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Thanks for an Absol-utely amazing #pokemonchallenge, trainers.

Though we aren't hiring any Pokémon Masters this #AprilFools, leave a comment of where you found the 150th (or 151st) Pokémon by 12 am on 4/21 for a surprise. 
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Well if you mean the last pokemon to complete my pokedex it was dragonite, and he was near Kyoto! If you mean the last one in the list it was noivern, and I found him at the Howland islands =) #pokemonchallenge
I found Mew at -3.074570,-50.44924.  It took a long time of searching the Amazon, but it was worth it to get all 151 :]
I found mew near the Amazon. Hard to find though with the random locations and people calling it fake. 
At a place called Mew 2 in the middle of the amazon
Found Mew on the Amazon river.
Near Itacoatiara in the Amazonas, Brazil.
It's still a fun little game. It makes you explore whatever is out of your reach.
Got mew around amazon river.
I found mew in the Amazon! 
Mew was my 151st. I spent hours scouring up and down the Amazon River. And do you mean I shouldn't show up at the Google campus on September 1st?!
Found mew right in the middle of the amazon river
Found mew in Brazil near the amazon river
Found Mew (151st Pokémon) near Afuá (0.23899, -50.411)!
Found Mew in the Amazonas of Brazil where the river divides into the Putumayo and Solimões rivers.
I found my Mew in Brazil, -3.074570, -50.44924.
Mine was hiding somewhere between florida and the caribbean. It worth every minute of the search.#pokemonchallenge 
I found Mew in southeast Parque Nacional do Jau.
Found my last one #151 in the middle of the Amazon. :-D 
I found Mew at: -4.412142, -61.237758
Mew in the Amazon
Mew was hiding in the Amazon, and no, not the online marketplace.
I found Mew in the Amazon west of the Rio Aruanã!
Found Mew #151 in the Amazon river basin.
-0.219730, -65.808107 Rio Negro
-2.724350,-62.841825 . Mew. Sydney Pokémon lab. :)
I couldn't find Mew. :-( But I caught the other 150.
My mew was in the south eastern part of the amazon rain forest 
I found Mew at -3.074570,-50.44924.  It took a long time of searching the Amazon, but it was worth it to get all 151 :)
Mew in Brazil! -7.710533, -56.731247
Mew at -0.2257,-65.8120

I believe that's somewhere around Amazon, Brazil? The surprise better be good +Google Maps 
Mew is time released along the Amazon river... Just like it was in the history of Mew in the first Pokemon game.
Somewhere in Japan
Though I didn't quite get the name of the street
I missed it! I wanted to play it =(
Found my mew at... -8.059229, -62.116699 south of the amazon. Hell to find. The mew "restaurants" were funny decoys.
I found mew (#151) at the Amazon River. 
Like most people, Amazon River!
Near the Amazon river like everybody else...
I think I found it at the Amazon River.
Not commenting where because I didn't get all of them >.< Just congrats to all the players above! :D
I have found MEW #151 at location 0.856887, -51.372063 near Amazon
151 @ Amazon River can't wait for surprise 
Nintendo HQ in Kyoto
#151 Mew - 3.05 , - 50.44 near Rio Aruana in the Amazon .. I have the screenshot :-) (now @ -3.05,-50.44 There is a Mew restaurant :-D )
Volta X
Mew was in Brazil, near the Amazon. They've all disappeared from my map or I'd be more precise. 
151!!!!! Nintendo HQ
I found Mew in the Amazon river basin
Found Mew at 0.857,-51,36 near Rio Araguari
I found Mew at 0.241204, -50.405622, in Brazil. Thanks for a fun challenge, guys!
Find Mew near Parque Estadual do Matupiri
4°24'44.7"S 61°14'15.9"W
(-4.412420, -61.237758)
Found mine in the Amazon in Brazil

-7.450073, -66.445283
Mew i've found at Nintendo quartier general of Tokyo :)
Erik N
151, I'm pretty sure it was at Nintendo HQ
My mew was @ 0°51'24.2"N 51°22'17.7"W
Spent hours looking through all of Brazil.
I salute the person who found this spot.
Loved the Pokémon challenge.
Hoping for an AR ingress style game next :-)
I found my 151st in south America. I think it was in Brasil in the rain forest.
150, Infernape 101 N Buchanan, street, Gary, Indiana, USA
Alice H
Emboar; Odessa Meteor Crater, Texas, USA
I can't remember for sure but I found the last one I was searching for at the Fukushima place... Porygon.
#151 in the amazon forest. Close to a fork in the amazon river. It was amazing. I'm finally a Pokemon master. I never fought a new in first gen Pokemon.
I found my mew next to the amazon river, after a few hours of searching through green!
Found #150 Pokemon on Howland Island, didn't find Mew tho =/ And i was constantly checking Amazon River and other locations...
I found Mew at 8°16'35.8"S 53°13'03.4"W
I too found Mew in the amazon jungle!
Found Mew at 0.856887, -51.372063

This should be an AR-RPG
Found Mew in Parque Nacional da Serra do Pardo, coordinates -5.725306, -53.085944, approximately.
Noivern at Howland Island. Never found Mew 🙎
found mew at -4.412142,-61.237758 in the amazon
I found mew, the 151st pokemon at -3.074570,-50.44924
I found mine in Sydney in the water near the Opera House!
I found the 151st Pokémon (Mew) in the Amazon Rainforest. It was a bit north of where the search for "amazon river" takes you, but not in the actual river.
Never found Mew, even though I searched the Amazon river for quite a while. Found all 150 of the rest of them, though! :) It's been a while, and I don't recall where I found the last one... :S
I couldn't find the 151st Pokemon, but I found the 150th at the Akershus Castle.
I think amazon river... but i'm not sure
Found mew at the Amazon River. My wife found him at -2.98, -58.49 also in Brazil!
Found my 150th (Raichu) in Tokyo.

Spent hours looking for Mew, but I guess it wasn't meant to be. Will anyone be sharing the logic (or randomness) behind where each person could find Mew? 
I eventually found Mew at 0.856887, -51.372063. Thanks to everyone who helped out with the search on /r/googlepokemon and beyond, and Google Maps for running this!
South of the Amazon River, in Brazil. Parque Nacional do Rio Novo. (-7.7105, -56.7312)
I caught mew, but I forgot where. :(
Maybe if they still showed up on the map I could find where I found it? ;D
My last Pokemon captured must be blastoise near the Galapagos islands. If you want the 150 it was at howland island. I think.
I found Mew near -2.724350, -62.841825 in Parque Nacional do Jau.
I found him combing the Amazon!  -2.724350, -62.841825. 
Thanks for the fun!
My mew was in parque nacional da serra do prado in Amazon. There is a restaurant icon named 'Mew' there though it's a thick jungle. Does it relate to the Mew in PokemonChallenge?
I've found Mew near Rio Negro, Amazon (Brasil): -0.2257, -65.8120
Caught Mew in the Amazon @ -3.05, - 50.44
In the Amazon somewhere I think. Missed out on Mew though, as I was away and didn't see the extra challenge.
Mew was hiding in the Amazon for me here: 0.856887, -51.372063
I found Mew at 0.241204, -50.405622 at the mouth of the Amazon River.
Found #151 Mew just off the Amazon River!
Mew on the Amazon River. I went there because I remembered from the journal entry in the Pokemon Mansion that Mew was found in South America (what region is that in, South Unova?), and found it fairly easily. It was only later that I read the comments online and found out it moves around and that people had been searching for it for days. Just lucky I guess, what were the Chanseys of that Happinyng?!
"Parque Nacional de Serra do Pardo in The Amazon" - For Mew - 151
"Macalester College in Saint Paul, MN" - For Aegislash - 150
I found 150 with Aegislash at Sakurajima, Konohana Ward.
I found Mew (number 151) in the Nintendo HQ Kyoto, Japan.
I found the 151st Pokémon (Mew) at -7.7105,-56.7312. Thanks for a great game!
Brazil! Finally found Mew there.
Found swirlix near 1 Lamb Alley in Dublin (ad 150th)
On the iPhone, I found Mew (151st Pokémon) here: -8.275261,-53.221682. On my iPad, I found him here: -2.724350,-62.841825. Thanks for the great game!
North Western Brazil Border
Thanks for the challenge! 
Got it in the Amazon Jungle
Howland island. Noivern 150th.
In the amazon jungle -7.45, -66.45 :3 awesome challenge google, hats off
In Brazil roughly (-4.41,-61.23). It was a very amewsing challenge.
Mew, 151, in the Amazon after an embarrassingly long search.
Spent a lot of time searching for this pink thing in Brazil. I found Mew in Italy though... thank you guys for the challenge!
Never did find Mew :-( but got number 150 in Berlin
I finally caught 151 in the Parque Nacional do Jaú, Brasil on a tip at 19:22 PDT on April 3, 2014 after what seemed like forever blindly combing the vast jungles of the Amazon rainforest for Mew.  gg Google Maps and thanks!  It was fun!
April 2nd about 11pm eastern I found vaporeon finally as my 150th then is spent the next day wondering for mew.. Found it eventually in the Amazon
With some help, I found Mew on April 2nd, near the Amazon River, at the coordinates -1.41, -61.57
Never found Mew, got the 150th at Nintendo HQ
Found #151 Mew in the middle of the Amazonas (-4.67, - 64.34) 
In the middle of the jungle in brazil O_O
Found mew along the amazon river!
Jungle in Brazil, near the amazon.
Found Mew in the Amazon Rainforest at -4.6703, -64.3479 :)
Found Mew at Parque Nacional do Rio Novo -7.710533, -56.731247
Found Mew in Brazil at the coords -3.030041, -64.821066
Found Mew in South America (in Brazil, to be more specific, I think). Since the Pokémon don't show up anymore, I don't have exact coordinates...
Found Mew: Near the Rio Jauaperi River!
Ga Li
Mew popped up -3.07457,-50.44924
Found mew in the amazon near the Rio Urubu
Found Mew at -11.42, -59.92 on April 1st.
Location of Mew (151): -8.276599,-53.217622
Thanks Google for this challenge!
found mew at: -7.450073, -66.445283
I found Mew around -2.724350,-62.841825
Steph B
Shoot, hope this isn't too late but found Mew in the Amazon . can't remember the exact coordinates, but I believe it was -8.275261, -53.221682
Found mine at the parque nacional pau brasil
I found Mew somewhere around 4°40'29.9"S 64°21'28.5"W (-4.674978, -64.357912)
I found Mew at -7.450073, 66.445293! 
I found mew at the amazon river!
So... it's well past 12am on all of america (hawaii and alaska included)
Where is the surprise?
Wow this is really lame.. The date this was posted wasn't April 1st, so I think you owe us some explanation +Google Maps 
I'm late but, it was Mew in Brazil. So many hours lost in the jungle.
Mew, Brazil. 0.856887, -51.372063
So, I don't have Twitter and I just found out about this. Am I S.O.L.? If not, I found Mew @ -3.05417, -50.44922.
Don't forget us please ! I've seen your answers on twitter but not here...
Mew, azle, texas.. You got my hopes up over this?!!??!?!?! Please don't be mean, so make this real ASAP please.
Why you haven't tell me that I win smth?:(
+Google Maps so what's the deal with the #pokemonchallenge  ? you're just going to ignore us... ? way to go to lose faithful google customers, i'm done with you sir...
Hi I posted on twitter before the deadline and have not received any reply. would you be able to give an update to those of us who have messaged but received no reply
I'm so outta the loop. Missed the deadline, but I'm gonna try anyway. Caught all 151 Pokemon. Found Mew in the Amazon.
Anybody else got an email regarding the token of appreciation? A friend of mine got it but I haven't
I found my mew on April 2nd at -4.670340, -64.347964.

I know I'm past the deadline here, but you didn't reply to my tweets either with the dm surprise!
I found mew, after much searching in Brazil!
I found Mew in Brazil on April 2nd. I missed the deadline but I'll try anyway :) 
Missed this post but I found Mew a -8.059, -62.116 on the 2nd April! 
I found Mew in the Amazon River! I had no idea about this post until now :(
I didn't see this. But I did find all 151 by April 2nd. Mew was in the middle of South America. -5.688, -53.070
Never saw this post this sucks :(  Too late now, but it was mew in Nintendo HQ...
I found Mew at Amazon River!!
at -1.097,-51.724
At 3:26am CET, everyone is asleep .... damn. Mine was at -3.03,-64.82 .
Qiyu C
I missed this post =( .  Found mew at -2.98, -58.49 ... Surprise me ? =p
I found mew at the amazon jungle... Like +Austin Hill I didn't know about this post...
I got Mew in what felt like the middle of no where at -5.726010, -53.084793 on the 6th of April
+Matt Riel I had an university exam that week I didn't even pay attention to Google+ I just found them all... 
-7.7105, -53.7312, a National park in the Amazon. I hope I'm still on time...
Ah poo, I missed this post. Thanks for the fun April Fool's joke, anyway.

Oh, and I found mine somewhere in the Amazon Rainforest.
awww man i wish i saw this after finding mew.
I didnt see this post after finding mew... I try anyway -8.059229, -62.116699 I still have the screenshots :(
Amazon river!! Don't tell me I'm too late :-( 
Found Mew in -2.964976, -68.026267.
Didn't see that post earlier :""(
Argh, I missed the post, can you make some exceptions? T.T Anyway I found Mew in Brazil, somewhere near the Amazon River or in the Amazon Forrest (I don't remember the precise location, it was too far in the past...)... Also I competed the Pokédex on April 2nd and you post this two weeks later!! 
Near Amazon river i posted this earlier also but didn't get notified???
Found in Brazil, hoping this was tied to our Google accounts and not this post. :/
I found Mew off the Iriri River in Pará, Brazil
Found it in the Amazon jungle, don't know the specific coordinates. Unfortunately, I didn't see this post beforehand hence why I am writing this post 
Ho Bu
Is it to late Google Maps? I found Mew at (-2.724350,-62.841825) in the Amazon.
Didn't realize we had to post to claim our Poke-devotion. :(

Oh well, might as well try even if I'm late. My mew was at:
-0.2257, -65.8120

Nooooooo. I found all 151! Didn't see this post. Please give a chance! Thanks. Found mine on Nintendo Kyoto +Google Maps
+Google Maps I didn't realize this was here to post on. I found Mew (#151) in Brazil, somewhere around the area of the Parque Nacional do Jau. It was awesome because i only thought to look there because my friend lives in brazil and was looking around and found it pretty close to his home so thats why I went and looked there. Sorry I didn't see this earlier
well, might be late, but found Mew in Brazil (-5.688, -53.070)
I found mine at: -8.275261,-53.221682
I caught all 151 the first day. Found Mew at Nintendo HQ in Japan. 99% of the people who played had no idea to post here after. Not fair Google!
Almost every post of +Google Maps about Pokemon got a +1 from me but I overlooked this one :(
I found Mew at Uarini, Amazonas in Brazil near Rio Japurá.
The coordinates were ~ 3°01'51.0"S 64°49'09.2"W.
151 mew, Amazon river, Brazil. I can't remember the 150th I caught. :/ blastoise I think it was, I remember finding it hard to find him. 
I'm probably too late but I think I found Mew somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle
Way too late, but just in case, I found Mew in the Amazon Rain Forest.
I am way too late. But definitely found Mew in the Amazon.
I really hope you're still honoring this! I just learned about it today. :( I found Mew in Brazil.
Brazil! I hope you're still honoring the offer!
What. I didn't know about this post! I found Mew on The Amazon River after looking at the pokemon headquarters and the Bermuda triangle. I am too late </3
What? I didin't see the post, too. :-(
Jake N
Found mew the first day also. .23899, -50.411

Fingers crossed
I didn't know about this, but I found mew in the amazon river
Parque Nacional do Rio Novo, Para, Brazil.
Never found mew despite looking for so long ): I missed this post but I found my 150th in Lisbon, a Pancham. Also found another Umbreon in Brazil on my Mew search
150 caught Noivern at Geneva. I tweeted in time on twitter but you didn't respond
Yes I made it to 150 by 3pm on the first, mind you, I did start at 2pm the day before
Found the 151st, mew, in the amazon river in Brazil. Thanks guys!
found mew at -8.276599, -53.217622!
Hey, i'd only found the 150 pokemons but i would ve really greatfull with a reward! Plisss
how come i cannot see this post with my ios google + app? 
I found Mew the 151st in the amazon river in brazil !
-4.412142,-61.237758 in the Amazon Rainforest
I got 151 and haven't been contacted :'(
I found mew in the amazon after a friend told me about the secret that there were 151 Pokémon
I don't remember where I caught Mew. Probably in this position (34.969722, 135.756111) or in the Amazon river
151 Mew ard amazon rainforest i think
It was near the Amazon river, but I believe it's already too late... :/
Went through all possible locations for mew but failed to find it.. my last pokemon captured was Noivern at Howland island
found all 151, mew at -2.964976, -68.02626  on 4/2/14
-3.030041, -64.821066
Mew was either in the Amazon or somewhere else in Brazil. Didn't know I needed to comment here as I thought you had all of my information in the Pokedex. :(
I found 150, but didn't find Meow at any of the know locations :(
I found Mew near the Amazon River. I replied to the tweet but never received a reply. Please help me, Google! 
I found new around 1°24'36.0"S 61°34'12.0"W 
Couldn't Google just check your Google map? 
I hope that i'm not too late.. I haven't seen this post :( I've found Mew near -3.05417, -50.44922
I didn't know about this post either.   I found Mew in the Amazon Rainforest.  Unfortunately a few days ago my Nexus 4 broke, and is currently in for repair. 
Aw, didn't see this post. Got all 150 though. Last one was Aegislash in Kansas, IIRC.
Found Mew in Amazon River. Had no idea about this post, it's sad.
Amazon :D now I'm sad I didn't find out about this g+ post until now :(
found mew at the coordinates of -8.059,-62.116
I guess I missed out. I found all 151 and made the list with the Pokemon links on reddit. Found mew at Nintendo Japan. I hope it's not too late as that list was a lot of work :(
I've only 150, I hope to receive good news soon
I found 150 too, but not Mew :(
lol...I hope this still valid..><
I just saw this post and caught all 151 :(
mew as in the Amazon jungle
Missed the boat by 7 days but no harm trying.

I found 151 pokemons. I found mew at the amazon river.
Dier Cire
Posting on this just in case they take pity on us poor souls that didn't see this since it was posted two weeks after we'd caught em all.
I found Mew in Brazil near Rio Japurá, under the "Parque Nacional do Jaú" :D
I want a reward tooo. I found 150 Pokémon, but no Mew :(
I spent the time to find all 150 pokémon on the 1st also, I guess I missed out on this post.
Bora U
No one told me there was a 151st one.Aww, tried really hard to find all 150 :(
I found Mew in Amazonas, Brasil, near Amazonas River.
This comment is really overdue, but better late than never, I guess. I caught  Mew in Brazil too, near Rio Purus at 7°27'00.3"S 66°26'43.0"W
Chad R
I remember finding Mew in the Amazon River. I wish we still could get the prize :(
So right after I found Mew in the amazon a wild Butterfree put me to sleep causing me to miss the deadline. Luckily my wife found a Pokeflute and woke me up months later so now I'm super hungry and didn't get my prize :/ 
I want a surprise too. I got 151 on the event, but maybe I'm too late to notice this :(
I want my surprise ! I got all the 151 pokemon, and no mail from Google, never... 
Cal K
No prize?
Just found this over a year later! I did in fact catch em all! Never got the form for the "suprise" though :(
I caught all 151 pokemon but I never got an email nor surprise :( I caught mew in Brazil and I thought that was it. Never got anything, any chance we could still get them?
I caught all 151 pokemon but I never got an email nor surprise :( I caught mew in Peru and I thought that was it. Never got anything, any chance we could still get them?
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