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#GlassUpdates are back with KitKat for Glass, photo bundles & more  

You’ve been asking us when the next round of updates were coming. Well, they’re coming later this week! We know it’s been a little while, but this is a big one and we think it’s well worth the wait. Here’s what you’ll find in the new release:

KitKat for Glass – Our most exciting update is subtle, but big. We’ve been working on a significant upgrade to a new version of the Glass software. It’s not a change you can see, but it brings improved battery life and makes Glass more reliable and easier to update in the future. And now that Glass runs Android KitKat, developers can write Glassware using the latest Android SDK goodness, along with new features from our GDK.

Photo bundles – This one has been a long-standing request from our Explorers: now when you scroll through your timeline, your photos, videos and vignettes from each day will be organized in bundles so that you can swipe less and see more.

Photo replies in Hangouts – Photo sharing has been really popular amongst our Explorers, so we’ve added new ways to send photos in Hangout messages. The next time someone asks “what’s up,” tap “Reply” and then take a photo to show them. (If you already took the perfect photo, you can still tap to “Send” it in a Hangout message.)

Sending feedback – We always want to hear feedback from you on ways we can make Glass better so we’re making it even easier. Tap on the device info card in Settings and tell us what’s on your mind. If you need help, you can still send us an email, call us, or post in the Explorers Community.

Voice command sorting – With new features and Glassware, your voice command menu has grown pretty long. When you tap or say “ok glass,” voice commands are now sorted by recency and frequency, making it easier to see the commands you use most often and faster to access them from the touch menu. 

Video calls – We hold ourselves to high standards for the features that we build, and video calls aren’t living up to these standards. Explorers have told us so directly, and fewer than 10% of them use video calls. For this reason, we’ve made the hard decision to remove video calls from Glass until the experience is better. We don’t know when that will be, but in the meantime, keep an eye on MyGlass as more Glassware is built and released – we’re already seeing the developer community work on other video streaming services. We’ve always said that feedback from Explorers shapes Glass, and this is no exception.

…and more – This is a massive update and we couldn’t fit all the changes into this post, so watch the Glass Journal in the Explorers Community to see the rest.
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Aaawwwwww yeah! except video calls... I quite enjoyed that feature.
So glass can get KitKat but my phone still waits!!!
How are doctors suppose to use Google+ during surgery to get advice from a doctor at a remote location without video calls?
Cant wait to see what the team does with video calls in the future.
Video calls were the only thing I used Glass for anymore... WTF...
David Lee
Making a video call is one of the most frequently used features for me.. 
Why no video calls? OK 10% were using it but I love it
Glad to hear of improved battery life that is a must. 
Agreed video call is extremely important. I hope they rethink this
Are those new frames in the top left hand corner of the photo bundle picture?
Taking away video calls feels like a bait and switch. The video feature seem to work fine 2 years ago when Sergey had those guys in a Google hangout while jumping out of airplanes.  I thought I was living in a future with integration of Google Glass, Google Hangouts, and Google+. 
This is fantastic news! Just curious, are we going to be back to a regular development cycle again?
Yeah I am curious to know what this update is called as well
+Google Glass  Everything is awesome, except for the removal of video calls. Even though they weren't used as much, it is still amazing to have it as a feature and takes away from some of the value of glass because now it can do even less. Hopefully it will be back soon.
What the heck?  Video Calls gone?  I love video calls, I love doing hangouts with people to let them see what I see, it's useful for things like remote tech support, getting a first person view.
+Brian Buquoi Your device info card will show this update as XE16.

+Demian Seiler Now that Kit Kat is out of the way, you can definitely expect to see more updates from us soon. 
What!? Removed video calls. I use that all the time. I can't believe they're removing it. #sucks
How do we stop Glass from updating, lol?
I will say that I loved the video call feature. At the same time I do know Livestream has their own version, but it's still not the same.... 
Wai H
didn't use video calls much but it is useful when needed. 
+Google Glass I really am interested in Glass but me being a student in community college makes it very hard for me to get it. Any plans to drop the price tag to something a little more affordable? 
Will it create calendar events/ reminders? This is one thing that I really miss. 
Hi +Chris Vaxevanis, we took them out until they get better – we heard very clearly from our Explorers that they're not good enough today. In the meantime, we're already seeing developers build other video streaming services. While this was a very hard call, we're pretty sure it was the right thing to do.
Excited to experience the update! Sad about the removal of video calls at this time, but I know it'll be back, much-improved. 
+Google Glass Please read my petitions and reconsider this decision, this is an invaluable teaching tool for my line of work and situation
Sad to hear about video calls going away. This is the one feature I used most ..
when the update will become available?
I don't get why you couldn't leave the feature in while improving it. This makes me sader than when guest mode was removed (which I also used)
Ari Adler
And here I just drafted a blog post about how great video hangouts are with Glass. I'm glad we're getting a software update with improvements but I think Google should have checked with users more before making a huge change like this. Did you cut a deal with a third-party developer and just don't want to tell us yet? The explanation and the constant referral to third party developers feels a bit suspicious.
+Google Glass - How about also making "OK Google" voice command work when Glass wakes up using touch or tilt? That way, we do not have to first do "OK Glass" then "Google" and then search query but go straight from wake to "Ok Google" then search query. Wouldn't this go more in line with reducing the time from intent -> action? Also considering search is a big part of Glass, it will make it easier to get to it.
Bob Bruno
I agree with everyone else on the video calls.  You are Google for crying out loud.  Fix it instead of just bailing on it!   
Oh well... Goodbye video calling.... I loved you... Like they say, if you love something and it was meant to be, you have to let it go... And if it comes back...
darn it no video calls, how am I supposed to get downlink from the Space Station during a repair :(
only complaints about video calls (i.e. video hangouts) I ever saw were:
1) People wanting to create or join a HOA (Hangout-On-Air) to broadcast a first person view
2) People who don't get the point of a video chat where the person can't see you

There's no way you'll fix #2 with software (requires a physical mirror)
and just because we couldn't give people #1 (which we all want) doesn't make sense why the whole feature would get taken away because of something it was missing, the part it was missing didn't make the rest of it bad, just incomplete.  If you can't finish it, there's no reason to remove what was fully functional :(
Great update... Minus the video calls... I must have been in the 10% :(
nevermind. i see it has to be at 50% battery to get an update. Mines dead since i never use them :(
Maybe Apple can make a FaceTime app for Glass or we'll get a +Skype app before too long.  Both of those seem to work better than Hangouts anyway.  

That is apparently what Google wants us to use with Glass since they can't figure it out.
+scott George we kind of paid our dues to have KitKat on our Glass, dontcha think? I'm happy :))
+Google Glass and i can tell you that it was was not interfering with the experience..even if one wasn't as good as you would have wanted it to be. Removing it interferes with the glass experience. If you want to remove something, remove the games. I didnt use video calls often but being able to talk to family through hangouts and them see what im seeing, was one of the best features of glass.

You dont remove improve on hangouts was one of the best things glass could do. I dont use the weather on it often, but its useful having the card..will you remove that because its not as good as you would like it?

Googling things doesnt always respond well to voice..remove it?

You do not remove features that are vital to glass because they arent as good as you would have liked work on improving them..I can guarantee that anyone who complained that video wasnt that good..would say they prefer that to having it removed...

If you think you did the right about a poll asking all explorers via will see EVERYONE will say better bad video calls than none...

With the new hardware, battery life has been worse, it gets hotter (and sometimes I even smell the burn) and the quality of the video deteriorates every minute as it gets hotter. I would not want it removed though..i would want you to work on it.

Come on +Google Glass you were better than that!
I used video call recently to include my cousins from various countries in on a family funeral they couldn't attend in person. They were so greatful to be included and have that opportunity thanks to advancement in technology with Google Glass. Can't believe the ability to make video calls was taken out..... just like that.
To be honest, i can't take a regular voice call without massive issues in clarity and constant static. Get that right and I'll be happy until video comes back.
M Lour
+Drew Dondero do you think your particular situation will make them OK with not removing video call? I'm OK with the fact that you want this feature, but be comprehensive and try to be less like 'please do it for me dude :('.
I think that this change is coming because Hangouts will soon merge with gTalk and that all that will be merged.
+Pete Stergion exactly. I just gave a talk at women techmakers that what got me excited about Glass was that video call skydive at IO. They said "we're pretty sure it was the right thing to do" taking it out. Yo pretty sure ain't good enough. 
+Mickael Loureiro I detailed my situation in the Wishlist item.  I use it as a teaching tool for IT professionals who work and live remotely.
Never used video calls, voice calls are problem enough. i will gladly wait for them to get better. 
Kathy D
+Brandon Noll please tell can you be on the edge of new technology and never use them??? I got accepted when they first came out, but haven't been able to swing the price. If I had a pair, my family has already said their good-byes to me cuz they know that I'd never focus on anything else again! Lol. Let me know when you are ready to sell! 
Can't wait for the update. Thanks +Google Glass for keeping up Glass and not giving up despite all the bad press lately!
Can't believe they're getting rid of video calls. HUGE disappointment. Eliminates SO much of what was desirable about glass, not the least of which is medical education. I hope the solution comes next week and is free...
Nice update, but I'm sad you're removing Video calls.
10% of users using video calls does not mean 90% of users want it out.

I don't use it often, but it's a very useful feature when talking to my family who lives 5,000 miles away and want to share something with my POV. Sad...
It will download automatically when it's on Wifi and charging on the day it's realeased

+Graham Werle 
Doug R
Video calls was the main reason I bought Glass!  We were testing Glass with police officers to be able to view what others officers were seeing during an incident.  It is hardly appropriate to use Livestream's version which is publicly available unless the department pays $1000 a month for a private subscription.  Is there another app that can be used to replace hangouts?  Please bring back video call.
If they could only fit regular glasses!  I have a weird prescription that requires me to where certain frames and Glass just doesn't work for me.  Can't put them over the frame and the frames Glass uses aren't compatible with my prescription. 
Well I guess I should have mentioned I used video calls all the time - one of the best features I thought.  +Google Glass is there a way to force glass to NOT update automatically?
"We hold ourselves to high standards for the features that we build.."

Can't stop laughing at that. 
+Graham Werle You have to first wait til the update is released.  Then you have to have it on WiFi and Charging.  Like every other update
+Graham Werle ok seriously..for you and those asking...have you had glass for a day? It automatically updates...have it charged and on your wifi and it will download and apply the update automatically...How can anyone not know this by now? I think even people who dont have glass probably know this
+Graham Werle patience young grasshopper! Keep it charged and on wifi and it will come..if you build will come...and im not in a hurry to lose video hoping +Google Glass realizes how big a mistake this was so by the time this updates rolls out..the one that brings back video calls is out!
Dear +Google Glass we hereby promise to make more video calls and not complain too much about quality. Please bring it back. Thanks.
+Graham Werle once the update is released you'll receive it automatically. The battery has to be more than 50 percent charged and your device needs to be plugged in and connected to WiFi. If it doesn't start on its own, you can swipe back to the "settings" card tap then scroll forward to the "Device info". Tap on the "Device info" card and scroll through the options. You should see something like "Induce update". They like to play with the update card so you may see something like Induce, update, enjoy Kit-Kat, who knows what it will say this time.
Doug R
It seems rather unfair that thousands of people who have been researching Glass to purchase TOMORROW and read about Video Calls and may be buying Glass for just that reason (as I did) and by the time Glass arrives at their door. Video Calls will be gone!  This seems like a huge mistake and will cause purchasers to return their Glass and create a ton 'bait & switch' bad press.  Glass is in BETA, nothing is expected to be perfect yet.  Please keep Video Calls until it can be fixed.
+Google Glass are there more google apps coming to glass via glassware with the update? any new non google apps?
+Google Glass I wish Google glass wasn't so expensive. I really want a pair but I can't afford it, neither can my parents. I hope the price goes down.
+Google Glass  Google...we know it's in beta, but updates should not be taking away functionality!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Video calls are extremely important - you've just instantly killed a HUGE community event, the Glass Night Out that was planned for May 3rd.  Now we can't use our Glass to connect with other Explorers....this is a terrible idea.
I hate google and love them at the same time. The reason +Google Glass has explorers is because we have input in the decisions and guess what we had barely any input in video calls being taken away. Maybe a survey would have been helpful. And is the KitKat update coming today or next month hahha.... But seriously when is it coming and what is going to be called, XE what????? 
+Google Glass "We’ve always said that feedback from Explorers shapes Glass, and this is no exception." Listen to the feedback you're getting now, and don't take away video calls. It's one of the best features available.
Video calls were a mess. I hope we get more accessibility for the blind soon. We used video calls for orientation and mobility but it was inconsistent. Glad you guys are taking initiative to fix +Google Glass
Even 10% is enough - at this point, that's A LOT of explorers!  How can we beta test something that is suddenly gone?  How can we help give the meaningful feedback through the new and undoubtedly handy "feedback" feature when we can't even try to use it in the first place?  Yes, improve it, but let us do what we paid $1500 to do when we saw you launch it and join video hangouts while parachuting down to the roof and then BMX'ing, skating, etc, all the way to the launch floor!  Google, you launched Glass with this feature not only highlighted, but literally center stage.  Now, you're taking it away because it doesn't perform well enough?  So what?  Why not leave in the code for it, and let us choose if we want to use it?!
+Google Glass do your thing.  Just keep the progress steady and communication lines open.  I'm a fan of the video call option (even used it to Broadcast live to Youtube) and I'm sure it will be back soon enough.  Congrats on this milestone.
Text messaging photos? That's what I've been waiting for thanks google glass
Sorry, but I saw nothing wrong with video calls. They were really nice; bring it back please?
+Google Glass in terms of the GDK, will you release a change log of how JB and KK features adapt to Glass? Will new WebView and Touchless Audio Activities be available for devs? I'm working on a project and I've been expecting that KK would bring much needed optimizations to the device. 
Doug R
+Drew Rushmer, +Google Glass  I guess at the next event Sergey can show 'photo bundling' and ' voice command sorting', won't that be exciting!
C'mon Glass at least give us a possible date for having video calls fixed so we can at least have some hope that you are really working on it.
My guess is what "really" happened is that they didn't have the Video hangouts apk compatible with KitKat yet and they decided rather than wait any longer trying to make it compatible they decided to pull it so that they could push KitKat, and that's an explanation I would accept, but taking away the feature because they don't think it's good enough, that's not a very good reason :(
I used video to look at condos with my fiance who's 900 miles away. That was handy. Looking forward to its return.
I really liked the video call option. Even if we don't use it a ton, it was nice to know that we could. Bring it back
Anyone who is a current Explorer, Kudo the wish to bring it back.
Is this backwards compatible with ICS and previous GDK? 
+Google Glass I Was having a good day until I heard the news. My day sucks now. When is next months update coming huh ???? BRING VIDEO BACK!!!!!!
Guys complaining about removal of Video calls, real reason is not what +Google Glass is telling us, it is not about good or bad quality of video stream, hell not!
It is simply because of privacy concerns and +Google simply won't be able to sell it in certain markets!
Removal would simply make the selling easier, one less headache for legal department!
But flip side, it is an opportunity for some Dev/Startup to launch an app for video streaming; +Google won't mind!

BTW - Very much looking forward - Update - Thumbs up!
Also When will this update be pushed? Hopefully closer near the end of the month ...
please leave video calling that looked so cool.
XE17 video calls are back!! Guys relax it was removed for now not forever !!
Video calls were a great feature. Come on. 
+Google Glass, +Sarah Price
You just killed a 5th grade remote educational initiative in partnership with the Field Museum by nixing video chat. That is the only reason I purchased the product. It is what my #ifihadglass essay was about. I'm one of your biggest champions in public. This was one of the key features I was told about when I flew all the way to LA to get them, and that people are wowed about when I answer their questions. 
The update will be out this week. hopefully I get to try video calling before they take it away
I currently use google video hangouts on glass to connect with classrooms around the country and world     I definitely need that back
+Jonathan C. Peña as much as I believe you are correct, the Internet was built on overreacting. Not having commenters overreact is like a baseball game without hot dogs. Plus it's fun! I trust google, and I love their products, and I will continue to enjoy glass and the great features each update brings. I'm sure we'll get something even better in the future from the glass team. Like they say, if you truly love something, you have to let it go, if it comes back, it's yours forever... But in the meantime...LETS ALL BURN DOWN THE INTERNET! Woooo!
+Khurram Mujtaba you are wrong about that because video recording still exists as well as streaming through supported 3rd party apps. .

The only video being removed is the useful one in hangouts

If you were right ALL video capabilities would be removed. .
Phone calls are trash. Hope Google doesn't remove that feature because it sucks right now.
I'll miss the video calls (only used a handful of times) but am happy about the other upgrades :)
One of the most used feature for me. I've broadcasted playing tennis with my son, to snow ball fights, first ski lessons, birthday parties, and tons of activities with my kids with my parents back in India #throughglasshangouts. So, this is very disappointing for me. +Google Glass please bring this feature back soon. I am at the top of the 10% that uses video calls #throughglass probably. I also use it at work for collaboration with teammates offsite. Make it an optional thing that Explorers can enable from the MyGlass page. 
+Google Glass Improve it, not remove it. Unless you're in Cohots with other companies to offer Video Sunglasses 💁😎=💵💴💶💷 I just don't get it. Make it cheaper and half the world will use it and maybe that 10% equals 10 times the current amount of users. Whoever told you it not good enough lied to you. Google Glass is a revolutionary device, and now you downgrade its capabilities, smh.... And now I see Zmuckerburgs angle, Facebook invested in Virtual Reality, maybe he'll seize this opportunity and lock in the Video Glasses/VR game. 
+Google Glass No video calls "bummer" I just convinced a employer to purchase Google Glass based on the Collaboration features via video. 
So let me get this straight: I pay $1600 for a device that doesn't do much, and the first update I get makes it do even less? Not happy at all. Phone calls are what really suck, why not take them out?
I would be curious to see the overall usage daily active count numbers across unique XE headsets, then the reported 10% stat from those counts... 10% of all explorers, 10% of all explorers less those inactive for 30 days,10% of daily active explorers...?
+Google Glass not really the update I wanted to see. Video chat was a core option I considered when thinking about buying glass. I certainly won't be paying $1500 for a device that can't do that properly. In fact I'm not paying consumer launch price either ( even if it is half like rumored).
Is this an upgrade or a degrade? How do you know that just 10% uses video calls? From the comments I am not so sure about that. The best way to test would be to make the "upgrade" voluntary instead of forcing it. That way you would really see how many Explorers want to keep video calls. besides, very few features on the Glass live up to standard since it's a beta product, a prototype. So why getting rid of one of the features that worked the best and was more promising and appealing? what would happen if you buy a product (shelling 1,600 usd) because of its features and all of a sudden one of those features that convinced you to buy gets slashed?
+Google Glass where are the rest of the changes that you couldn't fit into this post? I went and looked through the Glass Journal in the Explorers Community but didn't see any reference to the update :(
+Google Glass +Robert Gerhart makes a great point. The phone call quality sucks even more than the video call with the horrible no noise cancelling Bluetooth headset. You are still leaving that in. Whose genius idea was it to remove this video call feature. Btw.... Flashback to I/O where +Sergey Brin introduced Glass via a live hangout.... With a bunch of folks sky diving.... Doing stunts on their BMX bikes... Scaling the sides of the building... Etc..... You are removing that feature? Instead of improving on it? 
This is like receiving a turbo super charger, cold air intake, strut tower braces, short shift kit and taking away the brakes because they squeak. 
Pulling Video Hangouts seems like a horrible idea. This was one of the main selling points of the product!!
Translation: video calls were hard to port to kitkat?? 
Hope we get video call back in a future update.
+Julian Haeger was thinking same thing. Either that or Hangouts Team had some problem with it.
Great update KitKat improves performance haven't seen it yet
To all of you complaining write your own apps for glass specifically hangouts and build a bridge over it
Guys, I haven't tried myself the video call feature but for your comments it is pretty clear to me that it wasn't bad enough to remove it just for the shake of it. So two things just come to my mind.
- Google may have some patent problem (Unlikely)
- Google wants developers to jump in and start building great applications. They can't provide a solution unless there's a need. The way they are removing the feature, and the way they advice to use 3rd party software make this look quite possible.
+David Royo like I said write one yourself or port one to glass I know WhatsApp is on glass
Why not just leave video calling in there as a alpha/beta? Seems like a lot of people want it inn. Just update it later instead of remove it now.  I guess a 3rd party app will take it's place rather quick, if devs get access to the functions.
Wah ada kit katnya asyik nih...great news
video calls are why i bought glass. small percentage used it because it didn't work most of the time. 
will KitKat work on IOS?
any idea when the update ll go life? and do the glass explorer version 1 also get it?
incredibility poor timing to start the one day sell-off right after pulling a much sought after key feature like video calls.  Marketing 101 guys, you should have waited until after the sale.  you had a die-hard evangelist but now that you've taken away one of the most important features, i will tell newbs to WAIT and buy a different product with complete capability.  seriously +Google Glass  #epicfail  
Chiming in with my complaint on removing video calls. I was going to try using this as a tool in film festivals where I'm a technical director. The festivals run in multiple cities at the same time and we wanted to use Hangouts to bring them all together on the screen. The Glass unit would be like a mobile reporter.

I was also developing an app to do mobile reporting that would have been a nice lightweight Mirror API app with Hangouts used for video and voice. Had it caught on it would also be great publicity for Google. Now I believe I'd have to move to a GDK based app for streaming.

Google please fix this instead of ditching it.
OMG! What a Drama! Video Calls is not gone forever, it'll come back when is improve, better than before! Our Glass Team know exact what they're doing, stop being so stubborn and let them make it BETTER!
The latest glass news is getting me really excited. Can't wait for glass for Canada!!!
+Alexander Lopez spoken like a guy who didnt only buy glass for the video chatting.  spoken like a guy who doesnt have to give a huge let-down and disappointment to a group of dozens of kids because google removed the core feature of the device.
+Alexander Lopez they state that they only saw 10% usage and user feedback gave the impression that it was a poor experience. So it would make sense for people that do use it or plan to use it speak up so that it might come back sooner rather than later. You do know they have to prioritize their work right?
Uh oh. Bluetooth in Kit Kat is buggy and unstable. This may be trouble.
+Allen S'quard +Prasanna Rathnaraja  Glass is a effectively a 'transformed' a Galaxy Nexus (OMAP chipset). The Galaxy Nexus did not get an update to KitKat due to TI leaving the Android ecosystem & leaving OMAP unsupported (allegedly).

It is surprising to learn that the Glass team managed to accomplish a task that the Android team could/would not, namely, updating the Galaxy Nexus to Kit Kat. This leaves me hopeful for an update to the phone.
+Google Glass how about a way to temporarily prevent an update from being applied. Obviously we could disconnect from WiFi or simply never plug in while on WiFi to prevent the update from occurring. We can even load the old OS manually if necessary, but a delay switch would make life easier for us.
We all know it's too late for this update, but It would be nice if we had the ability delay an update that removes features, allowing people like +Cassius Wright to fulfill current obligations.
Looking forward to hear if there is any GDK API update.
Awesome news! Looking forward to using the new update.  Will miss video calls.  It was a huge selling point when promoting Glass to Real Estate buyer agents.  Hope to see it come back or have access to 3rd party solutions.  Thanks +Google Glass.
+Google Glass removing features for better future update (video calls) seem to be a logic option sometimes but these things make angry a lot of users relying on the features. You make sad a lot of e.g. doctors when performing a surgery or thousands of us performing very interesting live events.
The same like Android team removed permission manager from Android = degrading our privacy just because someone decided it was not coded good enough.
10% + 10% + 10% removed features could mean 30% furious users that cannot rely on you in future :)
The same reason I'm trying not to use Google's products much in expectancy Google could destroy them like gReader.

Don't forget, the above average interested people create real progress demand and bring higher future income. Average people requiring simplicity don't bring much money so they can be omitted many times.
If the averages aren't pushed to learn a little = the progress stops = less future money for Google.

Samsung's features, sales and profit prove that simplicity without features don't matter at all = Samsung Android share 60%, pure Android (Nexus) maybe 1 % .
If you hold yourself to such high standards than fix the bad phone call quality or remove that feature because from day one the call quality has been worse than a $25 bluetooth headset. 
Just did a video call with the Mrs last night while in Best Buy. I was showing her the differences between the old Chromebook XE303s we have and the new models as we debated which we should upgrade to.

My email to Google, earlier today, after learning that the new update removes the video call feature from Glass:

The removal of video feature is really a deadly blow for Glass in Medicine!
The use in Med Ed, Telemedicine, Tele-mentoring, Tele-consulting is Now NOT possible!
I only hope that this is restored in the next update.
There's a very active, important, growing professional community that has been working around Glass in Healthcare, who depends on this particular characteristic of Glass.
Please reconsider the decision of taking video away, or at least allow some user subgroups to choose whether to update.
Folks like me and several others, from Maine and Boston to San Francisco must have the video option to be able to make Glass an important tool in Healthcare and Medical Education.


Rafael Grossmann, MD, FACS
I can see that google was unhappy with the video call quality, but for the few people who needed and relied on it, it was not responsible for them to remove the feature before upgraded replacement code was available. This is my first update, I gather they just push them to the phone? (or do I have in initiate the upgrade myself?)
Excited about the new updates but definitely need to keep video calling. I dont use alot but its a seller for glass and handy.
When the upgrade posts, do we have the opportunity to decline or skip the update? We use video calling a fair bit and planned some events around using it. We will check out Livestream as well
I really think the video calling needs to be considered.  If you read the post from Dr. Grossman it will kill many of the medical applications which was a huge positive.  
To everyone complaining about video calls, do try to remember this is not a final product. This is still very much a testing and experimental device. It clearly states this is temporary until they can make it a better experience for release.
No Video Calls on Glass is a really tough call to make... agree with the premise that it should be right, but it sucks the wind out of sails that make good use of them... Veterans Virtual Tours comes to mind, +Sarah Hill 
I couldn't agree more +Chad LaFarge. While it isn't perfect at the moment, it is something and in certain cases, that something is better than nothing. I was just starting to mess around with Glass for live product presentations via video calls and now I am shelving that idea for the time being.... Hopefully it can be ironed out and return. 
Fuck that I bought theses 1600 dollar glasses to video chat and so are thousands of other people you cant change that fix hangouts

+charles white in the meantime there are/will be other ways to broadcast and video chat. LiveStream has their live broadcast app available, for instance.
While I'm sad to see video chat taken down, I understand as the reason I don't use it is because of the issues in having with it
+Chad LaFarge I really enjoyed hangouts with my buddy that's why we got them and really the only thing we use glass for at this point, so I just hope they have some kind of direct video function soon 
And that 10 percent number is horse shit the fourm shows that over 10 percent of glass users care about this feature 
+charles white Statistics.  I agree that pulling vid calls lessons my investment value, but your 10% number is funny. I'd guess that 90% of those who care about video calls are posting here.  Or said another way... 99.9% of extremely happy explorers are not posting in this thread.
It does not lessen your investment. In time it will make a return. An investment is over a long period of time. In time, this feature will return. Google is simply asking you to be patient while they make it better. 
Any idea when we (or I) ll get the update still xe12 :(
This makes me kind of sick. Label video calls "experimental" but please don't eliminate the lifeblood of these #glassforgood programs. To this is a major setback. For journalism, for medicine and more...these #humanmedia interactions need to be developed not sidelined. The windshield wipers on the first Model T likely didn't work all the time either but through testing from Explorers we can help troubleshoot possible fixes. You've sidelined your star player. He may be injured but pretty please bring the humans back...
+Charles Berman n what were your issues? What if it were labeled experimental so you were aware of known issues? 
doesn't beta and explorer infer imperfections?
People need to accept that they are part of the explorer program. In other words, its a Beta product. Some parts of the product are further along than others. You paid to be a test subject and a source of crowd surfing feedback. You think Glass costs 1500$ to produce? No. Your money goes toward R&D to make a beta product get to final production in hardware & in software. 
+Mike DiGiovannivor I moved to Europe so I could not upgrade and google don't want to help
+Mike DiGiovannivor I moved to Europe so I could not upgrade and google don't want to help
+Google Glass So...where's the overwhelming number of explores who complained about the live video chat which convinced you it should be disabled? There are hundreds of comments on this thread and the overwhelming response to removing this feature is negative!

HUGE blow to education.
HUGE blow to healthcare
Truly a disappointment

Either give us a legitimate reason this decision was made, or please reconsider.
Removing video call was not a tuff decision it's a stupid one
+David Martineau it was not easy to use, even though i did. requirements changed, had to have 3 in video call. using your bluetooth link to make a voice call with glass is not revolutionary. having a surgeon using glass to teach and pull up a patients records without leaving the room is. sure there will be more explorers making voice calls, texting, etc. quantity should not be the deciding factor in this case.
Now... I have a theory as to why video calls have been taken out. Google has specifically been getting the enrollment for a Google service called HelpOut. Now I believe that Google Glass is about to get an updated video call feature that utilizes this service. So stop crying and wait it out. 
Pristine is one of the companies that's built a secure video streaming solution optimized for Glass. We've confirmed that video streaming is definitely still possible on the Kit Kat upgrade. In fact, our solutions work better than before!
+Google Glass firstly you know I'm a big fan, we've done some amazing things together with this amazing technology platform, but in my humble opinion, you've misjudged and mistimed the removal of video.

I've shared my 3 year old and 1 one old playing "getting married" with my wife who is teaching kids at school, we've bought furniture through video calls, shared my girls puppy cuddles, trained photographers remotely and the view from a Monaco skyscraper back to the office, not least I've made less bad choices at buying shirts in TKMax while using video call to my wife.

This is the single most frustrating, yet amazing feature I think you have, to put someone in your own point of view, share your experience and is why we got all excited with your big guys crazy sky diving and biking video. It simply is the coolest feature.

Sure it's clunky, hangs and prefers wifi, I can tell you've been messing with it recently. But, it is what makes people go "WHOAH", and that's what +Google Glass is, breathtaking.

Bring it back guys, fast. We love your work.
+Google Glass Can you tell us more about the stats? I know that there are many people who do not regularly use glass in the first place. It would be interesting to know % who use video calls out of % who use glass regularly. If not, the 10% figure isn't too insightful. 
Just got my update... says XE12.1  I thought it was updating to XE16 ? Oh just check and "video call" is still there so maybe it's not the full update. Ah there's XE16 
Just got the XE16 upgrade. So it is definitely rolling out.
Just got the update as well. Wonder why the update to 12.1 then to 16? 
Got the update earlier on today. Been playing with it. I have got to tell you, I'm really going to miss hangout video calls. I used them very often. I hope you can bring them back very soon. The update is solid. They were right about the battery life, it's definitely improved. Photo bundles are a welcomed edition. Tried to side load all of my apps again and Glass crashed. So I guess devs have to update their apps. All in all I'm almost happy. (Wish they didn't remove video conferencing)
Noooooooo!!!! Loved everything up until I saw the video call announcement. Please reconsider this, +Google Glass. It's true that video calls have some problems but I'd much prefer to hang on to the functionality we have now - weirdness and all - and work with you to make it better than give it up entirely. It's one of the most useful functions of the device. And from what I've read here, I'm not the only Explorer who's already starting to use Glass, successfully, for business.
LOL +David Martineau you know what you may be on to something. I used the video conferencing at least once every day for about 20-30 minutes. Now that it's not there could be why my battery life is superb. 
They didn't say they were giving up but just they are removing it for the moment
Now that we know there are GDK changes in XE16, is there any schedule for an update? I, for one, was holding back an app until I could be sure it runs on the latest firmware without a problem. It seems like we should probably be watching for an API 19 bundle, but it would be great to know when. It would really help for scheduling time.
+Cody Toombs smart move on holding back. I had my app just about finished or so I thought, I could launch the app using voice trigger. Now it seems as if I'm back at square 1. I can't even get it to launch via ADB. It has been a long day, so it might just be me! 
+Shane Williams Nah, judging by the list of changes (at if you haven't seen it), there are going to be a lot of apps that have to change a line or two. That seems especially true for anything that isn't an immersion. I'm not looking directly at my code right now, but I'm using a LiveCard, CardScroolAdapter, Card, and TimelineManager (just need to take it out, this one is trivial). All of them have at least one change I think I've got to tweak. It's a really small app, so it shouldn't take more than 20-45 minutes to fix and test, but the GDK has to come out first.
Finally! I'm happy to see that the update made it's way to my Glass! Although I do miss the video calls, I still believe that +Google Glass will bring this feature in the long run. 
There are some good things about the update, but more bad. The camera keeps crashing and when it does work you seem to have built a very long shutter lag. When I say Ok Glass take a picture, there's a pause, then it returns to the first Ok menu screen, then finally it takes a picture.
But worse you seem to have removed the Livestream app, which I used to "broadcast" a radio programme last week. What's that about?
Wait! No video calls?! I am not sure that is what explorers were hoping for.. At least note the complaints, but remove it? That seems extreme... For me, that was an exciting feature, even if it were clunky, it was still very useful...
We just started a pilot using remote medical expertise for patients at home, assisting and coaching homecare nurses through Glass....Without video this is impossible. Google should think again if they are seriously interested in medical applications.....
+Google Glass this makes no sense.  If you have users complaining about them, work to fix them.  But leave the functionality in the meantime.
Perhaps I've misunderstood the purpose of Glass Explorers.  I thought this was a testing environment.  It's clear to me if people were complaining about video calling they were actually USING it.  It's almost as if you're punishing them for providing feedback by simply taking it away.
Guys. Guys. Guys. Can we talk about the real tragedy here? +Google Glass, WHERE IS MY SOUND SEARCH?!?!
Let's all have a moment of silence for the battery and hope that there is any hope in its extended life. 
I was converting my family to Google hangouts on IOS so we could use the video calls instead of FaceTime. They liked the point of view video. I for one hope it's back soon. The only complaint I had related to cell service which is not Google or an issue with Glass.
+John Benteu sound search was also removed...they are now waiting for one of us creative types to come up with some killer glassware that does that plus things we never imagined ;)
+Pete Stergion They were using the hardware but not the software, from what I heard.  They had their own OS and apps so it could be totally locked down.
+Daivat Dholakia Please no to that! If my Glass worked with "Okay, Google" it'd have the same command as my phone and they'd both listen whenever I wanted to do that.  If you're waking glass with touch and want to quickly Google, just longpress it.
Is anyone else getting a bluetooth tethering issue with iOS7? Before the update tethering worked fine. Now, I have no data connection. I verified that the data connection is good, the glass connects to wifi fine, but it won't use the bluetooth for a data connection to my hotspot any longer... 
I hate to be that guy who depresses everyone but i would love to be posting this using my 4 mouth old google glass that was launched at christmas 2013 on which i qued all night for... wait that didn't happen. Also i would have got glass yesterday however i live in england and i can't. its not all bad.Here are the good things.1) Great produced 2) Great intelligent people making it 3) collaboration with those sunglasses guys! but christmas would have been nice. STILL WANT ONE THOUGH!!!!!!!
I'm on IOS 7.1 and bluetooth tethering works.  Since the update it seems to take a bit longer to recognize that my bluetooth has tethering but it does.
I'm very disappointed in the removal of video calls and hope you bring them back soon. As an online educator, the ability to stream a virtual field trip to my students was the #1 thing that attracted me to Glass. Now it seems much less useful to me. 
Does google glass come with a warranty? If so what does it cover? If not can you buy one and how? 
$1500 is too high to be a Glasshole.  When it's less than $350 I may bite.  It just has no value and no real practical use.  Google is showing they're perfecting vaporware and actually able to make money with vaporware too!! Impressive!
+Chris Cook nice attempt to troll.. lol but it really is a great device.. it fits in seamlessly to your daily life.. 
Losing the audio search was disappointing ... Also perhaps a bad business decision: can't buy songs on Play that I hear and like if I can't look them up to identify them ...
+Jeremy Reger yea, I've not heard anybody that dropped $1500 on the device give a bad review.  Coincidence?  No!  Truth is often called trolling because it hurts.
+Chris Cook I could give you a list of 25 that I know right now who are Explorers that aren't satisfied..  I could give you a list of way more who have tried them, and want them, just don't have that kind of money. 
video calling worked great for me until the update, where it is no longer available.
I am still on 12.1 any advice tried powering on and off? 
Mine took a while too +Steven Adams   I just left it plugged in, and did the hard reset 3 times, holding down the power button for 30 seconds and then tapping it once to turn it back on, while plugged in. 
+Google Glass you guys really killed us on this update. We've been working on a use case for video calling, not only have we been working on it we've made it work and pretty well. We should work together to make it better....
+Steven Adams Have it above 50% battery, plugged in, on wifi, idle for at least 20 minutes, and connected to your phone.  Mine didn't update until I turned bluetooth on on my phone, and then worked right away.
Like a charm guys walked over and it said 16 updating now... 
+Kathi Browne you are the first I've seen that said it didn't get worse.  did you have any other issues with the push?   Mine used to last 8-10 hours of normal use, now its getting a little over 4
I had a relatively smooth update, although weird. It appeared to be updating when I went to bed, but in the morning it still said XE12. Then my sound went out for about an hour, most of my apps disappeared, and everything ran slow. I saw new features, but still it showed XE12.

Then sometime that day, it said XE16 and I was off and running smoothly. 

Today Glass lasted most of the day. Did notice my sound got reset to 50% and all my text messages want to go to hangout chats now ...
glass has seemed to last pretty well yesterday and today after the update.  I haven't specifically tested it, but it seems at least as good if not better.  Taking it to the +San Jose Sharks Playoff game tonight so we'll see how well it takes lots of pictures and short videos and such.
I miss video calls. I didn't have much use for them but now I never will. I'm traveling a lot over the coming months and I think video calls would have come in handy. Ah well...
Video calls was the most valuable feature for my work.  Suggest this be returned quickly if vision is for GLASS to be a tool.  Without video calls, its more of a toy in my opinion. 
My Glass had been connected to my wireless internet and hasn't updated yet, am I missing something? It is still on 12.1

One other question. How do I allow others to see what I'm seeing through Glass? Is that done through Hangouts? My mom lives an hour and a half from me and I would like to show her family outings that she is unable to attend.
+Brant Backes see about 8 comments up for how to.update.

And yes they just removed the video calls in hangouts so do those in hangouts before you update.. lol
Just bought the damn thing for video calls and you remove it. Nice.
I tested video calls at a Real Estate open house.  I was looking forward to an update that would remove the intermittent delays. I rather have the delay then lose the feature!  Bring it back so I can test it again soon!
+Jeremy Reger I tried powering it off and back on several times and it still hasn't update. I held the power button in for 15 seconds when shutting it down. I even tried doing a factory reset and it still didn't update.
Crazy, it's actually a blessing.. they may have stopped rolling it out.. 
I don't even get how you video call on it, I haven't tried it. Is it a video call of what's in front of you? That's kind of silly 
+Thomas Tenkely no it seems pretty cool but not like a daily use type thing. I FaceTime all the time... because it's my face not my surroundings. it's just the one feature on my glass that I haven't used. that's all
See the video call feature was great but me and other friends with glass don't really use it either. So I have to agree with +Google Glass
+Google Glass  I'm so disappointed to see my Hangouts go! It was my favorite feature!!! -____- I need it! Who can I speak to in order to have it back on my Glass? I'll be in the beta team making it better please!!
Humza T
I am disappointed to see hangouts go as well, we definitely need to bring that back!
Can't get Livestream to work after latest Glass update.  Tried re-installing, still nothing. OK Glass Livestream does not do anything now.  I contacted Livestream about this last week, still no reply. Anyone else having issues after the update?  Worked fine before the update to Glass.  I've quickly run out of options to stream and I've got a demo to do in a couple of weeks that needs this capability.
Thanks to glass team. Now I and my team have to redesigning our medical project because you DROP OUT the video call feature! What a NICE UPDATE!  #bringvideocallback  
Rather stupid to take a high profile feature like video calling and kill it dead.   The small percentage who were using it were relying upon it for things like teaching, hands off inspecting, sharing experiences with bed bound friends and family, and so it made glass highly useful and relevant.  To make the excuse that the private sector will provide is the same line the government feeds us, the public, when a government service is terminated.  Usually whatever service that we are told will be "picked up" by private sector simply disappears.  "Pass the buck"  regarding Glass development is not a good thing.   While I'm on the subject, which brain surgeon decided to kill "remind me"????  Have they lost their senses?
I like my thoughts to be  private we will see will see.
Can't believe it, one of the most useful features, albeit not perfect, but still, dropping it like that... painful....
One of the only reasons I purchased Google Glass was video calls. It was dropped right before I was traveling and depending on Google Glass as my video solution while on the road.  Thanks for making my Google Glass totally useless for business travel.  I guess I can dust off my conference call number now and go back to imaging the screen shares that I am supposed to be seeing.
So disappointed with this update. Video calls was the one feature we needed to demonstrate how useful Glass could be in surgery. Bring it back, please.
I made the decision of paying more than 1700 dollars for one device because they advertised the possibility of making video calls using glass ,  now I really feel scammed 
+Google Glass please bring back video calls :( I need it I miss it and I don't see the point to Glass without it! Pleaseeeeeee 
Thanks for the feedback everyone. We hear you. We took video calls out until they get better because we heard from Explorers that they weren't good enough yet. We know you want video calls back in Glass, and we're working on it. 
Thanks for the update and for working to bring it back... Just out of curiosity, who were these Explorers, the vocal minority in the Explorer Community? I know many Explorers never visit that place. Just wondering...
Great to see the Google Glass team's customer focus on the video calls issue.  Those who are seeking to develop compelling new value propositions and business cases involving Glass will be greatly assisted by the return of this feature.
Yes, thanks for the update. Video calls are extremely important from an educator point of view as well. Please bring it back soon!
Fewer than10% uses video calls??? Recount. I'm just guessing but video calls causes glass to overheat. Let's just say people don't use it so Google can remove it.
Bring back the Video calling! We can deal with the overheating (make your calls shorter). 
I miss the video call app. I really do.  I used it all the time and well.....  I just hope that some how some way they come out with one real soon.  Did I mention that I miss video conferencing?  babbling....
WHO IS THIS "less than 10%"?!!!!!!  EVERYONE WANTS VIDEO CALLING.  Without it this device is useless and cumbersome.  It is that first person realtime experience that makes Glass intriguing....  LISTEN TO YOUR EXPLORERS...  You obviously ARE NOT
I concur.   The day that I was no longer able to video conference with my Google glass was quite a disappointment.   I used it every day and then one day I stood up from bed having planned another visual event to share the Bronx Zoo with someone only to realize, after 20 minutes of troubleshooting that  the feature had been removed.  I parked my Glass for quite some time.   
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The Video Calling was the ONE feature that this device had over its watch-based competition that was truly business functional. 6 months with no updates to re-enable this feature?!!!!  Whoever is in charge of priorities needs to be reassigned because you are losing your market.  Off to Apple - their iWatch is calling me and my staff......
I'm missing video calls. It was one of the best ways I used my glass, sigh
+Eddie Daniels We all need video calls, I am willing to have it as soon as possible.
Anybody have a good hack to bring back video calls?
Six months now and still no video calls? Step it up, Google, or you're going to lose your customer base with this bait and switch.
+1 for video call as beta feature.  Please also consider discounting prescription lens purchases for explorers who bought the device before lenses were available (akin to v1 to v2 complimentary upgrades?)
Can someone please direct me to a HowTo to "hack" the Hangouts App functionality back to my device?  Not sure why Hangouts is still listed as Glassware when they shut down its functionality 8 months ago.  Thanks!
Had you access to Hangouts Android App source code, you could probably easily strip out all Activity functionality into Card + Voice based applications for Glass.  However, as you don't have source code for Hangouts app, you're probably stuck having to either:
a.) Code an app that will intercept camera requests to either the front or back cam while using hangouts and instead send glass video information over the glass app (or other data tunnel) connection back to hangouts.  This is hard, especially as I don't even know if we get full video access to the glass camera.
b.) Assuming you do get glass video access via the glass gdk, you'll have to write your own glassware to make a webrtc server (insert any streaming codec here that is supported) that others could connect to via an Android/iOS/PC/OS X/FxOS app.