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Today millions across the world are celebrating Earth Day.

We're sure there's plenty of tips out there so let us know what you are doing to honor Earth not just today but always. Here are a few little things we can do to keep our earth beautiful for the coming generations:

1. Save a tree: If there is an old tree in your neighborhood, adopt it and make sure it gets the right kind of nourishment to grow
2. Plant a tree
3. Recycle as much as you can - IT hardware included.
4. Swap out your light bulbs with energy efficient ones
5. Take the stairs not the elevator .. good for your heart, good for the environment.

Check out our Google Doodle today! Also, here is an awesome resource for you:

Pic by +Navin Sigamany that captures the beauty of Nature.

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green is the new gold
It is very impressive.Let us plant trees,water them and bequeth them to our posterity.Green earth and green minds will bring us God's blessings
Wonderful picture!!!! nice
Get off the internet. Computers use power which is generated by fossil fuels which kills our mother, The Earth. All of you are killing the earth.
Hug a tree today!! They have a grounding energy and are so strong! So grateful for them....:)
Don't fool yourself. Our species is growing by 80 million each year, who'll need water, food and living space, who will crave smartphones, houses and automobiles. Whatever we do, together, we'll prove hardly smarter than yeast.
lot of Indians celebrate Earth day everyday compulsorily for a few hours and many many Indians celebrate Earth day all the time. We need to go beyond such celebrations and look at hard measures, one simple measure, make elevators hard to find in big buildings, make staircases easier to find for people. It is the other way round at the moment.
Chan Li
Beautiful nature ,we human being all are part of earth
My old school planted a tree every year on earth day in the school yard. we had about 20 trees already when I gonna try 2 use minimal lights today:) if u can please try 2 do that 2!! HAPPY EARTH DAY!!!! :D
+Harriet Sarah Allen those light bulbs sound awesome! sadly, don't need any right now :(
Happy earth day everyone =) happy birthday earth!! lol
your right my brother
yes,save earth niether save every earth component....
Wish your happy earth day.
good nahi very good
Most important earth day tradition! Burn large piles of plastic and spray aerosol cans through the flames GREAT SHOW.
tree in a the middle of a forest!
Yes but high efficient light bulb contains mercury and in the emerging countries there is no way to recycle it.....
is there some kinda goo on the ground?
Enjoying the bounties that Earth has given us and watching a clean snow fed stream wash away the presents of man in the environment.
Love my private sanctuary. 995 acres of natural Earth nothing of the encroachment of man I did build on 5 acres in the middle of the tract
to live on and put up no trespassing signs on the boundary
Very good post.this is what i have been searching for.
its very important to create mass awarness about growing human interference into the nature day by day,surely this day will help a lot..
its very important to create mass awarness about growing human interference into the nature day by day,surely this day will help a lot..
yeah! i have plenty of trees and plants in my home. i like planting trees.each one of the planet should plant trees
Yea give me 45 of the fifty dollar energy efficient bulbs, Because I will not pay 50 dollars for a light bulb
ya we support for save the environment from any pollution...........
i am so tired. i went to a sleepover and didnt get any sleep
certainly...we save n grow a tree atleast... go 4 green revolution
Yes, Your words are true 100% but it is heard at this time and thank you for this beautiful
I think i will do that today or tomarrow, uh, it's raining...
1)cut down that old tree,it has bugs 2)use your old light bulbs,there still good. 3)take the lift,the power has already been made-don't be afraid to use it.4) Don't recycle-the junk man needs to make money5)Rod your sewer drain pipe for that new tree you planted for roots.
earth dosent care its earth day

call it what it is

Feeling Guilty for Ravaging the Planet Day
Its very important to remember to take care of the planet where we live. Its our home.
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Well, today on this "Earth Day " I totally refrained from going to the bushes and de-faecng the Mother Earth; Can you just imagine if you were "The Mother Earth" and everyone dumped their crap onto you, now that is disgusting habit, so unite against cruelty to Mother Earth. 
energy efficient light bulbs, as much as I want to do the right thing when I switch on the light I want light now not in 2 min time
I tried a new ecologic tip today and I love it.
I already save a lot of electricity (Avg. $45 monthly bill), water, recycle, etc., but despite using an ecologic laundry detergent, I wasn't using eco softener because the ones in the market are to small so that means more waste of plastic.... I had read online that vinegar was very good as softener, but I hadn't used it till now .... I tried it today and I LOVE IT....I'm not coming back to buy more softener never in my life.
but not too many, we don't need too many more of us around, until we get a few more things figured out
Earth day has been going for a while now. Let's step it up to earth week. Any takers?
it is going to be a balance in earth
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