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Google Maps now available offline in India!
Don't let dicey internet connections hold you back. Just download the latest maps of places you are visiting and refer to them on the go.

Check our our blog for more details:
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when will movies music and books reach india ? 
Frankly speaking, offline maps has been available through Labs for a long time now. What we need is:

1. Google Navigation support in India. 
2. Traffic Updates for India. 

Offline maps does not support directions in any case making it useless for most people. 
It's Interesting!!!! Thanks google
+Mandeep Singh +Samsung India has already stated that Galaxy Nexus is not coming to India. We can only hope that +Asus India launches Nexus 7 in the coming weeks. Also hoping to see future Nexus devices arriving officially in India! 
+Mandeep Singh you are forgetting that the device has to be supported for a period of at least one year. google cannot support galaxy nexus in india unless samsung india supports it. and samsung did not launch it because they did not want to cannibalize the sales of note and s3. nexus s was officially launched in india with samsung's support (though very late). i have better expectations from asus and it is very likely that nexus 7 could arrive in india through their support channels. 
Great news, now, when will it be available in Europe ?!
Too bad I ain't travelling to India :D
Now, when will we have them in Europe, or at least in France ...
A feature launched in India over Europe?? That is something new ;)
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