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When in New York, don't forget to look up!

(Have you been to the Empire State Building? Be sure to review your experience on Google+ Local:
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Indeed, don't forget.  When I first came to NYC back in the mid 90's, I spent a summer interning in the city.  Every day this took me to grand central where i would have to exit and head north and east.  I was so busy I never had time off to go site seeing, which sucked since I really wanted to see the Chrysler building (can you see where I'm going here?).  About midway through summer I finally got a day off and decided to go looking for the Chrysler building.  From the village I looked at the skyline, found the building and walking, I made a b-line for it.  Imagine my surprise when I finally made itthere and found myself at the subway station I exited every single day on my way to my internship.  I had been INSIDE the damn building for over a month on a daily basis, but didn't realize it because I had never bothered to look up!  Oy!
+Gabriel Walsh thanks for sharing that story- NY is a vertical city!! LOOK UP EVERYONE!! 
I worked in an office at the ESB for two years and it still took me two years to go up to the observation deck!
We're just glad you finally made it up there!

Pro Tip: If you'd like to sashay past the lines on your way up to the observation deck of the Empire State Building, make friends with someone who works in the building! They've usually got express passes and you can get the #VIP treatment!
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