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Good Morning India!
Thought we'd start the day with some good news (which some of you may have heard already :@). A few posts ago, we asked you what you used your smart phones for (post here: and some of you told us you are browsing the net.

Well the good news is Google Currents is now available internationally.

This is one of our apps that makes its so much more easier to read magazines and stay updated with some interesting content. Get it from Google Play and give it a try!

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The problem with currents is that it cuts off content between pre tags. Reader handles that gracefully. Maybe you can ask the dev to render long pres inside currents?
Thanks! This app is incompatible with your Vodafone IN Samsung GT-B5512. :-(
+Google India I have been using this for the past 2 months and its awesome. The interface kills!
+Rohit Subramanian I think play store is common for everyone in the world. The only difference is from India we cannot buy music and watch movies also the price of apps will be shown in local currency.
+Google India Unfortunately there is not much content in Google Currents for Indian users. Also when will we get to see Google Music and Google Movies. At least Google can start with Indian content but we are really interested in is the International content
At last,why is it always USA to get everything before any other country,that's disgusting,Google if you really wanna be the best you need to learn to see every country equally,USA alone is not using the web.
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