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We think technology should work for you—to be there when you need it and get out of your way when you don’t.

A group of us from Google[x] started Project Glass to build this kind of technology, one that helps you explore and share your world, putting you back in the moment. We’re sharing this information now because we want to start a conversation and learn from your valuable input. So we took a few design photos to show what this technology could look like and created a video to demonstrate what it might enable you to do.

Please follow along as we share some of our ideas and stories. We’d love to hear yours, too. What would you like to see from Project Glass?

+Babak Parviz +Steve Lee +Sebastian Thrun
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Ben Smith
I must get this as soon as possible. I'm going to try to not freak out for the rest of the day at how cool this is.
Is this another April fools joke? You're a few days late.
Please register my interest in this. Perhaps a shipping product for this holiday season?
The quicker we get to The Minority Report technology the better, we say! We will follow with interest.
Great. But while it will certainly take some time to get there - why can't we have that accuracy of Latitude today?
I think this if this became a reality, it would revolutionize the way the mobile industry is developing. A device like this "Project Glass" is something that I have been dreaming about for quite some time, and I know I'm not alone in this dream.
First 300 comments get a pair of these for testing! YES! :)

Edit: "What would you like to see from Project Glass?" A pair of these glasses on my face. NAOW.
I'm very concerned about the long term effects, both social and corporeal.
This is a great first step! Does the display come with a camera that looks forward so you can see augmented reality? Would that camera be useful to replace eyeglasses in people for whom focus is an issue (I'm over 50)?
This is a late April Fools joke right?
This is awesome. feature wise.. the promo highights so much of what I'd love to see out of the daily social life.. If portions of that make it into tech.. that be awesome.. Will totally be looking into what to add..
Man, I could see a lot of use here for those of us in the emergency services... having data like this in realtime handsfree would be a huge asset.
Some more details about how the interface/interaction works please.
I've been waiting for this. I can never find the section of the store I want! :)
Kind of first step toward the Borg but - I like it. I always wanted a second brain - then I can use mine for the more important stuff!
Woooooooow, Is this Cool or Wt??!!! Amazing Google People simply Amazing
Don't we have enough people walking into things already? And how long till laws are made about having these in vehicles. How will it effect a persons vision having a screen so close? So many problems will be had by all.
These would be epic, DO WANT!
I think this would replace the phone itself...! the idea is quite amazing, hope that they would support different languages or the system would be capable to acquire additional commands taught by users:D. waiting to try out these glasses lol!
This is just awesome ~ !!
it's just like a terminator !!
I have so dreamed up a design like this for a long time. Now to get it so I can lay out at a beach and it tints the glasses when typing and can swipe through my email with my eyes
I have no way of commenting on this without sounding like a spam bot, so great post! Very good informations here!
Pure amazingness. Hope the voice recognition software will work well. And the camera.
I do wonder about battery life on such a device...
You guys are incredible and brilliant. Keep up the amazing work!
So awesome to incorporate this into my motorcycle helmet. Driving the Vespa on the way home and taking a picture of the sunset over the bridge would be fantastic. If you need someone to test out in the real world.. hint hint
This will be awesome... until the spam starts.
I volunteer to be a tester. Or, SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY. Whichever.
Ben Smith
I will pay someone to test that.
Wow. Really just amazing. I would give you my life for something like this. i want it, i reaaallyyy want it. :o
Will these clip onto corrective lenses?
If this comes to fruition, I'll be pleased about being short sighted. Amazing!
Tony Maro
I can already see the idiots running around town waving their phones like they're holding swords while playing some new MMORPG...

Or the guy's at McDonald's wearing them with a server informing them "now place the frozen fries in the oil and push the button located here: [circles the button on their display]" No skills required, let the computer do the thinking for you. People think of doctor's using augmented reality for work but I think it's more likely to be the minimum wage jobs. We've got a generation of video gamers not interested in real work so why not turn work into a game?
How does this work for people who already have glasses?
I think it would be great if the glasses acted as a sensory extension, and voice/vision based interface extension, of an Android phone. Have all the connectivity go from the glasses to the phone, which would do the majority of the work.

I really, really love every functional concept in the video - the Google+ integration is getting so exciting that I can't wait to see what comes next. I'd love to see more integration with Latitude, Places, and the unified messaging system that the video hinted at.

I cannot wait to see this concept realised.
wud it be like iphone5 's sixth sense or somthing? or that from virtual 3d google plus at d wink?
Cool concept, but if the receiver is built into the glasses, and it is similar to microwave technology like cell phones, this would cause a lot of brain tumors and other damage.
These looks incredible! Nice one Google!
I want this. I'm willing to donate my eyes...
hmmmmmm! sounds friggn awesome! ive heard of something like this was rumored over @ android police, I cant belive it has finally made its showcase!! :DD
Ummm I really don't know what to add, but I'm sure it will have some sort of 4g or 3g data connection based on the video and him walking everywhere. I really want this!!!
will it work in whole world????? i like it
The product design shots are very strange. Using the models along with black & white photography reminds me of perfume advertising, not technology. It's like you're trying too hard to make the product appear "sexy." As long as they function correctly, you know most of us would wear these regardless of whether they look like Raybans or Nintendo Virtual Boys.
Check out the "ripple" for the post so far....interest growing incredibly fast!
Augmented Reality on a smart phone is just a silly gadget - but with Google Glass it just makes sense...
Might be great for navigation while driving because you never have to take your eyes off the road!
Love this, and I don't mean to sound like Verruca Salt but: "I want it now"...
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If this ever comes a reality, I would like to see it implemented with prescription glasses.
John Salinas
Make it an add on piece to you existing glasses. I love my frames
MUST HAS. charge me whatever you want i need this in my life.
What you have looks fine, but if it doesn't have some sort of simplified e-reader and mail client for times on the bus and a simple "shut down, I want to talk to real people" feature I'm a little leery. If you piped YouTube through, I'd be deliriously excited.
I am a performing musician who is getting old enough that I forget song words sometimes. If I had a pair of these linked to my android phone could I use them as a lyrics teleprompter, allowing me to see lyrics and see my audience at the same time? That would be a great thing!
Siri done right? What stage are you actually at though?
I think I just saw the future through a glass for 2:30
I want one so badly... words cannot describe how much I want this to actually happen!
PS- Need any Canadian testers? I'm up for the task!
eye tracking and edge detection of the scenery would be lovely to have… imagine having the time resting on the sides of buildings
Hey Google, cool that you are making VR glasses, why no photo of someone who actually wears glasses?
Thanks for adding that extra caution +Kirsty Lawer and if at all it becomes a reality , it will be cool .... but will just add to the list of multitasking activities that we already engage in ...
That is freaking amazing. Future can't get here fast enough!
Please keep make a model that works with prescription lenses. Not all of us are candidates for laser vision correction and/or contacts and must keep our 'analog' glasses.
If this is just a late April Fools joke, I'm going to cry.
shut up and take my moneay please! I would love to test this out. Especially with my left eye being a dick and only seeing 10%~ of a normal eye. Oh and wearing glasses 24/7 of course! If this will get reality in my Lifetime it would be sooo awesome. I love Technology and Engineering. Im studying Mechanical Engineering :)
Is their going to be a pilot program?
Paranoia levels reaching critical.
needs pupil tracking so that you can look at a button for a few seconds and itll select it (similar to Kinect). But looks amazing and I want one
How do I sign up to Beta test? :)
The demo shown in the video is amazing. If these were available now, in the form shown above, with the functionality shown in the video, I would buy a pair today.
This will change the world again!
They are so cool but what if I already wear glasses will they work with them or what. Will I have to get contacts ?
I'm all for including an option to integrate the screen into regular prescription lenses. Some of us who have bad eyes don't wear contacts.
I love the idea of having the store layout available to access through your phone. I also want my phone to guide me back to my car, after I lost it in the parking lot.
Is there any documentation on the Interaction? When would bubbles appear/not appear (thinking to morning shots in the apartment)...
I'd love to get onto the beta team for something like this... particularly if the beta versions allowed you to try to develop software for them. The interface looks a lot less obtrusive than I'd expected from first gen software too. Well played again, Google.
soooo awesome! Ive been telling everyone about them when I first hear the rumors.... and how I wanted to buy them when they first came out.
I'm ready to test one too... given a chance.
So...I can be a beta tester for this, yes? And then keep the prototype as well? :)

As far as what I want to see - the demo is good. I like the simplistic UI. Integration with Android and iOS is a must, though - there are some things I don't want to say out loud and I would prefer to type. Also, battery has to last all day - I can't have it be like my G.Nex on 4G where it dies after 6-7 hours. And finally, in the end, this thing has to be ad-free. Or the ads need to be relevant and valuable - like looking at a concert poster and details on dates and tickets pop up.
The only issue I don't like is talking to myself in public. Maybe this could be resolved with connecting to my android phone or something.
These look awesome. If you're looking for beta testers sign me up!
This is an actual working prototype? Wow. Google you keep on blowing my mind, just wow. These look to effin' cool.
I would love to be a Beta tester!!!!!!
What an exciting concept! I'd love to test something like this.
if these could be incorporated into our real glasses this would be amazing.
Please let me test them!!
Ken Liu
Bad news for app developers. Yet another screen size to support.

Good news for everyone. How cool are these!
over the line...not funny on any level
The only thing I'd like to see is those glasses wrapped in Google+ avatar wrapping paper under my Christmas tree this year. Make it happen!
We cannot wait to develop with this and add to our virtual assistant capabilities! The Cyman Mark 2 for Android prompting you through the glasses would be the icing on the cake for the app!
looks awesome! is there going to be a beta test?
Very slick idea, so many technologies and research projects converging into what could be the next technological revolution.
Heads up display, eye movement detection, blue tooth interface to phone, voice recognition, gps, mapping and the list goes on.
There will also be any hurdles to overcome, for example, glasses. Most people who wear glasses do so because their vision is bad.
Making this so they can actually focus on and see the displays will be challenging. Safety issues would also have to be a number 1 priority.
Whatever you do, don't limit your vision of this to just working with or replacing one's phone. This could easily tie into the house computer, a car's network,
Your work computer, the baby monitor in the next room and replace having to watch TV on a big screen TV. Being Google don't forget he advertising
revenue stream, like ads and coupon notifications for nearby businesses as he walks down the street.

I'm throwing money at my screen and nothing is happening. Do I need to acquire larger denominational bills?
Want. Now. Can I have face recognition too? Absolutely awesome.
I'm interested if there is compatibility with prescription eyeglasses.
I love you Google from the bottom of my heart!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Here's a thought I had when you were looking at the bookshelves - why not try and use OCR combined with the voice input to find and highlight the title of the book you're looking for? Would save so much time to be able to just look at the shelf and instantly know where the book you want is.
Amazing. I hope the end product is the same. 
I'm ready to beta test it too.
The augmented reality would be great for sight seeing, vacations or for someone who just moved into a new city like me (finding restaurants, hotels, banks, etc...), if you need a beta tester I'm available :)
Let me know when it can scan for power levels, then I'll be impressed.
Seriously, they look great!
How long before we can squeeze this into a contact lens?
Hey, I need a prototype (or a simulator) with the SDK. Thank you.
While this looks like a fantastic project, I do have a concern This probably won't be deaf user-friendly. Perhaps you could incorporate some kind of hand gesture recognition - ie a virtual keyboard overlay (usable with eye tracking OR hand tracking) etc... I'm deaf and would be happy to work with you guys to figure this out.
Id love to be part of the beta!! Google technology for life!
Us poor saps who wear glasses already will have to wait for the cortical implants. Still cool though.
Sign me up too. New ideas and gadgets are to make our life and work easier not be a tool to replace us. Computers are great, but stressed input makes for a multitude of errors.
Everyone here knows what I mean too. Boss' 'Here is ten page assessment on XYZ, It is due tomorrow I've had it a week' Shoot the BS Boss.
Cool! I've got an idea for a positioning service that would be SOO PERFECT for this! The positioning features you have in that demo could be linked to it!

Edit: Of course I also want to be in the beta if this becomes reality!
This looks absolutely amazing! The concept is a huge step forward in both technology assisting interaction! Alpha and beta testing soon?
Very cool on so many levels. Fun look at where we are headed.
Facial Recognition combined with contacts
Google Goggles integration
Barcode scan. Qr codes etc.
under $200 please
pretty cool I must say! Though probably should sell some ' covers ' to make them look like sunglasses or something
Prescription option please!
should be able to recognize gestures. Try pranav mistry talk in TED
I got the shaft on getting a chromebook beta while pals got them and let them sit unused. I swear if that happens again... I will be sad.
Wired did a piece about the power of "ambient information" that uses subtle, constant feedback loops to help change behavior. I'd love to see something like this integrated in Project Glass: a small dot that changes color based on how much I've exercised, how many calories I've eaten, etc.

Here's the wired article:
This looks epic. I would love to test this and offer feedback and ideas.
Here is my reaction:
1) The display should not interfere with normal vision.
2) The display should get out of your vision by using a very simple gesture. The glasses should also detect situations where the display should automatically turn off (for example in a car, or while walking on a road, or in an emergency)
3) It should blend into normal glasses. From the pictures of the current glasses, it looks like there's a separate "glass" screen on top. That doesn't feel comfortable...

Otherwise this is a very, very cool idea. Amazing video, too.
Let be clear .. I would sell my entire fortune just to get one of these glassess I mean duuuuuuuude it is awesome imagine walking infront of everybody using these woooooooooowwwww * drooling * please make it please please please please awwww god Im really really feeel sooo exited for these
I think all of the critical factors in the version 1.0 of this would be hardware related:
1) weight (pressure on head, nose)
2) resolution/display technology
3) battery life (going to be hard to balance this with 1)
4) wireless connectivity to phone (BT, WiFi?)

The UI will develop in time and many cool things will be added. One idea, location aware actions: check work email when getting close to work, grocery shopping reminder when close to store, etc.
I'm an early adopter. Where can I contact someone to test these. I had TIVO when the boxes cost $1400. I haven't read text on paper for over 5 years and have 209 books in my Kindle. My Klout score is 58. I will use Google+ more if I have a better way to interact with it that knits with Facebook, which is still too integrated into my practice to give up and move exclusively to G+.
I can think of so many ways of using these, both in individual and work situations. I can't wait to see these things in the wild.
Use Google Translate to show HUD of words in user's native language. This would be fantastic for traveling!
This needs real-time, in-ear Google Translate services!
Interaction and UI is the key..there must be a small red light when the camera is ON. Just to keep other people aware if they are being recorded
Like many of the others who have commented here, I'd be really curious to know if this was an extension of an Android phone, or a complete standalone device? I don't personally have a preference, myself, but I would suspect if the device was standalone, the cost would be significantly higher than an accessory would be, and that could be prohibitive. I could see many uses for this device well beyond simple tasks such like "personal assistant" features or navigation. I work in the Education field - the uses there could be significant. Adaptive Technology for Special Education, distance learning, interactive content beyond a simple white/blackboard. I could go on and on... This is VERY exciting technology. Sign me up! :)
Bluetooth these glasses into Android phones for better UI. Voice command is always a downfall for user interface. More of an extension of the phone than a stand alone device.
i want to b one of the testers ...
Hmm only question is... which color should I get? White or Black.. hmmmmm
I'd love to see necessary info while I'm driving: speed, a map, is the guy behind me a cop?
How would they work with existing glasses? would there be a "snap-on" version? If you took them off, how would you know about a phone call or text? What about a non-speech interface so that you can check email and surf silently? Just a couple thoughts. Thanks.
can I have a test of it here too in the philippines? please?
Love this, love seeing the vision for Google's various projects come together into a 'World OS'. I just ask that it be open enough for the user to be able to create and augment our own worlds as we see fit, not just within the tight parameters set by Google's notoriously focused UI team.
This is extremely exciting. There are so many possibilities, I'll mention a few, but the main thing is to make it wide open for developing so that any and all ideas can get a chance to fly.
Would love to see some real-time translation when reading foreign menus, signs etc, or an advanced cycle-computer plus GPS!
I'm not crazy about the design. Eyeglasses generally follow the contours of the face which makes them more comfortable and more natural to look at. This design seems as if you were forcing a futuristic look. People need to envision themselves wearing it as a design concept if you want this to be adopted by mainstream users.
Id like to know if this hooks up with my phone, and how it will connect to say my G+
will they work for people who ware glasses and do you want someone to test them who wares glasses i would love to test them
I read an article somewhere talking about how we are hardwired to find symmetry attractive. I love the idea, but would suggest a symmetrical version. If this is going to worn in public it needs to be unobtrusive. I want a useful device, not a fashion accessory.
Will they be able to lay on top of prescription glasses?
Ability to call?
Instead of just video chat, calling ability.
Without those SIM cards and stuff, please.
I'd like to know how this works with people with glasses..
BTW, I wear glasses already - how will that affect me? Can I have lenses clipped on onto these? Can this clip-on feature be available from the beginning - because you don't want to alienate folks who wear specs. Thanks.
I hope facial recognition of your contacts will be included for those senior moments!!!!!!
Eric B
Its beyond. I think its a evolution between us and technology. Im interested in a Beta&Alpha testing
Think this could be a boon to the AEC construction industry...finally a viable way to take and use 3D designs (plans) in the Field... Or at least it could be...
+Shane DeRidder Also, if an Android phone was doing the backend, it'd mean the glasses could have less weight and bulk, since the tech would be in the phone. It wouldn't surprise me if they did that.

Even if it was standalone though, it'd tie into an Android pretty well I'd guess, if only due to all the cloud syncing Google does now. And if it does do it's own processing, it is likely running a build of Android itself.
How cool. It would be great to integrate facial recognition. Can't remember an acquaintance's name. Got it. Or... instantly add someone to a Google+ circle by looking at them.
Even less technology. The best tech his the one we aren't aware off. So the use case presented in the video his good, since the technology is only present when is needed, and overlapping the user reality. The hardware must go the same path, it should be minimalist and, ideally, be able to be integrated in common glasses (and not the Star Trek thing that is illustrated)
You going to solve Suduku for me automatically. :) And suggest chess moves so I can beat my friends. :)
Count me in for Beta testing!!!
I have a very strong prescription for glasses and can't wear contact lenses for medical reasons. I would love to see a model of project glass that can attach to my existing glasses. That way I won't be left out of the party! I know that there needs to be a good deal of processing power going into this, so maybe there could be something that clips onto the arms of the glasses as well? Maybe in the future you can partner up with someone in the business of manufacturing glasses and build a pair of medical lenses with the OLED panel built in. Now THAT would be cool.
My request would be that this device is an extension of another device - not necessarily a stand-alone product. That is, I want to be able for it to interface with my laptop, or my phone (any platform). Give the glasses a rich API to allow for many platforms to interface with it.
I want one... I will pay up front in cash as a beta tester anytime any place. (I really hope this isn't a joke)

1. Integration. Do not leave this device hanging. Although allow it to be a standalone device offer:
-Save photos on device and sync to Google+ Photos
-Allow editing on Android device instantly after photo is taken and edit and share to circles
-Same with Videos
-Navigate menu system of glasses on Android Device (such as phone or tablet) and have setting changes sync to AR Glasses.

2.Battery Life.. Make it a solid 24 hours of continuous use, at least.

3. If Project Manjel (Google voice guided personal assistant) exist, cross integration would be awesome.

+Babak Parviz +Steve Lee +Sebastian Thrun +Project Glass
Wow, is that an onslaught of hipsterness.
Cool, i've been reading info about this project. I'd love to test one.
well, first off, it needs a "mustache mode," that uses a face finding algorithm to automatically draws mustaches on everyone you look at.

Then...then I think you've got something.
This is an amazing concept. I would love to see this working in the real world. Any chance of a public beta in the future, like the CR-48? I want in!
Love it! Is this also a hint of how far along in development "Project Majel" or "Google Assistant" has come?
Amazing! Hey Google, so do you mind if I can beta test these please? Haha
This looks amazing and I am glad Google is the ones doing it because they care about what they make.
I would like to see this rescue me from the digital world and engage me more in the physical world. I would hate for this to become one big augmented reality product that immerses me even more in digital content.
you make me come back to g+ again and again
Holy...I would love to test this too.
Everything in that video will be just fine, Google. Just fine.
Glasses are nice, but how soon can I just plug straight into my brain?
Let's make 'one day...' tomorrow.
Now tell me how much? :)
Where does the queue start for beta testers...count+ me in.
So... why aren't there any ads in the video? If it's a Google product, it'll be ad-based.

At least be transparent and open about that part.
Thoughts about how to apply the technology in the classroom? This would perhaps be the disruption we need... If you ever need beta testers...
So are these for people with 20/20 vision or will there be some sort of corrective (or shadded) lense implementation?
Now this will change the world as we know it! I can't wait for these!!
I'd really like to see this link directly to a mobile device in addition to stand-alone, rather than merely be a stand-alone. Being able to send/receive calls, SMS/MMS etc. is absolutely critical; this is necessary unless the team believes that phone mediated communication is becoming obsolete.
I really don't like voice activation/navigation design.
End of february there was news about wearable android goggles and I thought about navigation and I had an idea with a wireless trackpen.
It's like a thick pen with a 1/4 inch ball on its tip. In essence you would navigate like on a mouse trackball. All this while holding your hands in your pockets so nobody would have you for a weirdo that talks to himself. Of course for making messages/searches voice would be needed.
Just my thoughts on this.
Make these now! Just don't let us down with something sub-par from the video we saw.
I'd like them, but the real question is cost of ownership: to make these work, you'd need a 3G or 4G connection always running. What I'd like is a Kindle-style model where the cost of lifetime cellular data is bundled into the device price. Or if not that, a steep discount relative to what you'd pay for a phone or tablet.

Also, an app platform would be nice, so I could check in on Foursquare just by showing up (the camera could recognize the interior, for example) or get a Twitter mention.
As someone that wears glasses/contacts already, I'd love to see an integration with normal glasses/sunglasses. I'm assuming an android device is doing all the heavy lifting and transmitting via bluetooth (camera in frame, microphone in frame, lcd in glass), so I imagine that's quite possible.
This is such a cool concept, it's amazing the kind of technology we'll see over the next few years
I'm anxious to watch this develop
Interactive menus by hand gestures in front of you will be one of the biggest necessities for this, but I love it. Looking for beta testers? :]
I still use my CR48 every day, thanks for all you do, google.
can we look forward to the screen being available on either side ?? i would rather it on my left eye
Looks amazing, but I can't imagine myself wearing those.
This is incredible. I hope you guys have figured out the sound, so I can here things around me and hear the music, phone calls, etc. The visual aspects of the AR are of course the star, but screwing up the audio would make for a terrible experience. It has to private, so you can't just embed speakers into the arms of the glasses. It has to allow me to hear the world, so you can't use earbuds without piping in the ambient audio. That's going to be tricky.

Also, I'll happily beta test! Or alpha test!
Love this, very curious how all the items will sync and work, I will miss a device so how do you filter through to say, "share location" I can't wait to see more on this project.
Count me in for the beta tests.
Very cool, of course I don't think the technology is there yet for such seemless and speedy integration as shown in the video. But that's where it could go.

So far nobody has pointed out that we humans only see an incredibly limited spectrum of light. If Google were to integrate an IR camera or something that can zoom 10x or 100x. Imagine! Night vision, heat vision! In some ways this project thinks too small. Our eyes see so little of this world.
Please make this avalaible as soon as possible! I have been waiting for such a device for 20 year. :-)
Speaking as a self-proclaimed "geek" since the 70'sk AND as one who is now.(somwhat), disabled I would be more than happy to be a part of an alpha team! It looks wonderful!
cool idea, like the minimalist gui, great video. I can't wait to see how you solve the problems of power density (batteries about that size today might last 2 hours), cost (small market if something like that costs over $500; ) and the cyborg look (the look could be off-putting to non-nerds)
It would be cool to integrate a price search functionality when shopping ala Google Goggles. It would also be useful to see restaurant reviews and/or book reservations. Can the primary eye be switched? (I noticed the reader is on the right eye, which may not work for everyone.)
I'd like to see if the project could integrate with Google maps and overlay routes in real time into a viewers eyeline.
Some features
-Open API allowing others to implement features
-Virtual meetings to replace conf calls giving the impression you're next to the other participants
-In would certainly have to react on gestures. Personally I would prefer gestures better than talking
-Detecting eye blinking as user input might be worth looking at as a feature
-Connect via bluetooth to my car and replace most info I read from dashboard
-Virtual keyboard displayed in front of you to work on google docs or other stuff
-Propose manuals when looking for a long time at objects (especially the ones notoriously known for being not userfriendly such as thermostats and washing machines )

And some fun stuff
-Remove people I don't wan't to see
-Remove Google Glasses from other people wearing one to make the experience less geeky
Detect how many beers I have drunk and warn me when I had too much :)
Definitely very cool. I would definitely by a pair to try out and play with. I'd be very interested in an API or something for the interfaces.

How are you tracking which icon to select across the top? Are you eye tracking or ...?

I have a lot of issues right now using voice commands on my GNexus. I feel like it's really poor. Things like internet searches, replying to text messages, etc. It basically never turns out how I want it. I always have to talk super slow and don't think it's ever worked when I talk as casually to it like the guy is doing in the video.

How loud do you have to talk in order for it to pickup the voice commands?

The indoor maps is way awesome and I can't wait for that stuff to expand!

It might be distracting but a visualizer for music would be super cool!

The whole video was really really impressive =)
All the models have it on their right eye. Hopefully it can be switched over to the left eye as well. Very cool project.
I'm still undecided on if I want the cornea implants or the 2050-style glasses...
I can't wait for this to come to market... Sign me up
Facial recognition please.
Barry V
+Project Glass Please, API for it on day one! You need to allow developers to create for this.
Ah-oh. I must be getting used to exponentially accelerating technologies — flying cars, driverless cars, etc. — so what's the big deal about superimposing some data on glasses? Hahahaha. Seriously, keep up the great work, especially try to offer them for free if we allow for advertisers to seduce us as we walk around with their specialized enticements based on our location.

Would these glasses turn us into zombies of merchants if we allowed that? ;)
I still want augmented reality. Let people choose how to represent themselves irl, just like handpicking photos allows them to do on social sites.
Where can I sign up to help you test these? I'll sign right now.
Looks awesome, but two things. I'm uncomfortable with block shapes and text blocking my vision while I walk... keep them to the periphery of the view? Also, read the book "Feed"... I really don't want targeted ads popping up when I look at things... especially when they're so disruptive that it'll stop me from continuing on at my normal speed.
Very cool. Hope it works as good as a tenth of what it looks like in the video!
Interesting idea, but I notice all of the models do NOT wear eyeglasses. What about those of us who wear eyeglasses every waking minute in order to see the REAL world?
I'm a blind user of vOICe, a sensory substition android app developed by +Peter Meijer . For him and for vOICe user, both vOICe, but also spoken navigational directions would make google glasses the killer app/hardware for blind and visually impaired people. IF accessibility of basic functions and of gps apps is taken into account. At the moment I don't notice that in the video. At the moment iPhone is the device of choice if you're blind, although android accessibility is now catching up, albeit slowly. However, these google glasses could be a wonderful navigational aid, if vOICe can function on it.
It's amazing what Google will know about you once you start using this...
Could android devices be used as a selection controller? I'd feel like an idiot standing on a train platform talking to thin air, ordering a pizza.
I love it! I think you should make it just like the video. Incredible!
Add a voice controlled lightening and darkening feature to the lenses so these can be worn during the brightest days or the darkest nights
How this is not already in my hands is absurd and I demand immediate action!
Be cool to try. I wonder how tech like this will really fit into our lives? How many design generations until they have the market saturation of smart phones today?
+Dan Kilpatrick I read somewhere that there's around 100 billion neurons and 10^15 neuron connections in our brains, once those all get mapped we're totally set! and at the speed that things are going, that'll probably only be a few more years :),
Can't believe this is something happening now. Looks sooo future.
I remember seeing this exact type of technology profiled in a 15-year-old issue of Popular Science. Thrilled to see that it's becoming reality!
This looks amazing if you guys can pull it off just right. IMO the glasses look a little silly. Make it look cooler and work that fluid and you got yourself a winner.
I'll beta-test it, and I'll definitely put it through its paces. I love the Android integration, and I'd like to see it with PC/laptop integration as well
I think it's an amazing, progressive thing, but I fear that it will have the opposite effect and isolate people from one another. Imagine everyone walking around talking to their headset, listening to music, and asking it for directions - rather than turning to the person beside you, or in front of you, or behind you. The closer we get digitally, the further away we get personally.
Awe-some! Where is the beta sign up form?!? :-)
Totally mind blowing!
What about people who already wear glasses to see, I wonder if there will be something like those clip on sunglasses, especially considering it doesn't cover the entire eye. I am interested!
really nicely developed augmented reality o' course
Some kind of bluetooth finger cover that the glasses can get distance measurements from so that you could pick options on a display and move past objects to further options beyond.
I see a change in cognition with this device, a change in education, and the future of the world. I've already begged all my Google contacts to be in the beta, but I see where this is going if we mod the glasses with kinect tech too :) Please, let me in!
So did they sign up LeVar Burton for the commercials yet? DO IT!
I want a pair. They look great, amazing concept. A deal breaker for me though would be if they were unable to work with my iPhone. Or if they required another mobile plan from ATT (or something of that nature.) I dont want to pay extra for everything that is involved with this product.

Second things is, it needs to be fast. Walking around the real world and giving it input, it needs to be almost instant. I cant be sitting there waiting for it to load an alternate route.

Third thing is, and its probably already been discussed, but it need to work with my prescription glasses. Or, somehow, it should be able to accept prescription lenses.

If this is going to catch on, and if we are going to enter the "Star Trec" age, these need to be fashionable, useful, and intuitive. It needs to mesh, and fit perfectly with the rest of our lives.
it is really cool isnt it?!! i'm in KSA or Lebanon, and i wanna try this too
Integration with Google Maps. An arrow points to my destination. The app that lets you get product reviews would be a big help while shopping. The app that shows star maps and identifies stars would be terrific if it could overlay the visual field. Loads of possibilities!
Great job Google!! I'll be preordering as soon as it's an option!
Where can we sign up? This seems really cool, I'd love to provide feedback on this project! Thanks.
A few quick questions (not that I actually expect answers)
1) Eye tracking?
2) EEG or EMG (Neurosky)?
3) Other vitals (heart rate, skin conductivity, etc), since it's going to be in constant contact with MY skin?
4) Solar thin film along the arms to continuously top off the battery?
I dont care if you need to hook this directly up to my brain in order for it to work, sign me up. are beautiful with the google glass.......
If you need testers in the Netherlands, PICK ME!
Is this a vaporware?
Awesome. But I'd prefer it looked like a regular set of glasses rather than something stuck on the side of my head.
Awesome!! I would love to try this out!!!
You guys have so cool jobs. That's definitely something I'd like to do for a living. Keep up the good work.
Jared S
I think it should be able to respond to hand gestures too. Like if I just look down and put my hand over the notification, it will open it up, instead of using voice ONLY.

IDK about other people, but I don't find voice interaction as useful, also no one wants to hear me.
What about trying Google NFC stations to the glasses so a person could buy something in a shop while holding the item in their hands, scan either its barcode or use the glasses equivalent of Google Goggles, get a receipt on their phone, show it to a member of staff and work out without queuing?
that is like a Scouter  ( futune gadget) by  japanese manga " DRAGON BALL "
The design is bazaar but... I think the technology behind it is worth it.
This is why I love Google. I've been following the rumors for months, and I'm excited to see the project finally go public. Can't wait to learn more and eventually purchase a pair. Good luck!
cant wait for these to come out !!!!
go google!!
Seems like there is a fine line between utility and social awkwardness. I for one dismiss most people who use bluetooth headsets when not in a car. When they are jacked in they really bug people because they are off in their own little world. They trip over things, talk too loud and generally have no clue whats going on around them. I assume the Google team can nail bringing the internet in front of our eyes at all times; however, the harder challenge is whether they can do it without the stigma of bluetooth headsets, lest Project Glass will be relegated those who want to emulate Neal Stephenson's Gargoyles.
This looks incredible. I would love to be apart of a trial test of these.
why must this be so hipster...damn west coast
Nate K
DUAL CAMERAS PLEASE. Augmented reality games? fighting monsters in 3 dimensional space in person? Yes please.
very cool, the funny side of this will be that everybody will be wearing glasses heheh. In case you will need to have many models to choose from.
offshoots of Pranav mistry's Sixth sense......
Ummmm yes. Yup. Uh-huh. Definitely. Except that I know I'm gonna be waiting years for it to be developed and to actually get a pair. sigh
Just make it work with prescription lenses, and I'm sold.
First, as with any new technology that makes information more easily accessible, it's so hard to know ahead of time just all it could be useful for, so I'd love to be able to try it out in person for a while to see what I end up using it for.

Second, maybe I'm in a minority but I do want targeted advertising. I want the advertising I see to be relevant to things I'm interested in. So yes, I would hope that these glasses would see what I pay attention to in stores, what catches my eye, and then provides me with more focused information about the things I'm interested in.

My wife hates how often I leave my phone on silent or somewhere else or whatever and miss calls and texts. A subtle visual cue that I have a call would be a tremendous boon to anyone in the modern "always expected to be in communication" world.

Ultimately I feel like it'd be best as a more passive "information source" than an active "communication sending" tool (phone/video calling aside). I have a phone and tablet and other devices that are much better for me getting a thought out of my head and to another person. But to receive information, I can't think of a better way than a constant visual link.
I'll pay for whatever version you happen to have no matter how buggy. NOW!
Amazing technology! Would love to see it tested in a school setting...particularly a medical setting or something research based where hands-free photos, internet searching, consultation, and general info would improve everything. A medical student dissecting a cadaver, a surgeon operating or performing a simple procedure that requires the use of both hands. Unlimited potential in a field like this or any other. Very excited and can't wait to test/buy a pair!
My frame glasses are squared. How will I be able to overlap the two? - reconsidering.
It looks very cool. Batteries would have to go almost all day, and the notifications popping up in the center of your field of view could lead to pedestrian and bike accidents. There should be a mode that never puts anything in the center of your vision. In the future, eye tracking for things like camera focus could be helpful. Integration with the self driving cars to see where you are in your route would be cool, but it's a bit far off. I hope the glasses use bone conduction for audio both ways or else a crowded area or loud car could really mess with you. (not to mention random trolls on the street giving your glasses commands you don't want.) I would absolutely love to try a pair of these out!
Kit Balay
Amazing proyect, might work to show escape routes from a building during an earthquake or other event, show technical information during repair of anything, show a patient's vital signs during surgery, supporting information to show at school, and many other ideas.....
Definetly one of the better ideas taken from Anime...If you guys can pull this off, in the form factor photographed, it would change the way people interact with the net. Everything you've shown is built into Android. It's just a matter of making people take advantage of the technology. I know so many people who have expensive smart phones and only use them to call, text and facebook. Google currently offers the best web based services period...I just can't get any of my friends to join google+ or ditch the iPhone. When they see me walking around with this thing...It may be a game changer!
Stupid fucking idea. VR gaming goggles are something I'd buy. Not this retarded shit. I can just use my phone.
What about being able to queue Netflix or Google TV programmes while being out and about using the glasses, then watch on the commute home?
A contribution from the Amish would be instructive, but I doubt we'll see any.
Can I join the real world beta test?
I want in!!!!! Wheres the Beta signup :-P
I see words in this post. I understand the definitions of the words that are written. They form what appear to be syntactically correct sentences. Yet, throughout the entire post, not a single thing is actually said.
it even looks quite cool, would like one for testing! :)
If I don't have to repeat myself multiple times, this might work.
Great work. This looks fantastic. With respect to GPS navigation, I would have hoped for some kind of line on the ground that you could follow to point your way to your destination. There are so many different things you could do with this. Facial recognition tied to Google+ would be interesting also. This would revolutionize the mobile devise world. Also curious about hardware details and how they fit and comfort.
An option to make these safety glasses would also be helpful. Also if they work for running or biking well enough, a speed display.
As safety glasses, they could be used on shop floors everywhere for quick access to manufacturing instructions and drawings.
will these work for long sighted people?
I'm with Myles, I've been waiting for this technology my whole life! I'd gladly pay for hardware to beta test!
Maybe you should name it "Google++"
I like it, but I'd also need to be able to wear sunglasses with it. And if I'm going to use it for navigation, it can't block my view at any time.
Maybe a low res front facing camera so people could record an event in front of them? Trying Chromebooks into the glasses so your gtalk or twitter messages scroll past you while you type up a report?
Daemon and Freedom by Daniel Suarez. The books explained it all. Live maps overlaying streets, People's Facebook/Google+ Profiles hovering on top. There is so much you could do. And APPS!
A lense/frame for those of us who already where glasses. Other wise we'd be walking around with too much crap on our head. :D
video ............
Excellent concept. I can see how these would be very beneficial for documenting trips or really anything in everyday life. My question is how would this integrate with someone that already wears glasses? Also what would this do to someone's vision having something so close to their eyes to focus on?
Does it works with normal glasses as well? Think about that, please. It would be a good solution next to my smartphone. For example the navigation or making pictures. The voice recognition should also work with other languages. Go ahead guys. I appreciate your ideas.
This looks like a fantastic idea!!! I wanna be apart of the beta testing lol
someone is going to fall off a building or get hit by a truck. So worth it though. Forget jet-packs and flying cars. This is what I believed my future would be like.
Steve Max
Things I'd like to see in/know about the product:
- How is this going to work for those of us with prescription glasses?
- Assuming that this connects wirelessly to your cell phone: please make sure it works with all the big players (iphone, WinPhone) and not just android from day 1.
- Ability to store things like location, photos, check-ins for later review before they are loaded to a 3rd party app (I don't mind telling people where I've been, but don't like telling them where I am)
- API released pre-launch day so there's a ton of 3rd party support for it
Thanks for making the future happen, by the way

Street detection. These should recognize that I'm crossing the street & hold ALL pop ups & message displays until I safely reach the other side. Cause you know the first person that stops to read a pop up in the middle of the street & gets run over will be suing you (yes it's their fault but it'll happen regardless)
Another thing to keep in mind is how is this going to affect the health issue, if people might be wearing it almost all day then the signals that the glasses produces should be safe. you wanna watch out with causing carcinogenic hazard.
When can I get my hands on the API?
Imagine the ad revenue possibilities when Google ads don't need a browser and can live anywhere- superimposed on EVERYTHING. :)
A keyboard of some sort would be interesting. There is an existing product that projects a keyboard on to any flat surface and tracks your keystrokes through motion and distance sensors. Something like that built into these and I could see these as a great replacement to tablets.
In answer to people worrying about messages coming up as you're crossing the road, why not use G-Maps and GPS to know that you're crossing a road or highway and silence alerts for thirty seconds or more?
Amith F
If Apple announced this it would be in stores next Friday? What i want to know is-- is this 1 week, 1 year of 5 years out to launch :).

When I say WHEN.

Will reserve my awe for then :)
Kennth Burke once speculated that society's ability to produce further and further generations of contrivances were becoming "indistinguishable from the compulsion to do so." How does Google determine whether a new device is being created out of compulsion rather than out of genuine, humane need? What are the criteria that Google uses to establish that moral line? When is restraint of technological innovation the better course? Or is the rule, always, to increase technology's presence in the life world?
Being that I have to wear glasses already, it would be pretty exciting to have them do more than help me see better, and cause headaches ;)
I want facial recognition ability more than anything. To never have to remember anyone's name again is a dream of mine. I'd like to be able to look at someone and immediately see their Google+ profile, their LinkedIn profile, OKCupid profile, RecordSetter profile, etc.
I think one of the most important features is providing support for independent developers via a SDK. Google can build some great, solid applications for Project Glass, but the most creative and innovative uses are likely to arise from the community.
I only need corrective vision on my left eye so HUDs are right up my alley depending on the design of course. Eagerly waiting to see how this develops. Hopefully it will become more.. common looking.
It would be nice if I could get just the overlay lens and earbud attachments so I could modify any pair of glasses I want/own to be Project Glass capable. Just a thought.
This must be released! I require this. As a Project manager the information these provide on scheduling and messaging would be priceless!
If these comes out for real real am getting it...
Willing tester RIGHT HERE.
The "eye vision" spectrum might be different from the "camera vision" spectrum. In particular, the sides of our vision are blurry most of the times, for very simple physical reasons. In order to follow all the notifications, one might need an extra effort from the eyes muscles, which might result in fatigue. I would say that notifications need to be transparent and less invasive, but within the "clear view" area of our vision. I back that up with my PhD in Physics (even though nothing I said is really pertinent to physics, but just to brag about myself!!) xD
Having an integrated virtual travel card that you can pick your destination, stop etc. while entering a train or bus station and not have go to any service desk except if a member of staff asks for your real card, by which point the information has already been updated?
It looks awesome.
I'd love to be a tester for those.
The output looks really cool, hope you guys can get it working as seamlessly as in the video and I also worry about being subjected to ads all the time.
if you need Beta-Tester... I am with you!
What I would like to see is facial recognition. Say you bump into a buddy on the street it could pull up the relevant Google+ info on them, or just from your contact book. I am awful with names so it would sure be nice to have it pull up his name, wife, kids etc as a quick reference. The promise of the technology is fantastic. While standalone applications would be nice, I think more utility could be had from tethering to an existing android phone for internet access as well as tasks that might require more processor power and memory. This would also help to keep the cost of the glasses down. Granted this would require two purchases instead of one to enable full functionality.
Face reco is hard, I know, but might be close enough for matching a face with a Contact Entry (business card).
What I would like to see is this kind of story for a person that drives to work. For example, you could have your glasses on as you enter your car in the morning and then the glasses will shutoff and your car windshield would be your glasses. Maybe have a small projector and motion sensor built into your car. The display can switch modes based on the speed at which the car is going from speech mode to visual mode.

Another thing I would like to see is when you encounter enabled devices such as a connected storage device, you can just have the option to download pictures you have taken to that device or grab music, video or documents from that device.
This is cool let me know if you need beta testers
Extremely exciting times we are living in.
I'll beta test, buy, try, promote... whatever it takes! I want this! ... Now!
Great to count Ki power level of your enemies!!!
It would be cool to see names of the streets and numbers of the houses. And my dream is to have clock and weather widgets in the corner of the "screen"
Make them so that they can be used on actual glasses. I'd buy one of those in a heartbeat.
Marrying the Google art project with the glasses so that when you visit the real museum, you can pay for an audio tour file using Google Wallet, which helps the museum, and allows you to enjoy the tour without needing to queue up?
I cycle to commute and this for heads up display of: speed, direction, weather (warnings) would be awesome. But best of all would a be reverse video PIP to replace my little helmet mirror and so I can record in both directions simultaneously!
I dunno. The advantages are obvious, but if you thought texting drivers were a hazard, just wait 'til the entire population is disengaged from reality. "Driving directions to Sacramento. Check in Highway 80. Launch Angry Birds."
I'd do it for sure. My only fear is people using them whilst driving, scary...
Amazing stuff. Will this be easy on the eyes? Will this cause vision problems?
Jen Savage
Please make me a beta tester! <3
With deep Google+ integration this could be a social network game-changer in the making. - Hopefully this project sees the light of day...I'm very excited to see the outcome. -- Also, regarding the product; Hopefully their is a camera in the back of the frame-wear so that you can see backwards. Instant face recognition with names next to people in the street would be pretty cool too :) - Then I would wear the shit out of them 24 mother f'kin 7.
wow! we are slowly turning into those people from the Pixar Movie:
WAL-E. we will get really fat and ride around in our little chairs and stare at a digital screen all day.
awesome! cant wait to see this develop more! you guys are awesome, i love google
That is really cool. It's like all the nifty things of an iPhone, in front of your head... guess you guys have seen it coming for a while!
Give one to me PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!
How much will they cost and when will they be released
One thing I don't get is how to snap pictures and video. Is it an eye-gesture (double-blink or something), do you push a physical button, use voice-control...?
these look great id sell my nana for one haha jk jk
In working with visually impaired (VI) students. This would help immensely if the glasses were able to one be worn over existing eye wear of VI students. It would be nice to incorporate something like Miracast or ability to project what is on say a projector or doc. camera to the glasses. 

Currently our students that are VI impaired are provided a separate widescreen monitor that mirrors what is projected for the entire class to this one monitor. It would be nice if the same could be done with Project Glass to eliminate the widescreen monitor and make it less intrusive for the VI student.
Is there anyway I could join a beta test? It sounds silly, but one of my hobbies is the study of the new field: cyborg anthropology, where we study the human integration in both physical and information technology. With Apple taking a misstep with iWatch, Google has truly moved ahead with the next step in IT application: augmented reality. I would love to be a part of this.
Can I get the "Bio Skin" Feedback System tm App package please?
wow.... fantastic !!  i wanna it
Two years later. Glass is amazing. Different than envisioned, but it's been great to see it grow into the product it is today.
Dang it. Now, this is the last comment.
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