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Wow, what a morning! We’re happy to see so many new faces (and frames) in the Explorer Program.  Just a quick update that – ack – we've sold out of Cotton (white), so things are moving really fast.

You can still purchase Glass and join the Explorer Program at, but hop to it because we’ll be closing up shop tonight.  
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Surprised that Cotton was the first to go.  It seemed like Shale was hard to get for a long time!
That's weird you're sold out when no one is buying it because it's so expensive.
I think Sky will end up being a popular pick too.. lol 
Jo coon
Would totally buy one if it was not so expensive. 
Tangerine to go with my clementine Yoga 2 Pro.
For some reason, Google quietly opened the shop about 15 minutes early (8:45am Eastern). My order was completed by 8:50am. Wohoo! Joining #teamcotton  :-D  (Yes, I admit to checking purchase availability beginning at 7am this morning...)
Wait a year and every comany Will have a version and prices will plummet 
Welcom +Sharon Rosen and all the new Explorers, please circle me and I will do the same. I share a lot of dog pictures, so prepare for cuteness. 
I bought a cotton one this morning. I am now hopping from foot to foot waiting for UPS to deliver it. Hurry up Google, I need my glass.
Welcome guys to everyone: be prepared to test, test, test!!!!!!! And don't forget about  We're there for a reason!  Feel free to circle me if you have any questions, want to develop some Glassware together, or just take cool pictures and share them.  Despite Google's poor decision about the most recent update, Glass is an amazing BETA product, and though  you'll run into some frustrations I hope you all push that thing on your head to its LIMIT :).  If you thought it was a consumer device: you should return it now.
On the day you remove video talk app from the device..
Yeah, I saw that one coming. Cotton is in my opinion the most discreet colour. 
Love my glass. If you're on the fence, do it. 
Too bad you can't get it in Canada, just like most other Google products.
Can you please get it into Canada so many people would love them. 
+Google Glass would you enlighten us on how many new explorers were discovered today? It would be neat to see just how many new faces we will be seeing soon in our community!

Also #teamcharcoal Always and forever!
Something tells me the glasshole occurrences are going to go up exponentially. :) Don't get me wrong, I was a supporter, and have great faith that future releases will rock.
Just ordered, can't wait for them! As for the price, I hear the same thing about the drugs my biotech company makes-if it weren't for billions in R&D, the could give them away! #teamcharcoal
we need to step this thing up a bit I'M BORED
Closing up shop tonight hmmm???
You guys buy Google Glass to take pictures of your pets? Seriously?

You know that a simple digital camera can to the same for a hilarious small amount of money prepared to the costs of an Google Glass?
David M
+Philipp Schwarz This is one of the many reasons I bought a pair.  Why, because it often takes so long to turn on my camera or phone, if they happen to be handy, then login, then load the app.  By the time you're device is ready, the moment is often lost.  (Granted it's not the ONLY reason)
David M
BTW I went with #teamsky  to match my normal prescription frame color :D  The more I read, the more excited I'm getting!
Congratulations to all the new Glass Explorers. I picked up my prescription frames today so able to explore and read at the same time!
Glass is hands-free and unobtrusive, so you can take photos o pets and babies you would normally never be able to because a camera is distracting.
Welcome New Explores Hope you have a good experience like me and all of the other explorers
+Keith Barrett those have been very useful features on our current archaeological documentation project :) Glass rocks. 
No cats pictures taken with glass? 
Not since Cats of America v. Google privacy case law
C'mon Google send a pair to me to test internationally,I am happy to be IPTT - International prototype test tech..... :D 
Got mine in the mail same day they went on sale. Shale baby
i didn't see the overnight shipping option?
I ordered mine around 3 pm.. i doubt theyll make it to texas overnight?
This is awesome... I'm hating the media coverge of  "Isolated Google Glass assaults" on people wearing them.  I guess it's not too much different from the days when people were held up & beaten for their Air Jordans or  cell phones, although these folks now are more just haters.  I've had mine since December, and everyone that sees me sporting them basically thinks it's awesome...So then I let them try them on. [Disclaimer:  I'm from a small town in Western Pennsylvania, and people here are far removed from the San Fran housing situation/"tech takeover".  Aside from that, there's a good chance that, being in my neck of the woods, I'm carrying concealed :) ]
+Robbie Morgan It's a beta either want to Explore or you don't.  It's not a consumer product yet.  Consider it then.  Protip: Google doesn't care.  The pricepoint is a NON-ISSUE right now people...why do people not get that?  They set it at $1500 to begin with, they're even offering a deal today (if its even still open) that saves people $225 on prescription frames, and that's that.  Yes, it's expensive. Not all of us who have it were able to just say "Oh, sure, let's drop $1500 on that."  For some people, the potential of the technology and unique experience that it is to be part of a game-changing device's beta far outweighs the dollar amount.  If not, don't buy it.  It's really that simple.
Robyn D
+R Lynn Rea Ordered the frames for the prescription as well.  Do you know how that process will work - do we just take them to the optometrist to have the prescription filled?
Any idea when us poor Canadians can expect to be invited to the party?
Looks like I got my Cotton white Glass just before they ran out, which by the way means that I have now purchased Glass in each and every available color. 
Welcome new #glassecplorers. If any of you are in Central FL let me know. We have a private community and I'm hosting 2 Meetups next month.
Keith: You should just have it here in Saint Pete Beach.... :-)
+Mike Roadancer there may be other explorers in your area. When you get your Glass you can join our FL community and arrange an area Meetup
I wondered about that too.  I got a email almost 24 hours to the minute saying it was shipped!
Would be nice to know when we are getting our glass.  Ordered first thing and still no email or communication
When do you expect cotton/white to be back in stock?
Could someone post me a link to the eye wear? I keep getting a link to a company that is not google? Getting tired of wearing my glass over my glasses.
and zip tying them to my regular glasses... don't work so well LOL...'
Electrical tape (two points) worked great until I got frames.  The touchpad even works through the tape.
i would love to have google glass, but nowhere near able to throw around $1,500 for one.     Maybe next time! :D
+Drew Rushmer The hardware is certainly a potential game changer, but only in the sense that it provides a clear direction for how we might close the gap between interaction in the digital and real world. However, the game which is badly in need of change isn't being addressed here. 

A $1500 beta price point is sadly not unexpected. By design it serves a purpose of restricting the origination of innovation and limits the potential for wealth generation to be equitably accessible.

Because this is the case, glass isn't a game changer in the way it potentially could be, and instead is just another addition to a profit only purposed corporate tool box.  

with an outlandishly high entry fee for participation Google is saying their sole aim here is protect the status quo of who is able to participate, shape, and profit from the eventual marketplace. 

This price point is nothing but a pay to play scheme. When they eventually launch the consumer version of the product there will be a small marketplace of initial applications developed by the chosen few who could dish out $1500 for each unit of hardware they may require to properly realize the purpose of their vision.  

Per usual practice of Corporate profit driven power, any new innovation post consumer launch will likely be cannibalized by those players who were fortunate enough to afford making use of their creative skill set during the beta leaving the rest of the market to be quickly bloated with unprofitable applications unable to get a competitive footing, or simply stomped out of existence through patent law.  

Sadly it seems the once very open digital world, and its traditional defenders have failed miserably in changing the real world. Unable to beat them, they instead have joined them. Innovation is great, but opportunity is better... 
+Christopher Gregory The fallacy in your argument is that I got the $1500 in any other way than saving my money prudently from the not-very-far-above minimum wage job I had.  The fact is that many people (especially those my age, without familial obligations and the like) could easily have afforded it, but chose to buy things like large flat panels on credit.
+Drew Rushmer Feel free to pretend $1500 isn't prohibitive for most people, but simply stating there is a fallacy in my argument doesn't mean there actually is one.
Value is relative. Some people would pay $1500 for a gold-plated wristwatch and others would pay that for a bike. Some would by a rare action figure toy of Batman and others would pay that for a gourmet dinner with friends. Others pay that much to travel on a plane to and from a faraway place. Once.

You will pay for what you value. Some of us value the Glass Explorer program and others don't. That said, I do not think Glass will stay at $1500 when it is released 100%. Google just dropped the price of file about 80%. They drove the price of an OS to zero. They drove the price of email to zero (plus advertising). A Chromebook gives a lot of people the ability to have a laptop for a fifth of the previous cost of a "windows" laptop. They might also drop the price of Glass hardware significantly, too. We just do not know.
+Ron Amadeo We created a link for a potential Explorers who were still in the pipeline from last week. We're shutting it down shortly. 
I bought mine yesterday.  Credit card went through.  Got the receipt.  Order stuck in Pending.  We'll see!
+Mark Lodes We see you've been in touch with a Guide. We're sorry this worked out the way it did, but let's keep talking by email. 
+Mark Lodes Welcome to the Explorer Program—we can't wait to see what you do with Glass. 

We don't have any aviator style shades available right now, but thanks for the suggestion!