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See updated satellite and aerial imagery in 112 regions and new 45 degree imagery in 51 cities worldwide. To get the full list of imagery updates go to our Lat Long blog:  

Here’s one famous landmark in 45 degree view. Does anyone know the current angle at which the Leaning Tower of Pisa leans? 
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You can probably google that information ;)
I had no idea. Just looked it up. 5.5 degrees
If you've ever been there, you'll notice that all of the buildings in that general vicinity are leaning. It's a whole mess, lol.
I thought Superman fixed it ... ?
but the answer i gues is: 3,97°
The tower of Pisa does not seem to be leaning.
Yeah, these high-resolution images taken from fucking space are insufficient.

I love that we've come so far that people can actually complain about stuff like that.
nice view from up there :) 
Fantastic! I've been awaiting this! Now i can start the mapping again :)
It's almost like +Google Maps are saving their good news and then releasing it at the exact same moment that Tim Cook is apologizing for the maps disaster in iOS... :D
+Christian Klein I'm more internationally aware than the average American, I like to think, (not that that's saying much), but could it be related to the privacy issues that Streetview has had in Germany?
3.99 last week, but if it's been quaffing limoncello it could be anything
5.5 I asked Google Now but I did not get a card and a voice answer.
PH Lee
In Apple CEO Tim Cook's apology for Maps flaws, he points to competitors as alternatives. Here's the full note:
Light years ahead of another "alternative" (you know which one)
The one place in Canada with 45 degree view is Winnipeg... Good choice google.
Si bien estamos mejorando Mapas, puede probar alternativas mediante la descarga de aplicaciones de mapa de la App Store como Bing, MapQuest y Waze, o utilizar Google o mapas de Nokia, vaya a sus sitios web y la creación de un icono en la pantalla principal para su aplicación web

Tim Cook
So much Google Maps news these days... interesting timing!
NICE PHOTO...........................................
So what is that now 3 Google map related features and apps touted in the last week?

1. Underwater Street view (nuts by the way, thats a In Yo' Face Apple)
2. New Field trip app
3. Updated 3d imagery in google maps - available to everyone 

Apple just got owned.
But what direction does it lean?
Dear Google,

Due to my 14 year long affection with the services your provide, I would like to know what I could do in order to guy flesh out Jamaica via Google Street View. I am able to organize a mass of people to drive around the country until the whole country is accurately street viewed.


A humble Google user.
First I thought: Apple maps here? Then I saw it's Pisa tower :D
Why are there that few phones from (Google owned) Motorola available, and why didn't we get the high resolution satellite maps?

Should I display some paranoia?
....and yet Malta, the heart of the mediterranean remains with 5 year old low res images when bing! has real life images of the island. A real shame!
"Does anyone know the current angle at which the Leaning Tower of Pisa leans?" There are 3 different angles. The tower began to sink while being built. Twice they stopped and startet vertically again for the next part.
apple users are my favrote and i am using one now
not sure if apple users would find the leaning tower of pisa at all. 
My city still has 2 years old satelite photos which are really outdated in some parts (new shops, reorganized junctions, etc.).
+Thomas, it's a matter of plane of reference. You're, probably, measuring it wrong;-)
iOS Google Maps, please

just from the picture here I'm going to guess that it leans south.
current tilt 5°30' on its vertical ax to SSE (2,25 metres at the base). the inclination increase 6'' per year.
I recommend Google should properly communicate the maps and its changes especially the turn-by-turn navigation which is available in so many places now. Most of the people where I live don't even know that google is now offering navigation here. People are only finding that by accident
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