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This incidence has really shown mirror to us and people having proud on Indian Sanskars and Sanskriti
Please All indians don't forget after sometime brave girl
Lets continue the fight, Lets behave like a man not like a coward, this would be true tribute to that brave soldier. #delhibraveheart  
k rich
its not time for kidding mr. K Rich . if u feel this condition than you forget kidding
Braveheart should be reserved for William Wallace
 thanx to GOOGLE INDIA..   time for change india....for justice
Thanks google family to lite this candle in the memory of the brave girl Damini. I hope who has a girl in his family, will support the right justice for Damini.
hope everyones efforts get her justice very soon and people involved in any crime against women  think thousand time before doing something wrong...
great.....hail Google India.
suggestion for google this candle not to be remove from page. everyone when click google in future after see candle they remember and fight for us.
Good to see everyone in media, streets , social sites doing their bit to make India a better place to live.... Let's keep the movement going...
She lived an ordinary life but her death was a silent slap to our faces..!! RIP girl! You'll never be forgotten!! 
Yes Amit Garg, nice suggestion. I also request Google family that we all feeling great support from your side to look this candle.
all u need is brave heart to defy the odds....
dey sud be punished lyk any damn thng dat any man think thrice while doin dis
thanks google at least people can understand 
jiski help koi nahi karta , uski help google karta hai .????
Google is great thnxx for putting it there
pehle aise logon ke  ****** kaat dena chahiye..
thanks g-India...R.I.P(Girl). Harsh and Hard punishment for the culprits 
guys is corruption,rapes,murders,threatingetc. karne walo ka kuch nahi hona bas1-2din k darame hain uske baad sab phle k tarah normal nd u know WHY Bcz~

«««Dis is India~ Incridible INDIA»»»»
very very Thank you ,,,,,,,,, Doing grate job.............
I respect Google India. But here after i don't want to see this, that is this kind of illegal action was not happen again. 
Is this the first doodle ever for a "crime"? I personally don't like the fueling of protests for marketing purposes :(
bt i don't want dis tat again... Government just wake up... 
Thnx google for taking in care of the welfare of india
hi friends please take any step to stop this type of incidents boys change your mind set give respect to girls..tell to  your childrens too give respect and help to girl child, in this world boys and girls equal...
yp boyz....... hv to change there mind & respect girls also.... bcoz they are also human .......
kya koi dard bati ,kya koi aram di,
sub ki geriban mi hai Atish, kis kis ko ILZAM di.

tari nazar nahi, achi tari kapari kharab hai,
kon bacha-e Dorpati ko Dusasan si jab Sasura Dhitarast hai. 

Jab jago tab savera Aur 
Sasan jagi tab, jab hoi jai  andira.

Ram chand Kahi gya Seya si, Isa Klayuug a ai ga 
gali gali me ravan tahili, THANIDAR Janmastame manai ga.
k rich
ok I will try
k rich
oh sorry for taking so long to coment
google i just love google very helpful
I like google very much
It is my favorite website
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i love you Google products
Very helpful for me and I think it is also helpful to all users 
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