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We announced Project Glass in part to let our team start testing prototypes outside the office. +Sebastian Thrun, one of our project leaders, tried one out last weekend and we just had to share the result.

We’d love to hear about the types of moments you'd capture if you didn’t have to wait to pull out a camera or your phone. Please share your thoughts in the comments!
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hahahaha that's awesome! Now Shut up and take my money!
Easy accessible wearable cameras with geo-location should bring about a new wave of innovative photography.
Man. I think of all the moments I almost caught on camera but missed out on because it wasn't in my hand and ready to go. I really can't wait to get a pair of these.
You're going to have to make these things beep or flash or something when you take a photo =)

Great image though
For my 3 year old daughter and doing EXACTLY this... I always say I wish I could hit the pause button on her for a bit. With the "glasses" this would become a reality with ease.
what a great use of technology...I cannot wait for it to materialize...hurry up...
Yes. Now every 'cool person' with have to wear glasses

Just like us geeks... :P
This is the type of device you buy 2 of...gotta have a backup!
I'd like to see the pic where you accidentally let go of him!
Wow, I can't wait to try one out too!

Though, I have to wonder at the places that such things will be banned then, due to the camera function being so built into the funcionality. Courtrooms, workplaces, etc.
Jody B
As a father of four, I can appreciate this picture as well as the technology associated with it. There were too many times in just this past weekend where I couldn't get my Droid Bionic out and take a picture of my children enjoying life fast enough.
EL Bacon
Here's a scenario for your commercials - the face of the mugger with a gun in my face...
Very awesome except how'd this picture actually get taken. Did he say, "Take a picture of this"? I think a reenactment video might make this story even better.
That said, I'd love to have a setup integrated with my prescription glasses, so I'd always have them with me.

Be cool to have a basic word processor built into it as well, so as to use a wireless keyboard or something. I write a lot...
When can I wave fistfulls of cash at you to get one???
That's an awesome picture that couldn't have been captured other than with glasses!
How does the focus work? Is it face recognition?
That's a great picture. It actually makes me feel a little bit dizzy to look at it.
Looks like the kid is playing with a couple of amputated limbs.
Can't wait until i can get my hands on a pair of Google Glasses.
Bob Igo
+EL Bacon That's a very interesting point. Maybe future muggings will involve the mugger hitting their victims over the head from the back, instead of just "nicely" asking for wallets and jewelry from the front. I think we should pre-empt this potential strategy shift by requiring these glasses to have 360-degree vision.
Google fanboy here more than willing to help test these (or anything else) "out of the office". Just let me know who to give my address to to ship me a pair :)
Amazing can't wait to get my hands on sum shiny new glasses :-)
I'd take a picture of every single car that cuts me or makes a dangerous maneuver on the road.

To add them to my Black List of Hate.
Ash B
I would pay to be a beta tester.
your friend crying next to you on a roller coaster :'D EPIC
Groom's perspective of watching bride walking down the isle to get married.
I once drove down a hill with my racing bike, doing 90 kilometers per hour. I would have loved to have that on picture.
Would be cool to test one. As I'm wearing glasses it would be no difference for me.
retracing steps would be awesome too. can't find your keys? have it guide you to where you were that day
If the execution is on point and seamless, you have one of your first buyers here.
This is going to usher in a new wave of privacy invasion....I can't wait!
Just make it streamlined and sexy looking, Google, and with marketing like this photo here, you could sell a million jillion of these babies.
Similar to what +Darrell Coble said, being able to bring up the menu, after you have ordered, or the wine list, or what the parking sign said would be useful.

And that's the idea I can mention. :-)
Having the ability to snap pictures on a whim is priceless. I can't tell you the amount of times my kids have been doing something cute, see the camera come out, and start acting completely different once they know a photo/video is being taken.
Count me in as a volunteer tester, the possibilities of application and interface with the device are just fascinating.
M sure it has more functionalities than just a camera
I am very much looking forward to this technology. I'm already envisioning using a +Project Glass device while riding my Harley on long rides - a heads-up display for navigation in front of my field of view and taking photos to document the trip as we ride though the countryside. Searching for gas stations because I didn't fill up 80mi back when I should have... :) Exciting stuff. If there is ever a beta, I'll be in line!
Even if the upshot of all this were only a hands-free still-shot camera, it would still be a hit.
Assuming a base level of sturdiness, I would (with supervision) give these to my 2-year-old, explaining to her that I quite literally want to see the world through her eyes.
How do you guys solve the brightness problem of any display outdoor?
It would be a very useful device for the elderly or those with arthritis who would normally find much difficulty in operating the fine controls of a small handheld camera.
Wow, it's getting pretty surreal round here...
Holy crap! Great use of the glasses.
That is really fun. I can imagine to clip one on my prescription glasses all the time, presumably it would not crush my nose.
Still unclear how you would render a full featured HUD so close to the eye and spect to get focused view of what's happening.
I take enough photos already in my life that almost half my day is viewed through a viewfinder already. I feel like it would just make things much easier to document, lookup, and remember people, places things. I'm bad at remembering names as well so being able to "store" a photo with a name would solve that problem right away.
I would take pictures of the sunset on my evening run or drive home from work....or the sun rising after a late night/early morning in the city!
These glasses seem to address one of the remaining issues with smart phones; you must take it out of your pocket to use it. What is lost are moments that are short and unpredictable. The photo of a kid is a perfect example. I often struggle to rip my phone out of my pocket to capture a funny thing my kid is doing only to miss it. It only took 4 seconds (my phone is old) but often that's just too long.
Another cool use for the camera: binoculars function, to get augmented views of what you are looking at.
+Sebastián Diéguez I believe that they beam the image onto the retina, thought eh same effect can be created by wearing specially designed contact lenses that alter your focal length
Being a photography student, I think this would be an excellent way to compose shots!
Need any alpha testers? ;)
I can see really using this while out on a bicycle. There are times that I see the more amazing things, and outside of having a huge GoPro or something attached to my helmet I'm at a loss to share what I see.
Imagine a game of tag in which glasses wearers can find each other by seeing through trees.
(GPS enabled augmented reality)
I just keep throwing my credit card at my monitor but nothing is happening.
Picking up a camera is the one sure way to stop my 21-month-old twins from doing whatever wonderful thing they're doing. I'd love to have a discreet way to capture those moments.

I'd also love to be able to capture some tech's-eye-view of soldering and circuit-bending.
Same here! I would also be available to test the first ones that carry my prescription!
Google should patent eyePhone just to screw with Apple.
+Project Glass as I said when the first video came out. I would love to see our ISS crew use this for images whether on a spacewalk or inside the space station, but also procedure reviews, crew comm and other aspects that could be tied into the augmented reality interface.
I'm sure I would just take a lot of pictures of my super cute dog...I know not that exciting but it would totally happen, he always knows when a camera is pointed at him and he gets excited so candid shots are really hard to make.
I hope to heck I can very simply integrate a bluetooth keyboard with these glasses. I take the bus and this would allow me to write real volumes of text without trying to squeeze myself and a laptop into my seat.

Google glasses, a full sized bluetooth keyboard, and a year of forty minute bus rides would see my first novel published.
This is so cute! I can't wait to play with my daughter and taking that kind of pictures. Capturing the moment gets to a whole new level!
I would end up talking pictures like Sebastian did of my family and of things that we do together
Walking around and playing golf. The scenery! If the ability to upload to a server and share/playback was integrated that would be soooo cooooool.
As a mom of two little ones these would make so many pictures possible that I don't have the time to take and can't take logistically... whipping out the phone or camera instantly distracts my children from what they are doing that I wanted to capture.
With this device I would have a lot less missed photos of my kids. Like this one above you can't do that unless you are willing to strap a camera or phone to your head. That would not look quite as cool as your product. There are times I come over a bridge in the morning heading east and the sun/cloud formation is just go cool it would be nice just to say take a photo with out taking my hands off the wheel. Puling over would make sense but time says no.
This would allow to take all those pictures when I don't want to jinks whatever i'm capturing. Or any time my hand are busy. Amazing.
BTW, this image proves you don't have to press anything to take a picture :) How is it activated? With a blink? Looking at a certain point? Double blink? Voice? can't wait to try this :)
I am looking forward to this when it comes out.
Please continue to keep us posted.
I occasionally do my own mechanic work in my driveway, it would be cool to snap pix of the different stages of removing and replacing parts.
Picture a LEO walking her beat - she is carrying extra gear in her belt that would insure real-time uploading of what she sees to her sergeant when she says a keyword. She gets plates run just by looking at them - or can compare the face in front of her with the most recent APB. She can report/request without reaching up to her shoulder to toggle the radio. At the crime scene in moments, she can get a complete list of witnesses' faces before they turn away and run. etc... etc...
I think it would be invaluable to use these to create a Day In The Life Of... . How valuable would it be if we could see what a kindergartner sees on his first day of school, or what someone in a wheelchair experiences, dealing with stairs, exits, people who look at you, perhaps a bit differently. Or what it would be like to see through the eyes of a nurse, or doctor, or rescue worker.
If you need a tester in kansas im getting my glasses very soon, maybe tomorrow or today. Looking forward to it!
If you need beta test for french version, i'm your man!
Imagine sports shots from the players POV.
Please please please give a pair of these away for the attendees of Google I/O this year :D
Please sign me up for alpha, beta, or whatever public testing you do :)
Any pictures with any of the heads up display showing?
I'd use it while bicycle touring. You see so much crazy stuff on the bike, but with 80 lbs. of gear balanced on your bike, pulling out a phone or camera can be squirrely.
Great picture :)
I cannot wait to get more info about the glasses!
I think its great. I was going to say "Imagine if" but just wait till these cameras have DSLR quality resolution to them. This will be the new point and shoot or look and shoot ha. By the way sign me up for the beta :D
I'd love to use this functionnality as I treat a patient, take photo during my work and transfer it on a computer nearby for instant review :)
This is a great shot. Surprising to see him not blurry also. Definitely makes me look forward to these. Can't wait
I would use this for many things. I'm in Florida so it would be great for photography: I would take pictures of the landscape, the sunset/sunrise, the beaches, the unbelievable change in weather, etc. I would also use it to record important things like a class lecture or fun things like a party. I would use it to post all this to G+ easily. I would use it for meeting up with friends or join hangouts (like on the project glass video). Can't wait for this :)
memory augmentation: "what was i looking at?", "what were we talking about?"
"what was this person's name, again?"
How does one get the opportunity to test one of these said prototypes?
My question also! I'd love to test these in Chile :D. Sign me up for the beta phase!
I used to have this miserable commute, close to an hour mostly in stop-and-go traffic. The same kinds of cars every day, the same bored drivers, the same long long long red lights.

Everything changed, though, the first time I saw it: a montage of STAR WARS characters pasted on the back of a truck. Luke, Darth Vader, the droids, Han Solo, and more with a dogfight in the background. I yelled with surprise and struggled to pull my phone from my pocket but the light turned green and the truck got away.

I would see the truck from time to time. Sometimes twice in a week. Other times, once a month. I took a couple of photos when I could, but none of them captured the sheer awesomeness of it all. I would try to get behind the truck at a light, but never managed, and taking a photo while driving wasn't an option [not until the car drives itself].

So, all of this to say, I'd capture artistic devotion to sci-fi wherever I found it on trucks.
i was dreaming about a mobile motion capture input sytem what does not need cameras ... since 2009 when i first saw project natal( kinect today ).
i believe the advantage of input via hand - and whole body motion vs. voice commands and recognition of movements via camera would be ...
that ones whole body could be visible on the head worn display ... without having to stand in front of a camera or stay in a defined area. also it is non interfering as it is silent plus it does not record any images of people who would rather not be filmed at the moment.
but then on the other hand to film/photo without having to take camera out of pocket and use both hands ... very appealing, good example recording oneself doing a tinkering operation with both hands engaged, i am seeing tinkerbell when she was working on the blue moon cepter and there was this lense being given to her by an assisting animal. mmmh... but back to the noncamera motion capture input method. at i naivly fantasize something about the motion of ones body in space being recognized by rfid tech ... but i am no way learned on this, it is just guessing and speculation... it might be infrared, bluetooth or an other hopefully minimally invasive frequency/radiowave/signal what would allow me to one day sit on a bench beside the lake.... look onto the fantastic reflection of the sun on the water surface and write a poem about this blissfull moment ... with my hands resting on my upper legs and silently tenfingersystem tipping away. or ... one walking trough the woods and being inspired by the birds and the winds and leafs sound melodies... i move my arms slightly here and there, choosing this and that virtual instrument ... playing some notes while continuing to stroll along 
+Project Glass +Sebastian Thrun, come on guys, I want to see more use cases besides camera use and posting to social networks, use cases that actually work in the prototype as oppose to the popular graphic mock up demo video. Charlie Rose even brought this up when he interviewed Sebastian on his show but as I recall all Sebastian did was talk about stimulating a discussion amongst groups to figure out where to go with Project Glass or bring up concept examples, none which was demonstrable. It's difficult in this very early stage to see if this is much more than novelty hype.
Amazing and I want too... But my girlfriend advise me to broke up the relationship if I buy one... -_-
I think mostly I would share my life with these. I like to walk around a lot, especially recently at a dying mall where I went a lot growing up. If I had these glasses now, I would use them to share my thoughts and memories about the place. I like to do that a lot. I take pictures of interesting places, trees, objects, sculptures, you name it. Right now these pics tend to stay on my phone. With these glasses I could share them more easily with my friends and other people who would be interested. Capturing and sharing life, I think this will be one of the big draws to the finished product.
Is it just a camera that you strap to your face right now? I haven't seen much else
I am a trainer by trade, I'd like to my audience a glimpse into my world.

Also think... Brainstorm.. that is what I think of when I see this medium... :)
Waiting for Ironman UI Mod. Can't wait!
I would like to state that this is a great showcase a photo that could not be take by camera or phone in an any normal situation. beyond that I feel more need be shown other than your concept video and pictures because I feel you if you show case more you can silence those who say this is a waste of time.
It will be interesting to see how the entertainment industry reacts to this. I remember concert venues trying to restrict the first wave of smart-phone owners from entering events... that will happen here as well, but what happens when that's the majority of their customers?

Anyway, what would I do? I don't think that's as interesting as what a lone girl on a college campus would do when someone suspicious starts walking toward her. Upload, tag, share.... before you can even get near her, she's already compiled a stack of evidence to be used in a sexual assault case and uploaded it to a circle of trusted friends. That certainly makes sexual and other forms of assault more of a risk for the perpetrator...
Awesome, this project just awesome.
I love the idea, hope this works out well!
I would like to see some innovative integration into specific markets and industries. Examples could be…

• Inventory Management – the ability to quickly assess specific quantities and types of materials/foods/other would provide better real-time inventory management which could include a picture of the materials.
• Arbor/Horticulture – with the right software, assessing trees and plants would be as easy as looking at them. Integrate with a geographic information system, GIS, and you could put together a complete tree inventory for a park, city or campus, complete with specific information for each tree – picture, type, age, condition, pruning/care history, along with a projected timeline for tree replacements.
• Entertainment Industry – a rock concert, race car driver or interactive Vegas show – with the performer wearing these glasses, the audience would be able to see things from the performer’s vantage point by projecting it.
Photo looks great! When will there be a live demo of the product?
I QC multiple videos at work for digital distribution... how would Glass work with something like that?
As a student I could take a picture of the homework board so I would never miss anything, I wonder if you could also use them while at a movie or something...
I wonder what if glasses will require 3G or LTE connection, Is it safe to use all day long cause of close to head transmitter?
If you need french people to try it call me ! ^^
I would also use it for all the moments you see something amazing and don't have a phone or a camera (quite often). Except I would like to know more about the battery life and how long it takes to actually take a photo.
In a classroom, snapping pictures of blackboard - will save students some writing.
A bit nerdy, but I imagine this could be incredibly useful in the lab. Being able to check procedure notes as you go, being able to dictate lab notes, being able to easily record images and video of experimental procedures, this technology has the potential to increase not only the efficiency, but also the reproducibility of scientific research.
As an industry analyst, taking a photo of folks listening to my talk will soothe or screw up my ego :-)
I teach and coach, As a race ski coach it would be great to use for video review if it can do that, for a Dad it's just great to have the ability to snap moments when camera would be to cumbersome or take to long. If there was a full time camera would it be possible to save a picture from a moment ago! You know those time when you say dam I just missed it, but now you could review time lapse and have it!
Wow...that makes for some really inspiring pics and videos!! I wish I had one to test out!!!
I'm actually really surprised at the picture quality considering it supposed to be 2MP.
Can't wait to buy!!
I've always wanted a camera that would take pictures instantly (on command) of what I was looking at. Taking pictures of what my head is pointed at is good enough for me. I'd buy a Google Glass if that was all it did.
I work on modular synthesizers and play instruments. It would be great to record my hand movements on the instruments without having to hold the camera or position one on a tripod.
Also.. they need to look WAY cooler. The current version looks super nerdy. Not sure that's gonna fly well with the masses.
I would love to have a pair, so I could have each of my kids wear a pair for a day at a fun location. Then edit vid to show how they saw it in their own eyes. How cool would it be to see for example, Disney at 3foot 4? It could also open up a whole new marketing opportunity.
Alright, time for the big question. How much are these going to cost?
So, this picture was taken by the Project Glass? If so, it's amazing!
Hmm, and what about us, people with glasses? Will be there a version for us? Or will I have to switch to contacts?
I imagine law enforcement would want field officers to have them. Also the Occupy protesters would also want. And a whole new countermeasures industry would develop (image version of the tinfoil hat).
The entire time I was in Europe. It was a pain to take out my phone every time I saw something breathtaking, which was quite often!
Also can't wait to see on the news the first child abuse conviction from the point of view of the parent. =-O
That moment when someone you're fond of smiles back for the first time.
+Cédric Tremblay , you know, I had the same thought. This will probably have a really profound effect on certain kinds of crime -- if everyone on the road knows that driving like a jerk will mean dozens of videos being transmitted to the local police in almost real time, it should eventually have a damping effect on bad behavior.
How did you not lose your child when you let one hand go to snap the picture?
The great irony: You always have a camera attached for the quick, impromptu sex tape, but noone wearing one could possibly ever get laid.
Leo T
Just how your son wants to remember you: Four-eyed dork cyborg.
its voice command... he does not need the hand to use it. People are such dumbasses
Enough showing off! Start producing them!
And like Howard said stop it and take my money!
I know it will sound silly, but I'd take a photo of a really spectacular and crazy moment in a game. PC, console, doesn't matter. Even that brief moment to hit the screenshot key can keep the best screenshots from being taken. =O
You guys can just send one to me now. I'll pay for it eventually, I promise. t's not like you don't know where I live...sheesh.
I would capture my greatest moments in gaming.
Cool! I think one great feature of the Google glasses will be to be able to "replay" those greatest moments of the day we had or simply share them with friends.
+georgi angelov wouldn't be practical, you need to wear goggles and if you chose not to, the glasses would fly right off your face
i'd take pictures of the things my buddies and i do maybe even video and also of the things that go around me so that way i could kind of remain inconspicuous, I would love to try these out.
Love the Idea of google glass. The whole capture and have everything ready and hands free is a amazing that I would defiantly want.
- Reporting an accident (GPS if in countryside). Possibly email pictures to better prepare emergency teams. (Esp. useful if situated in countryside)
- Record software demos or meetings at work for later reference or review
- Picture of my empty fridge so I can simply see what's missing from it when I've arrived at the store
The industrial applications for this are interesting. However, the seller at consumer end will be recreational eg sports, social and travel related. I think the opportunity for travel in foreign countries with instantaneously translated data etc are really interesting.
where do i procure such a product...
The APPS that this unit could do are endless!....Apps like Google maps (of course)....An App I would call "Cyborg" vision where you are able to look @ a person and see how much he/she weighs and their height, waist line, in-seam, shirt size..etc...Face recognition technology as well as voice technology could be used to create a "polygraph" App. GOOGLE translator app. Enhanced vision magnification up to 12x....Cross hair reticule App for hunters and sporstman...Apps that would allow a person see the Engine block like never before...A Billard App that could help the player see angles on the pool table that only augmented reality could provide....the same App could be used for golf...Taking group pics with you G-glasses would be a breeze...Video capture and playback feature would be good too. X-ray and NVG wold be epic! An App that would be able to calculate how fast your are moving....
Can you just install the glass in my eyeball and attach it to my nerves please? #bionictechnology #cyborg
Shut up and take my money!! that sounds more like what i would say.
Nice shot, but I really hope the glasses will not be dumbed down to a photo and video sharing device; need some good AR usecases!
You listen to me google. All I have ever wanted out of life is to be a cyborg. I am willing to accept the ability to browse the internet without a screen. Make these like the goggles from Snow Crash and I will give you every single cent I own. But don't half ass it like you did with Google Music, Google listen, or all of your other half finished projects.
It would be amazing to have an entire cast of actors wear these on a live stage and then compile the streams. You could basically watch the play from anyone's perspective!
I am blind and I would sincerely hope that it would be possible to run +Peter Meijer 's vOICe on them Please don't dumb them down, but make them of use as a mobility device for blind people everywhere. It can be done, as many users of vOICe are demonstrating in their daily lives.
An ideal tool for software testing! Nobody can record all the tester's activities (including picking the nostril or visiting a site under no test), the glasses is the way to record and attach the recording to a bug-tracking system.
Please consider this possibility as well.
I will be able to use both hands on my girlfriend while making PoV home videos.
Need it, Need it, Need it! Its a great idea,its a Google idea!
While cycling through France, uphill, downhill, standing still ;), capturing moments of a week of painful and joyful moments! "Life in a day"-style if you know what I mean
record my professors' funny quips and his quirky poses! just take a picture instantaneously would be wonderful!
Great shot! Very well lit environment. Would like to see lower light environs for comparison. Is this the new manned space launch platform? Just hurl children into space!
And now, when I inevitably buy a pair, I'm going to have insist that one lense is green and rectangular and the other is red and round... :D
As per the camera is concerned I think it's gonna work pretty well but my concern is that in the video we see that the man is seeing the user interface of the glasses on the center of the screen but how will this be possible?????
That is the purpose and magic of the glass, Ronnie ! - Hi.
There are so many moments we'd wish to be able to capture in photo (or video), in situations where we can't really "grab a camera/smartphone a snap it" that it's hard to narrow it down.

Like when we're driving and happen to see just the perfect sunset, or cloud formation, or any number of "amazing" stuff that is there just for a second...

I guess all the petabytes in the Cloud will have to be expanded when Google Glasses become popular, to allow for the extra photos and videos people will be uploading... :)
Myles W
It's a nice shot, I would be curious to see an overlay picture showing what you see via GG's on that image. Also if you need volunteers to test... :P
Wow impressive.. i want to test that with my daughter also !!
My mom (lives in Los Angeles) and I (live in Germany) would cook more often together and help each other out while cooking. If we could follow a recipe together and comment together on the individual steps to help each other out and joke along the way it would be like being at home with her :)
We have several more use cases that we have already developed around cooking for our app. I would be happy to discuss in a non-public dialog.
What a beautiful moment captured in time. I don't think you could have captured this any other way.
+Tank Fox I agree with the keyboard concept, but what'd be best, IMHO is to be able to use your current Android device as a remove control, like text input... I know I don't always want to say my SMS text messages aloud (for voice recognition) but also, being in Quebec, I have lots of francophone friends, in which case I cannot send them a SMS orally without changing the phone's language (which I don't want to do)
How do I go about getting some of those fancy glasses? Fantastic picture by the way.
Perfect capturing :-) I'm just waiting to see all options and functions. :-) It makes a lot easyer no longer to use the mobil. I hope that spectacle wearer could use it also.
What id like to see is a new age of geo tagging that's easily viewable through the glasses. It'd be like a completly different reality.
Nice, a first person picture. Feels like a shot from a FPS game.
I still have a lot of doubts about how the glass really goind to work...but it looks very cool.
That's an awesome pic! sign me up!
I know, if it could record video, I'd just love to capture all the moments I have with my friends. I want to have video of my life, without having to pull out a camera.
How about pics of an auto accident to help police reconstruct what happened? or crimes in process to get license plates, pix of the perps, etc.? It reminds me of the dash-cams on cop cars... I'll bet there are LOTS of professions that would love to be able to capture moments to help with their every day duties. And less-crime-related... how about great sports moments when you're at a game? or taking pics of your kids performing in some way? I know that my kids act differently when they see the camera... Oooh - how about taking a pic of where you parked at the airport? or where I set my keys down!!!! or how about a computer screen full of info - like after you do a Google Search! or a pretty girl... maybe at the beach. Or a funny billboard that you see while driving? or a funny person that you see while shopping at K-Mart. Or a rainbow!!! You just never have a camera when you see a rainbow! Fireworks on the 4th of July. Shooting fireworks is kind of tricky, though, even with a really good camera... Let's see... If you had the ability to record a brief sound with the pic, it would be a great way to capture faces and names at a convention or trade show. Depending on the resolution, it might even work as an ad-hoc scanner for documents. I know I've used my phone camera for that purpose a few times. Skydivers! Comparison price shopping... Were these shoes more expensive than the last shop I was in? Quick pic of what the motherboard looked like just before I took it apart. Directions from Google Maps. House hunting! Not only pics of the house, but pics of the views FROM the house. Maybe you're working on this, but I have always thought that some form of camera that is always capturing video, but only for a short time... like 1-2 minutes, but that would allow you go back 10, 20, 30 seconds and save the still shot from then. No more "Darn, missed it."

Enough for now. Interested to follow the progress of this project. Would love to participate... who do I see about that?
I wanna be a prototype tester please
How is the camera centered? I though it was to the right of your eyes.
+Vincent Winther the picture on G+ is 1103x827 px, so its 0.9 Mpx. Actually, the physical resolution of the device might be higher, but >2 Mpx is unlikely.
Rose L.
The picture is quite clear for an action shot, I did not expect he quality of the camera is quite as good. I can't wait for when this hits the market!
This is so awesome, I can't wait to see its final product, hopefully it's not expensive...
I hope the glasses can let people that need actual glasses use this
Offbeat moments like the ones where you have the hilarious story and no pix to go along with them because no one had a camera. Also, I've somehow become the official unofficial photographer/videographer at family gatherings.
As I get older, and being a man, I can loose track of conversations and things more easily. I'd like a "My Life DVR" feature of the last say 3-30 minutes/ I could then simply rewind and use it to help me recall things. It'd be great for resolving arguments too, because you could replay exactly what was said and how it was said.
There was a UK based movie about this, turns out it ends in a bad way. Trying to remember what it was called!
Ha Pe
genial! kanns kaum erwarten!
the plate of that *#$(@ who is disturbing traffic!
One pair for me, please! Can't wait to get them!!
Is there side effects to the eyes due to wearing these? (eye strain)
How mild or sever can the effects be, with those with and without damaged vision?
Could we wear them all day long, or should there be a limit to how long we should have them over our eyes?

I understand all the features aren't in there yet but as a consumer I would love to know the downfall of this product also.

I personally think this project is going to be an amazing success!
I'd take pictures of fast moving objects (Planes flying close overhead etc..) You never get your phone out in time for that; Pick phone from pocket - unlock - app browser - camera - focus on object - take picture. With this it'd just be (look at object) "snap"
Though I really am just waiting for a release of them to try one. It'd be nice to add my own features like click via blink as well as type via same instead of talking. Maybe even write something down and have it scan the thing and store as a document.

Really would love to talk to the team in charge.
He debatido sobre esta publicación con 1 persona en un hangout.
Im so excited for these! Thanks Google for helping make this world a lot more exciting. Ive been waiting for tech like this my whole life.
WoW ! Amazing ! I can't wait to have on of these for me... I keep imagining how wonderful it will be...
With four children I could only dream of all the moments I could catch if I didn't have to pull out the phone. I would love to test these out.
I've done a lot of traveling for school and work over the past few months, and often I've traveled through AMAZINGLY beautiful landscapes, or seen really cool scenes while i was driving... Often times, i can't stop for various reasons, and it would be unsafe to pull out my phone or camera while driving to take a photo. Something lile this would be awesome for capturing these momments on the go! :)
This would help capture so many moments as a parent that go unrecorded and are forgotten.
I am a Ghost hunter and can see where this might be a good benefit to my team. I would be honored to beta test this for you. ;)
So how did you 'give the command' to click this picture? You winked your eyes or something like that? ;)
Where does one go to sign up to test for Project Glass? Message me, I'd spend an entire day in testing from the sheer excitement of it.. I'd try it at home, on the bus, at college, at the mall, and at the store. :O
Definitely wish they were released. I would buy it straight away. Here's hoping that google releases some more videos and answers questions like, how do u command it to take a picture and if someone is calling you, how to answer it and how it would work when you are driving or something. Looking forward to it though, and hopefully google will want to do some testing internationally (UK) and gets general public to help out. I would be the first one at the queue. 
Thank for the new Google+ and like the Pictures
Can I be a beta tester for these glasses? 
i'm a poor college kid so can you just give me a pair?
Can I have night vision? I wonder this could reduce traffic accidents in low light conditions... Err, or increase it... Hum, zoom would come handy as well... Where can I buy one? NOW!!!! WOW!
Just let it work decently in low light, please.
That would be useful, when something amazing is happening and instead of taking the time to pull out your camera you can just take a picture before it goes away and you'll ever be able to see it again.
This is great! If you ever decide to Beta test these with the public I would LOVE to put them through the ringer!! I even have my old htc I could link it with :)
I can't wait for +Project Glass to come to the public. I'd love to get my hands on a pair of these to test them out!
yes - of course this is the future. And this is an awesome example about its possibilities.. but the bottleneck is not the ideas or dreams - its the technology. How long till we see SLR like performance in a device like this?
A camera over each eye would be really cool and easy for 3D.
This photo has been tagged for investigation by the local department of Childrens Protective Services - please stay where you are until a CPS officer arrives to investigate this apparent incident of child abuse.

Your location has been recorded. Thank you, and have a nice day.
I would love to see these made in a safety glasses version, something like that would be invaluable for my business, being able to take pictures of a system while looking at the back of a rack etc. Many technicians such as HVAC, ESC, Mechanics would be able to reference a part they had taken apart and see exactly where everything was before.
Im 15 and attending I/O.. lemme know where i can get a pair :D
Stop being silly and send me one. Remember how well I did with the CR-48 testing? :D
I could see myself using these with all the outdoors stuff I do - trail running, hiking, starting a fire, those rare birds you catch a glimpse of then they fly away before you can get your camera or phone out.
I am so jealous. I want Google Glass so badly.
I think you need someone from Montreal to test these out right? Right? Well, what a coincidence, I live in Montreal...
As a rower I can use this to see my boat speed and place in a race. It would also be great because I am a pilot and I can use it for visual and even instrument approaches. Also it could show the map over the ground. That would be the best
Is there anyway to sign up for the testing of this product? I'd love to be able to give input!
That shot is just amazing! I can't wait for it to be available to buy. Instant moment capture is a great idea guys :)
Wearable google-glasses is cool. Embedded camera is crap. :)
Always wanted to shoot what I saw, without using a traditional camera. I want!
i fly RC helis and would be cool to use for FPV or even have a HUD with my RX voltage, rotor rpm, airspeed stuff like and i could use it record my flights at the same time
can i have a set to try :D
+Derrick Coetzee Correct, my users buy such glasses for around $30 (including shipping) via eBay from China
Of course these glasses lack a display, but their cameras in my experience offer surprisingly good quality video, comparable to a decent webcam.

However, none of these glasses thus far work with Android devices, while that would have been great for truly mobile augmented reality applications. Their USB camera drivers only support Microsoft Windows, and now that nearly-smartphone-sized Windows PCs (UMPCs) like the OQO and Viliv S5 are off the market, there are currently no good consumer alternatives for wearable computing with camera glasses. :-(

So I hope that Google glasses will fill that gap by offering affordable sleek camera glasses that either connect to Android phones for live video processing, or that run Android on their own - although the latter still seems technically too challenging in view of battery size and weight.
Please consider making a "left-eyed" version. Myself have decent vision on my left eye, but can abrely see with my right eye, thus I would not be able to use the glasses in their vurrent shape.
+Robin Alexander Laumb I have used camera glasses with the camera on the front side of one of the legs, and found a left or right live view displacement quite annoying, especially at distances of less than, say, one meter. I found that I much preferred camera glasses that have the camera in the nose bridge, i.e., between the eyes, also for hand-camera ("eye") coordination. I realize that having a camera between the eyes may be at odds with the preferred "looks" of the glasses, but perhaps a good designer can resolve that. A left-right view displacement may be OK for taking snapshots that only others will see (photo sharing functionality), but for one's own live (augmented reality) viewing I believe it is a poor choice. Even for people who are blind in their left or right eye I expect that a camera between the eyes will work at least as well as having one on the leg that is closest to the good eye.
No more taking notes from a white board. Just walk out with copies of the board at various stages of progression to review at leisure.
bin gespannt, was passiert, wenn der junior seinen papi wegen veröffentlichung klagt :)
I'm really waiting for this, i was dreaming a personal HUD since i was 6 ^^
I am really looking forward to these, your doing a great job. Keep up the good work!
I was wondering when these glassses might be avaible for consumer product testing? I would definetly LOVE to be one of the people to test such an amazing device!!
@+Kyler Correia i would def. like to test those 2! And if there is no open beta test - when will those be available?
I'd love to test these out, too, but distracted driving concerns me. Will there be a feature that automatically disables some functionality of the device while driving or will it just rely on us to not play with it on the highway?
umm..... wow. That's sick. Wanna share a free pair??? :D
I am a software developer and would love to create something akin to what William Gibson wrote about in "Spook Country". This is the type of technology that could give education an incredible boost. Have a classroom of networked glasses for presentations, homework assistance or any number of other uses. I would really enjoy writing software for these, I believe that this could be the next major advancement in personal computing.
Man! I would love to be able to record my teachers presentations at school. School would be so much simpler with these! :D
What kind of storage would a single person need to store all of these photos, even if they're not continuously taking pictures, or would the Google cloud accommodate it?
I would imagine there would be some local storage, 16 - 32 GB, some form of wireless connectivity (802.11b/g/n, 3G, 4G LTE) and a way to move the local storage up to Google Drive. From there you could d/l the images/movies/docs to your laptop/desktop/tablet/phone.
+Wayne Pfeffer or perhaps * not check but guess someone has suggested it * it is simply wirelessly connected to your droid phone. Which handles processing and storage whilst glass does the playback and capture.
Keeping the device light and cheap. Logical... no?
Oh the things I would do! I need these now!!!!!
Gregory, that sounds more likely. Would that mean then that the glasses become more like a wireless extension of you phone?
Googles "nursemaids elbow", thinks of all the ways to use this device working in the back of a busy ambulance...
How do any of us get a set of these to begin writing software for them?
+Wayne Pfeffer I'd put money on it similar in theory to a Bluetooth device... not sure Bluetooth is the best tech for this as it does have a habit of dropping connection when in motion... Wireless works well but will decimate your battery... ANT+... not sure about that one. As for Bluetooth 3 or 4 or whatever it is i just hope if this is chosen they test it on a runner or better yet a free runner - oh thats an idea for an advert right there.

Person dons glass asks for directions to X this is overlaied sat nav style. Asks for certain play list to open up maybe an app to track running data recording GPS, Speed and compatible HR monitor data.
Once accelerometer picks up speed grater than walking projection is halted and replaced with audio queues "in 100 yards turn left" "heart rate 179 BPM" "RE-RE-RE-RELOAD SHOOT OUTSIDE OF THE SCREEN" and on slow down to stop projection and eye tracking is enabled. Guessing on board storage of a 1gb or so would also make sense. Assuming we are correct about the whole wireless connection to android device.
wonderful capture, I would so like to own a pair of these! Would be Great for hiking, and photos of my grandson ... and those candid photos where you really don't want the person to know they are being photographed..candid photos are always best!
+Sveinung Sjåstad I guess they don't want to impose the large screen to not strain the eyes... If you have to look at something 2cm from your eye, focus on it and move your eye around to see everything that's going on, you'll be sure to have a headache. Basically, but an android phone 2cm from your eye, and tell me it's not annoying to have 1 eye see far, and 1 focus on the extremely close, people will develop lazy-eye, IMHO.
I've had a class with Prof Thrun at Udacity and want to share that it was a wonderful experience :) It would be great to have such a glasses as I would use them while driving my mountain bike and snowboarding (when under the protective goggles). I'd also use them while climbing a steep hill when both hands are required - in short all the great moments that I'm totally unable to catch with my smartphone and/or compact camera right now !
over 4oo comments on this post alone, i am not going to slog through to see if anyone else thinks that these glasses should be feild tested on the typical not so smart person to see how bad this could really become... of course it would ahve to be in a controlled environment as well as unbiased to the fact that the person testing them would have to be considered an idiot... no negativity.. I am just throwing that out there... I myself and a horrible klutz (sp?) at times and cringe to think of the mayhem i could cause using these in everyday life.... please consider this thought GooGLE
Are you considering use cases around heads-up display for industrial/HMI use? For example, there's a compelling need in many sectors (industrial robotics, aerospace) to look at a system, and, with AR information fused in, intuitively be able to see power/fluid levels, failures and potential causes, send messages for service request, and show others what you're observing. Thoughts?
Prototypes already? This is amazing. I love you Google.
It would be awesome if there was a feature to store the most recent 5 minutes or so of video, just for those unforseen moments. 
I want a pair! Lol nice picture Sebastian
I'm a Grandfather of 5 Grandchildren that Loves to take pictures but I have a Disability the results from a stroke ( My right hand,arm & leg).
But it's hard to handle My phone and by the time I do the moment is gone! These Glasses would be perfect because whatever I'm looking at ( My Grandchildren ) would be the picture! If you want an average person to test The Glasses " I'm Your Man "
How do you take a pic? Voice activated? Please explain? 
fascinating!!!! give us a clue of the release date! that will make people want it more!!
can you please tell me if google glass will be in argentina ?
Question, Will we get root access like, lets say we wanna add some vfxs if we are 3d artist. Then be able to show and share a real time 3d of it( just a visual not a real thing). i mean if not it should be added, it would change everything. like make it so you have to ask if you want it public or private then just you know put names in the private list of people able to see it so that way you can make a 3d real time rendering so you can make a game interactive with the environment or even just for a showcase or even advertisement. Please if you read this... think about it.
And add another eye if possible like make glasses not a piece of glass
Drew W
I can't wait to be able to replace old surgical loops with Google Glasses. Want to magnify this region? Just make a gesture. Use a compass, gyroscope, and whatever else, and you can make it so when you glance over at the table the zoom goes back to normal, then back at your patient and you're zoomed in. Need to refer to the textbook? Just say the word and make a gesture. Want to call up your patient's CT images? Done. All while staying sterile, without trying to get an assistant into the OR. Or maybe you're doing CPR with Google Glasses-- they can pulse or show a number to keep your pulses right on time, and display info about the patient's oxygenation and whatever other data is available, for instant feedback to let you monitor effectiveness of compressions. You could also incorporate a list and some timers-- just say "atropine given" and it can tell you how long it has been, when the next dose is due, and so on. How awesome would that be? Heck, you can tell it a weight estimate, and it can just calculate and display a dose in milliliters, without even referencing a chart. Or perhaps the best thing, look a client right in the eye and take a history even while glancing through their records. Okay, that would get unnerving for the client, I suppose. Anyway.. so many amazing applications waiting to happen.

Guitar tabs!

I think I'm getting overly excited.
Nice Shot... Eagerly waiting for the product available on Sales in SYDNEY.
funny things while driving/boarding or skating and automobile crash evidence.
So you'd need to wearing this glass to answer phone calls? Does that mean you can't really use this as a replacement for you mobile phone UNLESS you're going to be wearing this ALL the time? Surely X Lab should find a solution to this, maybe some sort of option that lets your phone forward calls to this when you are wearing and you can choose back and forth?
Absolutely amazing. Google, what dreams are made of!
Any inspiration at all from the novels Daemon and Freedom(TM) by Daniel Suarez? If not, read them and continue bettering our future google ;)
НЕ могу Утверждать, но я не увидел ни одного коммента на русском...
But Google is Google!
What's next?!
It's perfect for trips to new places and with new friends. Capturing every moment to make a photo adventure as real time as possible.
Glasses could put an end to blackouts or at least help with the recovery ^^

It's hard for me to imagine what to do with it, because it's just so different for everything existing.
I can't wait. I want one. The augmented reality so good feature. Like robocop. :)
Finally! A camera that can actually photograph things from my perspective.
i think it should have red diode in case of recognising when someone is recording
A roller coaster ride would be pretty sweet to record and not have to worry about dropping your phone.
Or recording a mountain bike race/ride live would be awesome.
Jan Mack, you realize the futurama eyephone was a joke and not a real product/prototype... right?
I'm not sure price is an obstacle for me when it comes to these, lol.
I'd love to be in on the beta. This has such potential. I don't want it to be put in the "could have been" pile. 
The project is such a waste of money and time.
Have you ever thought about using the G-glass to work like a bi-focal assist? You know for far sited people trying to view or read something up close or just people 40+. :-)
I would take pictures of nature during hikes, allowing me to share the amazing views with all of my friends.
I've got this little problem: I can hardly memorize people, I mean, their faces and especially names. If I look at someone through these glasses, it would be awesome if I could see a hint, like, you know, it looks at person's face, it recognizes it, it compares it to my contact's profiles and finds a match and tells me: Jane Smith, new boss' assistant, or Paul Johns, works in the bakery.
How about that?
According to New York Times, it's gonna cost between 250 and 500USD.
I barely use cameras, because I don't have one; but if I had #GoogleGlasses I would take so many pictures whenever I could.
When are you going to allow us, your faithful users to test this? I'd love to have a pair of these right now, since I can't take a picture of my daughter without having her stop doing whatever I'm trying to take a picture of, and trying to destroy my phone (she's almost 2).
Google is the future! Google is the bomb!!
Unashamed google fanboy here :)
Btw, posting thps from my Android phone... would love to be posting this from my own google glasses!
Not only would I like to be "the first person on my block" with a pair of these, I'd be willing to be a test subject! Where can I get a Beta pair (you'll probably need my prescription, too)? A couple of points for a wishlist? Geotagging - a small button near the temple would be good, and a MANUAL darkening mode (slide the finger along one of the "ear pieces" to choose dark level), and last, a zoom feature (actuated the same, but on the other earpiece). Please. :-)
Jay D
I definitely second the need/want/yearning to test and show off this awesome thang. I'm curious why you would need to specially design them for prescription glasses. I imagine with different frames you'd have to figure out how to attach them but as long as they're on the anterior side of the glasses and prescription accommodates looking at close objects, should be fine, no?

and lastly the video shows the glasses making calls etc would this be done through interfacing with existing phones or will this be a kind of stand alone tech?
Jay D
took a better look at the non prescription version, I'm curious why you didn't make them more like regular glasses with 2 lenses or say a visor (like Geordi La Forge played by LeVar Burton, from star trek:) )
Due to a broken ankle I currently have to walk with crutches so this would be very useful.... :-)
Great photo and a great application for the hardware
Because I'm tired of waiting, I built my own lifelogging camera that takes a photo every 30 seconds. Theres a company in China that makes camera glasses ... stripped and hacked those ..
You could expand your Glasses with Infrared/Ultraviolet cameras and implement their Data Into a False-Colored realtime Picture. So we could see (or to be exactly "interprete") 5 instead of 3 Colors.

More dificoult: add a sonar to the augmented reality of the Glasses so the user can see whats behind some Objects (where ultrasonic can pass), like Batman
We will soon picknic on the surface of the sun and make party on the moon. We will see like an Eagle or like a microscope. Operate in Pyjama. Wherever our friends may be, we will make walks through Galaxys together, to see the wildest fantasys about black holes. Made by our best AND worst creatives. In our Fantasys there is place for even the dumbest ideas.
Google will soon make us see all our Fantasys, it will be mindblowing.
I can not check all 483 comments above if this idea was posted before. I think such glasses must be connect-able to most ordinary smartphones to open up this display/interface to app programmers.

One great application would be to be able to redisplay what happened some moments before. So I can find my lost keys by scanning this "time-machine" for the place I carelessly dropped them. Of course a wealth of other possiblilities come to mind.
The policecall can be revolutionised, because the Google glass could establish a Livestream to the police or/and the nearest Policeunit, ... maybe by crying "help" loudly
how it took the pic? by saying something?
I would like to use Glass to help me remember tasks at work. By snapping a photo of the customer and creating a calendar entry.
Good work googleites! keep up the good work.
can it be adapted for prescription glasses?
The process of commanding the glasses to take a photo will still presumably take a few seconds, there would be a time delay. What if you needed the flash turned on or off? Bang, the moment has been lost. What would make this product even better would be if there was a way to store the last few minutes, or hours of data, so you could go back and edit that moment and then store it. Imagine the implications this could have if you witnessed something monumental, like a crime or something!
Wow. This product isn't even out yet and already it's apparently not good enough.
Can not wait! These are the kind of things that mark a distinct change in us. A change that has been in motion for years but finally manifesting in a way that will define us unlike any other piece of tech in the last decade has. This is like the invention of the cell phone or the mobile computer. The only thing that would be greater then being a live right now would be part of the group creating this.
+Lucinda Harvey Yeah, I understand what you mean, But considering the PURPOSE OF THESE GLASSES is to have Augmented Reality, they should be recording all the time, or at least have the camera on the whole time. I'd suppose that the glasses' OS is based off a technology like Google Goggles (Android APK that scans the camera real-time for QR-Code, Logos and faces), rather than an app-based OS. You can't compare it to a touchscreen (such as Android Phone) just like how you can't compare Foosball to Soccer... They offer the same rules, but are completely different types of playing...
I am not only SOLD on the idea & the reality of it, but cannot wait to be able to BUY them!!! SO JEALOUS of the Project Glass Team Members who get to play with (okay, test) the technology. Think of all the things, moments you could capture if you had this--non-intrusive, candid shots of the people you love: the last moments with a dying parent, for example; the expression on your lover's face when you propose to her; giving a gift to your MOM ON MOTHER'S DAY! are just a few ideas...
it needs to be made with transparent oled screens so that it could be added to current prescriptions so you don't have to double up glasses.
I may be giving away ideas worth more than my paycheck here (!), although I'm sure they are not totally original!
I can see fantastic uses for these for historical sites.
Gone are the days of audio tours! Forget that, slip on a pair of these beauties & WHAM full interactive 3D AR (Augmented Reality) overlay on top of the existing stonework etc. showing what the castle would have looked like - linked to GPS, the compass embedded in the glasses and perhaps a couple of low profile markers for reference, the 3D image changes to suit the viewpoint as you walk around / through it like a hologram of the past! You could even animate Kings, Queens, Knights, horses etc all wondering around the scene extolling greetings, gestures, tales, stories etc interacting with the wearer of the glasses.
If each set of glasses had an individual RFID - you could take on a role within the castle / grounds - people would see you through their glasses as an animated figure & you would see them as another figure & you could both have pre-configured 'chats' by choosing from a menu of available responses (facts, figures, saying etc) all in character! Of course the glasses system could automatically pause / blank in the event that the person was getting a bit carried away too close to a wall or set of stairs / cliff edge!
I can also imagine playing a virtual game / maze / first person shooter in the middle of a field with a few friends seeing an AR world - an extension of the GPS games you could play on a Garmin GPS handset etc...
Anyway, I hope some of these ideas inspire some readers and perhaps amuse others more knowledgeable than I in these expanding areas!
I love this stuff, well done chaps. James
actual real moment... actual emotions... everything on the fly... great product...
Comment number 500 :) Personally, I can't wait to get hold of one of these devices. I work with children and young people and being able to capture precious moments as they unfold will be magic.
You should do it like Apple - throw it on the market as an early beta-version as soon as even possible!! - remember first I-phone wasnt much more than an I-pod with integrated mobilephone - you couldnt even make a video!
Maybe first Version shouldnt be a stand-alone device, but a bluetooth extension for our Android phones (sorry to say I use WP 7 Phone, but such an device could change my mind ;-)) - JUST DO IT!!!
I would be highly interested in beta testing these for you. An ideal place/situation/environment may just be our upcoming +Star Trek New Voyages: Phase II film shoot. I think it would be an interesting test to be able to use these during set-ups, via Hang-Out, so we can interact with our millions of fans while showing them some amazing behind the scenes stuff live. 
The power of a desktop in the palm of your hand. For many, the addictive nature of portable email, text, office link, phone, video device, and camera have taken a strong foothold on our society. I am guilty of occasional overuse of my device under the guise of a more informed and interesting life. I think this idea takes our ability to share our life experiences into a new realm. It gives a user an opportunity to share one's perspective in a less invasive way. It would be interesting to utilize this for a month to give oneself a point of reflection and to show your contacts just how you see the world. I probably won't have the opportunity to use the glasses due to the cost, but nonetheless it's a very nifty peripheral. 
Hello, Im Major Grant
im in highschool and imwriting a book and it would be helpful to just snap a photo of what im writing instead of teaking out my google nexus and taking a photo  and some of my teachers let us take photos of our assignments in the screen so that is a benifit
anyways i allways need visual reminders for things and a popup in fron t of your eyes will cut it for me
please let me test google glass
im sure whatever you guys come up with it will be awesome
you have my email so whatever you decide just email me
it is amasing ...loving the quality
Will you have a Pilot phase with selected users? I'd really like to share on this and see how it integrates with work privacy...
Steven O
An app we just thought of is for the hearing impaired -- real-time captioning using speech-to-text displayed by the glasses.  My spouse already relies on TV captioning.  This could change her life!
I would buy glass, even if it only had ONE app, as long as it was this: Use facial recognition to find the name of the person in front of me, then put their name tag in the overlay. 

I'm a teacher by profession, and that feature would make my life just so much easier. Learning the names of students would become a breeze, not a hard chore. 

It needn't be advanced facial recognition that would work with complete strangers on my trip to Senegal. Needing to manually supply a library of people and images to search within would be fine. Or why not make that a feature; When interacting with someone new, take their picture and remember their name for me!