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+Alex Blaszczuk  inspired us from day one with her #ifihadglass application:

I am a New Yorker, a law student, a quadriplegic. #ifihadglass I could finally capture my life on my own. I would show the world how to thrive with physical limitations in the most interesting city on the planet. With Glass, paralysis doesn't have to be paralyzing.

Join her on a camping trip as she tells her story #throughglass. To learn more about Alex and her adventures with Glass, visit:

This entire film was shot through Glass.
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This is an awesome use of technology!
Great, inspiring story. This is why the world really needs revolutionary technology like Glass.

Plus, now I'm really excited to go camping with Glass this weekend in northern Michigan!
That is just the greatest, inspirational!
Dani C
Alex's story gives meaning to all your efforts with Glass...thanks for sharing! she's awesome!
Amazing story.  Google truly makes the world a better place.
Wonderful and amazing. Reinforces my hope that Glass will help those of us with disabilities in ways yet to be discovered. Way to go +Alex Blaszczuk . Thank you for sharing.  

I am use to large metropolitan areas but have never been to NY and do not know anyone in the city. I have been terrified to get my Glass at Chelsea Market because I am driving in and am only good for about a tenth of a mile walk. Yet I continue to be inspired by how Glass may transform my life. 
I can't tell you how much this inspires me to get more involved with this. I've supported assistive computer technology in a University setting and found it very rewarding to help students who thought the barriers to technology use were insurmountable. This is often not the case and I believe Google glass will be an order of magnitude improvement for individuals with physical and/or mental challenges.
If only Google Glass didn't make everyone look like a douchebag.
Very sweet. Although Alex seems to have full use of her arms, which would allow her to use a camera, phone or almost any other tech device, this does show is how someone who might not have use of their arms could use Glass with voice only commands. Exciting to imagine the possibilities for so many with disabilities.
Sorry. I just read Alex's page and it says she has no feeling in her wrists or hands. My apologies. Go, Alex! You rock.
Really +Charlie Donnelly ? That's your response to this story? If only the internet didn't encourage so much douchebaggery. Way to go +Alex Blaszczuk , this story brought tears to my eyes. 
Amazing..., all the best to you +Alex Blaszczuk and all you guy's at Google that make this all possible...
That's great. It's a shame she's a law student.
Great story!

I'm picking up mine on Saturday and I can't wait!
Heartwarming.  Now where's my Glass?  
What's the point of google glass? This is the point of google glass!!!
Thank you, thank you. Go forth and conquer!
UGH!! When will consumers get a chance to posses Google Glass!!
Now this is another great way Google Glass can change the world!
Wondering if healthcare is going to beat out the tech geek as the market for google glass
Aaron, That's a good question. I don't see it as a competition for the market, though. Right now, all kinds of people and industries are using Glass. I do see some of the best uses in education, healthcare, journalism, tourism, advertising and parenting. If Google makes Glass Float, I see this product as a competitor to GoPro for the younger generation that wants to share their active stunts with friends quickly and for School Groups, Sports Teams, Robitics Teams, Factory Production- line workers that need to be using their hands all the time(could document a defect on a product and send it down the line to the next person, immediately. I can't even stop thinking of all the important uses of a device like this that you use hands-free. Alex is a wonderful example, but the possibilities are truly endless.
Oh how wonderful!  My dad who contacted polio in the 20's (that would be 1925) would have loved wearing GLASS.  What freedom he would have had from his wheelchair and crutch and cane. FDR would have been mystified too.  My dad celebrated being at Warm Springs with him for several years.  But using GLASS would have made them see in a very special way.  
Ya tenemos la tecnologia para hacer todo eso, las Glasses solo lo hacen mas (mucho más! ) sencillo. Lo cual es fantástico, por cierto
Great story Alex, you are an inspiration.  Good luck with the studies - from a lawyer in New Zealand.
well, I guess this was not about the google glass but about the great friends.. :)
Wow that's so inspiring! The first person I see recording me in public with google glasses I'm punching in the face.:O♧♣☆★
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