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A few more #GlassUpdates are on the way. Look out for these changes over the course of this week:

Photo and video backup – Backing up your photos and videos can take a lot of bandwidth, so to avoid eating through your phone’s data plan, Glass only backs up when you’re plugged in and on Wi-Fi. But we heard loud and clear that you wanted a choice, so now you can force a backup on any internet connection.  Just swipe to the Auto Backup card in Settings and tap to start a backup. 

Clear photos and videos from timeline – One of our top community requests is to be able to clear all your photos and videos from your timeline in one step. All the shutterbugs out there can now tap the Auto Backup card and then swipe forward to "Clear" your synced photos and videos from your timeline and free up storage space.

Smarter phone answering – Ring, ring… Glass is getting smarter about answering the phone. If you answer or make a call with your phone, the phone's audio is active. If you answer or make a call with Glass, Glass audio is active. Also, phone calls will no longer route to your Glass if it’s inactive – for example, if Glass detects that you’re not wearing it.
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I've been wanting these features. Kudos to the team for such great updates!! I especially love the option to clear up the time line. Great job guys at +Google Glass! 
great! now can we get the battery bug fixed so I can use it again?
can we move the Todays Photo bundle Card to just before the Ok  Glass card +Google Glass . it should be to the left of start with Calendar, stocks birthdays as it is an ongoing card for the day not buried deep in the timeline until you take another picture to bring it forward.
+Google Glass while I really appreciate the new features and the quick updates, when can we expect for hangouts notifications to work properly again? Like I said we all appreciate the new features but I am sure most everyone will agree that we would love our Glass to work properly more than we care about new features. 
For an accessory that costs 3-4x more than the phone it connects to, these things should just work. 
I saw BACK UP print across my glass and thought it was a warning so I took 2 steps back and was hit by a car. Google glass works in Heaven though so it's all good. Click here for cute angel videos.
This is fantastic! Cant wait to do another write up on this ;) +Google Glass keep working your magic and listening to us! Love you!
Smarter Phone answering will be extremly useful for me. Tks Glass team
that 3rd one was so needed imo
Great update!  Features 1 and 3 are particularly appreciated.
+Google Glass Can you confirm an ability to shut off Auto-Backup, as I've been requesting for over a year as a privacy feature?
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the smarter phone answering.  That was really needed. 
Very badly needed!   99% of the time, Glass isn't loud enough to handle phone calls.  Having it default was very annoying.  Great update!
Since I use my Glass to shoot lots of videos during ghost hunting expeditions, it's great to see these new features that will allow me to easily back-up the videos and subsequently clear them from Glass memory so I can continue to take hours of POV footage (using an external power supply). Thank you, Glass team, for making my investment even better!
+Google Glass great progress! Now how about adding a feature to clear entire SMS or Hangout conversations at once rather than one message at a time...? Oh, and add back Hangout video messaging. 
Thank God for the Smart answer feature that was super annoying when not wearing glass for bluetooth to pickup.
Allen A
Oh nice! Definitely looking forward to the smart options!
Awesome as soon as i get home im plugging my glass in. Hopefully the update is ready.
emmy e
So... I had a bunch of photos I'd taken via Glass.... And only a few showed up in the auto backup in Google+. Now, the photos are seemingly gone from my Glass... Are they just hidden? Is there a way to go to an album in Glass? I've never seen a way. 
oh sweet baby ... Come to papa!!!"
+Google Glass I had called in and reported that my glass had been bricked after the last update. I had received a call back and given instructions that did not fix my device. I was told I would have a resolution that day. This was last week, and im still waiting for a response, do I need to send my Glass in or is there something I can do to get my device working?
+Greg Trujillo i wouldn't post here. I would go to the glass support page and contact them through that or call again.
The phone call handling will be so incredibly welcome. I've kept the audio profile disabled most of the time because it would grab control even when it was in another room on the charger.
Thanks! Love updates :-)

+Google Glass can you confirm that if I have on-head detection turned off the call will still go to my Glass?
Manual Backups!! Now I can capture through glass, backup to Google+, open Photos app, then share to Instagram!

Or you know, maybe just get Instagram (Zuck) to make a Glassware... +Instagram 
Nice! Can't wait to get the htc so I can use all of glass..
Yay. But now my battery is about 20% of what it used to be. 
I love the Glass community BC you all listen. These were all issues I expressed. Good to see them making it to the device. 
Smart phone answering is something I've wanted for a long time. Thanks.
Nice. The phone one is a big issue for me if I forget a day leave BT on my phone and the wonder why no one can hear me because glass picked up. So nice fix there Google. 
+Google Glass is the rumor about a possible future HW revision of Glass true at all? Will we explorers see another hardware revision before its consumer release? 
Can't wait to try these. Thanks ye Googlers
+Google Glass new features are great, almost always appreciated. I trust that plenty of resources are being spent to stabalize XE16.* ? Would like to go back to using Glass on a daily basis, and feel confident about giving demos to perfect strangers that ask about it. Of course there's always that crutch phrase "it's still a beta product" but this doesn't exactly sell interest.
+1 for Smarter Phone Answering! That is a feature I have missed sorely.
Great. Now can you make the noise cancellation work so that I can actually use Glass as a headset for phone calls? 

There is no excuse on this one. Half of the OMAP processor is a dedicated Digital Signal Processor. Use it. 
Doug R
Any progress on bringing Video Call's back?  
This is pretty exciting. Updates are finally quick again.

Are there any API fixes, especially with regards to camera access and RecognitonListener?
Nice update. Also Glass seems to be quicker with kitkat.
Fixing glass picking up calls when not worn is huge. I had this happen a lot. 
Still waiting on my glass to come back from its little accident then I'm back in it
This sounds like a very useful update. Thanks Google.
Anxiously awaiting something useful one of these updates. 
Great, now bring back "reply" to hangout messages and video conferencing. 
Great. Waiting to check this out. I want my video calls back.
Awesome news. Can't wait. We also need fixes and want our video calls back, please!
Great... but bring back "Remind me"  reminders set from glass.   And video calls, pretty pretty please.!
All your Bluetooth keyboard belong to us. Can we please have pairing back?? Pleeeeeaaaassse.
Is there someone out there that could feel my pain of not having Glass? I wish I had enough money 😥
+Jake Weisz wouldn't you just turn that feature off from your account settings? I don't think you can say auto backup my phone but not my glass
+Edward Escobar Nope. Glass uploads all my photos no matter what. And it has no setting to disable it.
+Jake Weisz hmm... Nothing in my G+ account uploads publicly so I guess I haven't paid attention
+Google Glass love the phone fix nothing was worse than when you'd answer the phone and not have glass on and not be able to hear your call.
"Smarter phone answering" THANK YOU.  This was a minor annoyance of mine, and I don't have many, so it's great to see it fixed!
Wow, we're really getting into the much-needed usability improvements now.
Thanks for all of the feedback and enthusiasm everyone! To those of you asking about video calls, we hear you. We know you want them back and we're working to improve them. 

+michael interbartolo +Curtis Baker +Terrill Corletto We appreciate the suggestions. We'd love it if you'd add them to the Wishlist at so other Explorers can share their excitement. 
+Tiến Nguyễn We're glad you called in. It seems like we were able to sort out your issue, but give us a call again if there are any new problems.

+Greg Trujillo  Sorry about the hold up. We'll have someone contact you soon. 
This is a nice start but why in all that is Google can we not just have a card, gesture, something to clear the whole. Freaking. Timeline. Why?!?!?!?!
+Google Glass seriously ... can you tell me why Glass is such a miserable headset? My boyfriend told me that If I am on Glass he will hang up.

Let me tell you how bad it is.

The unit has two microphones. If they face opposite directions and one is closer to the mouth than the other, we can invert the input of one, add it to the other and take advantage of "common mode rejection". This can all be done on the DSP half of the OMAP processor without using a single cycle of CPU time.

Instead, it seems as though the "invert one channel" step has been omitted and the result is that all of the noise gets amplified and downs out the signal (voice).

Please tell me you at last read this because Glass is truly worthless as a hands free Bluetooth headset. 
I have to agree with you Sarah. With the new mono ear piece I thought I would use my glass more for phone calls but people complain so much that I end up picking up my phone. Told that it's very loud background noise. The other day my mother in law realized how bad it was when the car took over the call and she didn't have to struggle to hear me she said she got a headache trying to listen. I love my glass but this feature isn't ready for prime time I'm afraid. :( 
how do i contact the glass devs so i can submit ideas?
+Google Developers, after the XE16.2 update, I cannot connect by ADB, it gives 'unauthorized' error even though if have the debug on
+Sarah Rosen We appreciate your feedback and we'll pass it along to the team. We're always read what Explorers have to share and working to improve Glass. We're sorry you've been having subpar experiences using Glass as a headset. Like we said, we'll pass along what you mentioned, but feel free to give us a call to see if we can find an easier fix for you. 
Excellent!!! We appreciate the changes!
Yeah looking good - looking forward to trying on a pair SO badly!
Just got XE16.2 this morning & backed up all my photos/videos. Nice feature, thanks.
Help I have changed my google password.  Now my glass needs won't log in.  How do do I update the new password for my glass to work.  Right now it says Ooops Google password not working
+Graham Werle Sorry for the delayed reply. The Auto Backup card kicks in when Glass updates to XE17. If you still aren't seeing it, get in touch with a Guide by visiting

+Tony Lucero Looks like you got in touch with a Guide this morning. Let us know if you have any other issues. 
+Google Glass I see the Auto-Backup card, but I can't seem to find an "Off" option. Can I get any help on that?
Hi +Jake Weisz, we know you've been asking for this feature for awhile now, but we don't have anything new to share on that front. As always, feel free to get in touch with us here: