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We are honored and thrilled to be named #1 Place to work in India again! 
Check out what some Googlers had to say about working here in this article by +The Economic Times :

A huge congratulations to the rest of the winners as well! 

Find out more on the Best Place to work site:

You can learn more about opportunities in India, on our job site:
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Hope So, one day will come when I will be part of this : )
So much talent... and they can't fix the darned G+ Notifications System? It's so full of bugs and limitations it hurts. :-/
No competition with Google.
Lol Ricardo! I loved their cafeteria in Bangalore. Used to work next door :-)
I have a small doubt. How to be students ambassador for my college. Basically my college is Velammal Engineering College under Anna university chennai. I sent mail already to ashwinsharma sir. When i attended his session in g day chennai i came to know about it. What are the steps i should take to be part of this team. So i can help the google team and can also learn something new about the google. 
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