen scale indicator please
Btw: With the Update Maps is f*cking slow on my Nexus 4 and Nexus 7. On my HTC Desire S it is now unusable!
T Coop
Having figured out how to download maps, I am no longer able to use the GPS to give navigation within a map. Did Google disable the GPS navigation function in the new system when offline?
Hi +Google Maps 
IMO Last Navigation integrated in google map is very difficult to discover and require many steep.
1 Star from Here
2 set destination where goto 
3 Click on right area "20 minutes"
4 Click on right icon "Starting"
Good changes? Bad changes? What difference does it make if you change the app and don't tell anyone how to use it?!!! Maybe if I have usable instructions I might like the new updates. Google, try thinking about users instead of technology!
Please bring back My Places. I was able to organize offline maps the way that I wanted. Nothing in this update is an improvement!!
Bad upgrade in worst dates, holidays! I can't use My Maps! Thank you very much!
Apparently Google doesn't really care about us anymore.  It's obvious how we feel about them taking away our latitude, yet I have yet to "hear" a single official (or unofficial, for that matter) response to our grievances.  Seems like they're becoming more like Apple every time they update something, and I hate it!  Don't they realize that we're a different demographic?  Apple relies on ignorance; and when they start catering to those people they start alienating "us".  We like options, we NEED functionality, and we customize EVERYthing... so when they spend so much time focusing on a "standard" interface they are wasting their time and doing us a disservice by not working on just making sure things work... we'll make things look the way we want, you (google) just make sure they work.  Got it?  Now how about an actual response to all of us wanting our latitude back?  And yes, I mean REAL latitude, the standalone app that actually had real-time tracking back in the day!  Anyone have any idea why they even removed real-time tracking?  Screw battery concerns (like I said, we want OPTIONS, it's up to US if we want to burn through our batteries lol), which I never thought was even a problem.  And if it was something else buggy they still should have just fixed it instead of trashing it... firing employees saying something is "impossible" to fix is perfectly acceptable, got it Google? 
I really miss latitude as well. I used that more thsn navigation. Shared locations with my entire family very easily. Wr are not using googlr+
The navigation truly sucks on the new Google Maps.  For the time being I've rolled back to the old version and hope that I'll be able to keep using that for the time being until Google figures out that they need to add some of these features back.

The auto-reroute function that they tout is completely inaccurate or useless.  The ability to view traffic quickly by clicking on the route options and then viewing alternate routes in real time was one of the strongest features on the old navigation.  The arrival time was always accurate and finding an alternate route was seamless.  Since upgrading, I've been late 10-15 minutes consistently with no idea what the traffic conditions are easily without navigating through extra menu items.  From a usability standpoint, it's completely gone to shit.  

This new version of Google Maps reminds me of the 3 dreadful months when I was using an iPhone 4s and basically got fed up with it and traded back for an Android phone. The app is all flash and no function. The main reason folks use Android is because of functionality, not a pretty UI. 

Why take away the best features on a perfectly functional Maps app and replace it with this piece of junk? I was looking through all of the recent Google Play store ratings of the new Maps app and there are 90% poor ratings since the new version came out.  Hopefully Google is listening.  

I know right now I'm extremely annoyed at the fact that they've gone backwards with this latest release.  Glad to hear other ppl are agreeing as well. 
The new version of maps seems to crash on a fairly regular basis when in navigation mode. This is happening on multiple devices.

Another missing feature is that routes no longer let you know if they contain a toll road. The older version gave you a red warning if tolls would be required. I just made a cross country trip and found myself entering a toll road without warning. You can request that toll roads be excluded, but the option is not intuitive and doesn't "stick".

Wow, I miss the old, working version!
Does the auto reroute based on current traffic conditions update every X minutes the way the new navigation is designed?  I'm curious because if it DID work correctly, this would be a great feature but based on my experience thus far, this is definitely not the case.  How is it supposed to work??

Again, the main reason I have loved Google Maps in the past is because the ETA was EXTREMELY accurate within 1-2 minutes.  When the new update was rolled out, that was lost.  I felt like I was using a Garmin or TomTom. I was being rerouted on to traffic packed local streets.  
+Dorian Lust
 I completely agree. G+ location sharing is very annoying. Latitude was way better. It updates maybe hourly, even hitting refresh multiple times. I think latitude needed more features like history, so I know where my employees went, if they stayed on their routes, and implement it into directions so i can get to them from my location, etc. But G+ location has LESS features than latitude and one person on the map at a time. BRING BACK LATITUDE. G+ location sharing SUCKS!
Google+ location is a complete FAIL.  If Apple would have done this to it's users it would have made national news.....  So why does google get a pass to ruin their users experience.

Wake up google you can only sell your product if your product is what consumers want.  And Guess what Google+ is not it.

You took a great product (Latitude) and shut it down for no reason, and have pushed users into using your half baked google+ location service.....  which has millions of users complaining, why because it simple does not work.   Very small google.
Google engineer's need to fix Google+ location sharing,it doesn't refresh,99% of the time,sorry to say,but it simply sucks.
nice, it only works for yankeeland motherfuckers, its a cache feature, you could simply enable it everywhere!
I really miss Latitude as well. No one I know wants to use Google+ locations because it hasn't the features that latitude had. Some of my friends are now migrating to Apple and Microsoft. It was latitude that bonded us to Android.
Looks great that is an improvement, and it is fast, but I want Lat/Long from a selected point and I as Marcus Nyberg said, miss Latitude as well.
G+ locations suck so much! It simply doesn't work! Latitude worked well! Bring back Latitude or make G+ work, please!
I am so frustrated with this map. why did they roll this out with less features and a far less intuitive interface? Why not roll it out with at least the same feature set so your customer dont look like idiots trying to find once familiar features that no longer exist?
The locations is limited and only works on phones, there is there no  + or - icon on the map for smartphone. It now takes two hands to use, which is hard when you using navigation in the car. Why is there is no traffic view for locations. It also fails miserably wrt to search within a search. try finding a point of interest, such as a parking garage when you're already in navigation mode. If its there, its hard to find. Google is following Apple, where rather than adopt the perspective of their customers and retain the KISS principle, they designed by engineers, for engineers. Google, why did you break it when it wasnt broken?
MY MAPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I find very dificult to handle points. If I click on the map it takes to the corner instead to place at the click. Once I have a point its very dificult to obtain coordinates.
The old  version was much better.  Now, one cannot eliminate the box which shows the locations one wishes to find and the directions from one address to another.  The icon which allowed one to navigate up, down, or sideways is missing.  There seems to be no information about sites which are near the address one wants to visit.  And, the street view seems to be missing.  This was an especially valuable feature for those of us who are geographically challenged and who need all possible information at their disposal.   WHY DID GOOGLE DECIDE TO CHANGE A VALUABLE TOOL WHICH WAS WORKING?????
I am very frustrated by the loss of the ability to save to contacts. I used this feature almost daily to add locations that i had searched fot in maps. It saved the name, numbers and address which was extremely convenient. Once this was saved in my contacts it would then be available on any device i would sync to. When traveling i would temporarily make the people and places that were important as favorites and have the ability to call, navigate or email from the contacts favorite list for the duration of that trip. Saving option in current maps not the same benefit. I had also been able to just keep deleting maps v7 and install the older v6 which was good. Now after upgrading to latest android 4.2.2 I cannot even do that since maps is now a core product and cannot be removed and replaced.
Previously HUNGARY was on the supported list, now it's not there WHY?!
sigh. so many hours of frustration on maps because that's what I chose to use for planning a trip to Japan. Can't use my maps on my Nexus, can't OK MAPS-download maps (not available for the area) so I won't burn through my data once I'm in the area. I've loved maps since day 1, but I seriously wish I'd stopped updating my phone for the past year because things were much easier then. :(
I absolutely HATE the new map. Why did you change something that worked so well? Is it that you just have to "screw" with something that people were used to and worked so well? And, what's with all these stinking boxes that pop up all over the screen? I want to see the MAP,  not all this pop up here and pop up there. I simply do NOT understand why you chose to "fix" something that clearly was not broken.
I loved your comment that you "appreciate the comments", but are you really listening? Probably not! BRING BACK THE OLD MAPS!
AMEN!!  I completely agree!  I just HATE the new map too!
What I do not like is that I can only have 10 addresses per map.  I need to map out sometimes 32 stops at a time.  The old map would at least get me to 26 places.  I too liked the old maps.  Please at least allow us to have more stops per map.  I can handle everything else about the new map program.
I updated my google maps on my iphone 2 days ago. I wish I hadn't because now it keeps crashing and I use it to travel to appointment for work. I got lost on my way home because the app kept closing on me :-(
My adderss doesn't appear on any Goopgle tracking. 7 Collegiate Circle, Rancho Mirage,CA 92270
Maje it so!
Please please please remove the extremely annoying "your route is clear..." In the beginning of all navigation
This used to be so easy to use. Why were these "improvements" added? Now it's more difficult.

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