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New on our #Sandy map: Power outage maps. On a mobile device? Click the "layers" button to see more, including shelter information, storm tracking and public alerts. 

Visit the map here:

And if you're in the New York City area, see our NYC-specific map:
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these maps and the data layers are awesome. Well done gmaps peeps. 
Another reason to love Google Maps.  Super helpful!
That map was exactly what was required to help people, assuming they have power and a network connection. Really impressed how quickly one can put such data together into a single page that is useful to so many.
Need lot of ground work to provide this much information. Very useful. 
It hit me and my family! A tree fell on my Uncle's pool. he said"How is it still standing?"
Just a joke;)i'm not layer.sorry.i'll change it....
no fair, hurricane/superstorm should need to disappear already
^ to Google for the excellent crisis map.
Way to go Google! Love the direction Google is headed with what they are doing with their tech.
And that's the power of Google Maps. Love it, even though we don't have hurricanes in The Netherlands (Holland).
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