Meet Young Guru. He’s a Glass Explorer, acclaimed DJ, producer and audio engineer who has helped shape the sound of music legends including Jay-Z, Rihanna, and Beyoncé. Join him as he explores the Los Angeles soundscape on the hunt for inspiration to create a new track. 

You may notice Guru using a few new things we’ve been jamming on (#badpun). In the next few weeks, we’ll roll out a new voice command (“ok glass, listen to”) so you can access your tracks from +Google Play Music, including the millions of songs on All Access. We’re also introducing stereo earbuds designed specifically for Glass. They’re lightweight and uniquely engineered to deliver crisp, full-range audio while still letting you hear your surroundings. You can also rock out in style by customizing your buds with five interchangeable color caps. 

To all our Glass Explorers, sit tight. You’ll be able to dive into music on Glass soon. Look for an email in the next few weeks with more details. In the meantime, learn more at
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