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We’ve got some big news to share as we announce today that we have agreed to join forces with Luxottica. The Luxottica Group is a leader in premium, luxury and sports eyewear with over 5,000 optical and sun retail stores in the US and has a strong, well-balanced brand portfolio that includes Ray-Ban, Oakley, Vogue-Eyewear, Persol, Oliver Peoples, Alain Mikli and Arnette.

When the first eyeglasses appeared in the 13th century, they took off and over the next 700 years, they evolved over and over, with the first bifocals appearing in the 18th century, and the monocle and sunglasses shortly after. Nowadays, glasses are global phenomenon – a reflection of both function and fashion. 

We see Glass as the next chapter in this long story. Light, simple and modular, Glass introduces new functionality as your glasses get smarter – but bringing your own style to Glass is just as important. Earlier this year, we launched the Titanium Collection, designed by the Glass team. Between frames, shades, and colors, there are over 40 different ways for Explorers to make Glass their own today… but that’s not enough.

Luxottica understands how to build, distribute and sell great products that their clients and consumers love – something we care deeply about at Glass, too. They’ll bring design and manufacturing expertise to the mix, and, together, we’ll bring even more Glass style choices to our Explorers. In addition, Luxottica’s retail and wholesale distribution channels will serve us well when we make Glass available to more people down the road.

You’re not going to see Glass on your favorite Oakleys or Ray-Bans tomorrow, but today marks the start of a new chapter in Glass’s design. Excited? Because we definitely are.
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So you'll be at +IntlVisionExpo this weekend? If so I look forward to meeting you at the convention! 
Now if you could make the actually glass device flow better design wise with the glasses it would look better 
We don't need designer glasses for Glass... We need a sub-$1000 price tag. ;P

(Slight sarcasm... As I'm sure everyone is pretty excited about Glass getting a stylish notch-up)
now that is an exciting update, retail rpesence for prescription versions, some desgn and manufacturing expertise.. now we only need greatly updated internals with better batery life and the APPS :)
The more you make announcements, the more convinced I get that Glass is actually only marketed at the 1%, which is kinda sad, coming from Google...
Soon. They aren't even aren't yet. Not fair to complain about the price of something that isn't public. 
Desperately need a left-eye version. Seems like the module could be designed to be flipped and attached on the left side of the frame.
Josh Jett
Awesome! Can't wait to see what comes of this partnership. 
That's wonderful:-)
Bought the titianum split prescription glass frame and had lens fabricated by middleman eye center a VSP provider for $416. The lenses are pretty curved requiring major adjustment of nose pads to see entire glass screen . Also have progressive lens bifocal which works ok. I don't recommend the transition lens option as decreases screen brightness esp in bright light environments. Hope this helps others traveling the same path. My lens were purchased out of pocket as I am not a VSP insurance member.
Sean S
What about people who wants to use Glass on existing prescription glasses?  When Glass releases the retail version, I hope I don't have to get eyeglasses just to use Glass.
I kinda agree with +Milan Svitek. I guess he was being sarcastic, but while I like Google & glass, I really do wonder how affordable glass will be. Prescriptions are already $250 aren't they? There are already competitors that will be priced in the $500 range. If google isn't comparably priced it may have a hard time selling.I think glass should be something that can clip on to an existing pair of glasses for those who already wear glasses. +Google Glass 
Google built a prototype for consumers to test prior to releasing the final product. Yes, they're expensive right now but they needed to get them into the hands of developers. I honestly feel Google will discontinue their hardware efforts and focus on Glass Wear and Android Wear moving forward. 
Great news!! I can't wait to see some designs!
Holy crap... This is way awesome... I work for Luxottica (Oakley) and I love my Google Glass... This could only mean great things!
Now they can even make me look good. Well, almost.
You need to make them invisible to the unaware eye, Google, otherwise humans would not tolerate the idea of being recorded. 
It looks like all Google needed was a little time for these sorts of partnerships to happen +Robert Scoble.
Luxottica is pretty much the worst company on earth. Thanks but .... no thanks. 
I'm holding out hope that Google will offer a conversion kit for people who have previous versions of Glass. Still, this is good news!
+Google Glass, will +Luxottica Group be distributing Glass or just frames and prescription/non-prescription lenses? I noticed we can now buy additional Glass units. Will we be able to use multiple Glass units with the MyGlass app so we can switch between glasses when we want?
Just as long as independents like +Warby Parker & Classic Specs also get a chance to distribute.
+Luxottica Group is about as fair minded & well priced as Debeers is with diamonds. Sad truth is any place that sells glasses or sunglasses is already owned by Lux and the prices & sales different companies run are all a well scripted price fixing plot.
How can non lux companies sell high quality rx lenses & frames for $79-$150 and Lux frames start in the $200's on average without lenses.

Glass will be great as long as +Luxottica NY doesn't get to charge 3000 times more than its worth. 
The Luxotica and specially Ray Ban and Oakley does have good name, but I am not sure if technology can meet the innovative design. There are more sharp and creative designers on the market today
I just got in the Explorer Program. Hate to ask this question, but does this mean I should wait? What do you guys think???
Luxxottica Group is a damn near monopoly, however; they're responsible for the manufacturing of almost every major brands of eyewear outside the US and sold in the US. Except for Oakley; they'll retain their manufacturing plants in California.

Yes, right . The sales is very important for such a giant company. The numbers and share value are crucial for investors. Only the aficionados and trend watchers can be little upset from very traditional style. The Google is leading at technology, so should lead also at the trend setting!


Piotr Tokarski

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Im sorry and do not take it the wrong way. Your glasses are beautiful. The white thing attached to the side is not. Sorry.
Excellent step in moving the needle on getting glass ready for the masses! I love mine as is, but further integration into the norms of society is a good thing.
Seriously??? Luxottica already has a near #monopoly on brand name eyewear. You couldn't have "joined forces" with another eyewear maker? "Don't be evil" means not expanding monopolies. C'mon #Google you're better than this.
+Aaron Swayne would you prefer they "join forces" with a 3-man operation in dad's garage and be forced to wait 2 months for your Glass to arrive? I bet you live near a Sunglass Hut, wouldn't it be nice to just go there and buy Glass off the shelf?
Without a quick-connect, changing frames is cumbersome, involving the tiniest torx screw I've ever turned. Many glasses wearers change frames for specific work, e.g.,reading,  computer, distance only, sunglasses. Please adopt a quick connect. The mechanical attachment technology should be philosophically compatible with Glass, that is, expeditious..
Is this owned by that Italian company that owns all eyewear that the biased 60 minutes reported on?
Sorry, just can't get excited about any of the hype until we know when Glass will actually retail. Until then it's just hyperbole 
Now bring the price around $400 and I'm all over it, please make sure its a Ray-Bans, thank you.
Glass looks cool  no doubt.  I can see all kinds of things that I would like to do with glass.  Darn shame I had to turn down the explorer invite because frankly, Google glass is not $1500 cool.   
$1500 is for those that want to help shape the final product. The public product will be priced differently. 
I'd like to buy & use Google Glass in Korea. 
Great images for us goggle wearers. Need new ones; hook a follower up G. DAVID 
I doubt they will be able to undork these things. Wouldn't want to meet a Hells Angel wearing one of these!
Luxxotica is known for charging wah to much for glasses that cost them 20$ to make...i worked for them for a long time
Excellent, as if somebody listened to why I've not used my glass-vite.
I only think that adding 'designer' models of glass will make it more expensive just so that people who give a damn about fashion can brag about how much they spent on their Gucci glass.
Once Glass is launched there are going to be an awful lot of people wandering around in disguise who don't want to be filmed and located by big brother. Yashmac and Ray bans anyone? Lookout for companies specialising in lightweight facial disguise methods. Could be the next boom industry. 
I love my Oakley Racing classes. The closed frame with optical transition glasses make them perfect for sport activity under most conditions. Would be damn cool to mount Google Glass on them. 
Hey I got an idea for Glass. How about adding a heart rate sensor to the nose pads? It would be helpful for many people. Think about it Google.
+Yousif Yaldo the nose pads are not the best place to measure the heart rate. The in-ear speakers (like Motorolas MotoActv) would be a better place. However, I prefer an optical sensor on my wrist (like the Mio)
+Stefan Keuchel, Oakley is the first thing I thought of when I read Luxottica which I know they bought out a few years back.
I think this is a great news for Italian people like me. 
Positive move. But still; to me comes across as you, barking up the wrong tree. Still haven't got access to hardware, and as long as there's no hardware (beta-version(s) would be fine), Glass is much akin to 'vaporware'. Furthermore, this Oakley-business; are they represented anywhere else than in the far-far-away US?
s a
ppl after glasses removal surgery can use the gGlass?
The ability to swap Google glass from one set of glasses to another, i.e. modular, would remove a barrier to glass becoming truly prevalent. 
I guess this was inevitable.. Luxottica despite being huge is not well known. Probably for a reason... It is a ruthless vertical monopoly that covers almost all eye wear related manufacturing and eye glass chain stores on Earth. They very hosilty took over ray-ban. Oakley, and many of the brands they brag about in their collection.

It would have been nice to see Google support a smaller company because it likely would have spurred more innovation.... That is if there are any left.
Either negative comments are being removed, or you are all complete idiots. Google Glass ... The Getstapo or Stasi would have loved this and their successors today, surely will. Anyone even looking for one second at me with those, will get punched in the face repeatedly.
Don M
+Robert Prost and then you get your ass whooped while being recorded on Glass.
Eine Brille, exclusiv in luxuriöser Qualität mit kaum sichtbarer Linse wird sich als Trendsetter durchsetzen, Google hat ja jetzt dazu den richtigen Kauf  getätigt
I want Oakley Frog Skin Glass

1980 meets 2014
The next evolution in this pic should include the resurgence of the monocle!   - thanks hipsters...
Is Scoble right about ANYTHING? This is like 0-19 on Glass predictions.
Are these glasses for people who don't wear glasses? Why can't the google slab thing just fit on any pair of reading or sunglasses?
What really matters is going international ASAP for +Google Glass to have success and the partnership with Luxottica can really help.
It's all up to Google
+Jake Weisz As an early adopter +Robert Scoble has some very legitimate concerns because the product isn't gaining enough traction. It's like Microsoft's Tablet back in the day. 

We won't be seeing Glass on Oakley but Oakley is a Luxottica brand. Luxottica has the market pretty much locked up.
If Luxottica can't do it, it's because the product has bigger problems.  

Like Robert said, they need to clean it up.
He even goes as far as saying Glass is deeply flawed.     
There's no doubt, Luxottica brings a lot to the table ( brands, distribution and design ) but it may not be enough.    
We're about to find out.
Context-wareness is the future, Glass may not be.  
The sooner we know, the better. 
I'd be happier to see something in actual production.  Tired of hearing about a future that never will be unless "something" is released, and soon.
+Otakar Schön +Josh Jett +Terrill Corletto Thanks for the feedback. We're glad you're excited about this too. We're always looking for ways to make Glass better, so stay tuned.

+Eric Smith +Anton Sweeney Thanks for letting us know. The Explorer Edition has the display on the right side only. We know this doesn't work for everyone, and we're sorry. 

+Gregg Lantz We'll have more details to share in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!
+Milan Svitek no but seriously I don't care about how my super expensive useless plastic sunglasses can attatch to my super expensive Google glass. I care about being able to actually afford the god damn thing. I mean if you want to keep this technology strictly for the upper/upper-middle class then you will probably never have Dev support.
+Tyler Raber Pretty sure it's going to be cheaper when it releases. They are not even sure if it will be released in the form that Explorer Edition is in. Maybe it will be a device that will only come attached to sunglasses.
It would be nice if it can fit to any glasses that we currently have 
+Antriksh Yadav yeah we don't really know, but partnering with a company that deals strictly with expensive eye wear is kind of a clue into how they plan to market this.
YAY THANK YOU GOOGLE . this makes me happy
I love you +Google Glass & +Google Glass . I may be 40 but nothing since the Big trac (when I was 8yrs old) has made me as excited.
When I finally get you to grace my face I will use you every day & only take you off when showering. The dive bars in Seattle will have to jujitsu me to get it off me!

I yearn for you & long for your beautiful UI Glass. It's not just how gorgeous you are but what's inside too. Your software is so hot & your practical uses give me shivers down the nape of my neck.

If you had a mouth I would kiss you & then use you to translate it to a French kiss. I would then "save as" the moment so it can be auto-awesomed & I can enjoy it over & over. I only hope I can give you the recharges & updates as you deserve them.

Some would say I should be a Glass evangelist, I say no! I want to be a Glass activist & spouse! 
I think we have a new definition for creepy :-)
Oh my God, please, not Luxottica. I thought about buying a Google Glass but if you cooperate with Luxottica i will never ever buy one.
Bad service. I am an optician in Germany and we just cancelled working together with Luxottica because of the very bad service.
+Klaus Köhler just get Google Glass and use a different prescription solution then. Don't avoid the product and sacrifice yourself because you do not like one of their partners.
who is this girl ? she is very pertty :P
I make Oakleys i get paid 8.50 i make about 500 each day they sell for 100+ btw look on the left side of your Oakleys and there is a scratch every single one 
I have suggestion regarding the design. Why not make it symmetrical? I mean it looks a bit odd, that just one side of the GG has a camera and this looks strange and uncomfortable to the people, because we are used to symmetry. The nature prefers symmetry because of stability and we find it beautiful of no other reason. We find symmetry more attractive and beautiful and I would suggest in order to make the design more popular it should look symmetrical from the front side. It does not have to be 2 screens and 2 cameras on each side, but rather one real camera/screen and on the left side a dummy/mock up. It would also fit better to sun glasses or other sort of glasses and can not be recognized from the first sight. Just my two cents. Dr. Tarzi Rahpoe
I have suggestion regarding the design. Why not make it symmetrical? I mean it looks a bit odd, that just one side of the GG has a camera and this looks strange and uncomfortable to the people, because we are used to symmetry. The nature prefers symmetry because of stability and we find it beautiful of no other reason. We find symmetry more attractive and beautiful and I would suggest in order to make the design more popular it should look symmetrical from the front side. It does not have to be 2 screens and 2 cameras on each side, but rather one real camera/screen and on the left side a dummy/mock up. It would also fit better to sun glasses or other sort of glasses and can not be recognized from the first sight. Just my two cents. Dr. Tarzi Rahpoe
It's perfectly stable as it is. And if you study fractals, you realize that symmetry looks artificial. Most of nature is not symetrical, and to simulate it you have to do odd numbers. I doubt making Glass symmetrical would do anything to stop the FUD.
I am talking about beauty for human beings, and fractal-google glass would look like a Cyclop...
Preciso de um, se o google me dasse apenas um :(
I hope the next iteration of Glass Frames allows me to fold them up for easy carry/storage.
I hope Luxottica isn't the only manufacturer you're considering. I don't like paying a %2,000 markup on my frames. What happened to Warby Parker?
I want a model of Google glass that I can move from my glasses, to sunglasses, to a non-glass frame, so I can still choose between wearing my glasses, or my contacts.
Luxoticca = worse company ever. Why do ray bans coast $200? Because they say so. Artificial price inflation. CEO admits it. 
Fantastic!!! Maybe they'll install digital zoom and my private health insurance will cover the cost of a life-lasting prescription....Maybe they'll produce Google Gloves or Google Thimbles or a Google Palm Controller to control my Google Glasses PC??......Or maybe they'll start flashing f***ing ads in front of my eyes everywhere I look!!!
Left eye dominate people are still SOL or so I'm told.
+Google Glass "If you're a US resident, over 18 years old, and are interested in joining, you can sign up here " it states :/ 
+Benni Bennetsen Sorry about the confusion. Just select your country from the list we have and pick "Just keep me informed" when you answer how you want to stay informed. 
When can we expect to see new frame designs from Luxottica?
Thats a good idea. Currently google glass is a  bit to geeky for the average person to wear
Luxottica products are insanely priced at retail. But I guess if you have money to throw around on Glass you have money for the super inflated prices of Luxottica.
I'm really not ok with Luxottica. I think they are trying to corner the market on eye wear and I need an open market so there is competition. I am disappointed that you decided to join forces with them
What is the time frame? Debating on ordering mine or waiting on different frames...

Right, but as I speak we've only seen one patent for left eye wear - any update on the left eye dominant people of the world?
+John Waller No update to share. This version of Glass has the display on right-side only. We know this won't work for everyone. People who are left-eye dominant can still use Glass.
I'm left eye dominant and right handed. I don't have any issue using Glass.
Silly it okay while wearing contacts?

+Google Glass do you plan on coming to Minneapolis or close to there? I would love to meet up with some of the staff to get some hands on training. I've figured out most of it, but, there are always things that I miss. Not to mention I'm more of a hands-on learner.
+Brant Backes We've been touring around different cities in the US to showcase Glass to anyone who may be interested. We've made it to 4 cities as of now, and we hope to visit many more this year. We can't promise we'll be in a city near you, but keep an eye on our page to see where we're headed next!
+Google Glass "Left eye dominant" people can't use Google Glass when they are "dominant because they are blind in the other eye.  There are hundreds of ways to be blinded in one eye either through condition at birth to injury to disease, and probably millions of us in the world who are "dominant" in one eye or the other because it's literally the only one that works.

Don't think of it at a fashion statement or being "dominant."  Think of it as handicapped accessibility for all of the people, like me, who are physically blind in our right eyes.
...but at least people like Johnny Depp can use glass.  He's blind in his left eye.  Good to go for glass.  I, on the other hand, if I wanted to try glass, will have to wait until I'm worthy enough of a manufacturing run.
Love Google. Thank you for observing and listening to real insights and opinions (everyone likes someone that listens to them). Google acknowledged the public's tastes and preferences; a majority of which felt Google Glass had a lack of aesthetic versatility. And clearly it is a smart strategic move. This will definitely open the doors to a much larger target audience and market. It makes me think of the same scenario when Steve Jobs delivered the iPhone.

On the other hand, I personally would "sport" the original style of Google Glass; but I understand not everyone wants to look like they are from the future. I'm sure in 10 years that will change.
+Peter Tokarski Luxotica just control's such a vast amount of market share in the industry. It's a viable strategic decision based on the amount resources and span of reach this partnership can offer for Google. Maybe in the future Google Glass will be able to attach to any pair of glasses. But first Google will take advantage of every singe revenue producing activity possible. Like the IPhone, once the product life cycle of Google Glass has matured, we will start to see support for many new designer acquisitions.
+Rob The Plumber you might not think so right now. But excluding the functionality aspect and other factors. In 1, 3, maybe 10 years from now it will drive the younger generation. It will penetrate a majority of everyone's tastes and preferences: prestige, piety, and power (what we kids today call "cool"). You will then see yourself giving in finally to buy one because everyone has one and it positively portrays a certain image. Resist and deny this all you want, but you can't fight the force of human nature. The movement of the people around you influence what you define as beautiful. :$
I am appalled to say google is discrimination to people with a left eye preference.
They so caught up making these for detailed brands that they forgot about the consumer. 
+Google Glass You need the number of a good Occularist in CA? They make scleral shells for people who are missing an eye, I bet close to 50% of their clients have NO right eye at all. Imagine that. I cant believe that at this stage of development that this is not already an approved FAQ.
+Google Glass I would love to own Google Glass but have no vision in my right eye. Are there any plans to create a left-eye version of the product for those of us who are unable to see out of our right eye?
+Ginny Otte +Steven Sutler +Richard Ahlquist  We're hear you. We know this is an important issue. We meant left-eye dominant in the same way someone might say dominant hand.  Among people with a left and right eye, people whose left eye does more of the focusing can still use Glass.

As of now, we don't have a left-sided version of Glass. We know this won't work for everyone, and we're sorry. We are listening and we appreciate you telling us you want Glass that you can use. 
+Shaker Cherukuri Google 3d printed glass adapter. It's like seven bucks as opposed to a couple hundred. Maybe more if you don't have a friend with a 3d printer, but still. Might be able to find someone with CAD skills to build you one in a file, send it to a printing service like Shapeways. 
I got my frames in this past week, attached my glass to them, and my prism bumps the lens and I cannot see the full glass screen on the right side. I will wait to see if the prescription lenses do the same.
Nm Pl
Good information.
+Bill McGraw It sounds like you might need to move your display a bit. It's on a hinge that swivels towards or away from your lens. Swiveling it outwards should help your issue. If it doesn't, share a post with us and we'll dig a bit deeper. 
I have the prism swiveled in completely to the lens of the glasses, it actually bumps the lens and I cannot see the right edge of the prism screen.
+Google Glass After nearly two years and the release of new prescription frames , why isn't a left eye option a priority?  We're not talking about some crazy advanced technological hurdle here:
Step 1:  Attach Glass to the other arm.
Step 2:  Flip the screen.
Step 3:  Take my money!
It's like any handicap-accessible thing, Mr. Last:  even if it costs no extra money to do and harms no one, it's not part of the original it's an inconvenience to do it.  Able-bodied (and in this case, two eyed) designers simply can't fathom the idea of anyone getting by on one eye, and so nothing can be done for us.  Evenif Google ever deigns to throw the handicap community a bone, I probably won't get it.  I normally don't buy cool gizmos from companies that somehow think I'm not worth the effort because of my handicap.
L Hall
Not to beat a dead horse, but I do find it odd that there is not a left-eye version.  I was just in a really awesome demonstration of Glass being applied in a healthcare setting, but because i'm legally blind in my right eye, I couldn't use the device!  So now I must add another limitation to my life: I can't see 3-D movies and I can't use Google Glass :(
+Garnett Last We hear you, and we appreciate your feedback. We know this prototype won't work for everyone and we're sorry.
Hopefully now we can get clip-on lenses that go OVER our prescription Google titanium lenses--its aggravating to not get shades and prescription lenses TOGETHER without getting expensive or "always slightly dark" transition lenses--make some clip-on lenses please for the titanium models....
+L Hall  You are not alone.  Fortunately, 3D in film is still just a gimmick at this point.  Who knows, maybe it will always be like that.  Remember the blue and red paper glasses from the 80s?   This is just a rehash of an old idea. And turning 3D off on a device when I'm alone is easy enough, I just don't wanna be the guy who caused a group of friends or family members to miss out on the 3D version of something in theaters because of my impaired vision.
 What I was dreading recently was the thought that 3D could one day become the norm when it comes to broadcasting sporting events which is something I almost always watch with someone else  Thankfully it doesn't look like that's going to happen anytime soon (ESPN cancelled its 3D channel because people were just turning the feature off; the reasons being that "Twenty-five percent of people are apathetic toward 3D viewing no matter the content. Another 10 percent can’t see 3D because of visual impairments, but arguably up to half the audience for 3D content is put off by having to wear glasses.") but even writing this I can't help but feel selfish as though I'm asking others to miss out because of something that is my problem.  Sorry for the novella but I know where you're coming from about life with limitations.
To be completely honest though, the price of Google Glass would be my biggest limitation even if they released a left eye version with the official launch.   If the price was closer to what I spent on my Google Nexus 5, which I freaking love, then it might be doable.