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Share to Google+ Communities from Glass  

Glass Explorers can now share their pictures and videos with Google+ Communities.  Communities will simply show up alongside other share targets on Glass. This is something our Glass Explorers have been asking for for a while, and we’re delighted to enable this new functionality.  Whether you’re posting that beautiful bowl of ramen or the sunrise on your ride to work, sharing your interests is now hands-free and easy.   Looking forward to seeing lots of awesome #throughglass posts in Communities!
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Bet you a lot of people freaked out and thought this was a post for XE14.. Lol
I feel very unfortunate to miss out on such a revolution....
I wish if could get one...of course for free.
We all wish it was free. America's favorite word. Lol
Yeah 1600 dollars is a little much for the everyday person 
I even registered for explorer programe.
What else did google wants.... 
But it won't be exclusive then, then its no fun..
Its fun to explore a product that is something new to this world...
Not for devs only. I'm no Dev. Love bleeding edge tech. Heck, I still get attention when I use my google wallet at a pay pass or fast tap. Lol. I started saving as soon as I got on the waiting list. Maybe the consumer version will be a watch. The same UI and info card designs could translate perfectly to a watch. We'll see.
+Tony Fyffe I hear ya. I'm not a big dev but I love technology and I wanted to be apart of the Explorer program so I spent the money, Glass is awesome how it is and with all the great apps it gets better every day. Can't wait to see what else Devs will bring to Glass. 
You don't have to be a dev, but IMHO, you should be able to side load apps and play with the apps the devs are producing... and provide useful feedback to them.  This is the best way for things to get better fast.
I love Google, but their policy for "official" apps is a bit restrictive, especially since this is still an "invite-only" early adopter situation.  I can see them being very restrictive when Glass opens up to everyone, but the current policy seems like it just slows things down.
Just my two cents.
Leonardo S:
 You seem like rich guy, Let's do a deed (brotherhood deed). You give me $1600 + shipping, and you will get an $$EXCLUSIVE CHANCE$$ to see world from my eyes. You will discover India in just 1600$. 
"Think, it may change your life"
+Dan Ujvari I can understand why +Google Glass would be so restrictive about official apps. Especially in a beta product environment. As a developer, I believe there really has to be testing of apps in a new environment. The official apps is like a direct line to all explorers so you need a nice polished app to help limit the bugs that can occur on a beta product. The side loading of apps is basically a test at your own risk scenario. As I keep developing my app especially being geared more towards hospitals and healthcare organizations I would most certainly want to keep the testing of the app to a low count until I feel it can be distributed on a broader spectrum. 
Not convinced this product will be as revolutionary as people think.
it would be really nice if we could share through mms
+Dorian Sanchez And as a developer doing development in an "invitation only" environment of early adopters, I'd like to have the ability to put out a beta product to those interested in my work and willing to help.  There doesn't need to be just one repository for apps.  There could be a full release area and another beta area, ripe with warnings if that's what's needed.  It sounds like you're developing something that is very narrow / very specific and can live with a narrow beta audience.  Many of us are doing something more broad and NEED a wider audience and the diversified feedback that can give.  Don't paint every developer into your corner.  Our needs are not identical. 
Just saw the message in the glass community... What's coming is so worth the wait!!!!
+Dan Ujvari Not saying all developers are in the same position as me. just saying i understand in a way why it may be restricted :) I completely agree with you that it would be nice if Google would have a more official channel for beta apps. Partly why we are an explorer community is so that we can have others have input. I've seen posts of people in the development community sharing their work.
+Alex Jimenez Are you talking about the next update to #Glass? I'm hearing its going to be KitKat? I can't wait for three next update and what's going to come.... It's been a while
+Dorian Sanchez As Google opens the explorer program wide, like they are doing, more and more typical users are entering the group.  Many of these users may not be spending the time to peruse third party app repositories. 
I may be talking about closing the barn door after the horse is gone, because the time to have one repository with different classes of tested software may have passed us.  Even though it's still "invite only", the general masses are in and many of them are expecting polish. 
Please bring Google Glass to Boston. Please?
Got my invite and ordered on Thursday. More spots are open (limited time) 
+Davor Devcic I tend not to believe the "much lower price" rumors we read.  Although most electronics go down in price over time and especially go down with volume, I doubt we're going to see the price fall off a cliff any time soon.  Google would have a lot of very unhappy people on their hands. They are opening up the Explorers program kind of wide now... sure, still by invite only, but the invites seem to be going out fast and furious... and still at $1500 base price.  I'd be really surprised if we saw a sub one thousand dollar base price when it first goes mainstream.  Just my uninformed opinion here... I have zero insight into their plans.
+Tristan Curtis your comment may have just convinced me that the $1500+tax is an opportunity, an investment. Not just an expensive toy do I can say "yeah, I'm an early adopter."

+Google Glass is much more than that, and since I'm on my way to be a software engineer... I'd be a fool not to take this opportunity
I would love to be able to join as an explorer to bring the glass to my hiking trips. Especially my coming trip to Himalaya