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He dribbles down the line, crosses it into the box, and it’s a header! Gooooooaaaaaaaallll. With today’s new update, you can now follow the World Cup on Glass when you sign up for your notifications on Google Now. 

Here are a few more ways Google can help you stay in the know about your favorite teams, matches and stadiums:

#WorldCup #GlassUpdates
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Is there an app so I can follow the protests as well?
This is going to be a great update! 
Awesome work! These features will definitely make Glass usage better! 
Lol fail... Each team will play 3 games in the group stage and at most rack up 9 points, not 5 games or 12/10 points, respectively. 
Hopefully it doesn't lag like crazy this time.
This update horked glass up so badly I had to factory reset glass... and it is still failing to talk on the WiFi network it has been using for the past year.

Color me unimpressed.
omg yes Fussball updates
J Fuchs
Besides World Cup, there's other stuff on the list, like parking locator, and battery notification.  They recently added the Shop X, which looks just like what I have be asking for.  I think these small scale, useful apps may be the real key to Glass success.
WHY is The Netherlands shortened to NTH. Who thought that was a good idea? Is that an ESPN thing or Google? I would have thought better from Google, so will assume it's ESPN being American. Our ISO 3166-1 code is NL or NLD.
+Robert Scoble - Remember how you wanted to see Glass photos on your phone as soon as you took them? Well that feature now exists.
Brazil & Portugal ,,, all the way

I'm also supporting Algeria & Iran, though they've very minimal chance of winning the cup <3
Cameroon will do better than that glassholes :)
크로아티아 화이팅! 브라질을 이겨주라~No.10 모드리치^^
Brazil my best time 
+Mike Chica +Jeroen van der Maat You guys have good eyes. We didn't want to play favorites, so we made up a few details and country abbreviations :)

+Lee Damon We're sorry to hear you're having issues with this update. You can contact us at to see how we can help. 

+ADSINAV ELEVATEC C. L. Glass is only available in the US for now. We can't say when, but we do hope to make Glass more widely available in the future. You can sign up here to stay informed: 
Can't get the cards to show. They appear on google now just fine but on to the left. 
+Google Glass I'll click on that link in just a second but I wanted to say I found out why I can't talk on the WiFi network anymore. The update completely changed the MAC address of glass ... and the new one isn't even showing up in adb. This makes it very hard to talk on networks that are (properly) set up to do MAC locking.
Now if I had Google Glass I could dance Tango and watch the footie at the same time ... but glasses are not allowed in close contact Tango ... Ok forget the football ...
+Lee Damon Sorry about that. You can view the MAC Address by looking at the Device info card on the MyGlass site. Let us know if you have any issues finding it from there. 
+Google Glass that's great ... once you have glass set up so it talks to the web. If I'm trying to configure from scratch there is no device info card on the web yet.

It also fails utterly to justify changing the MAC on existing devices. That is what broke my setup this time around. Not cool, not acceptable.
+Lee Damon We're sorry we messed up your flow. We'll pass the feedback along. 
You should get a goalie to wear one of these during a game...
Why is this the most recent post I see on the Project Glass G+ page, and not the one about hardware updates, or the UK launch?
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