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Glass Creative Collective is our partnership with film and design schools.

We’re really interested to find out how Glass will contribute to the craft of storytelling, specifically through film. So, we reached out to various film schools, including +The American Film Institute  +California Institute of the Arts (CalArts)  +Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) +UCLA School of Theater, Film, and Television and +University of Southern California. They’ll start exploring how Glass can be used in production, documentary filmmaking, character development and things we haven’t yet considered. We're eager to see what they come up with and we'll be sure to share more with you once school is back in session.

Scene 1, Take 1, and Action!
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You should have the students at Ringling college of art and design join the program. They not only do film, but fine art also and they turn out as many animators as anyone. 
+Google Glass - I would add +Michael Lee Johnson  too...
 Since I am hitchhiking my way from London to Beijing using the Google+ community, recording a documenty about Google+ and generally delivering my entire walk on Google+...
Over 200 people that actually work at Google have suggested I contact the +Google Glass team, however, I have had no response from them what so ever.
+Guilherme Brandão P. Gonzalez This reminds me of when Hangouts started when TV Stations were using them like +Sarah Hill +Tshaka Armstrong & +Maria Quiban +Melissa Carlson  .. Then a bunch of others. +chee chew always said how surprised he was that News Orgs would be interested in Hangouts. The concern I have is the delayed immediacy that films schools will shoot and take time to edit, where we only see the results in 6 months to 3 years from now.
   edit: even documentary film making takes time. I would like to see glass used by in places like refugee camps and frontline field hospitals - anywhere that makes us be so uncomfortable, that we feel like we have been there and want to makes changes for good.. 
I want a google glass
seriously, would travel for them ...
me into debt or whatever
I am scheduled to give Medical Grand Rounds at the hospital re,.GI Emergencies.  I have started working on it and I am planning to take 1-2 minute videos in the emergency room, GI lab, operating room and recovery room with the Glass. All the time ensuring patient privacy, following HIPAA guidelines and maybe have a few interns volunteer.This will be incorporated with live screencasts. I plan to finish the conference doing live Hangouts with colleagues, hopefully at other hospitals, answering questions from the audience.  Since this will involvea  a lot of Glass and the ongoing buzz and curiostiy about it I have decided to title my presentation...... GLASSOLOGY 101, Introduction to GI Emergencies
As a professional cinematographer, I'd love to shoot my next feature with +Google Glass ! There can be so many uses for testing sets and during filming! It's Strange Days all over again!

Google should certainly expand to more universities!
+Google Glass as a boom operator it would be great if someone developed an app that would cue up the script while shooting the scene 
+Lorenzo M. Ponce de León What do you think could be a creative way to capture audio? If you go normal route glass will be excluded. As we know glass dialogue is hard using that headset mic. I wonder if another lav channel could be added to fuse with Android app? cc +Sarah Price .. 
+Michael Durwin This is both fascinating, challenging a a little disturbing (all at the same time). Everyone can get round the audio, just parts of it will not come from glass, purists will claim it a flaw.
   The thought of having 100s of short clips to be converted is bad. There are other edit suits, we all know that. I have not read around if FCP will be updated to include mp4 - is that some Apple issue?
  Glass is only a prototype+, so I wonder if the video is 720p as a sensor issue or simply to keep file s sizes small(er).. 
+Google Glass better be faster with a car system or some home entertainment system (htpc+gaming) before Apple takes it all not because Apple is the best but because of the Apple hype :-)
Hi Google! I'm with Drexel University Cinema & Television and we have  a fantastic Film/Television program as well as a digital media program as well. I'd like to be part of this trial too!
Hi +Google Glass ! I'm a movie lover, and would be happy to experience the movie of my life, too :-p If any chance...
You all know what's coming. Something like The Blair Witch Project done with +Google Glass  . Children's television programming  with a child wearing Google Glass and learning how to write  or something. I think kids might enjoy watching that. A cooking show or some other how to do something show. Or a travel show.  I think a show or something made with Google Glass would be a great learning tool. Remembering a cooking  show done with Google Glass would be almost like remembering a dream or memory . Almost like remembering something you did yourself. So it would be great for learning how to do stuff.  
If any of those documentary folks want to use their Glass to show veterans their memorials, hit me up!  Thanks for the ping +Mike Downes 
+Michael Durwin I take it you have Glass yourself, if so, is there a section for this in support? (I'm in UK and have no glass as yet) .. Have you connect glass to android to pair? ..
This would be incredible at the school I'm currently going to, The Los Angeles Film School! I think that needs to be added to the list ;) I even tried to win a +Google Glass via the twitter contest with how one would use google glass. I guess I'm destined to buy a pair within the next 5 years. Haha
I am also exploring the world of film and television right here in Orlando! Not currently enrolled in film school though (I graduated in 2006)...
I'm working on a documentary about the City of Detroit, and I'm super excited to utilize my Glass in the film aspect!
+Angelocracy Xue Yikes! I'd hope they'd do something better than Blair Witch.

+Google Glass I'm working with the City of Orlando on a few things as well as with a couple of documentarians in the area. The whole basis of me even applying for Glass was to make it a community based project. Hundreds of people in Orlando, and by tourism proxy, the country and world, have tried on my Glass. If you ever need a goodwill ambassador for the state of Florida, I'm your gal! ;-)
Hope they make it available to me. I really want to try out filmmaking using this beauty but I'm well outside the United States and I'm skeptical they'd entertain someone like me to test it out. I have a degree in Broadcasting and I will absolutely love to put it to use using Glass. wishful thinking $1500 - i don't even have $50 hahaha :)

+Google Glass 
Google glass doesn't seem to be interested in very potential project,. I sent them an email to ask the possibility to use Google Glass for Scientific Research and never replied to me. They don't really understand the potential but as a Business Company they want big fishes to try google glasses
Michael using glasses for experimental purposes and publication could be a revolution in the concept of learning, can you imagine the potential of recording a surgery or experiment with an hand free tool, it would be amazing to share with other researchers or even being guided by an expert somewhere in the world. But I understand what you say...
What Google needs to do is allow you to connect  Glass to a external blu-tooth enabled HDD or  Computer a laptop or tablet or  Phone that has external storage so  you can record from glass  and  at some point when storage is getting full on glass it auto  uploads  to other physical   storage devices   and also  they need to allow you to have more then 1  BT device  enabled   on the glass   so if  someone has a Witrless  BT mic  they could then allow glass to use it instead of built in Mic  
+Michael Durwin Exactly.  The "announcement" is made to seem that they're interested in individual projects, but in reality they're not.   Just look at the make up of the current Glass population, yeah...very "representative"...ha!
Google glassess project is now closed so they don't accept submission anymore...
Massey University in Palmerston North, NZ and UCOL in the same town are huge feeders of WETA. You'd do well to send them some sets.
The Minneapolis College of Art & Design is also using Glass!
I would like to test the glass. I an a wild life phototographer ( no pro) this would be wonderful document a photo series. And a walk through the wild Alaksa tundra. Talkingas yougo.
Richard Tolbert 202 West 22nd Have, Anchorage, alaska 99503. Thnak you. 
I am wondering, if glass can follow eye movement would it become able to tell what part of my study books I find the hardest? (F.I. by checking how many times I go over it or by checking if I dwell on the same spot)
And would it not be cool if I can get a tutor in the corner of my glass explaining in a short clip just the part I'm having difficulties with?
Or even better could this info be sent to my teacher, thus helping him to improve the contents of his classes?
As a teacher I am really interested in this.

Bart Duijvelshoff
the Netherlands
I would love to see something similar, but for journalistic purposes. Many reporters are now required to be multi-media and will need training on how to shoot and edit video to report a story -- just like "selective editing" of a person's quotes can create deception, the same is true with video.  
I'm an NYU film school graduate working on a low-budget movie about the 1999 Kosovo War and Glass would be amazing for P.O.V. shots.
I would like to have the Saddleback College program considered as an additional partner.  Who would I speak to about this?  Charles Myers (
Hi +Charlie Myers, thanks for letting us know. We aren't currently taking new applications, but we'll let you know if that changes. 
Surprising you guys picked risd and didn't choose Ringling, just due to all the stuff they are doing with animation, Hollywood and the movies. Keep them in mind!