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Ever wonder what the inside of a business looked like before visiting? Google Search just made it easier to find Google Business Photos - which allows you to virtually walk-through a business with Google Street View-Technology. Just click the "See Inside" image on Search to enter the business and walk around as if you were there.
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I heard this feature was coming a little while back, nice to see it starting to roll out! Can these be user submitted images or will the need to be mapped out like the street view is?
To answer the question in the post: no.
Haha. Treehouse toys in my hometown.
Google Maps - As business owner will I be able to link photosphere photos captured by a Jellybean 4.2 phone?  
Google Maps - When visiting a Place can capture then  link photosphere photos captured by a Jellybean 4.2 phone?  
Therefore, if you want it done you need to request it.  I'm one of these photographers, contact me if you need any more information :)
Indeed, Photosphere is a cool option and it will share on Maps and is linkable/embeddable, but to get the Street View treatment you'll need to book a Google Certified Photographer.

I currently cover the South Island of New Zealand, it is a fantastic initiative and the response from the business community is fantastic.
Google Maps team... kicking goals every few weeks it seems!
Business shoots are and that process is ever developing. I wouldn't be surprised if the owner of a page was allowed to do their own, under guidelines, in the future. It's probably a good idea to talk to a professional, though. They have more access and there are other treats/functions that are on the horizon.

This is my opinio based on experience and rumor.
Rockin' new placement Google Maps team!  I know my Google Business Photos clients in Portland, OR are going to love seeing their interior virtual tours given enlarged placement in Search results.  
Great now we can give out free floor plans to people planning to do harm.  Is this really necessary for the person who is genuinely interested in the store? We have websites, google images, social media, if seeing what it looks like is the decision maker to shop then I think we have a problem.
Those plans are already public information Betty and these aren't just for stores, but think Restaurants and Hotels.
Or tech firms, interested in showing their company culture, Or grocery stores, where I can find out if they stock my favorite beer
Or attorneys offices, so clients can send opponents a link to the table where they will be moderating a disagreement
Or massage therapists, so you can decide if you are going to be comfortable getting naked in that space
Or bars, so you can hand your buddy your phone when trying to convince them that it's the next stop to go
Or tea houses, that rock out at night in the back and want to show their evening events
Or State Farm Insurance offices, because they can, and Google is everything in their business

These are all actual scenarios and reasons my Portland clients have had my cameras in.  Heck, I even did a chain of high end jewelry stores, who are notoriously security minded.  They love it.

There are all kinds of businesses in the world and they are mostly all on Google Maps.  Any of them (with few exceptions) can call up their local Google Trusted Photographer and bring them in for a photo shoot.  

It only takes about an hour to shoot the images and they are usually live on Google Maps, Google Search, and Google+ Local within a few days.  No better or more efficient use of the marketing dollar than to drastically improve your businesses appearance on Google.

Go ahead, zoom into Portland, OR (about 500ft or below) and drag Pegman (StreetView icon) out over the map.  All those thousands of orange dots are businesses that are participating in Google Business Photos.
Absolutely agree with +Matt Jenkinson and +Thomas Hayden: the best investment for your business. All doubts will be solved if you contact with Google Trusted Photographer of your area. Come on, you will not regret!
+Karl Wolfgramm you will be able to add photospheres yourself, but nothing that integrates into Street View like this, each photographer has to use specific equipment, undergoes training and has to follow certain quality guidelines to become a Google Trusted Photographer in order to maintain a high end user experience.
You can still upload your photos to your public page albums as before, but the imagery that is tied to the street view side of the page can only be done by a google trusted photographer like myself. This is done to ensure quality , by strict guidelines in this process. There fore there are a limited number of photographers that are trained to do this.
Google Trusted Photographers (I am also one in the UK) use professional equipment to ensure quality images when displayed on StreetView. They have all been trained and approved by Google.
Individuals may be able to upload their own images, but the quality will NOT be the same as those taken by professionals.
Wont be long until we're all doing it with photosphere.
It's only a matter of time before we'll be able to map an environment in 3D from a single moving camera (i.e. video)
We are the first Google Trusted Photographer in Western Australia, located in Perth. Call me if you have any questions, I am happy to help: 0061 432 944 500
Businesses in Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Albany, and Binghamton NY can contact me for Google Business Photos.  Manage all sales and logistics for the upstate NY team of Trusted Photographers. at gmail
Chicago business owners large or small can contact me for these photos. The Google Trusted Photographers program is how you can get 100% Google certified tours.  The results are awesome. No business should be without this affordable cutting edge marketing tool.
If you are in Southern California and want to get a Google interactive virtual tour for your business please contact me. I'm a Google Trusted Photographer and will make your business look great!
+Bob Anders interesting to see a comment on such an old post.  Please know that for a business to have the "See Inside" search and map listing enhancement, the "Street View" virtual tour of the business has to be captured, produced, and uploaded by a trained and certified "Street View Trusted" photographer.  Photosphere imagery uploaded by anyone else will not enhance the search or map listing for the business.  This is fact.
+Bob Anders you are making statements without merit or substantiation.  If the business wants their Google Search and Google Map listing enhanced with the linked "See Inside" thumbnail image, then they must hire the professionals that are trained and certified by Google.  That is the only possible way to get that enhancement.  Also, for what it's worth - the quality of the DIY 360 images is not a good representation for professional businesses.  If a company wishes to be represented as professional, they would be wise to make sure the image quality is equal to the standards they need to convey about their own business.
It feels like you must be a former Google Street View Trusted Photographer hoping to grab some of the business away from the pros.  Good luck with that.
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