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A letter to our Glass Explorers, from the head of Glass

My name is Ivy Ross, and I’m excited to be joining Google on Monday, May 19 to lead our Glass efforts. With your help, I look forward to answering the seemingly simple, but truly audacious questions Glass poses: Can technology be something that frees us up and keeps us in the moment, rather than taking us out of it? Can it help us look up and out at the world around us, and the people who share it with us?  I have spent my career--Calvin Klein, Swatch, Coach, Mattel, Bausch & Lomb, Gap and, most recently, the intersection of design and marketing, trying to answer questions like this in different ways, for different products.  But Glass is especially cool, as no one has really tried to answer them with a product like this before. That’s our job, Explorers!  I'm just getting started on Glass, but, because of all of you, and your thoughtful and smart feedback, I feel like I have an incredible head start.  And I look forward to learning even more from you, and experiencing Glass together.

Ivy Ross
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Looking forward to seeing where Glass takes us!
Welcome to the wonderful world of +Google Glass! Excited to see what the next chapter of Glass brings

Now, to the first order of business  +Ivy Ross  - Charcoal, Tangerine, Sky, Cotton, or Shale? Thin, bold, split, or round?

The answer to those questions is extremely important.
Zach W.
At the head of design and marketing...? Does this mean a potentially sleeker Glass that stands out less? That would be pretty cool!
JP Hines
Step one... Make glass affordable instead of the crazy town price of $1500
Welcome Ivy! Nice to meet you! Very exited to share with you my feedback on Glass! 
Congrats and welcome!  Let me know if you need a tired (but very effective) CIO who'd rather be innovating with a bunch of brilliant engineers and creative types.  I'd raise my hand!
Welcome Ivy.  Let's start with the seemingly simple, but truly audacious question:  Why has it been so challenging to release XE software updates that are stable, reliable, functional and efficient with regards to the existing Glass hardware?  It seems that this has gone by the wayside in the past two months.
Good to have you on board
Congratulations to a fellow "Glasser".  It's the first step toward becoming a (sort of) BORG!  
Welcome +Ivy Ross to a community of brilliant and creative individuals exploring and sharing the world through +Google Glass . I am glad that I was chosen to be a part of this grand adventure and community. You will enjoy it. 
Welcome IvY Ross it is good to have you <3 
Congratulations, +Ivy Ross!  Your passion and experience are much appreciated.
I'll fill you in: Google Glass to Canada please !!!!!
Hello +Google Glass -Team,
hello +Ivy Ross,
I have a question/idea, which might be great for the Google Glass. Probably everybody, who has a YouTube Channel knows about the automatic stabilizing program from the YouTube website, which stabilizes uploaded videos, when they are kind of shaky. Often this program gets used by people, who upload videos from a GoPro camera for example.

My question:
I was wondering, if you as the developers of the Google Glass could think about it, to put an app or a tool into the operating system of the Google Glass, which gives you the opportunity to stabilize the videos you take with Google Glass, like the YouTube website does with uploaded shaky videos.
Thank you very much for all you are doing. 
Welcome Ivy! Hope to use Glass as a news gathering and live reporting tool for our tv station in San Luis Obispo.
I have been trying to take Dr. Starner out to dinner to talk about where
glass needs to go next. If you are ever in Ann Arbor I would like to
extend the same offer. I think Google is missing out on a billion dollars
of revenue a year at this point.
Wow. What complete corporate double talk idiocy. 
Gil Pac
Welcome +Ivy Ross ! We look forward to your contributions and of course you joining the Google family!
Does this mean there has been a shakeup at Glass? How did you wind up where you are?
And, suspiscuously, why not a hashtag with Glass in it, and only with "fashion" in the hashtag? This  promo stinks.
Not that some fashion and marketing isn't called for, but I find it odd that the head of Glass has absolutely zero engineering background. 
Jack B
Why is the head of #Glass  not pictured supporting the product at all? Am I missing it somewhere? Why is the head of Glass not a #glassexplorer ? Something very wrong with that picture...
So the automatic hashtags predicted this is NOT "our girl" to be leading Glass. Very predictive, indeed, +Jonathan Warden !! Thank you.
I cross-posted on Facebook (gasp! Sacrilege!). Let's see what comes of it.
Solid credentials.  I think we are in good hands.  Welcome!
Solid, if you are into fashion! Heck, yeah! But, this is wearable tech, which requires an impeccable background in INTERDISCIPLINARY fields, at the very least.
Welcome Ms. Ross, I look forward to interacting with you and sharing my Glass experience as a photographer and visual artist. +Ivy Ross 
+Ben Winton The tech is the easy part. Getting people to strap an ugly camera on their face is the hard part.  I think a bit of fashion sense is exactly what we need.
Good luck Ivy, personally I'm a great believer in what Glass will become. Looking forward to seeing where you take it.
Welcome and what is that watch you're wearing?
+Jan-Rickmer Feindt Wow! That's a good start, and a good idea.. I've been thinking of starting a YouTube channel and looks like that's really gonna happen, and your suggestion on Glass is cool man! 
Ivy Ross, welcome on board ma'am. I couldn't help but notice that the watch you have on that picture is pretty huge for your hands.. as a designer, i had to notice that. And it's not important really. Meanwhile, we welcome you to the Glass project and are sure that you will bring lots of ideas on board. Looking forward. 
Welcome! Can't wait to see how Glass continues to grow and evolve! 
welcome +Ivy Ross - let's create mind bending solutions for Glass and health :)
Welcome! I hope to see great things from Glass.
Lets bring STEM to glass. Let teachers record every day science fri a first person perspective 
+Ivy Ross raises the expectation that consumer edition will be worth the wait (no pressure).  Congratulations on a great appointment.
Can u just bring back Bluetooth keyboard and mouse capabilities and I'll +1 everything u have.
Since there's a new boss in town, I may as well say this at least once: UK please? :-) 
I would like to start the glass campaign. The key statement for glass should be " when once we looked down, now we look up". Great things are to come, glad to see more people getting involved. Welcome to glass.
Leo T
Was that picture taken in Mexico?
with all due respect as an explorer, I expect that this signals the acceleration of a transition from explorer to everyman / everywoman / everygender.  If this means jettisoning hashtags, plus ones, and other googlephernalia, that's ok by me.
+Ivy Ross welcome to the team and the community. While marketing is truly critical, there certainly needs to be a renewed effort on software stability and developer support on #googleglass

Transparency needs to be increased at some point so that developers, investors, and start-ups can properly launch Glass projects with some kind of certainty about Glass support and the roadmap. 
Congratulations on an amazing new opportunity, +Ivy Ross . I am looking forward to some great developer focused announcements at #io14 .

Fixing the Bluetooth stack on #googleglass would be a great start. Headsets, keyboards, and other HID devices are currently broken and need attention. This issue is blocking a number of development projects. 
Wow, someone jumps jobs every 2 seconds. Glass program must be in deep ~€¥% to have someone new coming in.
Let's take glass to a commercial release. $1500 is still crazy.....
Why do I skip posts starting with "I'm exited" even if it seems an interesting post?
Congratulations Ivy - a woman's view in tech enables many paths 
Can't wait and see where Glass takes us
Welcome! Looking forward to see what to future holds for Glass
Welcome Ivy, but I really would love to know when Glass is going to be available outside of America?? Namely, Australia? Been waiting a VERY long time now
congrats on the opportunity to lead one of most motivated, talented teams at google and launch a product that will change everything going forward.

I think there's a clear way to price, position and punt your way to success here.  meaning:
1. price:   you can get everything else wrong and still succeed with this one move.  $199 glass.  justify it to larry with three words:  glass magnifies google.  or try these three letters: LTV.  need a few more? how about:  "lovely loss leader locks in lookers" or the old favorite worth billions: "first mover advantage"  seriously, if you run the numbers on total client/revenue capture it adds up like crazy, even without ads.

2. position:   few things to get across lound and clear...
     a. glass is far more powerful than it looks/works today 
     b. glass is amazing for ... (fill in the blanks)
         some clues:          or just start with travel, education, commercial use. 
     c. glasses can do things watches will never do.  think power of the pov.
     d. typical heart warming stories about how "glass magnifies life" are fine, but practical purchase triggers are key.  

short term, that's tech junkies & commercial use but as a retailer, you understand christmas trumps everything.
with the right messaging & price point, you could move a million+ units sold as gifts & to parents wanting smarter kids (showcasing how johnny has a calc tutor looking over his shoulder from mumbai for $5/hr).
     e. it's also worth SHOUTING that it's what's "behind glass" is what really matters - a truly amazing foundation of android, voice recognition tech, google now (increasingly wow), plus, hangouts/helpouts, maps/nav, gmail, voice, translate, drive, photos, wallet...ALL of it (loss leader pricing making more sense now?)    shout loud enough and the total glassform (glass + platform) will be unassailable and worth billions.  taken as a whole, samsung/sony/lg/htc/crowd don't stand a chance.  regardless of when msft and apple get in the game, this  multi-billion dollar ecosystem party is not one you want to be late to.  think msft can get oakley to roll out window shades after they're all glassed up?  good luck with that.    

3. punt:  
     a. accept that there's a significant crowd that will never take to glass, and just punt this bad boy over their heads, to the folks that really want it.  who's that?  try taking glass to any school (kindergarden to college) & you'll see where the low hanging fruit is.  

turns out that glass is not a device from our time.  It belongs to the next generation, and they go nuts for it, dismissing any issues with the a blink of an eye.   

   b. hard to say punt on privacy & other issues, because clearly, you'll have to "address issues head on" respectfully increasing transparency & controls, but no matter what you do, it's a bumpy road fraught with peril.   it will be rough going until the balance of risk vs reward hits a proper tipping point.  celebrities will help here, so use them like crazy.  "good enough for oprah" will win over a lot of paranoid moms and a victoria secret smart-is-sexy "girls in glasses" campaign couldn't hurt.   the key is to work like mad to increase utility and accelerate acceptance with real utility while dangling shiny objects and fighting fires lit by the lunatic fringe.  given enough time, the masses tolerate new technology once they see the benefits outweigh the issues.     
  c. want to really drive sales?  screw the barges, and punt to the channel.  direct sales will always PALE in comparison to what luxottica, safilo and marcolin can do.   those monsters will move millions of pairs of beautiful, cool smart glasses that resonate with their fiercely loyal brand fans in ways google geekware never will.  you literally can not do enough to support them, because the sooner you spin them up, the sooner you lock in a smart glasses platform & ecosystem monopoly worth billions.

fun times ahead.

p.s. want to know where this is all headed next? (perfect vision by 20/20), then check out the main AR/SmartGlasses conference in santa clara may 27-29  (  
+Google Glass Hi Ivy! :) Good to see some shakeup with someone who has design experience. What do you think about symmetry in eyewear? I think Glass' assymetrical design has been one of the huge failure's on Google's part, which developed a stigma against Glass before it even had a chance to truly develop.

I don't understand how a cyborg assymetrical design for eyewear became the front of Glass' marketing campaign, and it will take a lot of work from the design partners to undo the weight the Glass brand has.

I was especially angry about this, and disappointed by Google for not listening. :\ 
ref 1:
ref 2:
Welcome, +Ivy Ross! So exciting to learn of your new role with Glass! Can't wait to see what developments await! 
+Google Glass +Ivy Ross 
iOS plans to integrate real multitasking = 2 apps windowed on desktop
so this is the proof Apple's so called "simplicity" is not intentional
so please, don't make from Google Glass too iLimited :)
Your Android will be behind iOS again because the Android team follows Apple's wrong strategy too anxiously ("simplicity" is just a characteristic of Apple, not a reason of the success). Thanks Samsung we already have 2-4 apps desktop split.

Samsung's great sales of features prove that pure Android does not matter much.

I'm glad you have already integrated "send a route to Glasses" I (not only me for sure) proposed a half year ago. Please, make Glasses more useful add-on for a phone "send video/music/video call/www site/read text ..."

Features will secure our interest and money from us :)

Thank you
I think your delusional but you probably make sense to your world but not those of most of the world who cannot understand technological marketing fassads.
Here's to a new adventure +Ivy Ross: may it be replete with challenge and success (otherwise it might get boring...)
+aaron smith Nicely general opinion. Could you be exact to understand you what exactly are you trying to say? What exactly do you feel I wrote was wrong?
Do you want to say that we do not need great features through apps from Play store or water resistance, AMOLED, wireless display, fast camera, sphotosphere etc.? Do we buy everything thanks to only marketing without features?
Presbyopia is a condition where, with age, the eye exhibits a progressively diminished ability to focus on near objects. So... Ivy will never use Glass and neither do I.
Look forward to getting to know you +Ivy Ross! I have a few suggestions in regards to the education space but we'll get there in time ;) I have to say, the +Google Glass team is one of favorites so welcome!
Wish you all the best +Ivy Ross Glass is fantastic and I've enjoyed being an Explorer. 
David M
Welcome to the Glass of Class  :D
Looking forward to this new era of Glass. We need you to get a G+ verified account so we can better get to know you and you can better get to know the Glass Explorers. Please let us know what your official account is on G+ and Twitter.
Welcome! Very excited to have you on board.
This is a critical move for Google. Ever since IO 2012, I have wondered, who is the face of Glass? Sergey? Babak? Isabelle? Steve Lee? Tim Jordan? I think it's critical to have one person who truly represents the product. Looks like Ivy is that person. With her fashion background, I'm sure she'll take a very critical eye to glass and really focus on getting it consumer ready. Great move.
+Kevin M Combes Exactly.  Glass has really been stumbling around since it was introduced.  The hardware is ugly.  The tech is flaky.  A true beta product.  If it's ever going to go mainstream we need someone with a sense of style.  And let's not forget Ivy has a background in optics and she even worked at Matel so she knows a good toy when she sees one.  Now... make it pretty, make it WORK properly and finally put a small blinking red light on the front of glass when it's recording so all those privacy concerns will go away.  Then we will have an awesome mainstream product.
+Robert Hamilton I usually agree with you. However that blinking red light idea is terrible. First the red light would most likely interfere with recordings made in low light situations and second Glass has a screen that actually shows people nearby exactly what's being recorded. All people need to do is look at the prism on Glass to to know whether or not they are being recorded.
Yes, the Glass prism is a different indicator but it's an indicator that is much more informative than a software controlled red light. A light that could easily be turned off with a few lines of carefully crafted code.
Welcome +Ivy Ross! I look forward to +Google Glass treating #Explorers  as partners and collaborators in this experience, rather than customers. The recent debacle with being left entirely in the dark about the XE updates until the last day of the month was honestly very poor compassion for the Explorers. You have, at your fingertips, some of the most eager and willing #BetaTesters  you'll ever find. Treat us like it! Make us feel like we have a back-stage pass. Give us exclusive "broken" experiences to play with and give our feedback on. Let us easily install beta / trial software to play with it. Show us how much we matter, and how much we're partners with you guys, but asking our opinions more frequently and even more-so by elevating the insider information distributed on the Explorer's Community. As many have noted in the past, #Google has notoriously bad communication, both inside and out. This is a chance to change that, and I think you easily can with a few very simple changes. Thank you for taking on this task, and welcome to #Glass!
//makes sure +Kris Kitchen is in circles..  yep!

I totally disagree with all the privacy concerns that people bring up about the camera.. if it mattered they would be talking about the camera on the Galaxy Gear
Let's hit the ground running lots of work to be done here
Welcome aboard Ivy.
"Can technology be something that frees us up and keeps us in the moment, rather than taking us out of it? Can it help us look up and out at the world around us, and the people who share it with us? "

This is the message that needs to be heard.
How about we lower the price a bit on Google Glass.   1500.00 makes it way out of my league.
Welcome, I am looking forward to hear from you how you want to shape the future of this great tool. In Europe only very few people approached me and asked about GLASS but mostly positive.

I have now spent 5 weeks in Fort Lauderdale Florida  and lots of people talked to me about GLASS and how it works. Each encounter was a friendly one !!!!  
so in my opinion there is hope that it is possible to re-position GLASS in the perception of people to what it should be : A great Tool that makes my life easier and by the way it makes me look cool as well
Congratulations +Ivy Ross on joining up with the amazing team working on Glass. 
Hello Ms Ross, looking forward to the future of Glass!
Or... "How does Google get 250 million adults to free their wallets of $1500?". Also, please add a " Recording in process " LED for when the camera on Glass is in use.
...and the ability to connect to a WPA2 network...pretty please???
+Ivy Ross +Google Glass The product need to be more elegant, a glass not folding???, it definitely need to look more pleasing and people will love it..
remember why apple products are so popular.. please pays for them because they crave to have them..
Jon M
Welcome Ivy! Please drop the price of Glass so the rest of us can participate.
Dear Ivy, as a new customer and someone who was really excited to own a Glass - I would like to share my completely awful experience with your Customer Support team. After promising me a replacement glass earlier this week, they have repeatedly ignored my calls/emails and I have spent a significant amount of time trying to track them down. I never leave bad reviews - but in this instance I am compelled to do so because I feel that you should be aware that customers are not being treated well. 
I am able to connect to my wpa2 network. I wish that I could pair my glass with my bluetooth stereo headset. I wish I could use a usb hub to connect a battery and the headphones at the same time. 
Nice to see a gal heading Glass; +Ivy Ross could potentially become an excellent role model for girls in tech and wearables.
can I to speak and nobody to hear? is a ask for google not for technology
Welcome +Ivy Ross. Great to see women here and I do look forward to more engagement and better answers...
I am not an Explorer as of yet and look forward to a day when we can as a race, hold our heads upward in the real world while while mastering our connects to our virtual world.

Too much of life flows past us today whilst we look down into whatever device strives to distract us from what is really happening all around us.   
So I am very excited to read question which I hope becomes the foundation to your mission.

 "Can technology be something that frees us up and keeps us in the moment, rather than taking us out of it? Can it help us look up and out at the world around us, and the people who share it with us? "
Very bold thoughts and I encourage you with this direction.
Best of success for your efforts and those fortunate enough to help guide it.


Thank you +Ivy Ross for reaching out to the community, as we all seek to answer the same question you so aptly pose. Judging from the comments above, you clearly have a lot of catch up reading to do. Once you've settled I hope you have some time to connect with me in regard to some important work we are doing on a #HIPPA  compliant solution for +Google Glass as part of our product development on #GlassForSurgery  and #GlassForHealthCare  We are working with the #GlassMed  community and partnering with surgeons and physicians to produce groundbreaking #ContextAware   #Glassware  applications. -Congratulations and welcome to the Glass team!
Thank you for your kind award, I will be happy to contribute the points to Ivy Ross and her quest should it help move it along.
Welcome to the Glass Party! The best community I have ever been a part of. 
Google glass.too expensive... waiting until the prices go down...!!
I have the greatest solution to Glass be the unique  e essential in urban life
make me a partner in your group  and the glass will be a fundamental element to urban center arround the world
+Ivy Ross Welcome and congrats! We look forward to your campaign in Japan and other Asian countries!
I'd better wait until it's more locally accepted and I'm not looked at by people like they want to take my Glass :o !!
Welcome. I do want to say that it would be helpful to better understand the product strategy as both a consumer and a business professional. It isn't clear what role it has to play in one or both of these settings. Without a legend, we the customers tend to criticize what we don't understand. 
Congratulations! You know that this group is your corps, committed to the concept of Google being the leader in personal streaming visuals and the digital experience, fun, and good work it could bring. We are all looking forward to Google placing their resources behind and with us on that journey,, too!

Congratulations, I hope you help the company expand!
Google Glass could be a great tool for innovative learning and teaching - I'd love to explore this vista of probabilities.
Congrats! I'm looking fordward to be a google glass explorer! How can I apply to do that? I do live in Argentina and as a medical doctor and a triathlet I would like to try it into my surgerys and my races! Thanks a lot! Alexander
welcome aboard, +Ivy Ross!  good luck on this endeavor.  I can't wait to see what the future brings!
you're shaping the future of this world in a large way.  I see glass as more than a camera and toy, but a tool to progress humanity.  I'm sure you will live up to the high expectations set for you. 
The two main things I'm seeing here are price and privacy. Those who have been following this project before they opened limited orders to the public should know that it won't cost $1500 when released, and that this price is for a beta unit. Look up dev consoles on eBay. Xbox One development kit machines go for many times more than that. And if you're worried that it's just that, a beta unit, remember that the first mobile phones were bricks (my father's first mobile sat in a bag on the floor of the car and my mother's was the size of an Xbox controller.

And as for privacy, Glass is no worse than the Galaxy Gear 2 with it's wrist mounted camera (under the table shots, anyone?) or a HD spy pen ($30 can get you a pen that also records up to an hour of HD video) or even your own mobile phone (There's a spy camera app that disguises itself as a note taking tool, or you can use Tasker to take discrete photos and videos without even touching your phone). The rule is, if you wouldn't take a photo with your phone or a regular camera, then you sure as hell shouldn't be using glass, even if you're just looking up directions or whatever.
Can Google Glass display images in the HUD?  What are the chances it could (now or in the future) display things like detailed technical drawings at a high enough resolution so the glass wearer can see/read them?
Please, please, please give us the option of having the display on the left side. There are many of us who are left eye dominant. 
Awesome, I would love to have a pair of my own.

It just makes me feel alive, to know that people can enjoy the freedom that we give them.
Welcome! What color of Glass, and which frame (if any) would you choose as your own?
I am extremely disappointed in the forced ota updates. I have initiated a return based on my inability to use video call. My only reason for purchasing glass was because of the value I see in providing services as a virtual surragate. I focus on utility. Without video calling capabilities, I struggle to find value. I am an explorer who is interested in pushing this technology forward. Unfortunately, I do not have that ability. 
Welcome! I wish you luck. I wish I were an explorer but the price tag was too high for me. I'm greatly looking forward to the general release, whenever that happens. I know people have been saying a lot about glass, and I feel they're missing the point. For me this will be life enhancing, and will help me greatly to manage my digital and real life, and help me keep on top of my ADHD. I've been excited about this project since first hearing about it. Again congrats and good luck! 
Ted R
What is that watch belt buckle thing?
Is it possible to embed the glass into a regular eyeglass, into the lens itself and will not be noticed, like progressive lens? 
Brad B
As an optometrist and a Glass Explorer (1 month  experience)  I see many potential vision care applications. Google needs to partner with other companies besides vision plans and frame companies to deliver a premium product that can justify the price. Congrats on the new position.  I hope to someday discuss my ideas with you.  
Call me boring but I just want glass to replace my reading glasses.  Whenever someone texts me it's an ordeal. Pull out my glasses, put them on, pull out my phone, read msg, reply then put it all away.  Until two minutes later I need to do it all over again.  No wonder I hate texting.  Glass should eliminate all of that hassle.
Classroom applications for Google Glass? Could be awesome if augmented reality gave the teacher added tools in real-time experience in front of the classroom. Or what if students - all the students in the class -  had Google Glass? The kinds of educational content and methodology you could superimpose could be revolutionary. Think big, because tomorrow is here!
So far I am UNHAPPY with Google Glass  & here is why:

I have had it for many weeks now and here are my issues in no particular order...

-If I shoot VIDEO for more than about 3-4 minutes it OVERHEATS & must SHUT DOWN! WTF? I paid $1500 to be your beta-tester aka "explorer" while considering Google Glass as my possible prototype for CHARTCAM i.e. the world's first VIDEO MEDICAL RECORD & winner of the INPEX 2012 "Innovators Cup" award & Google Glass sends me this  TURD HARDWARE???

It overheats in less than 5 minutes???  I want my $1500 back if you can't fix this...pathetic

-backing up and/or ERASING the Google Glass is a total pain in the ASS!  Chartcam must back up INSTANTLY via a HIPPA & Obamacare compliant SECURE WIRELESS mechanism so as to NOT waste the Google Glass's memory!  At the same time,  CHARTCAM must also EASILY backup via USB to create a secure copy on a LOCAL hard drive (in the event wireless goes down which happens at least once a day at the hospital where I work).  

-ear piece volume is NOT loud enough so it is very hard to actually HEAR a  phone call made with the Google Glass (and NO I am NOT "deaf"! My hearing is excellent)

-could use a better VOICE RECORDING MICROPHONE bc CHARTCAM is a LEGAL VIDEO MEDICAL RECORD & all sounds being recorded should be AUBIDLE especially VOICES because the conversation between doctor, nurse, & patient must be audible to serve as a  legal medical record.  

-needs to be BLOOD/SWEAT/TEARS resistant & easily decontaminated WITHOUT damaging the hardware

-CHARTCAM needs secure software to access Google Glass files which can be used on ALL platforms (desktop, laptop, iphone, ipad, samsung, etc. )

CHARTCAM wants Google Glass to become the standard hardware across the nation in the first nationallly standardized VIDEO MEDICAL RECORD which will save heatlh care workes TIME while increasing the quality of care delivered as it saves BILLIONS of dollars annually!  But if Google Glass can NOT satisfy these requirements, I guess we shall see what Apple & Samsung have to offer Chartcam.

Are you going to fix this or what?
Ben Marble, M.D.-
inventor of Chartcam 
winner of  the INPEX 2012 Innovators Cup award!
+Ben Marble Your out of line as a +Google Glass Explorer first and foremost, i can understand your anger but if you truly feel like that instead of being disrespectful just get your Money money back you've only had them a Couple of weeks (meaning two) so that should fix them. I'm an early Adopter i was chosen and anytime i had a Problem the #GlassTeam was there for me no matter what. have you emailed Glass Support? Have you called 1-800-GLASS-XE? have you looked into Our Explorers Community for plausible answers to your problem? if not you should start there. Remember in life we have decisions and you chose to an Explorer. Remember it's technology and nothing is perfect and the reasons we are Explorers is to Shape the Product & technology as a whole. As an Explorer your not a regular individual anymore you are apart of something much bigger now. I pray that everything turns out for the best for you.
Welcome. I'm not an Explorer yet. But hopefully I will be soon. 
Not a glass owner, just learning and looking to see where glass goes.
+K Barnett is it really? I want in really bad. Been a little hesitant to pull the trigger. Simply because doing so would set me back a bit. So if that's true it would be a huge deal 
Hello. I started having an idea for glass. An app. I won't say much here but it can be one app that can do many things.
I tried developing for it but I can't with owning glass. Im 15 and a 15 year old won't be able to fork over 1500$. Plus I live in Canada which you guys don't offer glass to. This isn't a request to ask for glass even though it sounds like it (Just explaining why)
My main reason I am writing here is if I want to post an app to glassware app environment, would I need to own a pair of glass to get my custom GDK or could I develop for glass without owning one? An answer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
welcome, but def need a new picture with glass.
Why do people complain about Glass? You chose to buy Glass. No, actually you requested an opportunity to buy Glass. I know $1500 is a pretty penny, but I was under the impression, and correct me if I'm wrong, that the Explorer Program and Glass to a greater extent was always a sort of work in progress, making an Explorer somewhat of a beta tester. No one was forced to buy Glass. But in the event you did buy Glass and Glass didn't live up to your expectations or maybe you simply have buyer's remorse, you have 30 days to try Glass out. And if Glass is not for you, you can return Glass. Go figure
I think the biggest benefit of Glass is providing the benefit of technology while not getting in the way of life. The best technologies seem to just disappear from the periphery and do what they are supposed to do unobtrusively. 
+HENRY GAUL The thing is though, glass is a rip off for the price. Sure you get to be a beta tester but the parts inside are apparently only 89$ worth. So the other money? 1500 dollars is a huge amount for something that can be made for less than 100$ Glass is cool but why google is selling them for so high? Maybe so they can make the profits necessary to expand glass. I don't know. I want to develop for glass but man, 1500$ also they don't care about Canada getting glass or not. US is the only Country that gets everything good. Not fair. I want glass to develop with. I heard it could be jailbroken by installing a kernel which wasn't too hard to crack. Saurik did it. The battery life I heard is terrible. You could drain it under an hour of heavy usage. I get that glass is not meant to be a full on device, but it is a smartphone add on which needs to step up. Its going to be hard to upgrade the battery since the design is already cool and built I should say. Glass is a cool tool and my main focus with developing for it was to have people make references or take down notes for them to see at a later time. GDK for glass seems really easy. I would like to see glass be able to handle a full on 2 hour movie without the battery dropping past 75% but that is asking for too much apparently. Glass is a cool tool but man, if google doesn't care about the people giving suggestions, why make something sound so big like the explorer program?
Also, their commercials......Google glass with mom, dad, grad. The thing is, regardless of glass, the person would still be a mom, dad, grad. Google is trying to make it seem glass is a neccesity to moms, dads and just about everyone. What they could of done was maybe have a mom video where a mother had glass connected to a baby monitor. Then it could say something how glass lets her be more connected with her child, something like that. "Google glass lets me feel more at ease knowing my baby is okay without me constantly disturbing him/her" She can check where her baby is anywhere in the house. As for dads....Google glass lets me take pictures of my baby without ruining the moment. Maybe glass was there to record the baby walk. Google doesn't get that glass isn't a tool that is life dependant, but to make the lives of others easier. Theres so much I want to develop for glass. But if google doesn't even care about opportunities, I don't know what will. Glass can be used for so much, wether that be studying while on the bus, or even watching a tv show(which doesn't drain the battery as much as a movie would)
So is glass worth it? yes and no. It depends who you are. Glass is in the open beta stage but it seriously needs more developers and people who can make glass better and do more things than "Take a picture" or "record a video" We shouldn't emphasize glasses main purpose by using the camera all the time. Glass needs to 
-Care about the explorers/ non explorers developers
-Upgrade the battery life
-Improve the bone conductive piece 
-Improve the website functionality.
Sure this is still beta but google has been on this for years...years. It should be at a stage where these problems are tackled and they are trying to expand more.
"Okay Glass"
Welcome +Ivy Ross 
I hope you can address the terrible mistake of removing video conferencing from the glass functionality.  This is the main reason that many of us had hoped to use glass.  I have held on to glass with the hope that google would turn this function back on or allow second party applications to do this.  Our hope at an institutional level (Cedars-Sinai) was to use video conferencing / video calls for medical and surgical applications.  Is there any effort toward this or should I consider returning my glass??
Ted R
+Ben Marble if you're actually smart then you'll be aware of the other similar products to Glass. Perhaps you need to partner with one of those and invent your own device? That is what I would do.
a work of art such as Google Glass requires someone who understands creativity. welcome!
there more like things like glass but not the same G glass and that is why we think we know everything out there but not really all just somethings:)
Is there a reason that Google hasn't done a better job of informing the "media" of what Google Glass is and can do? I constantly hear inferences based on paranoia about how Google Glass is going to eliminate privacy as we know it when in reality, it's just a wearable Android device. If the media or the public at large had an ounce of technical knowledge, they would realize that if the goal of Google Glass was to spy on other people, that could already be done with a myriad of existing, simpler technology that costs way less than $1500. I bought Glass because I like the idea of having information at the ready, the concept of all purpose "HUD.". Maybe even a wearable QR or Bar code scanner (though I haven't seen any apps for that yet, did I miss them??). I would venture to say that for the price of Google Glass, having a camcorder strapped to his/her head was by far the last reason for the purchase. I suppose Google may enjoy a bit of mystery around their product, but if it doesn't get in front of this soon, I'm afraid Glass will be banned for the wrong reasons before more can come of it. Afterall, the Gov't banned the "Furbie" from office buildings because they thought it was spying.
Welcome, +Ivy Ross. Add a "demo" mode. And an opt-in facial recognition network. And a continuous live-stream option - especially good for citizen reporters and for self-defense. Glad to have you on board.
Can i get glass for a fair price? Like 300? Thanks! 
Hi Ivy - Welcome. I noticed you came from  I've been using Glass in my artwork, mainly to record the creative process of making oil paintings.  I recently did a collaboration with +The Metropolitan Museum of Art  on this and am showing my Glass/painting work at The Victoria & Albert Museum in London in July.  In Jan 2015 I'll be doing a 6 week solo art show in LA with a lot of this work.  I think you and your team would enjoy being part of it.
Unless you work for Google Glass I could care less about your opinions. The only reason I posted what I did here is bc I had hoped the head of Google Glass would read it.  
I like glass as it is. It lets everyone else instantly make fairly accurate generalizations about the person wearing it.
Ted R
+Ben Marble you're a bit rude for someone who says they are trying to help people by developing a medical aid.

Glass is a first product so don't expect it to be perfect. Think of cars 100 years ago. TV's of 60 years ago, etc.

Lots of companies and designers are working on different versions with different features. Why don't you join one of those?
So far everyone working on glass is a girl..... No wonder.. 
It was great hearing you speak at FEI last week Ivy. Congratulations on your new position with Google! So exciting to be at the front of such an amazing technology. Looking forward to watching the applications grow and Glass finding its way into more and more of the world. I believe that we'll soon be joining the Glass Explorers program and doing some of our own experimenting. Can't wait!
Congrats! I look forward to seeing what comes next. 
Thanks ya mine sometimes gets hot quick but not always good luck with archery sounds interesting I'm over by Olympic mountains closer to cascades but still

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I have an invention. It's great but don't know how to even start process or money. Sounds like I'm sol...
Sean Im
Welcome +Ivy Ross , look forward to seeing how you lead GLASS from here on.
I want to know what you'll be doing to make adjustments for head size? I can't use glass to take phone calls because the vibration piece doesn't sit in the proper space behind my ear. I ejoy my glass but this one size fits all thing isn't useful long term
I'm in!
Let's work together to share Glass with all levels of society, on a global scale. This device has the potential to change modern digital life. I'm confident that under your leadership, this "vision" can be realized.  
Warm regards,
Jack    .-)
+Google Glass  Maybe she can lead the effort to have better customer service at Glass Support as well... Because they just give you the run around on your replacement when your device bricks. 
Nice to e-meet you. Look forward to the day we can meet in person ( #augmentedworldexpo  or #googleio2014  ? I'm working with Glass for the Medical Automated Research Center (based at UC Irvine, the first medical school to mandate Glass use). Would love to chat sometime.
+Anthony Pinheiro Sorry we ran into some issues taking care of you. We'll send you a tracking number as soon as we can. Let us know if there are any other bumps in the process. 

+Ryan Castillo We don't have any Glass devices to give away for free, but we hope you have a great week. 
+Google Glass I just received my replacement today, although some things are missing I am very happy to have a new pair of glass that works ;) thanks again for pressing the issue 
Hi +Anthony Pinheiro, we're glad to hear you received your new device. We'll send you a private message soon to get some more info on what you might be missing. 
Miss Ivy Ross, please make this thing FUN. Not cute, not pretty, not slick, just FUN. I'm tired of adult toys.
It seems like Google got some of the basic functions for Google Glass right but good god did they stumble on the design.  One of the main reasons for people rejecting the presence of Google Glass wearers is the aesthestic design.  People are senstive to reading facial cues and the presence of a large, opaque rectangle - regardless of whether it's white, black, etc. - placed near the eye interferes with our ability to read facial cues as well as alters the aesthetics of the human face and that produces negative emotional discord.  They should have worked harder to push what I assume are the internal electronics and/or battery towards the side of the glasses and worked harder to reduce the footprint of the front facing components by making them out of transparent lucite or similar material.  I would also cloak the side of the device with some semi-opaque clear plastic material as well to reduce the "I've got a piece of plastic attached to the side of my head" impression.  Take a clue from the makers of emergency lights for law enforcement vehicles - they transformed traditional "see them a mile away" emergency lights atop police cars into hard to see, low profile semi-clear light bars that are very difficult to detect in daylight.  Sigh...let's hope round 2 gets a major design overhaul...
There is a very steep cliff and Google is playing on the edge of same. The danger to new consumer technology is frivolity. If products like Glass and the Auto continue just because they have the funding to do so, they may fail, and they will fail because they are frivolous. 
Another issue people complain about is the lack of notification about video recording using glass.  However, all those suggestions for creating a "blinking red light", while well intended, are pretty much worthless if you pause to think about it.  If you are in public and you see someone with glass and their "red recording light" is going and you ask them to stop recording you and they say no, what do you do then?  If you are in a public place then they are likely covered by the Woodstock law (I am no attorney but it is supposed to protect you recording in public).  Punch them in the nose?  Go straight to jail...

Why not try to develop a more sophisticated system think out of the box solution that protects people's privacy yet allows glass users their day in the sun?  For example, produce free label pins or something similar with a code on them that glass recognizes.  When the glass wearer records a public scene the video is scanned to see who is wearing a permission pin and who is not, as it is processed and stored.  Those not wearing a permission pin have their faces blurred out while your family and friends who have the correctly coded pin you have given them don't experience the extra face blur processing and appear with their natural face.  Probably not the only solution but something along these lines might go a long ways towards making glass much more acceptable in public. 
yw L
Google glass expensive.If $1500 to 600 that is sell good.Anothen side is bettery better.I hope.
I have written #google glass several times but no one answered! Why don't you make a left eye version or a convertible left & right one for those like me who have just a left eye seeing?
Hi +Reza Hariri, thanks for the suggestion. We've heard from a few people that they'd prefer a left-sided display on Glass, but we don't have anything to share about that right now. We're here if you have any questions! 
Hi Ivy Ross,I am 63 and have a growing problem with my vision. I have an idea that may help me and others how do I get this to you?. I don't need to make any money out of this, though that would be a plus
Thanks for being a fan, +richard regan. We aren't able to accept sensitive or confidential suggestions, but we're glad you're excited about Glass and its possibilities. 
so I dont want money, just help with an eye condition that the glass's may offer a solution to
would love to hear some of your favorite insights and feedback—i have to admit, i feel a bit lost with them, but i really want to like them...

also need to justify their purchase or return them bc they were purchased on the company dollar...

any of your favorite insights, articles etc. would be greatly appreciated!

(i work in the commercial editing industry if you need context)

thanks and congrats on the new gig!
Sorry we didn't get back to you the first time you asked, +Jeffrey Powers. Ivy's pretty busy these days, but you can drop us a note at to see if she can make an appearance. 
I am an optics manufacturing technologist by profession so I am intrigued by Glass. I am not a Glass explorer so I am not sure if I am allowed to comment here but in case I am not, please pardon my post.

Glass is definitely the future of wearable computing. It will have widespread ramifications in how technology is integrated into our daily lives and how it has the potential for becoming an extension of us. 
Here are a few of Glass’ possible applications that I think would be valuable. Some of them have already been thought of:

1) Telemedicine: Glass can be used by expert surgeons to remotely monitor and advise on a surgery by getting high-resolution images from the operating surgeon using glass. Similar announcement just came out of Stanford hospital and CrowdOptic.

2) Glass checkout: can be used by shoppers to image the barcode as they put merchandise in their carts. Integrate with google wallet so you pay as you shop and eliminate the need to stand at the checkout lines. Likewise can be used at airports for quick check-ins.

3) Law enforcement and fire fighter safety: a rear camera in one of the glass arms will enable a law enforcement officer to get a full 360 degree view of his surroundings. Facial recognition would also help law enforcement identify potential criminals. Firefighters in the midst of a fire would benefit from 360 degree vision. 

4) Personal health and fitness: body fat levels displayed from having the electrodes on the sides of your head. With a skin auto fluorescence sensor it could display glycation levels for diabetics. Integrated health apps for monitoring activity level, heart rate, calories burned etc.

5) Bicyclists and outdoor enthusiasts: with rear camera they can get full 360 degree vision for better safety on the road or on the trails.

A few technology improvements to consider are:
1) Using an aluminum coated pellicle mirror instead of a beam splitter prism will make it lighter and thinner. It could also be cheaper to make.
2) Solar cells on the side arms could trickle charge the battery during outdoor use.

I would like to see more of Glass in daily use but I suppose that will come eventually as manufacturing volumes scale up and as manufacturing technology starts realizing scale up cost reductions.  
Hi, Ivy!  Always excited to see what wonderful adventure you're on!  Hope to be in touch with you soon and talk with you about the deaf children I work with every day!

Sergey Brin announcing and introducing Ivy Ross as head of Glass project. This is probably her first appearance to Google Glass Explorers. It was a private party of Glass Explorers attending Google I/O 2014.

Place - SF Glass Base Camp
Date - June 24 (a day before Google I/O)
Hi Ivy;
I wish your success in GX project. I'd send you a mail, pse let me know if you have it. Thx.
Let's create an app that uses google glass to get yardage at golf courses. 
Hi, Ivy!  It's Neva.  I've worked in a school for deaf and hard-of-hearing children for the past 7 years and can see how Glass could benefit DHH people tremendously.  Our students use Signing Exact English (SEE), so I can especially envision how applications could be made there as the students speak, read and sign in English.  Hope you're doing well!