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We're proud to launch the Digital Attack Map --  a live data visualization, built through a collaboration with Arbor Networks, which maps “distributed denial of service” (DDoS attacks) designed to take down websites around the globe. Many websites face targeted digital attacks by people who aim to silence their speech. This tool and visualization specifically surfaces anonymous traffic data related to these attacks, letting people explore historic trends and see related news reportages of outages happening on a given day. #GoogleIdeas  
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This is a great example of what smart people can do with very anonymous and basic data.  
Also, if these time stamps are accurate the data may not be all that anonymous depending on ones understanding of common DDoS mitigation strategies and the potential eBGP update flux which might result :) .. identifying the actual eBGP events and attributes to identify the anonymous network would require significant understanding of inter-as routing..lots of people log all bgp messages they receive - especially on route collectors.. But lets not forget that in large carrier backbones there are probably extensive policies in place to keep their customers policy and traffic engineering updates from being propagated outside of the carrier's asn..

- so if the victim network had good IP engineers who knew how to constrain the scope of their actions there is a very good chance they could remain anonymous :)

Example of mitigations that would not propagate to the DFZ and subsequently be visible in all public route server logs :

They could limit the scope of their activities to say a simple dynamic upstream rtbh for the /32 under atack.. you won't have to worry about host routes leaking beyond S boundaries :)

.. or announcing a more specific of the network under attack to an upstream transit tagged with no-export or tagged with announcement scope communities to indicate the more specific should not propagate beyond the upstream asn or its cutomer cone)..
Now realize that the sheer number of unique attack sources involved in the largest ddos attacks virtually assures that some percentage of attack traffic was forwarded through the majority of transit free IP backbones (and every eyeball network in the country ).... anonymous is always subject to interpretation :)
That shit looks like the United States' nuclear missile targets. D:
Hmm I though it was a nuclear missile launch :D
Love this project.  I registered for the "Google Ideas & Arbor's Digital Attack Map" webinar, but was unable to attend.  Was the webinar recorded?  I would love to see it.  Thanks.
The link to the recording is :

Thanks for watching.
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I was in a safety day and a presentation was done by the bottom of "Digital Attack Map" but on the map of Spain, Please can anybody indicate me how obtain it? It is very important for a few studies that I realize for a safety Project.

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