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"When you look up a city on Google Maps, a little red icon shows you exactly where the center of that city is – and it even casts a shadow, making it seem as if it’s a part of the cities itself. Noticing that little detail, artist Aram Bartholl decided to bring these digital elements into the real, three-dimensional world. His ‘Map’ installation series takes 20-foot-tall Google Maps icons into Taipei, Berlin and Szczecin, Poland."

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now we can only hope that the satellite imagery gets updated for this location while the art installation is still in place
Yo dawg, I heard you like Google Maps pins...
Exçelent je rêve du même dans mon jardin ....!
The world needs more people like this. Brilliant, if just a teensy bit whacko. But mostly brilliant.
+David Tan I think you could build a pretty passable one with some plywood and paint... Sadly, my wife just said "no". Ah, the dying dream of imitative artists....
Why there is information "Szczecin, Poland", and no information about country when talking about Taipei and Berlin?
Our instinct to treat our planet as a place to mark-off with flags and pins, whether they be digital or real, has mostly led to heartache for the planet :(
+Carlo Blackmore At least in this case they are marking city centers, not artificial borders so neighbors see each other as "foreigners" or "the enemy".
We should be funding this guy. Looks like an advertising campaign for Google Maps.
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