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Aamche Office
The weekend is here and summer is at its peak in India. So we decided to put up some cool pics of our Mumbai office. Our recently spruced up space is designed and conceptualized around iconic symbols and motifs from aamchi Mumbai. What's more you will see our salute to the environment with vibrant reuse of common place materials like bottles and "dabbas".

Our ode to the ever popular kite festival is the use of colourful threads (manja) as a playful ceiling and backdrop element. The spools of the kite are used as the front façade of the reception desk. Can you spot the Golli soda(Indian Coke) bottles as partition?

No Mumbai without our dabbawallahs, who also have their wall of fame in this office space – visiting Googlers / guests to the office can get a glimpse of these six sigma specialists. Check it out!

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Why did you decide to leave the UK off the map on the wall?
wow that is amazing! love the colour!
Probably the most beautiful office in India...
soo true! where is this place?
what is going on with those threads ? tell me,please
google like running global...............
really nice love the cans dividing walls very pretty awesome environment love bright colors .. did you know India was the first country to recycle tires the melted then down for the steel and they made the rubber into tiny pellets that they mix in to tar seal and pave the roads with them
hi i am MD khan join us plzz
Where does one apply! Cool work environment, I am definitely in the wrong field...
good creativity, one thumbs up for you! :-)
Neha Pd
When i grow up, i wanna be a part of Google :) :D
when you grow Google grew more :p
I'm never gonna grow up so there's no
hope for me!
hahaha @Gerogian Sheldon great
seriously,who'd wanna go home from an office like this?
Good going everyone! Looking great!
Joe PM
grand artisans where people love n njoy the work...
lulz that looks awesome
They might have dressed up the surveillance camera top-right a bit...
hi2 how are you.....
soooooooooooo coolllllllllllllllll
Thanks awesome looking! GO GOOGLE!
Very clever ideal!!! Cheers from the states!
witch ones mt office?? make sure it got a bed in there
Genial. Google India apostando na reciclagem. Parabéns!!
a very sought after office to work
I looked at all the pics and they are all amazing!!!
Making Emloyeess comfortable is the first priorityy
Sorry India, it may be simply a huge cultural difference, but I couldn't keep my mind focused while working in a place with such an explosion of color and clutter. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to work in a blank, pristine Ikea furnished cell, but I don't want to spend my days within your visual cacophony either. If I were employed here I'd be telecommuting from home. LOL
Amchi Mumbai, Aapla office, aankhin chaan chaan Google. agdi Nysargic (natural) aahe. abhinandan amcha kadun.
Leo T
What does it smell like outside?
can some body help me in getting job in Google, I am having 20 years exp in the field of Office Admn plus IT Admin and liasoning with govt authorities.
thats weird how the spools are in the desk
we all love google
love u google
thanks for correcting us Gayatri and NandKishor
WOW Culture and Technology
hey is men bt kaise krtn h
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