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+TIME's Best Inventions of 2012 range from the Curiosity Rover to body armor for women, wingsuit racing and more. We're honored to be included among these amazing innovations. 
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yeah, seriously. Please let me know when I can give you my money.
At first glance I thought it was a fishing lure.
If only I could get this build in to my RX glasses!
when it will be in the market ??? :@
What the Fuck???? Buy at 2014? I need it faster!!! Please release it october 2013 :( i would kill for that!!!
you at +Project Glass keep on showing us your product but it is not on the market and it is not clear what kind of software will support it.
I'd love to know when glass will hit the market, at what price and which OSes will support it.
I'd like to know how people with prescription glasses are going to use it.
Oh please oh please oh please push the date closer.
I'm still tremendously disappointed that +Project Glass isn't binocular. I'm saving my money until it is. 
Now it's up to you guys to make sure it doesn't end up in the "biggest disappointment" category. Bring it! ;-)
You've earned it. Can't wait to get my hands on one!
i have a project to promote the glasses at the American South
+Imre Fitos I think early concepts were binocular, but they dropped it down to monocular to give it a slimmer and less disruptive profile.  I disagree with that move, I think it's aesthetics over functionality, and completely eliminates the thing I was most excited about; true 3d environments. 
I hope Google's Project Glass become consumer ready by next year, I can't wait for all the innovation that will (hopefully) come along with it. This has the potential to be as revolutionary as the modern smartphone or even computer if it is implemented correctly. Regardless, the future is headed toward this advancement anyway, it is up to Google if they want this to become the next Palm Pilot, or something with more staying power like the PC or the iPhone.
Pls don't forget to make a sunglasses version... Photo gray lenses probably most useful.

NOW THIS is something worth standing in line for.
This is something I truly want to own.
Its still a long way to a full AR device... but I am looking forward to it.
+Jake Miller Only that right-hand side of its frame is important to the device's design.  I imagine that bulkier right-hand section could be manufactured separately, to snap onto your frames.  I'm a wearer of glasses too, and I have fairly lightweight small frames.  They have to be thinking about us, even if its not ready for first launch.

If there's only a one-size-fits-all right at first, I'll be switching back to contacts for a while, until they get the modular design out for us that already have frames.
How can that be? Just a very very select few really know what they do and it might be or not be much at all at this time...
Really wanting this to be available sooner rather than later, even if its expensive
I want the glasses but I want to know when they will be out
So, the invention of the year have not been commercialized yet, we don't know when it will be, we don't really know what it does except taking pictures, and it's probably still a work in progress.
Where can I get some? That's what I want to know. 
Thanks for all your enthusiasm, feedback and questions. We took signups for our Explorer Edition at Google I/O, and we plan to ship it in 2013. Right now, we don't have further updates on availability. We're also experimenting with some options for people who need prescription lenses. Check out this post:
Not available until 2014?! Now what am I going to get myself for Christmas? :(
TV needs to break free from the cable monopolies, so will the glasses do it ? will be ever get choices besides these expensive and closed cable systems? they are becoming the ISP, the content and movie producers and the terminals, and most even refuse to use HTML5 and try to push proprietary code , this is absurd and will end up chocking the creativity and the consumer, a very bad formula for growth, so we need options and choices, and glasses will be it ?
I still say you need a casual cyclist to beta test Orlando!
I think that it would b great but would b $ooooooooooo much money.
Innovations Are Great, Best News For Everyone
Stop teasing us and just sell the damn thing. 
lol +Kyle Carter no one was talking to you. ..  stop being a troll.. go eat your veggies 
sup. so who the troll. btw i like triangles
Dear Google: Thank you for starting the HUD arms race. I look forward to seeing what everyone trying to get in on this turns the technology into.
Seems a bit early, considering you can't actually get one yet....
Thought it was a petrol pump at first smh 
you can get one when the goverment is done using it or when sceintists get done experimenting it. so youll be waiting about 10 years.
I dont believe in google glass, google tv is big as an xbox and its laggy and it always crash, how google will be able to built something small at glasses whit a fonctional performance???
Google Glass: Making dorky-looking glasses cool since 2012!
Well that's interesting considering that it's still in development. Way to trick Time Google.
I'm going to contacts when this releases so I don't need a prescription. 
Good question that I believe was already covered: can you fit this over glasses or is there any possibility of putting lenses on there?
Reminds me of Obama's Nobel prize -- maybe deserved, but definitely premature.
nice.i salute the team who inventd miracle
It's a fantastic innovation, but is it commercially viable. In its current form, I think not. 
I'd rather have the glasses in real glasses form so I could sneak them into class! 
Are the glasses waterproof? Because that would be great!!!
Hey nay-sayers, it's "invention" of the year, not "commercialized product" of the year.
Lemme go cry while i try to scrape up enough money to buy that hunk of beauty.
I can tell there're glasses but what makes them so great
For those who can't wait the glass, can scroll the number 8 in the list. The techpet, that's where iPhone should be :)
Yeah nerd power woo hoo btw immma nerd -.- and I'm proud YEAHHHH NERD PRIDE 
want buy that thing .... omg ... 
the future is here, this thing is awesome
It would be sweet if you could get them in prescription. 
Ros que
I'm waiting for the contact lense version of this. Can someone who is time traveling get me a pair that I can link with my Galaxy S3...and dont forget the app, the firmware upgrade, feedback forms and a RMA receipt just in case I dont like it. Thank you!
I am still have no idea what is this good use for.
Good invention but... to say something is a product you should be able to sell it, wouldn't you? 
What they say it will do versus what it will actually do is WHY it hasn't come out.  All show and gimmicks.
How did they come up with this. We dont know The full specs of the device, apart from what Google hope Glass will be, as illustrated in their concept video. There are no reviews of the thing. The demos provided by Google show little in terms of features, apart from the ability to stream video.
I would like to know more info about the display, content, and the experience for the user.

another silly bit of tech based off films and what 'seems cool' but in practicality actually offers very little in the way of usability, just flashy crap that seems impressive,
Great invention but the practicalities are still up in the air... At least this will record the moment before people get run over. This will only work in safe zones ie car, bicycle free areas that do not have ledges and stairs. Still it's a very good concept. 
so is there even an OS for this yet, or is everything im seeing pretty much just two functions, camera and connectivity?
2014! Work harder and faster! I want it now. :-P
It's not a good invention unless it's /affordable/ to its audience.
We still don't really know what it is except a camera.   The rest is yet to be seen.
+Barry Sunshine, take a look at the video's on their site here on G+. It's literally your smartphone on your eye's merged with a hands free set, but better. I can't wait for it to get cheaper (a lot) and then we only need free unlimited internet access, because that's it's only real downside: it's not much use without internet access. :)
I would just like to know where we can sign up for any type of beta test list for these!
ee tumy
I want !!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh wow, Google is a Marine Corps supplier. OMG.
Like everybody else, here's the money just take it and give me the tech fix
Can't wait to buy one of these no matter what the price, I have even issued a warning to my wife. No matter what the price.
When are you going to release the product to the public?
I will do everything I can to get these things. This is like the goldmine of tech here. Totally stoked. Where can you order em??
Wearables are the future. Great job to the team at Google for pushing innovation forward.
When are these coming out?
I am ready to do some BETA testing!!(2)
would really like to get my hands on this asap! where can one get this?
Glad you are excited! We took signups for the Explorer Edition at Google I/O 2012, and we plan to ship that early edition in 2013. We don't have any further updates on availability or beta testing right now, but stay tuned to our page. We'll post there when we have more to share.
2014!!!. I can't wait that long. This is the biggest thing that have happened in the 20 century. I want this now. 

If any beta testers are needed I'm here. I will wright daily log if that are necessary(Norway).
Google Glass-Best invention that hasn't happened yet.
Please make it happen. I am from the MovieReading team in Italy. MovieReading is an application that allows reading captions on personal devices (smartphones, tablets) AND electronic glasses. It is currently being used on Epson glasses. With such a potential market of global users, we are willing to bring this app (which, I repeat, works perfectly already, meaning that it is not a prototype but a reality!) on google glasses. Is anyone able to suggest whom we shall get in touch with for this? thanks ( 
I thought I had signed up on the waiting list for these babys but it was a scam site.  Can anyone tell me how to get them!
It has happened, it's just not available for purchase.
I can't wait to have me some of that glass 
Innovation of the year !?
Easy to show pictures and not have a product !
Vu Toan
The "Google Glass" easily robbed.Why do we not think of the future " brain will turn down abdomen"
How can I pre-order it as a developer?
Ivan K
How can i pre-order it as an end user?
kevin p
Will they have lenses ?
Heck yeah, I wouldn't mind testing Google Glass out here in Colorado 
This is starting to remind me of the jabberwocky project on the tv show better off Ted. There's so much hype, but the only real information we've been given is that it has a camera... 
+Project Glass What will be the difference between the consumer edition and the explorer edition?
where and how many body parts doeas it cost to get one or at least sign up for the testing
when will this be available ? 
if its out im so buying this one :))
+Neil Rigg I'm really sorry to hear about your experience. Do you still have a link to that website? I want to look into it right away.

+JD Thayn The Explorer Edition is our first test edition. It's the only version we've been talking about so far.
I could just imagine walking into work with google glasses and then you get to your cubicle and a notification comes up asking you to hook up to a leap motion device over bluetooth that would be sick, so many possibilities with all the new technology being created
when will it come and how much will it run me because id like to start saving. (some sort of siri would also be neat to answer questions like watson from ibm)
Maybe Google will hire you on, and you can shut it the &$*% down.
Imagine the remote working capabilities  Doctors telling you where to insert the needle, mechanics telling you where to add your oil, wives telling you which food to buy...
Jim hi
Hey have y'all thought about making it in a ball cap style? Just saying, it wouldn't be so geeky and awkward looking
or have glasses with them built in. because i also just need one eye with correction maybe put a correctiver lense on the screen
Is there a way that people like us could get a hold of a pair, like beta testing?
Thanks for the suggestion +Jim hi, I'm not sure if the team's considered that one!

+Marcus Matthewson No beta testers right now, sorry. Stay tuned to this page -- we'll post here with any updates on availability.
+Marcus Matthewson That would be sweet, and really help get exposure for the idea. I know this brought up in other posts but I have yet to see a conclusive answer, will there be an adaptation for those of us that rely on glasses? Ignore my profile pic, I reliant on glasses through and through. Considering seemingly a majority of technophiles do indeed wear specs (stupid true stereotype), I would imagine Project Glass wants to adapt for the target audience's needs.  
Yes, the projector clips on to the lense of the glasses.
I'm from a small island in the aleutian chain in Alaskan, I am very interested in the google glasses I have been waiting for them, would love to get my hands on a pair, if you need any testers in the age group of young adult I'm more than glad to help
I'm from a small island in the aleutian chain in Alaskan, I am very interested in the google glasses I have been waiting for them, would love to get my hands on a pair, if you need any testers in the age group of young adult I'm more than glad to help
its a little weird to have the award this early considering its not even on the market. but that's just me.
When it arrives it's expected to be between 1-2000 dollars.
and now google doesn't need to send google cars to image for street view. i still think they should make i binoc with another cam for depth in programs would be great as an optional package. or maybe a clip on to give binoc functionality. either way though can't wait, think this will change the market
Why you cannot change the design and base google glass on Miracast stardard? I think that in that way you can carry the whole power process and connectivity issues to a mobile. Think about it.
My mom is half blind.  Will there be glasses available that have the HUD on the other eye? 
As soon as they hit the market I'm buying no matter what. Majoring in Computer Science, so I hope to build programs for it whoohoo
Google Glass could solve floaters problem? Would be very interesting if it was possible.
Not 2014!
Pleeeeeeaaaasseeee do it Early 2013
And I won't give you 1.500$
I Pay until 500$
But the best Price is 250$ :)
I want a pair of this
Google,.. need to put some LED light for that glass project.
Then people see when glass is online "share".
Theta waves? seriously? Are you planning on using project glass while in REM sleep or something?
does anyone know where you can get the project glass glasses if you can and how much are they
You can't yet, and it's likely it will be years before we, the public, will get to actually purchase them. They will be available to developers sometime next year, for about 1500.00 USD. Sadly, even if/when they do release to the public, they will be even more than that due to other developers adding things and the cost of mass production. :(
Two things, 1) Would love to wear one of these watching my kids soccer game so I can go back and pick out all the best plays afterwards without having to worry about starting and stopping and focusing the camera--it'll always just record what I'm looking at, and 2) If we could collaboratively share streams of the same event, kind of like Color for shared video, and then go back and pick out the best multi-view shots from the same game. 
Hey google! I was just thinking ideas and would love to contribute some science fiction to this. As I have no ideas as how it's actually planned to work and stuff, my ideas will be probably not that useful, so, can someone find out more about it to be able to make more specific suggestions? ahh ... first please patent every stupid idea possible and never use it so this technology stays free, that would be nice...
two things I'm especially interested in that kinda are knit together ...
1) gadgets ... I know, there's all those rockin new tablets and smartphones, and it's a big market ... but please for once, dear google, you got the money, you will have more, just integrate it all into this magic augmented reality thingy ...
2) interaction magic ... Since we are not there yet with steering it all by brainwaves, though I've heard there's actually prototypes for navigational purposes (which is exactly what we need, yes??), but I imagine these devices rather "Doc Brown - Back to the future" like huge apparatusses .. and hope I err
* very small headset or whatever necessary ... I heard it has speech recognition anyway, so just give it some techy futuristic styly earphones ... and make it a phone as well. I'm weary of carrying this black box around
* are you really planning on navigating by head tilting and stuff? I mean all that smart voice recognition is fine, but I'd rather not talk to myself all the time when amongst (many) people and I just wonder what it would look like if everybody was wobbling their heads all the time ... anyway, to me just fine probably, but there's potential
* i can imagine an integrated camera that's eyeball tracking like those usability experts have... blinking is clicking you know ... of course you need a command to pause the blinking-recognition, as it is said to come naturally somtimes.
* what about some kind of glove-alternative that's somehow a mousepointer? I know, we're past mouse pointers ... but as my father used to tell me, take small and steady steps my son ... so, what about integrating some kind of tilting-recognition into gloves? how far is technology? how small can it be? how accurate is it? would it be possible to integrate in a ring? can you create smart matter --> ok, that's Sci fi, but what if .. you could integrate some kind of measuring device into say nail polish - transparent for men please ... you could start a beauty industry branch - it all grows together ... what about some kind of very posh looking artificial fingernails you glue on? You know, I've been a geek for some time and at one point with my first smartphone at Uni I used to grow and sharpen my pointy-finger-nail to a needly pin. I'm not saying this is the only solution, rather I'm saying, you got lot's of expertise, why not offer various solutions for different tastes?
That's it for now, well, I know you're working on it with all the specialists, I hope a lot you succeed.
Cheers, Joehannes
while we're at it ... since I believe you got the horsepower to do whole new ideas, why not work closely together or get into the following:
* nanotech, * nanobiology
I've heard some talk about self-re-creating nano-mechanisms, and that was like 5 to 10 years ago. also, there's 3d printers, how do they actually build things?
So think of the following...
For my breakfast I add a little google(TM)-vitamin pill to my milk ... it nourishes me with a lot of vitamins, tastes of my favorite bitter chocolate and give certain raw nutritions to some other (ok, that's a bit future, but I think it is possible indeed) "retro"-virus/nanobots/whatever ... I gained those via my yearly google-nanotech-injection at the doctors at school. I don't really like these, but you know, you get quite something out of this little vaccinations ...
* the nanobot is checking my vital system round the clock as it was programmed to monitor everything
* If I catch a flue the nanobot is the first to know and will use the raw nutrition I serve it daily to 3d-print an antivirus right into my bloodstream
* If my grandpa gets something serious, you know, he's old and a bit weak at times, the bot will let the google contact lense-control center know, which will call the ambulance and send a vital status report along the way

I'd also like to see those nanobots hardwired to it's useful functionaly. maybe there's needs of laws for security reasons. maybe update-vaccinations/replacement-vaccinations need governmental allowance ... but as with everything, you can put it to good and bad use.

Also, as to my previous post ...
I'd like to smear composition gel on my fingernails that's just plain location and tilt-aware, measured by a friggin good computer in the glasses. maybe those nail polisher stuff would have ultraviolet markers the camera could recognize. It would calculate the position of my fingers, if moved into focus in interaction-mode, the glasses would show a hint of blurs where my multi-finger-air-swipes go and manipulate icons.
Sounds real futuristic.

But then I've seen markers that are used to position recognition on prototypes with some private freak who was offering me to do my diploma on his device. that was like 7 years ago. Now all those technologies start to come to the mass market.
The step to 3d-positional-recognition using invisible ultraviolet markers isn't that big. It's just a real good computer utilizing some amazingly clever algorithm. I'm sure the computing power is doable, at least in a few years time. The algorithm is rather a choice than a question mark. I almost dare to say I could do it :) And I have no degree in physics or informational mathematics or whatever they call it. I'm just a sci-fi fan, seeing things getting possible.
I'm sorry, I can't seem to stop it.

I know, at the moment you got this clunky bit of hardware really stylishly packe into the side of google glass. But with some good will, I'm sure you can make it smaller, and so for the masses.
Yeah, it might take some 3-5 years, but then, I guess that's not what you call the future but the short term now.

I'd basically like to see a control center/mini computer that's not exposed on my head and might break if I drop my glasses?

Sometime ago, like 2 years, I bought this bracelet. it was plastic and violet. I was at that point in time no longer a child. what I was: a geek. yes, only geeks would wear usb-stick bracelets ... At times I'm sorry I lost it, I thought it to be quite geeky/nice.

So, now, I want to take this a step further. Not everyone is a geek or nerd or techie and wants this attitude exposed.
But most get married and wear rings all the time, most ladies wear some bracelets ... or again a ring or two ...
You know, for some reason I just remember why in the movie "The Matrix" used to enslave humanity ... it was emitted energy by the human body.
You know, my body emits heat 24/7, which a ring could always collect and use for it's power. Also, I got an app on my android tablet, that boast of reloading energy if I shake the tablet: Admittedly, I never tried it, probably it is bogus, but then this is an opportunity, as I just happen to rarely keep still.

Hmm, ok, in the beginning you'd probably need to cooperate with some great epic movie like "The Lord of the rings" to make it fashionable for a while, but sure as sunrise on a cloudless daybreak you'll find some kind of alternative until it all becomes so common the jewellers integrate it into all of their stuff ...

of course again, it would be nice to see some github 3.0 openstandard platform ... oops, you got google code ... hehe: so if you want something to succeed, you know, maybe it's better to make friends with certain company at least at a certain critical time ... if things gonna become accepted or abducted.

by the way, I don't like google glasses to stick to my face all the time to suck away energy/warmth, but I happen to move my head from time to time, and I like to see light which I was told could be used to produce energy as well. I don't know about translucent solar cells, but you know, why just block the sun out with sunglasses or this "modern" auto-shading-glasses, when you can suck the energy out of too much light and instantly reuse it.
OK, this one is all about getting rid of the battery.

You know, like 13 years ago I had this really cool and expensive reebok running shoes. They were called air flow. Basically it would totally soften the impact on each running step.
There actually are some things crystals out there that generate energy when compressed. I think it's called piezzo-electricity or something - I'm totally no expert.

Well, why not combine that with some anti sweat surface, and some sort of attachable, maybe even fashionable cable that would run through your trousers and come out as usb-charger-connectors in your trouser pockets.

If you do this as like this modern stuff, that doesn't seem to make it's mass market breakthrough, you know, wearable technology stuff (again, don't know the buzzword) ...
In the other post you were dealing with a designer/fashion show something, didn't you? Can't you get them to incorporate some usb-chargers into their pockets? I hate it when my phone runs out of battery ...

Actually that idea is so good and practically doable I might want to contact someone who might have the contacts to accomplish a prototype... let me google gg ...
one more thing. your primary initial audience for this technology might well be techies ... those who favor tech over something that doesn't fit their style to a certain degree.

Even if you truly do get your voice recognition sirie-pendant (I don't remember the name(TM)) that good it can be a word processor and stuff ... you still don't satisfy the needs of the true geek: if someMeaningfulName ||= standardValue then () -> someMeaningfulName + suffix.replace(regExpGoesHere, " filler ") ... you know what I mean

I know you haven't quite reached 1.0 of dart, but could you please think of keyboard alternatives for the geeks that are gonna want this to replace theier computers? I'd love to sit in garden and relax while proggin ...

An approach to this could be the following. I guess it's a new generation or programming languages instead of a new type of hardware interface.

If you got it speech driven, you'll need to tackle the problem from a different angle.
Let's say you also create new programming paradigmas along the way ... you got certain keywords, okay, but what they do is not just be significant keywords of a certain syntax, but ... stubs ... and there goes the name of the project: Codename "Stubby" ... whatever...
you might want to let those keywords be like for example loop stubs and have other certain keyword like "enter stub", "leave stub" to reach out for certain .. ah my mind is getting slow, need a break from being creative ... certain scopes!
You might want to introduce color coding ... a class is represented by a certain symbol with a certain color .... while all the other basic loops/conditionals etc ... you know, basically you just get the folded structure of your class, represented by colorful symbols. focusing with your pupils, and selecting with the blink of an eye gets the context/scope active and reveals more detail.

I'm trailing off... my intention here is to say: hello, we geeks will buy this first and make it fashionable and successful, we will feed you with the most useful data from a technical point of view, we will be the ones who contribute ... give us a tool!

With this you're able to create a whole daily life for a techie ... they'll love you.

However, I recommend thinking about this eyeball tracking integration real hard, that really could make a difference... call it glass 2.0 or 5 years ... maybe the masses need head tilting first to adapt to the news anyway .. I'm no social research scientiest.
Wow, I really could use a set of these. I can't wait till the release date.
in the dev i think 1000 or more... for all is 200 a good price ;)
They said they're gonna release the glass in Dec/2012 , but nothing is up officially now!
I did some reading up and I don't see any actual announced prices for the consumer product.. If it's $500 or under, I'll be pre-ordering as soon as I possibly can!
Anyone have a bone on where to develop or at least prepare for developing? A Emulator?
The design concept is wrong. It is distracting for something which keep moving with your eyes.

Seriously it should be a full pair of glasses, where the icon should always less than 1/40 of your vision.

Icon should only appear at the center 15 degree vision angle, you can't read it if it is outside that area.

Also virtual 3D can be achieve by using difference of left and right eyes.

The text info / icon should always stick to some objects. Thus it appears to be stationary when you are moving.

And the operations should be motion tracking of your fingers, although  you could easily enhanced accuracy by wearing some form of rings.

Anyway, near eye display of text or graphical information, which is less than 3 cm from eyes, and for which the information remain stickiness / anchor to a piece of physical objects, and that allow virtually manipulation. should be a patent. But does someone registered it yet ?

if no one registered it yet. and i am the first one to publish it, then i am the first creator of the concept, lol.
I'm guessing this is part of the experience, but I think it would be awesome to have g+ hangouts and be able to switch back and forth between views of different people in the hangouts and be able to view through their view through glass. Like, what if you were at a concert where each band member was wearing glass, and you could toggle between what each band member was looking at at any given time. All while you are watching them from the crowd.
If Google needs an experienced older tech head tester I'm available
NOW or as soon as they need me.
What version does it stop looking retarded?
it bout time cant get the resolution straight when i programmed mine to do a zoom function.
Right...I require more updates...MORE!!!
Any idea when Glass will become available in retail?
The first group that offers the ultimate package of instant telescopic zoom with digital images captured by eye blink, see through glass reflections - like Polaroid on Steroid, plus See In The Dark - these three features will determine who attains the highest market share. All of this requires a partition between Military and Civilian applications.
Myself, I care more for augmented reality and communication/interaction/social networking capabilities then for mere picture taking. 
This exact article states that: "Consumers should be able to buy Google Glass by 2014."
Most amazing and innovative invention I've seen in years!
If ever I were towork for Google, this is THE project I would want to work on. HUD's and AR is the way of the future! There is just so much potential and in so many ways; like how you could interact with the world. Imagine free WiFi everywhere, sponsored by businesses that use it to display their AR advertisements outside of their shops. Imagine the development of Bots and AI being given form in the AR space. Imagine the potential for apps, like an app that lets you draw on the world and lets others see, interact, and modify it. There are so many things that can be done and this is a step towards it all. HUD's and AR is a technology that I can get into.

Definitely going to try and get my hands on a pair once they're released.
Why not free WiFI everywhere, paid for by the city just like they pay for the roads and we skip the ads?
That would be great too! But I figure it's currently more likely to be done, and more easily and quickly done if businesses were the one to implement it. After all, they are the ones increasingly offering free WiFi to patrons presently. That is, in America at least.
Regardless, I'm sure if there were ads, they wouldn't be allowed to try and spam them everywhere just outside of their shop and be disruptive or overly distracting with them. Ads could even remain being posters and fliers on their building that, instead of having to physically changed for new promotions, could just be updated digitally. That, and it'd just be a matter of time until someone developed an AdBlock App for the VR space haha
What about apps? I can think of great ideas for the real estate industry and mapping of our houses in the street with historical info?
It is a great invention. Apart from meeting 'wants' (sharing experiences from personal perspective, staying always connected) of lot of people, the Glass has great potential to meet the 'needs' of folks with low vision.  e.g., an app that magnifies the scene on Glass's camera can allow patients suffering with macular degeneration to enjoy reading in a natural fashion.  Google, please factor accessibility in design of the Glass.
I think that in addition to their normal functions, they'll probably allow you to pop in prescription lenses and use them as actual glasses as well. It'd be really easy to do given their already glasses like design, and I'd be really surprised if they let something like that slip through.
As for apps that can help out people who might not have the best vision, I'm sure it'd only be a matter of time.

Though I suppose when, what, and how you zoom in brings up the matter of how you'll control and interact with Glass. Currently voice commands it looks, but perhaps in the future we'll get some finer controls, maybe a glove with sensors. Oh that does remind me though, I hope they can link up to a smartphone so I can manage settings, files, and what not through that.
i think that project glass could be a life saving invention. Not only because its a handsfree computer it would help people with their everyday lives while they are on the internet
So long as they don't get distracted by their little display while driving! Hahaha
Though really, that might become a potential issue.
I really want one of these.. We keep seeing them in video demonstrations, now I want to see them available for purchase !
what's with I've responded to "Project Glass Gift: Sorry we missed you" & given them my shipping address & been re-sending it a few times but I still got no response to-date :(
That's the reader from dragon ball z

Dear Project Glass Team,
I'm not sure if you will read this, but maybe you could do a Christmas Themed Glass Session to show how glass would work in real life with pictures, and perhaps a few other features like Maps and Messages if you have them.  I would be interested in seeing this functionality video and would like any feedback possible.
Thank you.
+Sergey Brin +Sarah Price #projectglass
All I know is I want one of these, now! I would have coughed up the $1500 or more a long time ago if I could get it. There are too many ways that this can be helpful for me between college, golfing, and everything else I do. It's too sad they aren't letting us get them until 2014. 
All though on the general consumer market $1500 is pretty steep for a pair of high tech glasses, I completely agree with you Stephen, these would be so useful for everyday life! Integrating technology so that we don't need to carry around a bulky, annoying phone is genius! I can't wait until 2014, as hopefully by then the hardware in them would be cheaper to make and get. Overall I really can't wait until these things come out! Think of all the different uses, and how much easier it would be to do every day life! 
Well, it's definitely worth it to get it early. Prices always drop when it hits the mainstream market. I would have been, and still kind of am, willing to pay 2-3x the amount to get them now rather than waiting for a year or more. Just don't see the opportunity coming my way. Definitely will jump on it the moment I know it's available. 
Since I wear glasses already, Will a version of Glass be compatible with my glasses prescription? Kind regards & God bless you all, Amen
+Project Glass Hi, tell me please, can  I use Project glasses and glasses with diopters at once?
Please make separate versions with the display on the left as opposed to the right...  Not all people have vision both eyes to work with.
That is a brilliant idea from Mr Pak, there should most definitely be versions for those with vision impairments.
Eye-reader password could view focus could be cool
Are Google giving any users opportunities to test these? If so, I am an avid tester of technology and software, and would love a chance to test these out and report back.
Google is going to allow ONLY Google I/O 2012 attendees purchase the developers preview of project glass. They told us it will be around Q1 2013. But its will be 2014 before it is ready for consumer release
Please let us developers know how to get them. I certainly hope you don't restrict it to ONLY Google I/O 2012 attendees. There are some of us that did not attend the event that would gladly develop for the platform.
Fred, hope you checked the links I posted a little bit ago. Google Glass is only available to the Google I/O attendees. If you couldn't make it, you missed out.
So....when exactly can I begin helping you guys with market prototyping again? :D
OMG... that is amazing... is like the "Neurolinker" on Accel world anime..... wow i want one
throw away your mouse and keyboard, these things need to connect to pc's. click click...blink blink....wink wink
This product has the potential to replace virtually every piece of tech we are using today. We just need more advanced technology to put a Kinect sensor in it so we can interact not only with voice, a good private speaker, good battery life and a revamped Android system optimized for gesture and voice control. Goodbye smartphones, tablets, laptops, pcs, TVs, etc...
no kkiding, imagine a sensor that recognizes deapth in the user interface and can translate that onto the screen, 3d design, 3d skulpture, general interations, ability to see and touch digital images. its pretty endless the possibilities. just need to find ways of communicating with the hardware beyond the mouse and key. you could use eyes recognition to approximate perspective points. Allow the hardware to pin point where your looking. that same hardware could also be used with kinect to touch images/icons in a rudamental fashion. Shit, these things could reinvent digital communications as we know it.
Brilliant depth to the concept, computers are essentially images reflecting the decisions of a digital brain, what happens when we integrate that with our vision. :P probably only need the same technology as a smart phone to achieve this. App technology and outsourced computer power (wireless) could really push this forward. camera could record on the device, but the device wouldn't need to stream all the content all the time. Only the focus points of our vision. Just need a program and technology to interpret the movements of the eyes. Could also mean self polarizing glasses, if they recognize the pupil dilation. built in sunglasses, you'd never need to take these things off.
so why only cover half your vision. go the whole way, or some one else will. A Transparency setting would allow integration with the primary tasks of our every day.
why not just turn them into a par of sunglasses
+John Lepard and +Miles Scott guys have to think it through. They are trying to have it block as little of your vision as possible as to limit their liability. If it covered a larger portion of a person's vision, a person wouldn't necessarily be able to see in front of them. We already have seen footage of people walking/falling into fountains and hear of people getting into crashes while accessing their phones while driving. We need to be sure that we can see what's in front of us more than anything else. Also, don't forget that this is just the initial stage. They will update as people and technology progresses. We started with huge cell phones and have evolved to our tiny "handheld computers" we call cell phones today. 

Simply, technology may eventually evolve to where it can cover your whole vision, but it will probably be quite a long time before it can happen legally so that people aren't being injured from not paying attention to what they are doing while using the equipment. (That's my opinion anyways)
Seruosly, nw electricity is cming out and you ar not hapy.Wat madnes is going on in ths wrld!
I'm really excited about Goodle Glass and the life changing potential for blind people like me.  Please, please confirm that they will be fully accessible when on sale with spoken information etc.
Stephen Ray: lol i was thinking more of an overlay to our vision then a curtain. distracting as it may be, i just think its to much of a benefit to pass up. im not asking people to drive cars with them. We integrate an excess of information in our everyday lives with out ever realising it. Ever taken a walk down a Parisian strip and walked through the mine field of dog poop? after a few soiled shoes you some how manage to walk/talk to a friend on the phone and eat a baguette with out ruining your brand new sneakers. I'm sure there are a hoast of sensible and not so sensible options to include in a full vision glass. actually theirs already plenty of "research" to date. Most FPS games include a host of superfluous information as minimally distracting and as helpful to the user as possible. Why not take a page from their books. A full vision display is far more dynamic then partial display in the long run any way. If google don't do it, some one with more confidence in consumers/interest in bottom line will. What would you buy?
John Lepard: you'd have to take them off at night:P Imagine a second pair of eyes, the pair of eyes you always wanted,  that's what these things are meant to be, if properly developed:P
+Miles Scott  You're partially correct. Thing is, there are lots of people being hurt/injured each year just from using cell phones and bits of our current technology. There's not really a way to prevent people from using the things while driving, especially if the technology is a pair of glasses that law enforcement can't fully identify while you're on the road. 

Earlier this year, a research team at Stony Brook University conducted a study around texting while walking and found that participants consistently veered away from walking a straight path by a 60 percent deviation. Wandering to the left or right could easily explain how Bonnie Miller found herself falling off the edge of the pier. The amount of distance traveled by people within the study increased by 13 percent and participants took approximately 33 percent longer to reach a destination when texting while walking. The research team also found that walking while talking on a cell phone increased travel time by about 16 percent. (

Remember, they don't have to worry about the majority of the population. They just have to worry enough about the morons that can ruin it for us all. These devices, when released, will have lots of media attention as is. If there are accidents they can blame on them, if people do something stupid, etc....then who knows what will happen. 

Keep in mind, people will be able to text by voice and everything. Problem is there are quite a bit of people who like to use their devices to the max. I've seen plenty of cars swerve into my lane while trying to use technology or eat while driving. Some of us can eat a sandwich and drive with no problem and some can't drive straight for the life of them. Do you think having something that overlays over their vision will help? (Actually, it can in the future [10-100+ years from now]...but not in the immediate future)

Finally, I'm not sure what Google will be able to do since Microsoft already submitted, supposedly, their own patent for what you are talking about. Check it out at
Im a disabled person, how do I get hold of the beta glasses... I'd like to see this for disabled application
+Keith Messina can't. You'll just have to wait for them to be released to the public. The beta glasses, which are known (if I remember correctly) as the Explorer Edition, was available only for the developers who were at the I/O. Just know they are working hard to make sure to have them work for people with all sorts of disabilities and are looking for any and all flaws.
Great to hear that the developers are designing for all, I just hope
they are consulting with a diverse range of end-users and not assuming
that they somehow understand what is needed. Looking forward to
'seeing' them! Ironically one of lifes great freedoms since losing my
eyesight has been dumping the glasses. Now I'm actually looking
forward to putting them back on. As for a good name -
Google-eyes - you can have that for free, just pop a pair in the post.
As y'all said, there's lots they can eventually do with it all. Some of you are wrong in your terminology, such as constantly mentioning a "Kinect" sensor. That's only one patented name for a particular use of a technology. When you think of it, they'll eventually be using these for law enforcement and will have it integrated with facial recognition technology and I'm sure they'll have programs that can measure distance, angles, and much more. 

Big thing is that it's only for what YOU can see and is around you. One of the things I'm curious of is what they'll come up with to be able to let people see you while video chatting or to even let you look at yourself while wearing the glasses. 

Another thought would be if there will be anybody who can find some way to combine/create technology with this concept that might be able to help blind people become more aware of their surroundings (notifying the user of objects ahead of them or being able to guide the user to a particular object/location) or for deaf people to be able to "hear" what's going on around them. Figure something like #projectglass  will be able to use something like Google Translate to be able to instantaneously show what people are saying in text for a deaf person to be able to read it. As I stated a long time ago, there's a lot of uses for this that people aren't thinking of.

This isn't just for texting, taking pictures, etc. These can be used to help law enforcement find people and access information quickly on the job, can help athletes better analyze what they did wrong (if they can make a durable, pair that doesn't obstruct vision or cause safety issues), can help close gaps for the disabled, can be used to improve learning and teaching in schools, and much more. We just have to wait to see if developers and Google are smart enough to think of all the possibilities. Unfortunately I don't have a way to talk to them and I don't have the skills/education to create the software and hardware myself. I only have the basic ideas of how it would all work. 

Finally, these won't replace televisions. Even as technology advances, they won't want something like this to be used for things like watching a tv show or movie. Feel free to message me if you want to know why I say it or want to have a long discussion. It will be used for short clips, to supplement what we see in theaters or at home, but it won't be something people will want to use as a replacement. Definitely can replace phones if they choose to and I'm not sure how people will use it for gaming purposes. There will be some gaming with this, but I think we're a few "generations" away before they can do a lot with it for it to be a big deal. They need to find a way for it to communicate with more than your eyes, voice, and small touch screen on the side before it can be mainstreamed as a gaming device. I'm not saying there won't be games, because there will, but you'll notice what I'm saying as it evolves and the future "generations" of Google Glass (or whatever they call it at that time) are released. 

So hang tight, dream big, but remember this is new and won't be anywhere near what we're wanting it to be. This will be the first step in a long journey that will eventually reach what we're hoping and expecting now. Just know the possibilities are endless and we'll see how long until they catch up to what we're hoping for.
+Martin S  You don't pay attention, do you? They aren't $1500 unless you was one of the developers at the I/O. They will be closer to $200 when released to the public. Wish people would use their brains before posting.
Honestly all my hope for the future of tecnology is on project glass, 'cause i believe the mobile dispositives haven't actually became completely mobile jet
Hi Stephen,
This is speculation, but it seems there's a "gap" between the Explorer addition Google glass and the Parody/fanfare videos on youtube. Any consideration we make on the practical application of google glasses'  is probably focused more towards the visions contained within the parodies then the Actual "google glasses"(thanks Gary Denton) : Explorer addition themselves.
Therefore applying the google glasses to real world law and social context is pure speculation, verging on sci-fi. As far as the official release of the Google glasses showed, they're currently more of a compact "go-pro" permanently affixed in a first person perspective. They weren't shown to augment the users vision as the parodies suggest and there for don't yet relate to the arguments regarding distractive use. I think it's hard to make educated conclusions just yet, we have to wait for the feedback from the explorer addition to become public. and As if. we'll know it was successful if they continue the project next year.
I'm sure we all noticed the block of Perspex/glass/crystal on the glasses, if you have any links showing this part in use id be very interested.
My major point is it would be a shame to see these considerations affect the project brief in such an early stage of development. Competitors would exploit and develop these" left over's", as soon as they believe Google are serious, eg Microsoft's patent (notice not a product, or even mention of a research team, simply a patent testing the waters). So why throw them a big fish like a pair of practical Full vision Glasses. It sounds too good a "brave new concept" to me to leave out if Google are serious about the project. And you could say they are based on their expensive shinanigans at the recent expo. 
Also regarding use, Multifunctional technology in smart phones have already augmented our lives and changed the way we live and despite the risks we use them. I'd suggest the younger you go in consumers the more unthinkable it is to live without these technologies. How are these glasses not infringing or even replacing this market of smart computers. I'm saying with the right product google shouldn't be afraid to do so.

So leave it to the consumer and our systems of government to find a place for these things in society. Google should capitalise on its consumer confidence work to find and fund the technology necessary to develop this concept into the most useful expression it can. That's what id willingly fork out several grand for, which is really the bottom line. 
My question to you is what is Google to consumers, and how would a successful or unsuccessful Google glass affect that. This is basically the context of these discussions.

How far can can Google afford to push this technology. Cause after that demonstration where all waiting for something spectacular.
+Miles Scott I haven't watched any of the parodies on Youtube to be able to equate to what they are showing. My views are based on my research on +Project Glass as well as research on prior technologies that some people have all but forgotten, such as virtual reality. For some reason all our attention has gone from virtual reality to augmented reality and it's been progressing. 

In any case, let me focus on your comments. Being able to apply Google Glass to real world law and social context is quite simple if you look back on the patterns in technology and many of the debates going on today. We won't know how distracting Glass will be to us and how much of our visual field might be effected, but we know that it's going to be an augmented reality and will "add" to what we already see. We also don't know how new messages and data might come to our attention. If it's something that jumps out of nowhere, it can and will cause some people to be spooked and might cause problems, such as them jumping back or swerving, if worn in vehicles. Take a look at how some places have banned cell phone use of any sort while driving, some have banned texting only, and others have no laws against either. These will either be so wonderfully made that there can be no arguments as to the danger of using them while driving or we'll see lots of legal battles surrounding it. Big thing is that these would be harder to spot than somebody with a cell phone, meaning it would either call for the technology to be banned or for nothing to be able to be done. Definitely a lot to wonder about and something Google has to think ahead for. As for the social's how it usually works:

People will buy these thinking they're going to be the best thing in the world. They'll like some of the features but they will then be highly disappointed because it's not capable of the million things they thought it could do. It will either take a while to load information, will freeze on them, might feel warm/hot where worn, won't provide apps they think should exist on it, etc. Then, given enough time, newer generations will be given and interest will keep increasing until they finally either switch to another type of technology or find a way to fully master this one.

As for legal, people are always wanting to blame something else other than themselves for something they do wrong. It's because of that sentimentality that I'm saying it wouldn't take too long before somebody blames Glass for something and then somebody tries to make them illegal to use while driving, in schools, or in lots of other places where they might be concerned about safety, privacy laws, and much more. 

What I can tell you is a smaller screen has been something that has been needed for many years in order to provide the best resolution that could be worn. If they have picked up where others have failed, then +Project Glass might have really good video resolution and could surprise me. What I'm most concerned about is the battery life. Even our best smartphones with big batteries can't last us an entire day of recording, tracking gps, making phone calls, or whatever we try doing with it. How will Glass last throughout a day? 

As for your last question(s)/comment(s) this point most people still see Google as nothing but a search engine. Google is working hard to change that and they are making progress. We'll have to see how long until Google can expand and how quickly they can do it. Google Glass, as you already mentioned, has left everybody waiting for something spectacular. I hate to say it, but I think many people are going to be disappointed with the first few pairs in contrast to their expectations. If Google wants people to invest in this for the long haul, they better start announcing some of the flaws AND show what developers are saying positively about them. Otherwise I'm afraid that it's possible that it will be a one trick pony, where people will buy them like crazy at first and then will lose interest and lose faith in Google because it wasn't as "awesome" as they thought it would be based on videos shown and what people have imagined them to be. 

That last little bit is, of course, speculation but can quickly become fact. We're just seeing good marketing right now by Google while they hide in their labs and try to correct all the flaws. I'm also going to be interested to see if Google actually releases their best version(s) right away, so it can last a person several years, or if they are going to give us a mediocre version that will "go extinct" within a year and will keep rotating as such. 

Most importantly...I'm not saying people won't use them or they won't be good. What I'm saying is that Google has a lot of obstacles to overcome and that might be part of the reason as to why they are waiting so long to release them to the public. As good a company as they are, they're having to test and cover themselves when it comes to any possible damage medically, legally, and to be sure that whatever they release won't be suicide for the company. 
Btw, if anybody wants to talk about anything I've said to this point personally, feel free to e-mail me at
Im very curious about the hardware. Does anyone know anything about it? I just know the competitors hardware (Vizux M100):
- Omap Arm dual core @ 1.2 Ghz
- Fully optimized Android 4.01
- 4G of memory, 3-degree of freedom head tracking, Integrated compass and GPS etc.

I don't think that's enough for fluent AR
What I want to know, is project glass going to include 3G or 4G rather than just use WIFI?
don't care, just want to buy!
I'm a pilot at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, and would love to use this on my flights, will this conflict with an aviation headset, and could you see this being used by pilots?
 haha who needs aviators when you can have google eyes:P
What kind of things would you like to see, while piloting?
Google: could that be within Google's vision for future glass ware?
would it be possible to have information displayed on the glasses, altitudes, flight updates, landing scheduals, Diary/organisation apps. Perhaps even some day a 3d view of all the air craft signatures above the landing strip?
Would these be usable with regular glasses? I would LOVE to have these, but unfortunately I need to be able to see everything else too....
It is awesome but how to buy it and how much money does it cost?
I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned this, but clearly the best and final solution for UI would be for the glasses to track one's hands and use that information to manipulate the HUD. For instance, if the glasses were to project a keyboard on a surface, then one could type on an "invisible" keyboard, the position of one's finger's would be noted, and the glasses would interpret this as input. Futhermore, if the glasses were to be binocular, the HUD could include 3D objects that could then be interacted with, i.e. desktop "icons." For example, say there were a transparent, 3D image of a camera lingering unobtrusively along the edges of one's vision along with a number of other "icons". To take a picture, one would simply need to "grab hold" of this icon, and a viewfinder would appear. Finger tracking without any form of marker has been demonstrated on a variety of platforms, and is well within the reach of any stereo camera setup. Although voice control is no doubt integral to the final realization of wearable computing, the end product must include some form of input from one's hands.
Hey Christopher, totally agree, not sure how they should do it, but there should be a way of communicating with the hardware beyond voice command. Mouse, key board, or even sliders seem totally inappropriate for this hardware. What about hardware that tracks pupil dilation and eye movement? No doubt these things don't have the computer power, but perhaps they can couple with iphones and like. Infact why not use a smart phone as a second display/stronger processor  Problem solved. You get some extra umph for the hardware and the glasses just add another way of communicating with digital information, you could even use the touch pad to communicate. could be connected by blue tooth or cord. no different to head phones. These things should sync to smart phones.

The greatest thing about this type of hardware is also you don;t need to create images in real space time. You just need to ware a pair of glasses. HAHAH the only thing iron man was missing when he used his design desk was a pair of Full Vision Glass ware!
Ken Lee
just use a smart watch as a touchpad, easy.  until now, there is absolutely no use at all for a smartwatch.
Hi everyone, just wanted to stop by to thank you for all the feedback and suggestions. We're very lucky to have so many smart and interesting followers supporting the project.
I am ridiculously infatuated with this amazing piece of technological achievement. Where can i sign up to get a pair, try them out, try them on??? I would love to be a field tester for google. PLEASEEEEEE make my christmas wish come true! I need these in my life.  
2014 is far too long of a wait for a technology such as this if they dont release it to the general public in 2013 im sure someone else will come up with another awesome piece of work that will steal people interest. 2015 is way out of the question
The infrared control device might not work. The smartphone will be the likely control device.Your phone is always with you, and you keep it charged. It's the hub of your communication and access to data.Also You shouldn't have to compromise your phone screen to control your wearable device. Your phone should have an alternate controller to control your wearable gear.  Like the Optical Track Pad of the Black Berries.  Contact Crucialtec if you need more info, would love to work with you.
That would be the best option!
+Saska Kolehmainen It needs some electrodes on spring-loaded spools inside the electronics arm. You can pull them out and stretch across your scalp. You'll need some saline paste and a small razor for optimal conductivity. Best suited to bald people.
Could really be a plus on doing ministry work in general. I would love to give them a try if I had some funds. What would be a cool feature is the ability to control mobile devices and computer consoles. 
A device that could zoom in and zoom out, have 360 degree availability, that would be a great controller. Could be as small as a ring, but not require you to swing across the air.
I wouldn't mind a rear-facing cam for the Glasses for biking, walking in sketchy downtown areas, etc.
Time fails. this has not been invented yet.
Dear, Glass team,
I know there's no chance of a go with the hardware for a year or so, but I was wondering if you could give some advice for game developers who want to preemptively develop for Glass?  What sort of 'screen size' or res are we working with, what information (GPS/gyro/compass) do you get to play with?  Would developing for an Android phone share equivalencies?  Thanks for any hints!
I would love to know how much and thos will be out. Oh! Will this be able to work with people that wear prescribed glasses?
I would save taxes to get a pair. When and where can I get a pair?
I work in law enforcement and these would be a great tool to tie into a facial recognition program coupled with a criminal database, so just by having officers on the beet and looking at faces it could be searching a database of criminals that have out standing arrest warrants. It would help clean up the streets, I also would be very interested in helping develop this software to.
+Adam Motley I strongly recommend reading Charles Stross Halting State and Rule 34 for descriptions of using glasses for law enforcement. Also for an example of a book written in 2nd person singular, from multiple viewpoints.
Best innovation of 2012 that you cant actually own yet unless you are one of the few select lucky ones who's employers send to conferences. I have a dozen apps in mind just waiting for the vaporware to arrive .
And the release date is ............... [still waiting]
So much potential with these glasses. I think that Google is just beginning to scratch the surface.
Huh. Just found the binocular version available to ship now on alibaba. I guess I will develop for that platform then rather than waiting.

Hi +Amanda J, we aren't ready to share those specs just yet. But one thing that might be helpful to keep in mind is what it is like to wear Glass. Glass sits above the "horizon line" and to the right. You glance up at it, similar to how a driver might glance at the rearview mirror. Our philosophy is to bring technology closer in order to get it out of the way. We can't wait to see what people build for Glass, but if I had to guess, I would expect games that are designed for this form factor and philosophy would be most successful. Of course, only time will tell!
+Adam Motley I am working on very similar tech, just from the other direction. The ability to pick out undercover police and agent provocateurs agitating protests.

Better put a disclaimer so Google is not responsible if someone drives with this, or come out with the Google car faster so people do not have to drive.
If project glass is wireless, will it be using micro or nano sim?
hope they come out with an economy version as well. but i have an anime you may want to check out for some AR Glasses possibility brain storming. Dennou Coil (Cyber Coil)
I have a question. At what would the price start?
Hi +Jake Sant, our first early prototype, the Glass Explorer Edition, will be $1500. We took signups at Google I/O this past year. I don't have any further information right now on additional availability or prices.
but when can the general public buy them?
2013はGoogle Glassの年と考えています。
Hey there +Project Glass folks!  I would Love to Play +Ingress  Using Google Glass  Who is your Community Manager for this project?? (And if you do not yet have one - Let's talk!!)
+Sarah Price Is the Glass part of the Explorer Edition an optical glass or is it a variation of Gorilla Glass?
Why have there been no posts for almost two months?
Doubtful. But just surprised its not Beta for 3 years and I have a pair on my face right now ... soon enough.
Can I buy these glass version for developers
So, How can i change glass from left to right?
Someone can't use this because they can't use left eye or vice versa.
I am a Science/Environmental reporter at CBS DFW, was wondering if any local company is taking a protype for software development?
Ted, keep on waiting. Two years of beta to developers only, 4 years to full blown delivery.
Agreed; the tallest hurdle is going to be battery life to support connectivity and video for many hours. Good candidate for the new high-density battery materials coming out of NC State's research program.
NC fails at battery safety ... I don't want my head to explode.
If I can't get working Google Glasses, then just sell me the cool frame and I'll add regular lenses, just stop taking so long.
Thanks everyone for all the interest! I'll try and summarize answers to the main questions.

Right now the Glass prototype has the display positioned on the right side; I don't have any information about any subsequent versions of Glass (remember that we are still early in development).

We took signups at Google I/O 2012 for the Glass Explorer Edition, which will ship some time this year. No further updates on availability at this time.

+Shannon Hoover +NIkita Borozdin The project is alive and well! The team is working hard on the Glass Explorer Edition.

+Jeris JC Miller I'm the community manager for Glass, it's nice to meet you :) No updates right now on Ingress.
Thanks so much for the update +Sarah Price - I'd like to know when these will be available with enough lead time to allow for laser vision correction if necessary.  

I'm only kind of kidding.
I would love to see an app for Project Glass which would enable my wife (who is not great at English) to watch movies at the theater with Korean subtitles!
The absolute apex of modern tech. If this takes off, the world will never be the same.
There's no if - the question is merely if this is the iteration of the technology that takes off, and if anyone can pull it off, it is google.
when will designers have access so we can begin designing?
It's going to be the best gadget of 2012, and the Best Gadget never delivered 2013. :)
I want to write an app for Google Glasses that uses the video camera to read lips and the mic to interpret speech to build an augmented captioning system for day to day life for hard of hearing people such as myself.
I bet there could be some great untapped uses and ideas for Glass apps for kids with various forms of autism. Hoping there might be some grant program for this on both sides.
I think i'd be great for porn.
J'en veux une !!!
Le canada attend ça avec impatience !
(Québec, Abitibi-Témiscamingue)
can you only take photos with google glasses
So is all the software run on the glass device itself (like a smartphone), or do the glasses act as a thin client and connect to and run applications in a cloud? Also any future plans to integrate with some of the EEG technology to make use of gestures and thought patterns to facilitate input for virtual keyboards, games etc.
Ok, I have read how Glass is hoping to have an app that turns life into an RPG, but why not have a First Person Shooter as well? using your finger as a "gun" you have to physically run around and "shoot" other players. Seeing how many people are obese in this nation (1/3 of the US population, I used to be obese and have since lost 110 lbs) trying to get people to exercise is next to impossible. but if you have to run around and duck behind cover in everyday combat to get your stats up then it naturally rewards the player with, loosing weight, getting in shape, and allowing for greater social interaction, as well as leveling up and getting bragging rights. even campaign can be played alone or with a group just in your back yard or on a walk to the store! I used the tv show Futurama for inspiration for this idea Season 2 Episode 13. I would play this nonstop if it was developed, I would pay the standard 60$ for this game if it were awesome. feel free to contact me for more details about this idea! 
Chris ->>> They clip on to your existing glasses
hello team, i'm a french google addict and i would to know if beta testers are needed for glass project in france? thx in advance
Wow guys reread the post ships 2013 there is a good chance of the glasses being here for the holiday season. 
I think im going to go with Vuzix, at least they a developer who is not in the inner Google circle can develop.  I've been trying to find out how to develop for these glasses and its impossible to get any information unless you are already an existing developer for Google.
This is what they can do...but a Hoverboard...still impossible?? WTF?! (still really impressed with these glasses though!) 
+Bela Bartok reread the comment it says " we plan to ship in 2013" thus meaning possibility of it hitting stores this year. 
+John Waller Hmm I don't think so end of 2014 at most. 
:) again, doubtful. I'll believe it when I see it. As far as I'm concerned, I smell vapor-ware for 2013 and well into 2014. Google prove me wrong, but there is probably a track record of beta->v1 here. Don't believe the G+ PR folks one bit.
Sarah Price the community advocate from the glass project said and I quote "we plan to ship in 2013" there's prof. 
OMG I want them so bad... but now thanks to the cell phone companies geting rid of the unlimited data plans the average person isnt going to be able to really fully take advantage of them the way the video shows I bet.
Do Rin
you should try google glass doing bmx flatland! should be awesome! :)
Stop teasing already i want one, let me give you my money
If you release in UK I will gladly take a pair. INFACT. If I get a hold of a pair I will eat my own hand! Thanks.
Que bien si necesitan un conejillo de indias para probarlas avisenme de inmediato!
As a high school student and a bit of a geek I'm quite interested in the concept of Glass being used for educational purposes such as making notes or live feeds with educational content such an interactive learning interface to say if you were in an english class and you were short of a dictionary or needed to proof read your work using existing application like Google Goggles to search key information or to just transfer hand written text to be transferred to a tutor via email or something like that , Google Glass has alot of potential for such things but oh well i guess at the moment a nerdy student can only dream of such things.