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Did you take any snow pics today?

London saw a thin layer of snow this morning — and there's possibly more on the way. We want to know whether the frosty weather has reached you, so share your photos or give a shout-out to your part of town!

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Usually in Zone 1, you don't see any snow (when everyone else had loads), but even we saw some on the tops of buildings this morning!
Didn't bother with pics as I was too busy complaining that First Capital Connect still can't seem to manage 1cm of snow that has been forecast for a week!
Very slim smattering in N16/E8 this morning - I think the snow now will settle more!
Snowing in W3 but I don't think it's settling right now. I'm hoping for lots of snow when I leave work (as long as the tube still works!) :D
More like snow rain than snow currently, think they call it extreemly light snow/sleet but I'll take it.
Slow and steady down in Beckenham, after waking up to a light covering in Clapham this morning.
Wish to be there again see that snow fall in London...
I wish it would bloody stop.  I wanted to cycle home from the office tonight so I could avoid any more issues on the trains but I won't be able to if it continues snowing like it is now on the Strand.
It's properly snowing in Victoria now! Exciting!

(Although yes, it doesn't mean good things for public transport +Mick SLM)
That's about all the Chicago area has had this winter.
I've never had a snow befor i expected the snow!!! 
Brrr, and not quite that frosty here.
lol im sooooo great look @ me roar roarrrrr
No school it's so stinking COLD!!:-/ bur....:/
It almost looks like a dream!
My girlfriend was over there 3 yrs  she hated it the girl  loves  the
Snowed here in Colorado a bit too, and in Los Angeles my Mom had to cover her plants because of a freeze overnight!
wish there was snow in Kenya,I wonder what kind of experience it cld be
No snow to day yet to day from tammy
SNOW??? im in USA NO snow at all!!!!!!!!at least in md
+Megan House hw long does it take to build that thing. enginers are good desgined. i wanna be one serious.................................. 
Quite far from the photo, the snow reached us in west London ;)
Awesome Pic! In hopes of visting London one day
I love fashion that's the main reason I want to visit!
Shout out to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! Currently 37°
Shout out to Harrow, London...Snowing a lot FINALLY...
Totally wish it'd snow tomorrow, SNOWBALL FIGHT!!!!!
I've been playing in that it was great
i am 4hrs away from london.
 wish snow wud just come here already!!!!!!!
My dream vacation
Nice building...i want to see the real snow..
Nice building...i want to see the real snow..
It's cold here, but this pic makes me appreciate how warm it is by comparison! Love L.A.!
Ana No
Nice and frosty!
Been there, England is lovely: The architecture is bold and beautiful;  fog is king; its peoples are diverse; Its Museums are full to the brim great artifacts;The Thames River majestic; its rapid transit system is massive. And its Ole' traditions can be seen practically everywhere. England is a great place to visit! I do hope that you can visit soon. 
I love love love London Omg !!!!   I am like obsessed with it I love London when I become a Senior in Highschool I am going to London Immersion Class to Go to London my Favorite Memory from London I like is the 2012 Summer Olympics with my Favorite Guy all Champion swimmer and lots of Gold Medals MICHAEL PHELPS !!! I love him alot sorry Im just weird like that Ha HA HA :) :) .
i like London, but the weather is not so nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
I want to visit London its so beautiful 
Beautiful photo! Thanks for sharing.
It was lovely i was really awaiting for snow
We had a tiny bit of snow where i live aswel! I love snow!!!
Every one who is from england should be proud I am from staffordshire and I am really proud from where I come from so be proud from u country :)
And there's a hell lot of snow in stafford yay x
My part of town in front is the railway track right in front is the bus stop also this place is on a main road the road meanders down a hill where the park and public toilets r a block up r the shops also by a railway track its hilly and you have to b fit if you dont have a car so does this compare with your photo
Really, it feels like spring in Boston, it snowed twice and the snow only stayed for about a week... :(
Its like spring in Boston Massachusetts
Its cold and raining in Maryland. I wish it was warmer.
i live in reno nevada and this morning when i woke up it was 8 degrees!
do we share by using that hashtag? Will do x
Here in Ipswich, Ma we got up into the 60s...Almost unheard of mid-January, but I'll take it. 
That's so beautiful... wish I could be there..
Awwwww.....In Georgia, there hasn't been even the thought of snow.:( Winters not over yet so im keeping my fingers crossed........
Snowed in Holy land , Israel, too. Very rare.
Florida seen the mid 80's today...send snow....its so pretty
Victorya tower big Ben. The house of pariamant. Gothic
Ummm...the mid-west of the U.S has been BURIED in snow! You cannot be serious about a thin layer of snow in London...hahaha 
That's really pretty would love to come there one day
No, because it snowed basically everywhere in Britain, except where I live!!! 
Has it even tried to snow over night ???????????? 
Wouldnt appear to have done :( 
Will be in London Thursday, hope the weather will be warmer:)
looking so beautiful,i i get a chance to uk i will b their
Nice picture. I like ummm very very beautiful 
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