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We've also just announced Project Shield, an initiative that enables people to use Google’s technology to better protect websites that might otherwise be taken offline by “distributed denial of service” (DDoS) attacks. We’re currently inviting webmasters serving independent news, human rights, and elections-related content to apply to join our next round of trusted testers:

Over the last year, Project Shield has been successfully used by a number of existing trusted testers, including Balatarin (, a Persian-language social and political blog, and Aymta (, a website providing early-warning of scud missiles to people in Syria.  Project Shield was also used to protect the election monitoring service in Kenya (, which was the first time their site stayed up throughout an election cycle. #GoogleIdeas   #ideassummit  
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Google's infrastructure can support free expression by ensuring it's hardware and software has the ever changing means built into them - or ways in which they can be added to prevent and counter any and all attempts at free expression; however, the most important and necessary means by which Google's infrastructure supports free expression is to ensure that Google hires those who truly are for free expression and continuously weeds out those whose covert or overt goals are to destroy free expression as a means of control over the natural born rights of all people to free expression. A great example of the importance of free expression is the rigged, Iranian election (sorry, I missed the last one as I was traveling, but I was reading bits of it before and after in newspapers, online and on tv)  of Ahmadinejad, where those opposed to such rigging were informing the part of the International Community that has access to media means to get their message across. It is the media that provides the means to expose attempts to destroy free expression whenever possible; therefore, the need for improved media infrastructure to counter attempts by people whose goal it is to control other persons ability to freely express themselves, such as online. History would never have been passed down through the centuries of generations, and oppressive and genocidal dictators exposed and taken down had it not been for the will of people to freely express their opposition to such abominations. Today, even in the United States of America, censorship by monopolistic, U.S. Government insiders, current and retired, have and do oppress free expression. If you don't believe me, then check and see for yourself - my daughter and son-in law's and some other members of my family's Facebook and Google+ messages have stopped, or occasional messages added only, and it is due to a Political attack on us - read my Facebook pages under Nester Debra and see, I have been trying to expose their abuse of Authority/Political retaliation attack on me and my family. Me, my daughter and son-in-law and my son are under attack, and I see one of my Cousins stopped leaving messages too. I know my daughter and son-in-law have been forced under threat by the U.S. Government to not post, amounting to Communistic style oppression of our natural right to free expression, and it is due only to the fact that I found Security breaches and mismanagement in California and the ones having done that mismanagement and those Security breaches heard my Complaints about them and they retaliated, using people in all branches of the U.S. Government and some of their allies in the Catholic Church too - to suppress me and set me up - read my Facebook comments . My Uncle Arthur Bonner informed me in 2010 that there was some kind of a problem between the Catholic Church and his side of my family. I don't know what it is, but I do know that some of those priests have attempted to harm me, and I was threatened in California that they were also in cahoots with the people retaliating against me. It is going to take media exposure to prevent the continuation of the suppression of Free Expression. Now, the problem becomes, how to do so when those whose goals are to suppress or remove free expression have infiltrated the media? That is the question that must be posed to people worldwide because, in order to have and ensure that Google, for example, has the necessary infrastructure to support free expression, infiltrators of the media, infiltrators whose goals include suppression; thus, oppression of free expression, must be discovered and rid in media jobs and in jobs pertaining to the media, filtered out, which today, in the United States of America is not the way it is. Freedom of expression has been stolen from me and my family here in the United States of America, but to what extent, I don't know. All I do know is that it has been and the means by which it was done was through threats which included threats to murder me, my children, my grandson, and one of my brothers at a minimun. I know for a fact that there are those today who are working to murder me or have me murdered, and they are tied to my own Government - the U.S. Government. I will not allow them to steal my voice. If they steal my voice 100%, then God help you all, because you will be their next target as a means to destroy the lives of those who speak up against any and all attempts to destroy or limit free expression in the written and verbal form. To Google: suppressors/oppressors out, and those for and willing to work to ensure free expression in. Debra J. (Bonner) Nester 
do you accept ideas from outside?
We need a protected Chinese website, because the Communist Party in China is the worst evil in this world.
a google garante sigilo total sobre a liberdade de expressão ??    
is urgent, very important, to help people that  suffers amniotrophic lateral sclerosis, who can not move any part of body(hand nor legs) and also can not speak. there must be a way to help connecting google glass and EYES ORDERING with computer to  produce voice or written words. this is the only way these people can connect with exterior,  so they  can expres their pains and necesities  to family.  we suppose that the most important use of google glass is to help humanity to solve some needs. we can see stephen hawkins who orders computers from his eyes, and we insist this is the only way to comunicate these people their needs. thanks for your help
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