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Aaj ka date dekha khayaal aaya.. ki Jagjit Singh Forever!
Hosh valo ko yeh bhi khabar hai, today we celebrate the man and his music on what would've been, his 72nd birthday. Check our homepage for our homage to the man and his music. Just click on the doodle and get to know more about him in the vivid Knowledge Graph on the right of the page.

Badi Nazuk hai yeh manzil isiliye joining us are the biggest music labels in the country: +T-Series , +Saregama India Ltd. , +Times Music , +Venus Entertainment , +Universal Music India   who will share his music via special YouTube playlists, channels, jukeboxes and celebrate #JagjitForever

P.S. Apologies to our non Hindi speaking followers.These are a few of our favorite Jagjit Singh songs!

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i am always fan of his gazhal <3
Google you shared a  legend ,which was a itself music..thx 4 sharing.
Way to go Google for this tribute to the legend... May his soul rest in peace, Happy Birthday to you where ever you are ....
+Abhishek Ghosh
Thanks for sharing the news article link cited in Wiki. I think by saying "a majority of people have accepted Hindi as a national language and many speak Hindi and write in Devanagari script", the Honorable High Court has rather accepted that while Hindi may not be dejure a National Language but defacto it is the one, given the scale of its usage. My question to +Google India was based on the same accepted reality.

However, I do have a question for you. By "for official, business and legal reasons" do you mean that any business like +Google India in India is legally bound to carry a disclaimer or an obligatory 'apology' whenever it writes a public statement in Hindi, which is "one of the official language"? If yes then why don't they also apologize whenever they write in English, another "one of the official language"? Kindly cite the exact law that obligates +Google India to issue an apology for the "legal reason" whenever it chooses to write in one language over the other.

Abhishek, take it easy. No one was trying to promote any regional language. Nevertheless, I don't think there is any law that bars anyone from promoting any language. If there is then please cite the exact law. It was an innocuous question to +Google India because I find it absurd that they are apologizing for using Hindi (the fourth most spoken language in the World. Now, this is called promotion). May be they did it lest they are accused of "promoting any regional language" by non-Hindi speaking chauvinists. On the contrary, it was rather a perfect opportunity for +Google to write the message in Devanagari Hindi and promote its Google Translate service. Missed opportunity. :-)
The immortal Jagjit Singh.. He lives in our hearts
i feel very good india will remembers
Happy Birthday, Jagjitji.
Thanks, Google, for remembering & reminding us of this great singer.
The google doodle of Jagjit Singh is not so resembles Deven Verma more than Jagjit Singh
thanks...Happy B'day sir.....
Your address is not available publicly to provide you any answer in written format. You can send me your questions in proper format duly signed via postal service. My address is available publicly.
A legend in the hearts of many of his fans - Jagjit Singh
Chitti na koi sandes, jane wo kaun sa des, jahan tum chale gaye
Wo Kagaz ki Kashti Wo Barish ka Paani...
+Prashant Kumar I wrongly hash tagged / mentioned you. Sorry for the typographical error. (Old is edited now).
Happy birthday to Jagjit & thanks to Google.
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