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We’ve been happy to hear so many of you enjoying the interface and features of the new Google Maps app for Android, but we know some of you are missing an easy way to access maps offline. That’s why our engineering team has been working around the clock to add a "Make this map area available offline" card below the search box for easier access. And, if you still want some #thumbercise, typing “ok maps” will work too! 

With this update, we’ve also added a "Where's Latitude?" link at the bottom of the side menu which provides more information about the future of location sharing.

The update will begin rolling out globally starting today. In the meantime, keep shakin’ to send us feedback!
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Chris Wilson
That was quick!
Now the only thing holding me back from updating is the lack of My Maps, I'm guessing that won't be as fast to implement?
Dissapointed that attitude is going away. My family uses it a lot and specifically when my so walks to school. Very dissapointed
David H
+Chris Wilson If you're talking about your places you need to click on the Profile icon when you are in Map view (in search bar). You'll see all your stuff.
+Google Maps, can you tell me how to get directions from one point on a map to another, or how to get directions from my location to a point on the map?
Looks like the same as with Hangouts on Android...I'm going to have to avoid these updates as they break things I use regularly and heavily.  *disappointed*
My Nexus 4 has not yet the update of new to update my a**
got the update. But "make this map area available online" and "where´s latitude" appears only in english. The other stuff is displayed in german
What was so wrong with the previous version that you had to break it first and not quite fix now?
I am from Germany and was asking myself, why "navigation" for public transport ist gone? Used this a lot in the past and have seen, that it worked brilliant. I would be very happy to see this again.
Dan Ho
"make this map area available offline" is a great idea!

"ok maps" is a silly idea 
Travis Koger
+Andrea Bersano individual app updates have nothing to do with the Nexus programme. Only the OS itself is first to update, and that will still depend on your country and the overall roll out plan.

The roll out plan is also relevant to any app Google releases due to the sheer number of users that require the update. They cannot update every single device at exactly the same time due to the load it would cause on infrastructure,
That is an impressively fast update! Now just wait until the new Maps App is updated for The Netherlands
The APK is also available via +Android Police for those that can't wait for the roll out and are happy to side load.
I'm very disappointed. We've heavily used Latitude with my friends. Some used it on a computer, some on mobile. Now everything is gone: no browser view, and all friends must use and join g+ and re-enable everything. (IF they can install the new Maps!) On the other hand, location is reported from the maps app, while location viewing is in ANOTHER app. What's the logic?
Great response team, what other company listens and reacts this well.
Got the update 5 min ago  i hope a more useful navigation comes soon! Because sometimes i go from A to B to C
+Andrea Bersano that's OS updates, like 4.1 to 4.2, for example, not app updates. Since Google I/O app updates from Google have used staged rollouts, which although slower to get to everyone, means if there's a problem the developer can pull the update and fix the issue before a large majority have it.

If you want the update right away, you can sideload the apk, which is available on +Android Police. 
+Google Maps , you forgot to add Slovenia for offline mapping. In 6.14.4 and below it was possible, but in 7.0.0 and 7.0.1 isn't anymore :/
I don't have Make this map area available offline card when trying to make offline maps in Slovenia. And yes, we have Navigation available. Please put us on list.
Navigate to contact address? I know you can type the name of the contact in the search bar, but before we had a list of contacts with address. It was a lot easier to search for your contrat. (And speak the contact name works great, but not with foreign names)
Thanks for the fast work with offline maps! The traffic is great now ! But not nice to put latitude in Google+ just to make people to use Google+.
Thanks for adressing the offline issue. "Latitude" on G+ is still a bummer. Please let the real Latitude live as long G+ doesn't provide the same functionality.
The location history feature should also return in the new maps app.
I would like to see a location share functionally like latitude right in the mobile app for hangouts, that would be the right place for location sharing... 
+Joshua Mays  
Go into settings, location settings on the G+mobile app, it's been integrated, you share by circles, which means you should create a circle for location sharing.
And thanks to +Nathan Bartley for pointing this out the first time.
No latitude, no list of offline maps, no labs with zoom buttons. Looks like an ios app
Tying latitude or whatever replaces it in to G+ makes a fair amount of sense. Not actually displaying it in Maps is crazy. I look at Maps to see where I am, but need a different app to see where my friends are? That makes no sense. Even ignoring the fact that G+ locations is terrible at the moment and loses loads of functionality.
Navigation while driving has become an useless experience in the last update. Not hearing a single bit about any improvement on this new update so, I'll stick to waze. 
whoa.. look what we got here.. Nexus 4 with LTE..
+Joshua Mays its been moved to G+.
They need a G+ account for "Latitude" not "Attitude".
Happy to see this amazing speed of development :o) how about making the offline map cache larger? I'd like to cache all of Western Europe prior to a road trip holiday...
While driving using navigation I can fine any any gas station which appear on the map
I have to leave the navigation go to the map find a gas station then back again to the navigation and I have to do it while I'm driving
I think most of the negative comments here actually haven't used or tried to use the new features.


You still get instant messaging, you still get location sharing.

Oh and to zoom you can either pinch or if one handed double tap and drag up or down.

+Google Maps just bring back the ruler.
Alex Lo
Too bad Latitude is going to phased out on August 9. I'm going to try this one
Ian Usher
Latitude sacrificed on the altar of Google+. Does anyone in Mountain View imagine that users might use apps in ways they hadn't imagined? Of course not.
Can I see a list of my offline maps and the disc space the take up? Could someone take a look please so I know if I should update or not. Thanks. 
Drive mode and all, works fine in Denmark via the .Apk.. Awesome app/design.. Tnx 
Does anyone know how to get to the Explore menu (Eat, Drink, Shop cards)? Can't find it in the new app, maybe it's not enabled in my country?
I had packed everything into My Maps for my trip over this weekend with my girlfriend and her mum, and suddenly I can't access it anymore on my phone...oh no please bring it back pleeeeeeeaaaaaaassseeeeee!!!!! =(
Eric .E
I like OK maps :p
To whoever is missing the one handed zoom function via +/-. Simply double tab on the map, hold the second tab and move down/up to zoom in/out.
Please don't phase out latitude and checking in at locations. 
My Android system is 4.0.3, can I install the latest version? 
+Google Maps please bring latitude back, my family and I use this feature the most and they do not wish to use G+ because it's too difficult for them please put it back :'( 
Just got the update. Off to have a play. 
+Frank Even unfortunately, if you're using Latitude, you can't avoind this for long. On Aug 9 latitude will be shut down completely :(
Wow, congrats for responding to user requests so fast.
Not Available on Samsung Tablet  P-3100
This is awesome. Thank you. With the old version of maps no I used to be able to cache a much larger area. Do you think you can fix it so that I can cache the same size area as before?
Sergi BP
Where are my maps? I created them using my tracks and now they're gone. I also want latitude back. Checking in is also gone. I don't like when they cut functionalities... 
+Mark Stronge well, if we're missing out, maybe you can enlighten us...
1. how do you send a file via hangouts?
2. what about invisible mode? (or other modes, for that matter - away, na, dnd...)
3. in g+locations - can you see your friends on a map?
there are more features lacking...
Sergi BP
Google + locations is not the same as latitude. You can't go to where another person is using directions. I don't like what they're doing at all. Why do you cut such functionalities? 
we need FULL OFFLINE: turn by turn navigation, search, pin waypoints onto the map, contrywide downloadable maps (for Android and PC).
It is 2013 already, Garmin has it since 2000!!, Nokia has it since 2007 or so!!
There has to be a way to see and delete cached maps. Right now the only way to clear cached maps is to clear the app's cache, not very intuitive.
Sam Chege
Latitude was the best thing that happened to google maps! I can locate my family n friends with pinpoint accuracy. Pulling it down is a looser's mentality
There is no EXPLORE card in my Maps...... why?
Loving this feature, thanks!
Nice to know you decided to keep an easy way to have off-line maps.

I plan to use next month when I will visit a foreign city (and I will not have a roaming connection).
Location sharing needs to be in maps! That's when I'm going to want to use it, to navigate to my friends. Also bring back location history! Really irritating. Anyone found good alternative?
+Sergi Brumós if only you read the article, my maps is coming back soon, but checking in and location sharing are still available on Google+
Rob Ban
Good job, Google (Maps team)!
+Konstantin Vayner
1. You can send photos and videos otherwise send the file using Google drive.
2. Turn off location in the settings and you disappear
3. Yes

To all complainers, read the article, why ask me when you can find out for yourself????
I would rather see my friends who used to use Latitude with me on the Maps screen instead of Plus. Then I could see if I might pass by them on my whatever route I'm taking. It just seems more convenient.
Remains bad.
Why dont you add there "offline cards" where you added the "Where's latitude?"??
Why do you not show which area already is stored, why can't I zoom out to have the maximum of the downloadable area visible??

Why did you remove latitude? Still don't understand it. Not everyone wants your stupid try to get over Facebook!
No topographic map anymore?  Also, my tablet cannot use location reporting anymore, just said "Location Reporting is not available in your country".  But clearly my phone can, placing next to my tablet, can report location.  Why is that?
Navigating to someone's location is something hopefully can be added to g+ locations or take a waze approach with people on maps
Sergi BP
+Mark Stronge Location sharing in Google + is no way near Latitude. It only shows people in a very simple map and you can't do anything else! What's the point in using another map in Location Sharing and not the main map in Google maps ? You can't go to where another person is using turn by turn navigation for example. This is going backwards and if you don't see it you're blind.
Why do they even launch an update without even have all the functionalities, i. e. my maps, offline maps.
They should wait and launch the update when everything is ready in the first place!
I'm a fan of Google but that doesn't mean all they do is correct. In this case they have done the wrong thing with Latitude, my maps, and so on. 
it's very good and all, but when will the offline maps function be available all around the globe, or at least europe? i'm in hungary, and it's still not available. please do not concentrate on a few countries only, we want some +Google Maps love too!
Quite right +Sergi Brumós , I'm sure the navigating to someone's location or the waze approach is coming soon. It's a very useful feature for picking up your kids etc. If they start in one place for long enough :-)
+Mark Stronge I hope you're right but meanwhile we lose functionalities... They should have kept it until they had something better... 
No Latitude, seriously? What better place then Maps to find your friends and family? Location in G+ is not only awkward, it isn't as clear. Please Google, bring it back to Maps! 
This new version is not available in Venezuela!!! 
Reader - gone
Talk - gone
Latitude - gone
More and more applications I loved Google/Android for and used daily are being discontinued.
That's not my understanding of development. :(
I suppose the advantages outweigh any temporary issues a small number of people have in the meantime. With Waze under the payroll, maps and g+ will be getting closer and closer
Talk not gone, hangouts
Latitude not gone, g+ locations
Reader is replaced with currents and g+

More and more of the Google applications I use and love on a daily basis are metamorphising into completely awesome and new and exciting apps 
I view my own location in map, and need to open g+ for the locations of my family, DOES NOT MAKE SENSE AT ALL. really really hated this way to force more ppl to use g+ !
My wife gets horribly lost and bewildered by directions at the best times, yet you guys have done away with the one true useful tool that we used everyday, Lattitude AND LEFT US WITH THE EQUIVALENT OF FOURSQUARE?!?! WHAT THE HELL GOOGLE!  Lattitude was Opt-In, gave users control on their sharing and I bet provides invaluable marketing data to you guys.  SERIOUSLY WHAT THE HELL?!
I don't even have the new maps on my device yet...  so now am I being told that I won't be missing anything when I finally get it?  What am I going to bitch about!  Thanks, +Google Maps !  :-)  Oh wait...  How about I bitch about not having the new Maps on my device yet?  It's ruining my life!  Damn you, +Google Maps!  Why can't we get it now here in Canada?  Don't you love, Canada?  Keep those updates coming!
Whaaaat?! I apparently cannot have more than one layer on at a time. I ride my bike AND use public transit everyday, and the previous version of maps let me have both on at the same time. I hope this will be corrected in a future update.
Yeah, and ditching Latitude for G+ was also lame. I used it more as a tool than for social purposes, and in my opinion does not belong attached to G+. If should be part of maps, with G+ integration being optional but not necessary.
How about the remove labels feature? Was it removed?
How can we manage offline maps? I am leaving on a trip tomorrow. I had all maps of the country I'm going cached offline because I may not have service.. Now with updated version I can't tell if I have them or not. Can't see the squares as before. How do I delete them once I'm back?
... And also, no layers? I'm sure your "engineering team" are Apple spies trying to ruin Google Maps as they ruined their own. I'd just like to know who really is enjoying this as you so proudly say. I DON'T BELIEVE IT! 
I quite like this map update- the road closures and construction reports are very 'waze-y' :)   

BUT.. in G+ Locations, you have GOT to give us a way to turn off seeing locations from people who are sharing with us that we don't care to see.  

And, a way to refresh the location of whoever we're looking at (as it doesn't seem to refresh in real time on its own) would be good.  Hitting the refresh button takes you home,  which is not intuitive.. there should be the little compass icon to take you home like there is on Ingress, and now on Maps.
Edit-- But it does beg the question: why doesn't it update in real time like latitude did?  I walked to work today and the entire 20 minutes, I showed as being at home still. When I check Location History though, it shows the proper time stamps and the route I took to work.  Why isn't that being displayed in real time on the G+ locations feature?   

And, touching the picture of whoever is sharing their location with you should do something. Give you their best available street location (if they are sharing it with you), and the option to navigate to them, for example.

And.. wtf.. no 'explore' button in Canada? 

 Other than that,  and accepting that not everyone is on G+, locations within G+ isn't bad.   And the Map app is quite good :)
I used to love looking at my location history in Latitude, how do I do that now?
That kind of responses are what users like. Waiting for this and much more...

Btw. Is the traffic layer using a Wave information?

Les H
Some of us depended on Latitude being available across all OS's too. Gone without warning. 
Les H
Not quite August 9th. 
I want latitude back dam it. My friends n family dont like or use G+
Now, add the box so we know what areas we got offline and how big we can make it +Google Maps 
This Option is not the same as before!
It only caches the current view. Try saving a whole city offline, when zooming in afterwards without data connection, mpas does not show streets or their names!

However if you zoomed in online once, its again cached afterwards.
thanks, this has been a showstopper for me. solid work
I still have the old Maps. Updating an app I haven't even gotten the first update for. You all are just teasing my by this point. 
+Flora Fang I have the same problem :/ I guess it's either device or location issue. What device do you own?
Please bring back My Maps! 
Please bring back My Maps! Please bring back My Maps! Please bring back My Maps! 
+Google Maps Yes, I know but is not so "Nexus" to have a N4 and a N7 without update of yesterday, and by me my father with a Cyanogenmod 10.1 Galaxy S with the update of Maps. I know that Google doesn't want to overload the servers...but...please remember who choose google pure experience before the others. (like galaxy S3 of my friends)
Like to see where this goes, but so far: My Maps? (It is not availabe under My Profile as +David H suggested), Location History? I have no problem with it, but not everyone (like my parents) wants to have to install the entire G+ "suite" just to get maps and location sharing (which is something Maps / Latitude did)
How about adding a Google+ Locations layer to Maps? That would make Google+ Locations close to as useful as Latitude was for me. Having to switch from Maps to the Google+ app and then select the Locations view is a lot less convenient than having my friends and family show up automatically in Maps. 
Please bring back Map mode for driving. It showed traffic and my location. Furthermore the phone didn't sleep. It was really useful, it was like having a Navigation feature in my car.
Great.. I got an update today to my Nexus4 but checking to see if that's the newest one
I still don't see this latest update.. Will have to wait
Adam J
I dont know whats wrong with my nexus 4, it installs the old version of google maps, if i search google maps in the play store google maps never comes up. I just dont get it, its insane  I have to side load maps apk to get it working
Latitude != G+ Location
* I can't navigate to my family members anymore
* I don't know the accuracy of the last given position
* I don't know how old the last data point is
* Position data is not viewable on a desktop using a browser

These are fundamental and key features for myself and other Latitude users.

The removal of Latitude was no doubt a decision not taken by the engineers themselves - these sorts of things get decided by non-technical people. If the policy makers want to make Latitude part of G+, fine, but it should still hook into Maps and should have the features listed above as a minimum.

This isn't like removing Reader. People RELIED on this as a safety and security feature. It is unacceptable to remove such a service with so little notice without providing a suitable alternative.

Offline maps should have had a separate option in the menu (like "where's lattitude?"). It seems odd to go via the search bar to access this feature.
Please bring back My Maps. I'm keeping the old maps app because i use my maps a lot. Please please please bring us my maps
err.. reminiscent of the big fail on Apple Maps.. amazing that Google have to wait to hear what customers think after this "update", why not do some research first? Just like Google Reader, Google seem to be on self destruct course on its best loved apps.  Think I will turn off auto update on this one and pass...
Pretty UI but you've decimated usability!!! I use maps extensively while driving with work and now My Maps are gone, and that's just start....

There's now no separate Navigation app, Navigation has to be started through maps. Why would you remove that?!

There's no integration with contacts now so where I used to be able open exDialer, swipe the required contact to open their info & use Navigation to calculate a route this is no longer an option. Why would you remove that?!

I can no longer add a contact directly from the map using the menu button, why would you remove that?!

There is no terrain map, or zoom buttons, or scale. Why would you remove that?!

I appreciate this is a free app but it's also one of the key attractions of Android over iOS. Please don't alienate your fan base as we're a notoriously fickle bunch.... 
Awesome update guys, really liking the new look. Makes public transport directions so much better!
Where's saved offline maps list?
Pretty UI but you've decimated usability!!! I use maps extensively while driving with work and now My Maps are gone, and that's just start....

There's now no separate Navigation app, Navigation has to be started through maps. Why would you remove that?!

There's no integration with contacts now so where I used to be able open exDialer, swipe the required contact to open their info & use Navigation to calculate a route this is no longer an option. Why would you remove that?!

I can no longer add a contact directly from the map using the menu button, why would you remove that?!

There is no terrain map, or zoom buttons, or scale. Why would you remove that?!

I appreciate this is a free app but it's also one of the key attractions of Android over iOS. Please don't alienate your fan base as we're a notoriously fickle bunch.... 
Damn Google. You didn't have to work your people around the clock. We have more patience than that. No need to drive people mad. 
I'm wondering where is offline button but it hasn't come out.
Next up.... Distance measuring tool please!
Very cool, been waiting for this update! +Joshua Mays not sure if you are aware, this laritude functionality has been transferred to Google + location feature 
Hi there.

I'm having problems with the new Maps. Firstly, it looks great. Thing is I can't figure out how to get point to point directions from tapping two points on the map, to see the scale of the may or how to easily find the distance between two points.

I spend a lot of time on the road and these were very useful features that I hope haven't been permanently removed.
Thanks for the quick update! I'd really love it if latitude stayed, though. 
Hopefully the team will continue with the offline efforts, the old had 10 cached areas not just one. In general I like the new app but please offline is really crucial for me! 
I am a huge Google fanboy, but this update is driving me mad. Even more mad than the retirement of Google Reader.

If you wanna make a design overhaul, that's fine. In fact, I like the new design. But: don't cut features which are very useful for many, many users.

I wished you released this version as a beta version, so that the users can use the "old" 6.x app along the "new" 7.x app. You did that policy with Chrome, why not use it with Maps?
+Phillip Croxford but you can't view location history in the Google plus "locations" feature or even change to satellite view unless I am missing something obvious.

Is the locations info from Google plus updating the latitude history on the website (it maybe) I have new google maps and it still appears to be showing my location history on the latitude website.
Alex W.
I miss Latitude.
So i do not update it!!!11
Location history is staying thankfully, but can't use the api. +Alex W. they are deleting the data next month so you wont be able use it then even if you still have the app.
Alex W.
i know and i´m very sad :´(
August the 9th is a very bad day
Rob K
Wow exceptional response time on these issues +Google Maps , good work! :)  
I'm sad latitude is gone...:(
For some reason I'm not able to share my location with others. I can see theirs when they share location data with me in +Google+ but they can not see my location.
Alex W.
they have to activate this feature at first to see your location +Hans Hong 
How about custom maps?  Those are still missing since the new update.
Not bad. Now if you could do something about Maps directions disappearing as soon as I get out of range of my wifi (with my wifi-only Nexus device), that'd be even more useful..
Bring back Latitude! Putting a location sharing mode in G+ is no substitute! 
@Google how about an option to default route to "Avoid Tolls or Motorways"
Will the "Map" Option under navigation be making a comeback? I like to dock my phone and put it on that mode, so I have quicker access should I need to navigate around something.
The problem with latitude on g+ is it doesn't show how fresh a location is, like it did on maps. It's not as useful as it was before being transplanted.
Still want to see offline maps outside of US. Also bring me Explore and Play features that are US-only. BTW do I see 4G written on this Nexus?
My whole family uses Latitude and gives us peace of mind as our Daughters live alone in other states. They have iPhone, I have an Android device. This sucks is all I can say. 
Are there explicit checkins in g+ or does it just passively record location? I haven't seen a toggle for checkin/out.
+Google Maps  how about some of the old "Labs" features- primarily the "Measure" tool by Ole C., and James S.? That and the "Directions Elevation" by James S. were both super useful...
Boo +Google Maps , you've obviously been taking lessons from iOS maps on how to piss people off.
My word, that was fast. Don't mess about, do you? ;-)
When will the feature come for iPhones?
bring back the traffic widget please.....
Why am I not getting the "Explore" option with my new version of maps?
I'm a little confused as to what the use case is for G+ Locations.

Latitude was extremely useful for families or groups traveling together.  Are my kids at home?  How long until my wife gets to the restaurant?  Is the carload of my friends ahead or behind me on the highway?  How do I navigate to my Dad's current location?  Why aren't they answering calls, maybe they don't have cell coverage?

Stuffing it in G+, removing the accuracy bubble, update time and navigation option from the location renders it basically useless.  
Saved offline list, starred list.....
+Patrick Austin How do you know these features won't be added to the G+ version? I'd imagine they will be.
Can't find the "Explore" option in Italy nor the way to save maps offline
No explore button for me. Why is it missing?
Crappy Google ! never test your new versions and staying always in your little world and never go out !
where's the scale bar?  and zoom in/out buttons?  not everything has to be pinch-to-zoom just because it's a touchscreen.  this update chopped out a lot of functionality.
One feature I didn't think could be killed was latitude. But as Google had proven over time, they get bored and start killing features or apps. You think Waze is safe give it a couple years avs Google will that also. Google really doesn't love is user base. 
To zoom one handed, just double tap and swipe up or down.
Getting closer. Can you bring back My Maps by next week so I can use it on vacation? 
Yet useless in Brazil, where most of maps just haven't off line maps available.
Phil N
I can't see the offline button, and I have the new version, because I CAN see the "Wheres Latitude?" button.  What am I doing wrong?
For me you've now broken Google Maps - I get no 'Explore' function now and I can't see the 'make maps available offline' button either. 

Might be a good idea to properly test this stuff before sending an update out.
I to can't see it?? Probably because i live in Croatia..
+Mark Stronge I think you probably haven't used Latitude to its fullest extent if you think that Google+ Locations is a reasonable substitute.    For one thing, how do I use Google+ Locations from my desktop?  and how do I see the timestamp for any individual's location?  
keep shaking to send feedback, if you are in one of the supported countries
The new offline +Google Maps is a poor cousin to the old. How do we know which areas have been cached? And your area is to large, zoom in, should work again with the red highlighted frame, so we don't need to go 10 times through the same steps just to know when the cut out is small enough.
it's a time we can not trust Google about its services...... better to use competition to avoid disappearing some services.....
strange strategy!
just make a better integration of the services, don't remove!
I'd just like to be able to override staged rollouts and force an update to my Nexus 4 phone. :)
+Andreas Bousdoukos I'm actually kind of disappointed at how my NEXUS devices are the last to get anything, even system updates.  Come on, Google...
please let Taiwan have offline map!!!
Google is forcing us to use g+!! And with each update they're spoiling gapps. Gtalk, Play music, Now Maps! They're removing functionalities. And forget to update crappy app like YouTube.. If you can't do better, don't make it worse!
I really used latitude daily. It would be much better to at least display G+ locations in maps so that I dont have to flip between maps and G+ to do my travel planning. 
What use is a map with no scale? 
Give back measure tool & latitude !!! you spoiled your maps ((( latitude in google+ have poor functionality. It even unable switch to satellite view :(
Just bring back everything you guys screwed up like all the lab features and we'll all be satisfied.
+Sergi Brumós
You also can't see how old their location update is and you can see a distance from you.. I use latitude all the time and I really don't like this downgrade. Please don't turn off latitude until you can at least get the features into Google+.
Still want my measure tool back from labs.

and for my menu button to open the menus.

and streetview in navigation.

and a way to manage cached maps.
It's amusing/disappointing that since the original post, +Google Maps hasn't replied to a single question/comment. I think that's lame.
doesn't work in China!
Great, now what about the measure tool?
+Michael Lastucka app updates have little to do with your device. They'll be rolling it out on geo location. The US is getting it first.

As for system updates, you must be kidding. They are first in line.
I liked the box it drew on the old maps for the offline tiles, made it a lot easier to see how large an area could be for download. I also don't see a way to remove un-needed offline maps. the UI update is great though.
I could care less about offline maps and Latitude.  But the update has made some things overly complicated. 
Route you have to launch a menu and select it.  Before you could switch views by selecting the route time remaing or the arrival time...simple.  I hate having to do this via a menu button.   Also the route preview HIDES traffic conditions on the route....what do you think I'm looking for?
How do you access Alternate routes now?
Would love a Latitude API replacement... no equivalent exists in the G+ API
So, when I highlight a single POI, and choose save for offline viewing, how far of an area does it cover? Sometimes I need an entire city (like when I travel to Europe and don't have data on my phone) or sometimes I need a whole National Park, like Yosemite (because I get no coverage out there). How can I cache areas and not just a single POI? Common use cases.
why would you release a product with less features than the outgoing product, and then plan on replacing those features down the line?  Why not finish the product first before releasing it?
If distance-measuring is not necessary, at least roll back the map scale!A map without the scale is meaningless!
Engineers working around the clock so the Europeans can have a quick access to offline maps... when will you spend the same effort to restore offfline maps to Brazilians?
In Google+ locations, it leaves a lot to be desired. The Refresh button doesn't seem to do much of anything, unlike in Latitude. And you can't see a blue circle representing the current accuracy of the location of a friend. Besides this, you can't see a time that the location was updated.

In addition, if you are going to have location services in the Google+ Android App, you also need to add that feature to the Web Browser version of Google+. If you are doing away with latitude, I need something to replace it in the Browser on my Mac and PC.

To be honest, I know that you work hard at updates, but I personally liked the OLD Maps much better, especially with Latitude that I used a lot. The Google+ locations just don't measure up yet.
+Google Maps - I think the update to the interface is really great, but I just cannot update to the new maps on my phone (I've only updated my tablet) due to the lack of the My Maps and pinning functionality. I know the blog post said that it'd be back, but since I use it nearly everyday I just can't do it. If/when you see decide to bring that functionality back, I'd be more than happy to help try it out though!
I've uninstalled the update due to the fact they don't have "My Maps" anymore. Screw you Google. 
Brazil still lacking the offline maps!!!
Why so difficult???
Please bring back public transport navigation!
Is the menu button meant to be down the bottom left, or is that a bug?  
Please dont get rid of Latitude! Or at lease make Google+ locations work as well as Latitude. Because right now, Locations is no where near as good as Latitude!
I am missing the possibility to look for alternative routes while being in an active navigation. I do see, that I can choose between routes prior to navigation. But I frequently checked alternatives during long trips to reflect the current traffic jam situation. Is this functionality hidden somewhere, or is it just missing? 
Eric Pell
We constantly use Latitude so I can track my wife when she goes out on long runs by herself.  This gave us a sense of mind if something happened that I would hopefully know where she was.  Please don't kill this function!  Giving us a shell of a replacement in Google+ is not enough.
Google+ location sharing needs to tell us when the locations were last updated. Plus, satellite view would be nice. 
I don't think anyone was going to remember to type "OK Maps" anyway. I wonder how that big of a design mistake made it live in the first place.
Please add the function to double-tap a name in Google+ Location to zoom in on that person. Also, last update should be put back.
I prefer to use my phone with only one hand.  Pinch to zoom doesn't work one-handed.  Put the zoom buttons back in, please!!!! Or invent some sort of one-handed gesture for zooming out.


no my maps
no latitude (why the fk do you shut it down? second nice product after google reader that is shut down, and nobody understands why! this is so fking dumb!)
I guess you guys were sleeping when apple screwed the pooch on maps ... or, is screwing up a map application  a contagious disease?
+Google Maps +Google+ What is with the staged roll out. I still do not have the update. 
Sucks big time that latitude was removed without a viable option. Google plus location is no latitude replacement, at least get all the features. 
The offline button is good change compared to 'OK Maps' which felt like a crude joke.
Disappointed with the removal of latitude already. The new maps is harder to see and navigate through, and that's coming from a tech-saavy 24 year old. I don't like the forced latitude move to Google +. Not interested in being forced to use latitude on Google+. You won't be able to revive google+ that way, just end up with a bunch of unhappy consumers who won't get heard. 
BRING BACK LATITUDE !  i have stood behind every choice as far back as i can remember been a long time dedicated google fan , even after the loss of the google rss reader app , but taking away my latitude !  come on  it's not going to get more users to use g+   i have moved to an alt app now for my latitude needs and its not by google , im not happy i had to go elsewhere but latitude was the best. 
Would be nice to be able to download/cache entire countries in one click (for travel purposes to foreign countries, could use that right this instant actually)
When i click on an address in my contacts, it does nothing.  This used to open maps at that location.  The new search makes it more difficult to find the address of my contacts. Downloaded Mapquest and that will open my contacts in their map.  HTC one S
How do I get "follow me" mode to work in the updated navigation?  Traffic data is almost useless to me without this feature.
And how do I Star locations? Come on! Downgrading till that and the - & + buttons are added to the map.
Map caching request/enhancement:
Give an indication of an area that is already cached.
Indicate when the map is zoomed out too much to cache an area.
Make it easier/seamless to cache an entire area (SF Bay area, for example).
Cache multiple, separate areas and switch between them. I don't need the phone to know of SF when I'm in NY...

Please let me come in for another UX session on Maps for Android.
Bring back latitude! The locations part of Google + does not allow you to get directions to your friends that you share with. 
Your missing a ton of features that made the previous version awesome. Starred places, custom maps, measuring tool. This version might look pretty but functionally its no where near as good as v6.
Getting rid of Latitude was not a good idea, I had to explain to everyone that exist on the Maps.. I think you guys should have changed the name "latitude" to something like "where are my friends" instead of getting rid of a great feature. I bet you more people will know that its out there. Anyway bring it back!!
I severely dislike the "ok maps" idea, the select box was easy to use. 
no offline maps for travel, no my maps for my travel, looks like Google is out for all my bookmarking places for travel without a data connection.  No reader, health, or iGoogle.  I only used Google products but have started actively looking to move away from Google for the services they have I still use.  Years of recruiting all my friends and family for Google and now I am looking for a new search engine, who would have thought...
Thanks for ruining my day with this shit update.
My wife is a marathon runner. She carries a droid phone running my tracks and I track her on the course using latitude. It is perfect because I can be on the course and have an extra water bottle, dry shirt, band aids or whatever. Killing latitude is really going to suck.
I known this will be lost in a sea of comments but...

Please bring back the following
1. Create a star anywhere on the map, not just a already known location. I actually lost a few of my stars with the new update. I had cool spots on lakes and back country trails just disappear. :(
2. My maps. Or integrate 'my tracks' app into the maps.
3. Google+ locations needs to have ALL the features of latitude.
4. Check ins! Bring it back and the ability to rename your house something fun. 
+Google Maps  Please bring back Latitude and related features back to Maps. My GF just found out what it could do and was really psyched until she found out that she can't use all those cool features (directions to a person's locations, like her KIDS!). This was the best hidden feature of maps and instead of advertising it, you just ripped it out. Please bring it back!
And no, I'm not happy with the G+ version. I can't view people in a browser, I can't get directions to their location, and I can't see the last time it was updated. These features are what made latitude so great and the lack of them makes G+ locations so lackluster.
+Google Maps team is there any plan to allow the default transport option to be changed? It defaults to Car which is never a transport option I use
After receiving the update this morning, Maps and especially navigation, flickers like crazy on my screen. Never did that before the update. HTC Rezound. 
Most of all, in the end, is this lack of communication that's driving me kind of mad. Nowadays, no one seems to be able to predict what google's strategy is when it comes to their products road maps. Things just come and go and everyone is left with the task of finding out what they've got with each update.

This hasn't been a problem until recent days when things started to get a bit crazy. Hell... Who can justify the end of reader? Even Google hasn't come up with a decent explanation, although, in that case, they gave everybody plenty of time to adapt (which, for me, is a sign of how Google was quite aware of what they were about to do).
When it comes to everything else, we haven't had the same fortune. Now you have features.... now you don't.

Change can be good but we can't all be just wrong. The signs are evident. People don't like this kind of unjustified disruption. As someone wrote, It also came to my mind to deactivate Google's apps auto updating. And that is simply something new to me.

Google's updates have been over the years the most unconditionally welcomed ones. Now that seems to have changed. You just don't have that trust anymore. Let's just hope they "calm down" and get some sense in the near future. 
The reinstated offline mapping work around is really pitiful. Bring back the proper functionality we had before, please.
We can't use offline mod in Turkey :S
Even after this update the new google maps is rubbish, the offline caching of maps is poor, the zoom level is far to restrictive which makes downloading a real pain if you are planning a long journey. Why retire Latitude? we used it alot now we have the poorer version of Google+ which is not very accurate it dosnt even use the phones gps. You have totaly shot yourself in the foot with this so called update. See some sence and restore the origonal map caching and restore latitude (i would bet you dont).
7.0.1 flickers after the screen times out. Works nicely right after launch, but goes down hill after that.
Please fire the development team. They clearly are under cover Apple people trying to undermine the (what was once amazing) Maps program. It is awful! How do I access My Maps? I used to create maps with POI's for easy navigation when I travel. What about Latitude? It was amazing. Zoom? Labs? All gone. Swallow your pride and REVERT to what was great. This one is EPIC FAIL. 
I have some bad feeling that this is the future of tech that everything must be simplified to the 1 bit user level.

First time I ever consider getting out from Google's territory and find alternatives. Now I can understand how people felt about shutting down reader. 
I'm still waiting for some little features that could make the use of Maps so much better, for example the ability to save a preferred route, or the ability to block certain highways that you want to avoid when planning a route.
What is the easiest way to zoom out while using navigation turn by turn? I would like to see traffic information, and this does not show when I'm zoomed to "normal" view (?)
I need Latitude!!! Bring it back please or make separate application for such functionality. G+ Locations is a joke... almost impossible to use.
Please add Slovenia to offline maps navigation.
I would be nice to have the option to NAVIGATE to contacts / friends back. It's nice that I know where they are  but let me EASILY be able to navigate to them! If they're coming to me , let me know how far they are from me with real time updating. Latitude was very useful .... really  need it to stay/be brought back.
They probably are using Waze instead of Google Maps, 'cause the only way you can see how your product is good is by using yourself.

That's why they are killing latitude too
I miss the ability to look for alternate routes. I really liked that. Also when returning to navigation from another program it makes you set the route again. If you're already en route it shouldn't make you set the route again. 
That's exactly what I'm saying +Chris Bui
Anyone who use an app will know how it should behave in most of circunstances.

Sometimes I got a feeling that Google Maps it's too beta for me, that's why I prefer Waze.

I hope that they don't broke Waze like this. 
Latitude was the reason I switched to Android.
Locations on G+ makes me want to move away from Android because it's useless.
What will be with my location history ?
Where are the Traffic widgets? I've had a screen full of destinations and would generally head out to the nearest "green light" customer. 
I can see where that is an upgrade to the previous function to select the area you wish to cache... <NOPE>, verify the area before you tell your phone to go cache - ain't no sense in it.
Use the maps program to tell how much space the cache data is using - ain't no-one got time for that.
Waiting for a reverse engineered Maps 6.14.4 from XDA where Latitude servers have been replaced with a 3rd party server and it still works ;-)
Agreed, bring back My Maps. And, another suggestion for the offline maps, give us a way to see what we have cached already, like the old version.
Using Latitude on a daily basis and now I can't even figure out how to use the similar feature, if that's what it is, within G*.  Please bring back Latitude.
Nope. Nice effort, but not updating (yet). I want to cache several offline maps, not just one a LOT of other people here. 

I don't care how Google brings back pre-caching (squares, counties, states, etc), but I am not voluntarily forfeiting my offline map cache. That would be literally insane given the benefit I routinely get from it.
Google must be listening to different people than me because I haven't heard from anyone who is enjoying it.
Hai google. After update I miss the places icon was very useful when entered to new city
speed limit info would be nice...
I got an update, but the offline maps "card" is not there (yet)?
I'm noticing that google is spending less and less time on quality. Seriously, what was all that wrong about the previous version of the google maps app? If you want to improve, iterate etc that's fine, great, but just make sure the quality of the app is the same. This is just annoying.

Just put this kind of "power user" options in the menu, I don't mind tapping an extra time to use stuff in the menu, that's what the menu is for. Minimalizing is not always a good thing.
I just want the upgrade! Chomping at the bit here.
offline maps does not include "my maps" which makes it almost useless for travel.
Not to troll, but does +Google Maps  look at these comments...? Any response would be welcome - even just a "We hear you, and we're working/not working on expanding this feature."
The "make available offline" button doesn't seem to be always there. If I'm above Amsterdam (Netherlands) and I tap on the Search bar I see it, but if I'm above Barcelona (Spain) I don't.

Also, Street View seems to have gotten worse. Pegman is missing, so now you can't drag him way ahead, you have to tap a million times on the forward arrow which is painful. In his place there's this compass mode toggle button which is not something you'd need to have available all the time. The internal compass was utterly broken in all the three Android phones I ever owned anyway, including my current Galaxy S4 which, for some reason, always thinks north is to the left, no matter how I turn. Street View could REALLY use a cardinal point wheel (like the desktop version has), because when you drop in from Maps you have no idea which way you're headed. I know the cardinal point is sometimes appended to the street name, but it's not readable and the street name is not always available anyway.
I don't believe google any more (( What service that i use you will close next? gmail? google drive?
I did not like this update. The UI looks nice. But on my S3 when I hit settings capacitative button, it does not being up settings. Instead you take up screen by adding a settings pull out button. Also the GPS and navigation are messed up. It's not my device because before the update it all worked fine. I've never downgraded a google app. I also enjoyed the "labs" like, zoom buttons and distance. I'm getting really tired of google lately, especially recently. 
Self congratulations about how you think people are enjoying it is a bit far fetched.
Features of latitude gone, seeing your stars gone, seeing your own map layers gone....

Nope - not enjoying it. Sorry. 
The things missing have been pretty well documented here, so I will sum up my opinion of the "new" google maps thusly, "IT SUCKS"
The "Where's Latitude" directions end with a statement to go to the 'Location tab' in Google+.  As others have pointed out, THERE IS NO LOCATION TAB IN GOOGLE+!!!  What a cluster...  This is the kind of nonsense Microsoft pulls to try to force consumers of its successful products to use its failed products.  Very unbecoming of Google.
+Andrew Maddux Yes there is. Unless your active account is a Google apps account, then you might not have it. 

tnx for having offline maps back...

but now it is an annoying guessing, if map regions are offline storable or if you have to zoom in further...

... looking for a good osm app as google replacement. Downgrading google maps would show annoying play store upgrade notifications all the time.

this is just one point making a good app worse.

Sorry guys, but you should listen to your customers needs... and perhaps hire some guys for gui usability studies (who the heck decided to kick out or hide some important features?)

It´s so annoying. I own a Nexus 4 and a Nexus 7 and until now the new version did not arrive. I thought the Nexus devices should be the prefered devices.
+Markus Schürmann doubt it has to do with what device you have as long as it is supported. I've got the update on my Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4 and 7.
how will i manage my offline maps?? worst update >.<
The missing terreain layer is a disaster for cyclists. This upgrade is actually a huge downgrade in several ways.
You removed almost all functionality from Navigation.  Not only did I have to struggle to input my destination (which had previously been saved, and navigation was smart enough to suggest it when I needed to get there) while at a red light (and being unaware of the drastic change, this was quite horrifying), but I also had no idea that there was a terrible accident along the way, had no way of looking up alternate routes (luckily I guessed at the correct exit and was able to get around the accident, but with GPS I shouldn't HAVE to guess, especially when previously I could go to "Routes and Alternatives"), and generally didn't get any of the relevant information other than, I suppose, the directions via the most basic route.

Also, on the return trip, I had to fight to get it to give me directions.  Before, I could open Nav, hit "Go Home", and that was it.  Now I had to squint at my screen, find the one with my address, and hit 2 or 3 other buttons before it came up.  Not something I wanted to deal with at 6am.

If I wanted a product with less functionality, I would've switched to Apple.
Jey C
a couple of comments - I love the progress and improvements but this feels like the first time it's not been an upgrade as well as an update...

- why can I only download a small area, with Nokia Maps on my Lumia I can have a whole country offline and route without needing a connection... guess what I end up relying on more often when travelling.
- why doesn't navigation take into account known road closures? just showing me a warning on the selected route doesn't help... route round it!
- moving latitude into G+ is okay but it seems badly communicated
- losing terrain is annoying
- I still can't find a way to set way-points or define a multi-point route, would love to be able to define a trip on the desktop and then share it so I can drive it later

Maps/Navigation was a big reason to come back to Android for me. So please don't lose what made it great
Cale Jr
I wish people were complaining as much for the loss of My Maps / My Places as they are for offline maps :-(
I though Google was smart. How stupid do you have to be to think it's better to have somebodies location shown in a Social app rather then a map app. The mind boggles.
I've been using Google+ since my invite and have been using it since BUT if you are going to FORCE me to use it just so I can view a hobbled version of Latitude, you've lost me.. Idiots....
I hate your new update, bring back the old version. I had to revert back to version 6.14.2 so that I could easily go to Street View and use the icon to move along the street. What's up with you guys? Where is Layers? I now hate Android. Google BETRAYS it's users. I'm now going to disengage Google Now in protest. I'm seriously considering leaving android!
Please reinstate full offline caching of maps as before. This is a critical feature when travelling if you lose network service. The ok maps workaround also only caches a very small area about 10 miles around your location, which is far too small. Please reinstate the previous limits and the on screen box to set the cached area. Also saved maps need to be accessible from the menu as before. Previously I had my home area, the midlands region in the UK plus the cities of Sydney and Auckland fully cached for offline use, which would be impossible now. Also in the UK, road navigation is measured in miles and yards, not miles and feet. This was automatically detected before, why is it now broken?
I am in sales all my customers are listed in custom maps and it worked fantastically. Not having my places/my maps implemented from the get go is worse than what Apple did with their great map fiasco. By the way I am in Southern California for a two week business trip and have no idea how to get to my customers without mega hassle. This is very bad. While I am at it I can only get one person to show up in locations 5 plus hours of wasted time. My mother is a retired person with little computer savoy one of her pleasures in life is watching me move around the country, I only see her twice a year but feel connected now nothing she works from a PC..... Just terrible.  
Yeah, whoever thought of killing off latitude and replace it with this trash... This is the first time I'm legitimately disappointed with a Google mapping change. I seriously hope they don't mess up this much again with Google voice
It sucks. I was really pissed off this morning when I went to enter a address that I was going to today. You don't have the 4 choices anymore and most importantly when you are driving and using the map, it doesn't tell you what street you are on like the old version did. I really hate. Can you revert back to the earlier version? 
It was a really bonehead move to remove Latitude without an UPGRADED replacement. Way to take functionality that everyone used away Google! 
Voice navigation in Imperial distance units is killing me in my metric country. Please fix this bug!
Why is it that 5 days after initial release a lot of people with Nexus devices still haven't received the update? I personally live in the Balkan region, Bulgaria to be precise and here we still don't see the update. Please Google, be more prompt with the staged rollout!
I didn't think I needed to read the reviews before updating goggle maps. I was wrong. Now back to original goggle map that came with the phone after removing update. For now anyway.
Sad to see Google staying silent on this desaster. Like politicians. They will only act if the shitstorm becomes too big. I am sure they have algorithms which predicted that the shitstorm is safe to ignore.
I had a really big problem over the weekend.
I have the newest update, and was attempting to use Navigation to get to an address in Chicago. Any time that a pop-up appeared, or even if I swiped the notifications from the top down to see anything, when I swiped it back up or removed the pop-up, Navigation/Maps would take me back to the "Set Destination" screen and wouldn't allow me to get back to the route I'd already set. If I tried to set teh same destination again and "start navigation", Maps would crash and I'd have to re-launch and start over. This happened numerous times, but not every time.

This happened on a Sprint Galaxy S4 with the stock 4.2.2 build.

It was incredibly frustrating to have to re-launch Maps/Navigation any time I got any type of pop-up on the screen, be it a text message or a phone call etc.
Need to add on screen zoom buttons for one-handed zooming.
Zoom in/out buttons and the on map distance scale would be useful to bring back.
What happened to the fantastic option of tapping the traffic light when in Navigate mode to see the traffic ahead on your route??? Can this be brought back?
Ron Z
Still waiting on the new update to hit my AT&T Galaxy S4. :(
Will that work on my nexus 10 offline?

This new version really sucks for navigation when you are driving. The old version had large buttons that you could easily press without taking your eyes off the road. This UI is much more distracting. For example:
- In the old version, I could swipe to Contacts, click a contact, and it would start navigating to my contact's address. In this version, I have to type the name of the contact (voice recognition doesn't work well with names), scroll through the list of irrelevant stuff to find the contact, click the contact, and press the tiny Start button in the corner. This is pretty much impossible while driving.
- There is no longer a quick way to find alternate routes. You have to press the tiny cross in the corner to interrupt navigation, and then press back and get it to recalculate a route... Again, while driving this is impossible.
- The Shake to Comment feature enabled by default keeps on popping up while driving. In traffic, this interrupts navigation and is distracting. Who is the genius who thought that I would want to type comments or mess with settings while I'm driving?
- Why does Maps have an on-screen Menu button, but ignores my hardware Menu button?
Awesome! Is that coming on iOs as well? I'm going on a roadtrip in sicily in few days, and chances are I will lose my 3g signal more than once! Don't get me lost, Google :D
Very small area allowed to be offline and trial and error as to finding out that size as well. No blue box outlining as an aide. Not available everywhere. Used to be able to offline Majorca but can't in the new version. Luckily you can uninstall the upgrade on Android and offlining is available as before. Fingers crossed it lasts until after my holiday has finished.
What a disaster.  I have been a longtime advocate of Android over ios; but now we see a popular app, Latitude, disabled just to lure people away from Facebook!  The Location function in Google+ fails to indicate accuracy and is not even available on desktop Google Maps. And yet you shut down the existing refined service. What arrogant treatment of users. Worse, the replacement Google Maps lacks a world of functionality.  Sure you have quickly re-enabled offline maps, but how do I manage them?  Is my smartphone now cluttered with offline maps that I can no longer use?  How can I be sure of the area that I am caching with this vague and ineffective quick-fix?
I had just spent 15 minutes with downloading all offline maps. Then I updated the Google Maps App (anticipating it would be a minor change). I was a bit shocked since all offline maps had simply disappeared. Now it seems that I can get it again (see below), which is principally good. However, I think I should have been alerted to this loss of my Offline Cards Memory. I would have then waited with the update until I will need new offline destinations anyway. It would have been more efficient for me.
Now I am hoping that at least I can find some Indoor plans in the new App. I will also try out the new traffic jam alerts etc.
The new maps do not run well on my device.  The image flickers, stitches (?) and hesitates. It handled the previous version just fine.  I like some of the new features, I just wish it would run well on my device (Samsung Galaxy Exhibit running CM10).
what can I say, both nexus 4 and 7 (wifi-only) have not been updated but a nook running customized rom had been updated, talk about pure Android experience.
Dear +Google Maps . I have the latest version of Maps for Android installed, and it refuses to show the Explore screen. All it gives me are my Home and Work address, a few POI symbols, and my recent address searches. Is explore not enabled for Australian users, or do I need to do something.

Running Maps on 4.2.2 via CM10.1
If you really want to replace latitude with google plus you have to add the time of the last update in the location of the people I share my position with. This is very important!
Very annoying:
- can't use maps while navigating
- can't show alternate routes while navigating
- latitude is gone

I don't like it, when my most used features are gone...
No replies from the Maps team about anyone's concerns. Either some angry users have stormed Mountain View and lynched everyone, or Google just doesn't care! Google, please explain WHY you have taken away functionality such as decent offline caching, the scale, navigating from Contacts, and the distance/elevation measurement! It used to work perfectly well.
No "explore" card here in Canada either....not impressed. This was the one little function I was looking forward to. C'mon Google, get it together!
I was so spoiled using Google Maps to find phone numbers since it made it easy to see the location.   Is there any app that I can install that will convince android that I can call from my Tablet.   I know I can install many I am just looking for one that fools the OS into thinking there it is a phone.
+David H WRONG! Profile icon does not access saved maps, just recent destinations.
Give me back my Latitude!
This still is nowhere near as good as the old offline maps tool. You used to get a visual indication of the size permissible for caching with a red box. Note you're left guessing. This is very broken. +Google Maps this is poor form.
I agree with many of the previous comments. The new offline isn't as good as the old one. I uninstalled my google map updates just to get back the old functionality. The new version LOOKS nice, but looks don't matter if you can't get the job done.
This update is just not acceptable. We used to be able to save all the zoom levels of an area, see which areas we'd already saved, and intelligently select new areas to save. Now we have a clumsy cache feature that doesn't tell you what it's really saving, doesn't save all the zoom levels, and can't be managed intelligently.

My wife is very disappointed now that we can't have maps while driving around. It's a big letdown for me :(

Please please please give us back the level of functionality we used to have!!!
Speech navigation (voice input or speech instruction) doesn't seem to work in Finnish. The UI design is horribly bad. Why a separate menu button in the corner instead of the hardware menu button that exists on all Android devices (and that does nothing in Maps)? Why so many clicks for basic functionality?
posted in the iphone thread by accident - I'm actually an android user - please bring back the "my maps" layer. I use it for EVERYTHING.
Please do bring "My Maps" back. It is the most useful part of Google Maps. Don't know why they removed it.
I mean seriously.....did the devs really think that people only go from point A to point B and never need to plan out a trip that involves multiple stops? If I wanted such limited functionality again I would start using VZ Navigator again.
+Google Maps perhaps it would be a good idea to have the chap who made the decision to pull Latitude make an official statement.

I convinced my parents to carry Android phones exclusively based on Latitude. You've now made me look like a fool by pulling the feature.

You can't just remove features like this because you feel like it. It's like selling someone a car and then, during a routine service, removing the radio.

For those saying there is an alternative:
1) None of them compare to Latitude. Glympse is not even close to an alternative.
2) Misses the point completely.

Do the right thing Google. Talk to the community about this.
pls dont delete lattitude feature ... its too imp for us.. do something else but why lattitude.. ?????????
Why are there about 100 times more people complaining about latitude than any of the other missing features? One would think that the raped navigation support would deserve more feedback?

In any case, repeating the same things over and over in this thread doesn't do any good. Why not +1 the existing comments instead?
Go Maps worked twice then started selecting a city in Brazil. App update left me high and dry when it wouldn't work with already cached maps. Uninstalled update - shame on whoever made this decision.
Where is measure tool?  it was very useful tool.
What I want to know is why is there no word of this on Engadget, Gizmodo etc?!? Have they been told to keep quiet I wonder...

Perhaps we need a hashtag, get it trending on Twittorrrrrrr! 
No kidding! Even All About Android, Geek Beat and Tekzilla ware very mild about the comments. I don't get it, just look at the recent star rating of the app. I went from a 5 average to a 1 average!
New update still sucks compared to the old one. 
I see nothing in this version of maps that is better than the old one, NOTHING!
Wow, you've finally done it. +Google Maps has gotten worse with an update. My wife was on a multi state trip today, and while Google+ locations was working earlier this week, her location is not even visible anymore in Google+. She has no way to force it to update, whereas in the past, simply running Google Maps was sufficient. I've been in the dark all day as to where she is, and she's still not home.

I've talked to her, and she cannot figure out how to get it updating again. I guess I'll just cross my fingers and hope she's home soon.

At the very least, make Google+ locations as functional as Latitude was. This is uncalled for, especially for us users that are already on Google+, and don't need to be forced into the product. 
I'm missing my maps, zoom buttons, scale, ability to measure distance, terrain map and the old way of handling offline maps was way better! Come on! I don't like appearens before function. Are these things coming? 
I hate this Google+ update. I loved lattitude and as soon as I updated Maps, it disappeared. My family can't figure out how to share our locations, I'm so annoyed
Hate locations on google + its doesn't replace latitude it doesn't have the topo map, doesn't say how long someone has been at that location or have the capacity to ping the person. It doesn't even work, right now its showing me in a location about 8km away from where I am. That serves no purpose whatsoever..if something happens to a loved one and i need to find out where they are now I can't find their location. Latitude was a way of communicating where I am and staying in touch with others while out on the road all day without having to find time between driving to call or text.  This is not progress this is regression. If Google was going to add these things to locations in Google+ they would have done so before shutting latitude down
Can we please get layers back I have maps created that I use daily 
Congratulations Google! I know that you guys are jealous of Apple, now you finally did it! Your own Maps fiasco! 
It's pretty clear Google isn't interested in any of our feedback seeing as there's been nothing by way of an acknowledgement of the thousands of unhappy users.

I also just can't understand how the Tech press aren't reporting any of this so personally I have started bombarding them as to why this is the case. Unless it makes some headlines Google won't feel like they need to do anything so I suggest you all start doing the same. Unless they're all too scared to speak out against the big G of course.... 
Let me summarise this for you, Google:

Go read the 30+ latest reviews for the app. 90%+ are unhappy with the changes. Have I used enough + for you yet? Don't force Google+ down peoples throats if they don't want it.

The biggest hassle for me is now I can't just click "update all" in my apps list. Because I do NOT want the new maps experience.

+Iain Osborne - please send me all the email addresses you have written to. Bombardment shall commence.

I can successfully install the old version from the link above and it works fine but the phone auto-updates to the 7.0.x version every day. How can I disable auto-updates for that app (or for all apps, even)? I cannot find a setting for that, perhaps because it is a system app?
+Lasse Kärkkäinen Ive managed to disable mine. Go to play store, click the tab to view all your downloaded apps, click Google Maps and untick the "Allow automatic updating" checkbox. Hope this helps!
Relied on latitude not going to make that mistake again I am never going to get that involved with another Google app for fear of if being pulled. As people have rightly pointed out locations is not a full replacement for latitude.  I might as well use Facebook check ins. 
Totally unrelated, but how do i quickly scroll down to the newest additions in this topic without having to scroll a lot?
Using the official android app. 
I was using Latitude with my home automation to identify when I was close to home. Now that is marked for death, so I must rely on my LAN ping (which can't change settings a 1/2 mile from home). Bummer. Also, I don't care for Google+ as Facebook is good enough for social networking. Give it up, Google and stop messing with things that were not broken!!!
I wouldn't mind using latitude through Google+ if it retained the same functionality.
I don't like Google+ or Facebook.  My maps has been crashing ever since the update and the Navigation is even giving me the wrong directions if I can get them at all.  I have relied on latitude and am upset that this change has affected a perfectly remarkable service and turned it into a buggy mess.
Complete fail on the Google maps update and especially the elimination of Latitude. Multiple crashes and exorbitant battery usage: during a recent trip, the phone's battery drained to zero while being charged!
Thanks for the update & keep updated
Completely hate the new Maps Bullshit. WTF happened to latitude? Why would you get rid ofthat? Why fuck with somethin that aint broke.
I agree, please bring back the ability to get location within maps the Google+ location is fine and all but no longer will provide directions to people sharing with you.  Could we get the integration back in maps and get directions feature back.  Life 360 is an alternative but I prefer the Google products personally.  Come on Google make the FIX!
I can understand the strategy of rationalising a diverse and random set of applications into a common interface - Google plus. But then to have the web and Android versions of G+ doing different things undermines the logic. How come I can see people in "locations" under G+ Android, but not via G+ web browser? Aren't they supposed to be the same service?
This update must rank up there with the Android ?4.2? debacle when my Nexus 7 when from butter to stutter.
What is scary is that someone sat down, designed this pretty interface and though it was ok to take all the functionality out (seriously... a map without a scale bar? Did you not even go to primary school?). Even scarier is that someone up the ladder APPROVED it. Why have they not been fired and replaced with someone with half a brain?
This turn-around by putting offline maps back is just a joke. The areas have to be so small that it is useless - takes ages to cover even a smallish journey and you can't even see whether you have any gaps in coverage. Stupid place to hide it too.
As for the rest of the update - read the comments Google. Your clients are unhappy and I don't blame them.
Now it's totally useless application. How can I downgrade to previous version (where can I download the apk file from)?
I agree with +David Lidstone , the caching of offline maps is simply a joke.
I would agree on wanting to downgrade to the previous version. Overall I have found the new maps slower / more jerky and prefer the old turn by turn navigation.
+Mark Stronge G+ locations is totally useless in comparison with latitude: no timestamp, no real time reporting, no navigation
I rally miss My Offline Maps, i.e. the list of my saved offline maps. As somebody mentioned, there is a Profile icon with the list of maps, but if you are disconnected - "No Network" message is displayed. Please return the list of Offline Maps, with the possibility to add, view and delete these maps.
Ben Lee
G+ locations does NOT work and is absolutely frustrating and useless ! 
The location function of G+ is lacking. The android app shows just the silhouettes of buildings mostly instead of the businesses in them. There is no way to show satellite view. My wife and I travel and like to be assured that we are each safely where we are supposed to be. Also, the chrome browser location display has this weird hover system. But move off the hover and the map goes away. you have to click on the link which opens a new maps tab. But at least then you get the full benefit of google maps. Google, I know Latitude is gone, I am not bitching about that. But is this IT for Location in G+ or are you planning improvements?
This new map app sucks. Google Dev team sucks. I am starting to gain a strong hatred for all your new "updated" apps that take away functionality and at the expense of looking pretty. What is the point of a map if you cant use a ruler to learn the distance between things? Where did the zoom buttons go? Just two simple additions to a map that make it useful and you have taken them out. Get your shit together google.
It looks like Google ignored all this outcry. Not very nice. ..
+Mark Stronge yep tried both hangouts and google + locations, had an open mind until I found Locations doesn't have the functionality of latitude, has no ping friend, no satellite view no timing of the location check-in, and more clumsy to navigate directly through to the locations via google+, thus the negative comments
+David Whalen  Manual checking for alternative routes and toll roads is still in there. When you have a destination chosen, down on the bottom right side is a car icon, tap on it. That gives you the Route Options (Toll Roads and Avoiding Highways), and several routes to choose from to get to your destination. While it's a very stupid place to put this feature, it is still in there.
"There doesn’t appear to be a way to access this location sharing from the web for now,"... what rubbish is this ... its so imp .. n we cant use in thru web... wts wrong wth u google... pls get it active on web too ......
Doesnt work. I could have saved my entire country as an offline file of 50MB big in google maps. With the new android maps everytime I enter "okay maps" it says that "this area is not available offline" or "cannot save ofline, please zoom in." ahhhh!
Removing offline maps is bizarre - do you expect us all to have unlimited and reliable data connections? It was so useful to be able to save a foreign city before you left home. Why get rid it of it?? Is it some deal with the providers to make us eat more data?
Not got the update yet..using Android 4.0.4 ics... :-( 
Mohit: consider yourself lucky ;-) 
Sara M
With Latitude I could see the date/time associated with my friend, on the map. With Location Sharing I don't know how often the map syncs to know if the map location of my friend(s) location is stale, current, updated 5, 10, 15 (or whatever' amount of time) minutes ago.
I don't like the new Google maps. I could have downloaded the map for my
entire country or for a country I am travelling to. Now it does not work.
Offline maps now is totally crippled. You need a data connection wherever
you go which isn't possible.
I don't know who all the people are that envoy the new Google Maps, because it looks like most comments are from folks not enjoying it.
The Google+ team must to use Maps in real world situations. If they did, they would not have allowed these screw ups
1. Latitude worked great. Google+ Locations doesn't work. It share my "best location" as the tower triangulation, to GPS. No way to fix it. And, friends' positions are probably just as inaccurate. And, we don't know ow old the reported positions are. And you can't get directions to them.
2. "Smart Searches?" Says who? Let me find what I want, not what you think I want.
3. My Maps was a very useful feature. What idiots took it out? Put it back!
4. I can't save (star) a location that isn't on a street. Who made that decision? I often saved places off roads, or on roads that are not on eh maps. Please fix this screwup now!
I could go on, but those are my main gripes for right now. But, I'm sure the social media fanatics at Google+ will find more ways to try to make things cute and less useful in the real world.
yyes Tim you are right as not fully loaded ,away from expectation maps has become .
What the heck is going on.. where have all the features gone? Latitude was a million times better than GNow Non-Location.. and what on earth is going on with My Maps?? The biggest stupidity though.. killing offline maps so its a crippled shell of its former awesome.. Most people I'm guessing use that when they are on holiday and therefore dont have data (what with it being called offline), the new one is so useless. (and OK maps doesnt even make sense.. they arent OK in any sense.. they are useless)
WTS! Bring back all My Maps...How do you use the caches offline maps? I could retrieve all the caches maps in the previous version! Change in great only if it is for the better and it is definitely not!
Fucking bullshit!
Nice fucking job google.. take that last bit of usefull stuff and put it into a damn app that isnt even supported on my device!

U go girl! 
I am not an Apple fan but at least when the mess up they admit it. It's strange how few articles on the maps disaster appear in Google's search results. It's like they were some how hidden by Google.... who control search. Also it's strange that non of the big review sites have picked this up. It's almost like they have been told not to cover it. They were over Apple like a rash but nothing. Strange that. 
Features out.. And a week later.. Adverts in. Utter and complete disregard for the user.. The new Google style. I'm off to buy a windows phone device. 
Peaple should start boycotting google till they finally get latitude back!
loc sharing is not working as fluently as latitude
New Google+ Loations is a crap, totally useless. Looks like Microsoft have coded it? Have have you been able to get it so un-realiable?
I'm sticking to the old version until Google gets it right..New versions should be much better than the old and not the reverse!
I wish Latitude would come back, I thought that was the best android feature when used in conjunction with backitude to log locations of family members. 
+Matt Douglas My view exactly mate. There's been zero coverage of this from anyone which is so suspicious. Not sure Google believe their "don't be evil" mantra anymore..... 
lol nothing has changed up to now that method they explained on how get have offline maps doesnt work im now using waze for my map use
+Google Maps What happened to the ability to save places from Google maps to my contact list? Now, I can only save it to my favorites, but not to my contacts?? This is stupid. Please bring this back! 
Google, you have let us down with the new version of maps.  The old version was superior in EVERY WAY.  The new version is more likely to get you lost, more likely to make you late, and is generally GARBAGE.  It seems like the search function within a map is only for their paid advertisers. I used to rely on this app DAILY.  Now i don't use it at all, because it simply doesn't work that well anymore.  Fix it, or give it up.  Because this was a huge step backwards, and from all of the complaints on the forums, you are in danger of losing a rather large market.
What I'm not happy map isn't any use to me with out being able to save to memory and the bull Shit work around is cutting it 
Maps is ruined I use it less and less they take control and personalization out of my hands and expect me to be OK with it
Why isn't it possible to cache map of Madrid for viewing offline?
Yes that will help we will not need to worry about missing apporntments time going get top up to access map to get there. Good work keep try it will work.
you missed only is to give me a nice Gadgets....
Google I want to be part of you,,,,
How I wish,,,to visit the Google in the future.....
Is there a good mapping alternative now that google ruined maps?  

Something like what gmaps was before they made it worthless by removing the non-earth satellite view, turning the trees into blocky 1960's Dr. Who villains, slowing down the zoom rendering to less-than-dial-up speeds, and making the phone version a driving hazard by shrinking the map, cluttering up the periphery with garbage boutique features and removing the street names at turns.
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