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Meet Young Guru. He’s a Glass Explorer, acclaimed DJ, producer and audio engineer who has helped shape the sound of music legends including Jay-Z, Rihanna, and Beyoncé. Join him as he explores the Los Angeles soundscape on the hunt for inspiration to create a new track. 

You may notice Guru using a few new things we’ve been jamming on (#badpun). In the next few weeks, we’ll roll out a new voice command (“ok glass, listen to”) so you can access your tracks from +Google Play Music, including the millions of songs on All Access. We’re also introducing stereo earbuds designed specifically for Glass. They’re lightweight and uniquely engineered to deliver crisp, full-range audio while still letting you hear your surroundings. You can also rock out in style by customizing your buds with five interchangeable color caps. 

To all our Glass Explorers, sit tight. You’ll be able to dive into music on Glass soon. Look for an email in the next few weeks with more details. In the meantime, learn more at
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Please let "next few weeks" be before Thanksgiving! :)
Or nexus Q.. That'd be fine with me
Music legends Jay-Z, Rihanna, and Beyoncé?
this is gonna be cool, music on glass would be awesome. 
Wonderful news, but when will us mere mortals be able to get a pair?
This was one of the best glass videos I've ever seen! Please do more of these! 
Will G
So very COOL!
Wasn't Young Guru at the New York City Explorer event? Great addition guys!
Hello from cologne to test if they need someone in Germany to the Google glass so I like to be at your disposal. Write to me, I look forward to it.
Can't wait till I get my glasses... just paid for them last night
Ah all these goodies before Christmas .... +GoogleGlass must have a list and all Explorers are marked NICE !
+Google Glass  Will we be able to have Google Play music playing in the background of our Video Calls this Christmas, similar to the way we can create a photo Vignette now?
Can we play music on it while we sleep???  (JK) Very cool idea!
Hope to get a glass one day:-) Keeping my hopes Up. 
so, will battery life be improving in the version 2 and consumer release? streaming music on a current-gen verison of Glass would kill the battery in less than a few hours
That's awesome! +Google Glass are we going to be able to buy these stereo earbuds? Or it's going to be part of the swap program? Can't wait!
Can't wait for the "listen to" feature! :D
+Dan Leveille then don't! You can sideload the apk.
🔊 Bring on the music! I'm trying to be good and wait for the "official" release, but its getting harder and harder.
+Thomas Devaux Stereo earbuds will be available for purchase in the next few weeks. We don't have a date to share, but we'll announce it when we do. 

+Gregg Lantz We'll have more details on the Play music Glassware when it launches, so stay tuned for now. 
Hello, someone to send me the invitation to acquire Glass, please!!!
YES!!! I need that invitation ASAP!!!
Word on the street is the new stereo ear buds will be 80-85 dollars.
Two ads in one. Quite an achievement.
I'm a student and I'm looking to conduct a study using Google Glass. Who can I contact in order to get more information on how to get a pair?
Ben Pye
Can we have it in the UK now? Please? :)
that's the way to ruined a beautiful song
Hi I am joynul.How do you do, friend.
আমার প্রিয় সাথীরা তোমাদের সকলকে শুভ সকাল
Hi! I am a journalism student at the University of Memphis and am looking for current google explorers to interview. I'm writing an article about the impact Google Glass will have on higher education. Email me at if you are interested! Thank you!
I'm so willing to test #googleglass from a photographer/designer/college professor perspective! Let's talk #google  I've got some great ideas!
These are the best! I watch every video! I really want a pair! +Google Glass make me an explorer! Will work for glass ;)
You know Glass has made it because they have a Hip Hopper promoting them now
Jay-Z, Rihanna, and Beyoncé aren't legends of music what have they  done to have the tittle legends 
Super Dope!  Young Guru on the beat!! Pure struggle with that spanish though.
+Jason Hightower Quantity isn't always the best measure of success. Jay-Z can't even sing (oh, he tries) or play an instrument (I said play, not fool around on stage with one.) How someone like him gets to be as famous, wealthy and well-promoted as he is is more a product of modern media hysteria and merchandising than anything else. He has a talent for self-promotion. His greatest claim to fame is discovering Biggie Smalls (may he RIP.) Legend in his own mind perhaps. I'm not buying it. And I don't really give [expletive reference omitted] about what Lil' Young' E-Z Weezy Geezy R-and-Beezy Cheesy Sleazy rap "artist" Google chooses to promote their fine products with, and it isn't worth debating about, either.
Any idea if Google's working on the current Glass and iPhone limitations? It would kind of stink not to be able to use Siri, or Navigation... better yet, Apple's Maps blows and I never use it, it'd be great if I could use my turn-by-turn GPS from Google Maps on my iPhone
+Jeff Odgis Jay Z is a rapper, singing or playing an instrument isn't necessary if you want to be a rapper. Rap is about lyricism, flow of the verses, and production (which is usually taken care of by a separate producer). Earlier in his career, Jay Z was one of the best lyricists with some of the best flows in the rap industry. His lyricism has been broken down in his book, DECODED, and his flow has been mimicked for years by rappers trying to latch on to his success.
+Arjun Hair That's entirely debatable and based on not a small amount of conjecture. I would like to see sources for this opinion of yours on the quality of Diddy's verse. No doubt you would seek to compare him to Shakespeare if he hasn't done so himself already. PS- This side-bar is why Hip Hop "artists" make questionable representatives for high-tech products. Low-culture and high-tech seldom mix well (for fiction, yes, for real commercial products perhaps not so much outside of headphones.) 
+Google Glass 
yes please!
1) hidden lightweight stereo earbuds in the construction (or removable tiny earbuds, the best both) i can pull out for calling, music, movies (from my phone of course)
2) otherwise just bone conducting audio for navigation, notifications etc

the only way the Glasses are 2 levels more useful

do it Google, please! :)
Да,новость несомненно хороша, но долго ли проживут очки в режиме music non stop?
Please.. faster release in south korea...
We want google glass and development. .
+Jeff Odgis
it's alright man, some people don't get that hip hop in general puts talentless shmucks on a pedestal almost as much as mainstream pop. It's a genre 90% focused on lyrics about big ego and showing off (even if there's nothing but hot air behind those words) and 10% on a 5-minute to produce beat in the background someone else got paid way too much for to make. Not all of it is like that, but it is shameful how little actual authenticity is left, it's just battle of the biggest posers and whoever can pretend the best gets praised as being the best cough lil-weenee-wayne cough though that's in no short part to do with the fact that the general audience of the genre have lower IQs than country music listeners (hell some of those fiddlers in country have some real skill)
@kirk852 Hi there good to see ya again....yes I'm still modeling part time
@jeffery354 Oh time to clean the browser history again :/
I also want to have one.. :) smilie for you all 
Hello I`m from Paraguay and I want to know if I can buy google glass in  paraguay
Samsung stereo in-your-ear earbuds (the ones that have the microUSB cable) work great with #googleglass   for those of us who like audio clarity...and the choice of audio in both ears. 
Awesome. cant wait to get my paws on this glass
Google I really want to try the glass. I got invitation code, but with a $1500 price tag only rich people and people trying to make money of it (like developer or reviewer) can afford it. People like me a google fan, geeks, a tech fan, can't afford it. How Can I join the experience team? Please advice.
+Deson Lee 目前只有美国可以用,而且第二轮邀请已经结束了
you guyz should put a camera so we can see the face of the person also plz
+Jackson Cheng I worked really hard & save money for things that are important to me & I am not a tech or developer just a regular person but I work hard 
I'm in the same boat as +Chara Kelley - I'm not a developer at all, just a regular techie with a passion for design ^_^
Not a developer either. Google needs users as well as developers to get a great cross section of people exploring #Glass. 
A Mom here ! I am a STHM 
Stay at home mom
I choose to stay home to take care of "Haus und HOF" my family.
He described me perfectly...a google fan, a geek, a tech fan...and a wannabe developer (got to just put in the hours to study and work at it). And I just manage the little money I have well. That allows me to occasionally buy the things I really want.
+Kata Rina the T threw me off. I was expecting SAHM. :) As a person who works in a middle school (not blessed with children of our own) I applaud you.
+Jeanne Sutton oh you are right . Silly me I probably used the wrong abreavation for a few years now. And English as my 2nd language is not an excuse here. This is so silly. I feel so dumb now,
Anyhow my son is in Middle school. This age is a total mystery to me. I have no clue about hormonal boys. Middle school Teachers have my deepest admiration. Thank you ! 
+Chara Kelley It's not I don't have $1500. I work hard to buy the things I want too. I have 2 chromebook, Nexus 4, 5, 7,new 7 and 10. All those google products plus together are around 1500. I am just saying Google isn't trying to make money from Glass on Explorer Program. Around $500 should be the price for it.
I love this already 
+Jackson Cheng how can you say the cost of Glass should be $500.00? Excuse me for saying this, but, that is a very simplistic statement. The true cost of Glass is not the cost of the hardware you purchase from Google. Glass requires huge redundant data centers filled with servers, cooling systems and large data pipes going to your $500.00 interface. It requires Glass Guides, support people, shippers, receivers, engineers, office space, and huge monthly electric, and data invoices that need to be paid.
Your hardware is just one small piece of Glass. At $1500.00 with no monthly service charge, and no advertising, Glass is obviously being subsidized by Google.
Be thankful you're not paying the actual cost to give you a 43 gram wearable computer, with the worlds largest public index of information.
Sneha khanwalkar has been doing something like this in India. You should check her out
I found a +Young Guru account that has the verified check mark. I added the account to my Glass Explorer circle. I don't know for certain that he is the same person tho.
Finally Google Glass might be cool. Still can't imagine mass adoption but happy to be proven wrong.
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