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From the Grand Canyon to Japan! The Street View Trekker has landed in Yakushima and is collecting 360-degree imagery of this breathtaking forest. Did you know that the Yakusugi Forest was a source of inspiration for the setting of Princess Mononoke? 

You'll soon be able to explore this UNESCO World Heritage Site in Google Maps - stay tuned!
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how heavy are those packs?
WOW. That looks like the best job ever ...

Sing me up!
I have that film "princess mononoke", didn't know it originated from here. That's pretty neat. Cant wait to view the area.
good thing I bought this app when it was cheap ;) Thanks Google, you guys rock. 
What I'd do to be there! Pretty radd!
Great picture of the process in action!
I didn't know that... What was the source of inspiration for the big fat pig in the movie?
Collecting for the Matrix.
So this is why Google has the one if the highest job satisfactions out there. I wish I was the one with the heavy camera pack exploring all these areas.

yep +Norman Ma they did in Prometheus where they sent the orbs to laser~map the alien~complex.. sends humans to trek the vast wilderness!

 the 'matrix' will one day finalise collating and 'they'll' pass martial law giving them the assumed power to arbitrarily 'chip' us all....locking humanity into an existence of paranoia & control!
i saw them when they were in the grand canyon :)
+Laurens De Haan holy shit that does look like big foot lol.. quickly call the discovery channel!
Fab!. Just need cheap 360 deg screens to enjoy it! Kinda wishing I had a mini one of those on my travels,would be great to watch again:-) 
Ryan Ng
Cool! Finally, Google Maps gets footage for these types of things.
How do I become a google trekker??? 
looks like something for the movie "the grey" when they are in the forest.
pleas dont send me mesages iam in my persnol problems 
+Francis Scardino  Is there a special Trekker app? or was it Google Maps that you bought, I thought they were free. It would be really cool if there was a Google Trekker app.
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