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New imagery is now available for 26 new cities, including Kraków, Dublin and Sante Fe. Learn more on Lat Long:

Can you guess the city pictured below?
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Yep - Dublin - St Pats is just down from Christchurch on the N81 west :)
Nice to see Kraków, Wrocław and other Polish cities on the list. Waiting for more!
Is that the Famous St. Patrick's Cathedral of Santa Fe? I've heard many a story of its mythical origins.
looks like the cars are driving on the left hand side, so that rules out a number of countries except the common wealth :) SO I will go with Paddys place
the most beautiful city in Poland please! Wroclaw
wow really cool. Bring it to Android Google Map. Add Dubai and Abu Dhabi among 45 degree cities :-D
Saint Patrick's Close, Dublin 8, Ireland
I was just there on vacation two weeks ago. :-)
Hooray for Fort Collins getting some <3. Although, it looks like the straight down imagery is still a bit dated. There's still a rather larger square that 6+ years old.

Wish I could use the 45° tiles on MapMaker. :P
This is great news for the maps that made our lives easier!
I'm such a maps geek. If the internet and +Google Maps had been around when I was a kid, I may have never seen the sunshine.
Commonwealth? We're not part of any wealth these days, in fact, we are very unwealthy.
Dublin, look at the driving direction.
Bing actually has a larger database via it's "Birds Eye View", though I think it's mostly US.
Tis Dublin fair city where the girls are so pretty
Not US the street name is N something
NO, NO! (sadlly) Dublin. Yes, it is, i know this thing.
they don't drive on the left side of the rd. in Sante Fe
This really makes me miss Dublin.
And Malta still remains withouth proper imagery!
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fuck GFW!!!
The name of the cathedral gives it away a little bit -_-
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