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Mission Control at #GoogleMaps just cleared you for launch. Make like +Curiosity and explore the craters of Mars →, then take a virtual trip to the Moon → #2YearsOnMars
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No directions on Mars or the Moon... Fail! ;-)
Hopefully you give them the option of a permanent scale bar!
yepeee! i'll never get lost on mars again =)
Does Mars have a "Street View" for the routs that the rovers have traveled?
Hmm the links just open Google Maps at my current location on my Android tablet. I don't think I'm on Mars, there's too much vegetation. 
+Ian Rawlings
Check the oxygen level at that location. If you detect oxygen, then you most likely missed the lift off.
Seemingly so, a lot of focus on global warming would be addressed if a probe study was performed underground in the hopes of designing an infrastructure to repair damaged 
Интересненько, хмм...
Another reason I need to upgrade from Vista on my old Dell tower :(
Thank you so much, I've been waiting 2 years for this!
Still can't search for places on Moon and Mars though (e.g. "Gale Crater, Mars")
Can we please have Street View on Moon and Mars? I know we have a least a couple photospheres from Curiosity :)
I'm still waiting for StreetView on the moon though. Pretty cool, thanks ^_^
On my #nexus4 maps shows me where I am on earth by clicking the links above
Thanks +Google Maps team I have been requesting this feature for awhile now!

+Jason Maiser thats an awesome idea! Google Maps team should get on that! They could have a little pegrover that you drag and drop and maybe a little astronaut for the moon's photography.
I love to see every thing.that NASA has to show us Are very cool to see
I would like to be cultavating cassava on the red planet
Great stuff, it's about 5 years old but good to see Google promoting it again.
Страхотно винаги съм искал да разгледам по отблизо другите планети  браво на вас добър екип сте :) поздрави :)
Can there be a Mars Time Clock too!
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