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#GlassUpdates: SMS for iPhone and new Calendar Glassware

Didn’t expect to see us back so soon, did you? Now that we’ve finished upgrading your Glass software to Android KitKat, we plan to bring you faster updates. We’ve got a few new goodies coming later this week:

SMS for iPhone – iOS fans, by popular demand you can now get texts from your friends on Glass. Get started by going to your iPhone’s Bluetooth settings and turning on “Show Notifications” for your paired Glass. When you receive a new text message, it will appear as a notification on Glass. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to reply from Glass due to some limitations with iOS. (Android fans, don’t feel left out – you’ve got SMS on Glass already.)

Calendar Glassware – On the Glassware tab in MyGlass, you’ll see a new Calendar Glassware. Turn it on to see your agenda to the left of the home screen. Tap a calendar card from your timeline and you can change the title, time, location, and RSVP as well as delete the event or dismiss it from your timeline.

These changes will be headed your way in the next few days – stay tuned!
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The calendar sounds great! Any plans to allow multiple Google accounts?
I thought we already had the agenda to the left before. Is this just being separated out from the main Glass version then and expanded?
Glass just got 10x more useful for me! So excited for the SMS integration!
Will Glass finally be able to tell me today's date?
I think you guys might have missed the "We’ve got a few new goodies <b>coming later this week</b>:" part of the announcement. 
I'm not seeing the Calendar Glassware - has it not launched yet?
Can we get some these bugs ironed out... This lag is not where it's at...
+Google Glass two of the folks I've recruited into the explorer program are iPhone users, I hung out with one of them over the weekend and to me their user experience is crippled to a point where they barely use Glass.

It was plain awful, the biggest issue to me is that they have to have their hotspot active to use mapping capabilities. How can that not just work with Bluetooth like it does on Android?
+Marty Ballard (cr)Apple has strict limitations on their developer API. MyGlass for Android essentially creates a bluetooth DUN connection to mimic tethering.(cr)Apple forbids applications from doing this and will not approve any into their market that uses these "Restricted APIs". 
Hopefully "later this week" means the unstable atrocity that is XE16 will become just a bad memory 😉 
+Marty Ballard - iOS has many API limitations (walled garden versus open platform).  Basically, Apple doesn't want anyone else to be able to send SMS/MMS messages except for them.  Hence, the read-only aspect.
Does SMS work on iOS if you use Google Voice? Might be a good alternative.
Aye +Marty Ballard the +Google Glass team built it like apple device their product primarily for in house first... and then everyone else just pulls a number. 
+Keith I Myers and +Joseph Cappellino I figured as much, however I would how that Google would be able to break this barrier. I don't feel I can recommend Glass to anyone who is an iPhone user at this point. (I try to limit my interaction with that group to merciless taunting them for they bad technology choices anyway.)
Sorry for the confusion everyone. Calendar Glassware isn't available on MyGlass quite yet, but you'll see it sometime later this week. Stay tuned. 
So soon, indeed. Exciting stuff as always! 
I just saw the Calendar Glassware, so it's being pushed, albeit slowly.

And, no, unfortunately +Marty Ballard, there's no way for Google to "break" this barrier that Apple has set up unless they don't want their app approved by Apple.
When will the Rayban frames arrive?  And the $1,200 price drop?
+Roger Hall - There is not going to be a $1200 price drop. The "$300" pricepoint was an internet rumor that was denied by Google. They did report that the price will be less than $1500 but never stated what it will be. 
Wow I just requested this over the weekend! Kick ass! :D
First please make my glass usable before adding new features. Xe16 more or less has bricked my glass. It is unusable as is. 
+Google Glass the calendar glassware just appeared in the glassware tab - later this week came fast ( now if only the weekend would do the same! ) 😊
I just got the calendar using the myglass app on my phone. 
+Gregg Bolinger Have you tried actually calling Google? They'll fix it or send you a new unit. Have you tried factory resetting it?
+Marty Ballard - The only way for iOS uses to get around this issue is for users to jailbreak their phone.  Not an ideal solution.
+Gregg Bolinger Really? Have you gone through the Explorer forums and posted about it?

EDIT: A quick search shows no posts under your name. I'd suggest you post in the Explorer forums and start getting people on your side.
+Michael Paulauski  Oh yea.  And a google tech has emailed me directly.  And between my last post and this one, glass has rebooted twice for no reason.
+Jake Weisz, that agenda card is from the Google Now glassware. But it only displays it and gives you directions (if there's an address associated with the meeting). With the Calendar glassware will also be able to change the title, time, location, RSVP plus dismiss it (which will be nice for events you've been invited to but didn't RSVP) or delete it from your Timeline.
+Gregg Bolinger We hear you. This week's updates were already on the way, but we're working really hard to find and fix the issues you mentioned. It's a priority for us but it'll take a bit more time. 
+Gregg Bolinger My own unit went through that period as well. Now it's operating fine. I suggest you keep it on, active, and use it as much as possible. If it's anything like mine it should start functioning properly after a while.
And I didn't find your post anywhere on the Explorer site. Are you sure you posted there?
+Gregg Bolinger I think as long as it's not a hardware issue and it's not actually bricked, there's no reason to replace it. XE16 represented a major codebase change, such that it honestly shouldn't be possible (Glass is running an OMAP processor and 4.4 was not initially designed to run on an OMAP processor (which is why the Galaxy Nexus wasn't supported when 4.4 was released)), so I'm not surprised there are certain hiccups.
+Google Glass it's great to hear that you are working on a solution for the issues, I'm having similar problems like +Gregg Bolinger . In the meantime,is there anything we can do to at least remedy the problems somewhat? I found that disabling the on head detection feature somewhat helps... is there anything else ( other than factory reset and hard reset, which I did already a couple of times)?
+Roger Kappler When that happened to me initially, I let it settle. I just kept using it like normal, didn't change a thing, and now it's working perfectly.
+Michael Paulauski unfortunately, that didn't do the trick for me. It still gets hot very quickly, and reboots randomly. Also,battery life is still much worse,even after a couple of charging cycles now. It's not as laggy anymore as it used to be, but that's about it...
+Michael Paulauski which is the weird thing about these issues, some don't seem to be affected by it. I guess that also makes debugging and issue tracking challenging for +Google Glass ...
A Calendar glassware is awesome, but please add some settings so I can select which calendars show up.  The main gmail calendar I have has barely anything on it, but my work calendar is shared with my gmail account, I'd love to be able to tick on those 2 calendars and see them both (PLEASE!!!)
I don't see the 'Show Notifications' option on the Bluetooth device. Any tips?
David M
Brillant Addition.
My glass doesn't have the "show notifications" control in the BT entry on the iPhone. How do I get that?
+Google Glass Will we be able to see all iOS notifications on Glass like a Pebble or only SMS?
New glass user here. Ran XE12 for 24 hours and it seemed a lot more stable compared to XE16. At some points I can't even get my display to wake without a full powercycle!
+Roger Kappler Thanks for understanding. We're working on it, but it would help us quite a bit if you send us debugging logs as soon something gets wonky. We've made it pretty simple. If you tap the Device info card in your Settings bundle, you'll see the option to add feedback. Just follow the cards that come after so we have a better picture of the issues. 

+Nick Moline Calendar Glassware won't let you pick an account that's different from the one you've signed into Glass from, but we appreciate the suggestion. 

+Derek van Bergen No updates, but we know you guys want Glass. Stay tuned.
Is the SMS feature out yet? notification setting doesnt seem to show up.
 Ooh. So can we get this Bluetooth MAP client in a standard app for Android, so I can see SMS/iMessages from my iPhone appear on an Android device?
How about a bit more stability. Mine rebooted randomly about 12 times in a row today. Loses its utility when you can't depend on it.
Could you perhaps build an ios-based server that can invoke sms messaging and then communicate through it from the phone to send/receive sms messages? You can send messages from other iphone apps, so if is running and it can send sms messages, it should be able to be used as a hook. Right?
+Joseph Cappellino I've been deliberating on jail breaking my iphone just for this purpose. Once jailbroken, how would you get Glass to handle the sms? 
I don't think relying on Jailbreaking the iphone is a good strategy. Really it shouldn't come to that. Isn't there a Core Telephony class that lets you format SMS messages?
+Michael Gouker no luck on a stock iPhone, there isn't an API that will send messages without user action though
+Google Glass  Will the SMS for iPhone feature just show a notification when a new message arrives or will I be able to read the whole text. I understand the limitations on replying. 
Silly Apple...
I used to be a huge Apple fanboy but now I am absolutely in love with Google ;) 
I care about technology and look for ways to bridge gaps between diverse branches. It's the diversity that moves things forward. It's also the cooperation especially on places like sourceforge, github, openstack because otherwise we get a lot of redundancy, but we need strong communities like Google's and Apple's to move things forward. I think we can all agree that we should try to resolve issues like this so the technology can work well together. It's better for everyone.
+Erik Crowell - I'm not exactly sure, as I don't own an iOS device.  That being said, I'm sure there has to be an app in Cydia that can handle sending/receiving SMS/MMS.  I wish I could help you more.
+Joseph Cappellino BiteSMS has some kinda API to send and receive SMS. In Cydia, free, but after a week I believe there's ads. 
Day 1 - they keep turning off and on and off, decided it was how I was wearing them - they are pretty sensitive as to how they fit your head or how they are worn.

"OkGlass", was cute for 5 minutes.  1) I don't need people nearby hear me talk to my computer, 2) this is too impersonal (let me name the tool), 3) it is too long, how about a click sound (e.g., "The God's Must be Crazy")?

Can't get my Glasses to multitask (e.g., tell me driving instructions and take a picture).

Can't get my Glasses to stop driving instructions until I arrive at my destination (twice I have changed my mind and don't want the instructions to continue).

It takes too long to get Glasses to take a picture.  I am driving along at 45 mph, see something I want a photo/video of --- but it is gone.

My Glasses don't have the ability to Take a Note (as shown in the "Explorer Story: WWF"

Glasses assumes I use Google Contacts and I don't (or I cannot figure out how to import contacts) - so I can't send or call

I am not a TV personality and I don't care for people to know I am wearing Glasses, it would be nice if they are more discrete.

How about some reading glass attachment, and light sensitive sunglasses - so I can wear them inside & outside
When I saw "SMS for iPhone" I got excited thinking I would actually be able to  text from Glass, but after reading that it's just a notification, I don't see anything here to get excited about at all.  If there's always going to be a limitation due to Apple, why not just integrate Google Voice into Glass and allow us iPhone users with GV to just SMS through that.  If I'm missing out on the excitement of the iPhone SMS party here, someone clue me in, but this is as exciting as watching a round of golf in the rain.
I wouldn't assume that it will be this way forever, Scott. 
Chris B
Any news on bug fixes for this update? 
Here's a at&t trick to make 2 way glass/ios <~> SMS work. Send msg to your glass contact as 
Works great as a read only for SMS messages. Just tested it out by checking my data usage on Sprint.

Thanks for the updates and this feature on IOS. Perhaps iMessage next?
Is there a way to view subscribed calendars in the new calendar glassware? The calendars associated with my Google account are all subscribed from another service.
Didn't get my glass yet. :( plan to possibly next time. :)
Faster updates aren't better if they brick the device.... Something to keep in mind after XE16.1
Why does settings > bluetooth > glass show only "forget this device" and not the option for notifications?
Are you at XE 16.1?

It did not show on mine until I updated it. FYI it's great as more than SMS notifications show. My iMessage and Life360 notifications also come across.

Go into your settings and click on the "version" card. If its been downloaded you can chose to "Install update".
There's also a new IOS myGlass release that I downloaded last night.
+Larry LaBas they paused 16.1 because of bugs, so I guess you got it and I did not. I did get the iOS update glass app.
It's working great for me but that's all part of being an explorer.
J Fuchs
I turned on the Calendar app in the glassware store.  Now I don't get any calendar reminders on Glass.  What's wrong?
J Fuchs
OK, I get it.  I just turned the Calendar app OFF in the glassware department, and now I am getting reminders on my Glass.  I just didn't understand the meaning of "off" and "on."  (That's sarcasm.)
Almost there, now please give me the ability to send out text messages. I feel stupid having to use my phone when I receive texts, defeats the whole purpose of owning this tech. I rather not get rid of my iPhone yet.
XE16.11 allows you receive iMessage notifications as well, feels great!!!
Great! Next, can you come up with a way to clear our timelines or am I missing something? I can't easily get to what I want because of junk in the timeline! Maybe I'm missing something?!
yes there needs to be an EZ way to DELETE thingns from timeline...
also my glass OVERHEATS if i film video more than 3 MINUTES
How long should it take to get the 16.11 update? My glass this morning does not have it yet, nor can I run a manual install.
I just got glasses and I can't get my contacts to work. I have read everything and tried everything and I can't add my contacts to myglass app or online. Please, someone tell me a resource. have read everything.
Hi +John Polk, I added a few through the myGlass app but if I remember right it's limited to 10.  It won't read all the contacts.  However when I do write emails sometimes it will pick up my contact list.
Found an issue with the SMS feature: notifications are not displaying when the 'Do Not Disturb' feature is enabled.  Doesn't occur with the Pebble which also uses BTLE for iOS notifications. 
I'm not sure if I found a bug or not but whenever I reboot Glass the volume returns to 100%.
Does you get the contact picture with iMessage notifications to glass?
My glass won't stay on for longer than like 15 seconds.  So frustrating that I can't even record a video as it stops 20 seconds into it.  Any ideas?
+Tony Lucero Sorry to hear you're having trouble with Glass. We'll have a Guide get in touch with you shortly. If you're feeling like chatting right you, you can use to get in touch. 
For some reason I lost the "show notifications" option on iPhone for Bluetooth to get SMS messages.
 XE16.2 causes my device to lock up after it goes to sleep. Button presses/head tilt fails to wake it up; have to power cycle. 
To bump this topic, I cannot get the "show notifications" to show up in BT settings on iOS8 iPhone 6.  All that's there is the standard "forget device" and no option for notifications.....
Same here and I'm frustrated by it because my glass is now basically useless with my new iPhone 6 plus