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Today’s the day to become a Glass Explorer

We let the cat out of the bag, you marked your calendars, and the time has finally arrived. If you're a US resident who is 18+, you can purchase Glass and join the Explorer Program at

The Explorer bundle costs $1500+tax and includes your favorite shade or frame, a charger, a case and a mono earbud. As an Explorer, your feedback will help to shape how Glass evolves over time. 

We’ve got a limited number of spots available, so don’t wait too long – we can't wait to meet you and hear about your first adventures with Glass. 
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If only Google hadn't suspended my Wallet account, or provided actual support in my effort to restore it. Then, I'd be all over this....
Jk W.
Lol I want it too... Why not international shipping? Just expand the Explorer program..
We also could speak English... 
To all those taking a step into the future today... Welcome! 
If only Google had a maps program that showed countries all over the world..

... Oh wait...

Well, this is embarrassing, isn't it! 
If one has signed up, how long will it be before recieving the confirmation letter?
Kiva John
too expensive, I see the day is closer when clones will be out on $15-$25 #china  
Still ONLY in US ...
BTW I thought the retail price would be 400$ ? Do we have any date ?
sigh In Spain we will have to live without Google Glass for a little longer!  Thank goodness for the sun and endless beaches! :)
I'm kinda curious how many people already have it. I'd also like to know how many people sign up today. Will +Google Glass put those #'s out? 
Foo Bar
Don't trust companies when they talk about exact time.
Yes +Isaac Phang , I did signed up, but I haven't received any email yet. And I signed up with to emails =)
Did anyone receive notification? 
Woke up early for this and nothing yet. Not sure if this is like night before Christmas or waiting in line for a cabbage patch kid :-/
I got a "This webpage has a redirect loop" message. Why is that?
Love Glass, I just will wait until the development is over and we can buy the product at a less exorbitant price. 
That's one way to limit purchases! $1500!!
every time i click on purchase, and nothing change
+Alex Gaber where do I find these #'s. I feel like I'm not looking in the right places. 
+Lesha Seale look in the url in the community off the latest explorer to join (the experts community)
I am officially a nerd now that I have ordered Glass.
The page still hasn't changed. :p
after clicking the purchasing button, the webpage just got refreshed and nothing else popped out. anyone has the same problem?
Hey +Google Glass the french community on +GoGlasses  is waiting and ready to buy it !! We want to be part of Glass Explorer programm please :-)
+morgan careto no, I'm going to wait. $1500 for a camera mounted on eyeglasses is too much scratch for me.
+David Torres  lol I understand, but it's because, I'm a developer, and it sure cool to make apps with sdk, but cooler, when you can really see what it does
For all those asking for glass outside the US.  Think about this next time you go to the polls to vote.  You know all those regulatory agencies that your government runs?  Yup, that's why Google isn't going worldwide (because they can't afford to get regulatory approval for 50 different regions for a beta program).

Do  you feel you are safer because your regulatory agencies have "protected" you by not allowing Glass to be shipped into your country?
The glasses are cool but most can't afford the $1500.00 price tag.
"let the cat out of the bag"... I never knew this exists in English too – Die Katze aus dem Sack lassen.
Nice try. Voting differently won't get us Glass. Just like you all voting differently changes nothing. Google can afford the regulatory approval, they have simply chosen not to. With very little explanation. Hence the frustrated people.
Too expensive. It shouldn't cost more than $150. China Inc will have an affordable one within a year. I think I'll wait...
You must purchase while logged in to google with a goggle wallet and only through Chrome not Safari or others- Got Mine and Very excited! I am a Southern Explorer from Georgia straight from the Masters! Come on Glass!
Hhhmmm, should have waited. Looks like newcomers get quite a few goodies with their purchase. 
Only in USA and 1500USD means I won't be getting one. Shame, my YouTube channel would have appreciated them too.
I think I am going to write a book in all the crazy things I've done during last 8 months in order to get mines for development, thought that today would be last attempt... But I was wrong again :( I am starting to think that they're not made for me, although I have plenty of ideas ready to develop for them, here in my start up in Barcelona... 
I like my shades but I could use a hard case.
Say that the Glass is not privileged and may be offered as a gift, have an office in Moscow and can't send one to the test. They are sold even in my city far from Moscow for $4000 different traders. Is this what you had in mind? I don't think so. Myths about Glass remain myths. I hope you contact if something will change.
Ordered but how to explain it to my wife... :D
+Jan Wildt when they come in act surprised and thank her very much jump up and down do cartwheels she'll never now.
+morgan careto I think that I will search for them finally in ebay in the next weeks, because I amb sick of failing each time. Today I achieved last step, but I failed due to the fact of having a spanish credit card. Wasted my time yesterday with setting up a server and a proxy in the USA in order to purchase them :(
I'm a dev and I was on the first round invites as well a while back, I really want to invest in these but 1500$ I cannot justify. I understand the research and initial manufacturing effort costs a lot, but the total given out isn't that many.   I really think they should subsidize the costs for a few rounds and bring it more in like with ~600 $ ( just take the hit). My reasoning for this is that at the 1500$ price point you're only hitting certain market segments. A lot of interesting stuff comes from students just graduating - a lot of dynamic ideas come from that segment. Right now this is hitting the professional dev who has extra time segment. The problem with this is ideas become homogenized from working 9-5. This round's invite said it has added 42 apps since... that's not really all that much, pretty underwhelming.
+jonathan fragoso  aw, that's not cool, Google doesn't know what killer app they miss by not let us purchase lol, Google or destiny.
But if you really buy them by ebay just tell me, I think i'll do the same.
+Josh Vishnoi I think most of you should realize this is essentially an open beta. To go through regulations to send out a small amount of product isn't worth while. This is a POC still being worked on.  When considering that , India is a poor investment tbh. You really don't get innovation from off-shoring this kind of thing. It makes sense to off-shore work for this stuff later when companies have concepts for the device and need heavy-lifting. It's harsh, but imo seems accurate.
+Alejandro Rodriguez Mann Yes i was there for an entire Week, i have a friend who's a Tica so i visited her, im actually returning in July. Im also looking to work at IBM if things fall through with Google, since IBM is in Heredia
Ordered today, will deliver in a week.. will take it to India on my visit and test it out! I will leave comments when I am back from India!
Was it happenstance that this occurred on tax day? Who needs their refund when you can buy tech gadgets!
+Morgan Willis let me know when you come! I actually work as an IT Consultant for +HP Costa Rica and they are 100 meters away from the IBM site :) We could meet!
A warm welcome to all new Glass Explorers! 
Too many people waiting for Glass, all around the world. Why US only, again?
but you need to be a US resident with valid US address... thumb down :-P
Just can't justify $1500 .  Maybe if we were assured we would get one for free when the consumer model comes out later this year for less.  I would really love to try one out to see how we can use it in the church world.
Just a guess but $1500 + Tax in the US will probably be £1500 + VAT in the UK.  It's not that expensive to swap power adapters, is it?
For a down payment on a car enjoy this tiny piece of plastic that makes people uncomfortable to be around you.
J Nap
Feel the burn of heat to your temple from usage. Was my main reason for return. 
How idiotic! $1,500 to wear something that makes others uncomfortable to be around you and police more likely to give you a driving ticket? Thanks but no thanks. I'd much rather interact with humans in the real world. I'm definitely not your niche market.
Just make sure you aren't buying them with video chats in mind, because Google decided to remove the main best feature of glass just before opening it to the public for a day...You would think Google was better than that!
I understand the hype. Googles using it as a way to promote it through people who can afford to blow money and be an "early Adopter" but I think I got over all the waiting in line early business when Star Wars The Phantom Menace was a disappointment.
Actually +Chris Vaxevanis  You will be able to do video chat through 3rd party software. So its not a terrible thing. And hangouts video chat will come back. Its just not a main priority for them right now due to the low usage count. 
the above text states:

The Explorer bundle costs $1500+tax and includes your favorite shade or frame, a charger, pouch, hard case and mono earbud. As an Explorer, your feedback will help to shape how Glass evolves over time. 

my question is about the Hard Case, 
does the bundle come with the $85 hard case? I purchased the hard case as an add on, I would like to know so I can cancel that part of my order.

thank you
If you have 1500$ today is the Day to become a Google Glass Explorer - Hoy es el día para convertirse en un explorador de Google Glass si tienes los 1500$
Anyone purchasing Glass today let us know so we can blog about it!
James S
+Google Glass  So what does this mean for those of us who have invitation codes but haven't used them yet?
+Glassers I HAVE!
But does the bundle come with the hard case and the clear sheild??
Can anyone confirm if google glass works with iOS navigation and iMessages?

+Adrian Chrysanthou video through hangouts is a priority for everyone with glass...despite the fact that I didnt use that be able to chat with friends and relatives all over the world through video hangouts and them to be able to see what I see was amazing and the key selling point for glass for many.

Also when I wanted to show people how to repair their computer, I could do this through video chat on hangouts.

I (as many others) do not want to use a 3rd party software just to be able to use video. Its annoying enough that people are spread out through chat services with whatsapp, msn messenger, yahoo, steam chat, gchat and several more.

I like having my contacts in one place and doing video chats through that same place. 

The argument of not being a priority for them is invalid as people need this feature. I have seen several posts of people who were developing just for that, who used training through that, who bought glass JUST for that. So if they want it to be less of a priority for improving..that is fine..but removing it while they do so..that's idiotic. So many people might buy it thinking it can do this as it was one of the key things i would mention whenever I demoed glass to people and it would wow people. I've let over 1000 people try them on and have shown it to thousands literally. In groups...that sometimes were in the dozen.

They better bring it back soon because they have really annoyed thousands of explorers who needed that feature, even if they claim that only 10%used it... Every explorer used it here and there and having it as an option was what made glass cool.

They claim people complained it wasn't working well...It was working great compared to voice recognition, or how much the unit heats up when recording a video (my new hardware unit even smells like its burning during a long video recording..long being over 3 minutes). I'm pretty sure that even those who had complains with the quality of the feature, would have preferred that to them removing it completely.
+Hiten Patel Received mine yesterday; ordered last week. The $75 hard case came in my prescription frame box, not in my Glass box. Not sure if the non-prescription shades come with it. I did not get a clear shield.
Go Glass.  I am still kind of upset that I just paid for the prescription frame.  Bummer.  
wait they get to choose a  shade or frame , thats not fair , we paid the same price and didnt have a choice
Yes.  We paid the same price and had to pay for both if we got one.  I am into this baby for much more than 1500.  
Yeah I'm kinda sad with that marketing move I know you want to make sales but something needs to get done for early adapters , It's the right thing to do especially when you wear glasses but are forced to accept shades or shell out $200+ bucks for just the frame then $$ to get script added from eye docs. Come on Google you can make this right
So wanting to glass... Seen so much over the media n would like to see glass would slot into my life style. 
I can't see ever paying that much for a computer that low spec, and I would require compensation for the breach in privacy, not pay for it.

I dunno, maybe I'm just weird.
+Google Glass I have a popular YouTube channel, however I do not have the money for Glass. I will agree to wear Glass every single time that I am in front of the camera for the next 16 months and live stream to YouTube through Glass a total of 200 hours in the same time period if you send me a pair. I am aware that you are not a charity; said product placement would be mutually beneficial. 
I still think it is stupid you have to be 18, and also it's crazy how expensive it is.
If I already am a #Glass Explorer, why do I still get solicitations to become one from Google? I'd love to know. :-(
you should also limit these posts to US.. It's not fair to show advertise them all over the world and not making them available.. that's cruel!!
+H. David Shaw Too right. I'd really like to hear +Google Glass will be offering their early #GlassExplorers  something on the frames/hard case front. I'm still wearing mine over glasses I held off as long as possible to select so they would work well (being a relative term) with Glass.

Because of the details of my prescription neither contact lenses nor refractive surgery are good options either. I struggle through contact lenses occasionally because they make using Glass so much easier compared to placed over my glasses but they don't provide full correction. Ironically, I'm a good candidate for refractive surgery based on eye health and corneal thickness and the surgeon I spoke with didn't feel Glass was a issues with refractive surgery. I'd likely still have to wear glasses for a final correction though. :-/

I was excited by the prospect of frames but didn't have time to order and haven't looked closely at doing so lately. With +Google Glass providing new open-beta Explorers with their "favorite shade or frame" I really hope existing Explorers get the chance to "swap" our Glass for a similar package. I view this as functionally the same as the v1 to v2 exchange especially for those of us with prescriptions whom it's impractical to use other options (contacts, surgery, etc.). At its core, an existing Explorer exchanging for the new Explorer package (it's really about the frames and hardcase) is all about quality of experience/usage in my opinion.
Congratulations to the +Google Glass team for rolling out the Explorer program to what I can only figure will be a significantly wider audience. I too wish that it was available in my country, and to all of you who wish the same, we just need to be patient. I am convinced that some form of Google Glass will be available almost everywhere and at a reasonable price,.. it just takes time.
+Jean-Philippe Encausse We don't have a consumer release date yet, but we hope to expand within a year. 

+Jennifer Tackman We understand. We're just getting started with Glass and this was the right price for this version. We don't have much info on future pricing of Glass but we expect the next one to cost less than $1500.

+Isaac Phang +Breno Frias +Alexandre Gomes +Lixin Duan Thanks for signing up on our interest form! We're currently US only, but we hope to make Glass more widely available in the future. Let us know if you have any questions. 
+Chris Vaxevanis Thanks for sharing your feedback. We hear you and we understand why you're frustrated. As mentioned in our Google+ update post, we hold ourselves to high standards for the features that we build, and video calls aren’t living up to these standards. Explorers have told us so directly, and fewer than 10% of them use video calls. For this reason, we’ve made the hard decision to remove video calls from Glass until the experience is better. We don’t know when that will be, but in the meantime, keep an eye on MyGlass as more Glassware is built and released – we’re already seeing the developer community work on other video streaming services. We’ve always said that feedback from Explorers shapes Glass, and this is no exception.

+Timothy Pleines Thanks for your interest, but we don't give Glass out for free.
I love glass, but I cant bring myself to spend 1500 on a prototype with unfinalized specs/hardware and with a possible consumer launch date with a lower price tag by years end. If there is no price drop with a consumer release, then I guess I will never be a glass owner because $1500 is just way too much money for this.
$1500... That's ridiculous. I'm a developer and I'd love to make my apps work with glass and android wear but I'm not gonna spend $1500 on a pair of glasses because I know the general public won't. Which means any app I made for glass would not get used.
+Max Runia you are a developer but you surely dont know much about developer kits or test hardware do you? Do you know the cost of a dev kit for say a PS4, around a year before it got released to the public? Glass won't be released to the public at more than $300
I have a child that has a neurological condition called gomez lopez hernandez or GLH, very rare and challenging. Extremely difficult to remain focused without constant activity on the laptop, phone or any type of computing device! The same 14 year old who figured out how to change the cmos password on his laptop, has the ability to re wright code, but cannot find his shoes or the drink he opened 5 minutes earlier. Has Google considered trials for kids with disabilities? The only way he can stay focused is with digital interaction and neuro stimulation. Just a thought! 
+Roberto Fabrizi I don't develop games. I develop smart phone apps for which I already have devices to test on. There's a reason I haven't released an iOS app yet.
+Max Runia bleeding edge technologies or dev kits have a cost, it's just the way it is. Once the device will be ready for mass marketing, it will have a "reasonable" price, and when that happens you can buy it and adapt your apps. I say reasonable because the only reasonable price today is that of nexus devices, imo
+Roberto Fabrizi and I'm sure that's what I'll end up doing. I'm already planning on getting a moto 360 this summer. I can see the benefit of having the device early so your apps are ready when it's released to the public but I just don't think $1500 is worth having my apps ready ahead of time.
$750 is the limit for me. As soon as it drops to that, I'm in. 
Wish I had the cash right now but still an exciting day. I hope some people in St. Louis get glass. Maybe I'll see ya around town. 
Yeah +Peter G McDermott I wish I waited also. It would've saved me some cash. It's going to hurt when the final consumer release drops for $500-$700 with tons of extras. 
Tease. I cannot afford this venture. Thank you for the offer and for your concurrent free services that I undoubtedly use and benefit from and truly Googly enjoy.
Love you Google! 
I can imagine a day in the near future where glass, or something like it, will be the human interface device for "Google mind". A parallel personal mind that experiences everything you do but has perfect memory and powerful algorithms capable of using that information to suggest actions you may chose.  
+Tim Johnson Get rid of that dog and you will save plenty of money instead of buying dogfood. Also if you want glass that bad, why don't you save up some money yourself and maybe ask for a little less than the full price of Google Glass. I hate people like you that want everything for free without doing any work.
Who do they think they are? APPLE!! $1500+ is too much for us techie retired people.
+James Szczesny - my thoughts exactly. I'm also a developer who had an initial invite, but I was helping mom through cancer and the team would not bend on the travel requirement (why they didn't include Chicago is mind boggling). Now there are other wearables to design for and that entices me. The excluding factors for landing Glass resulted in an elitist group - atypical of a true cross-section of users that could have benefitted from socioeconomically diverse designers, developers, researchers, users. This only illustrated to me that Google needs far more social scientists in its ranks. I'm applying my innovation and research and development capabilities on other emerging technologies. The reputation of Glass socioculturally (vs mere tech specs) is jarring and I haven't seen much in the way of efforts to improve it. I absolutely love Google, but this rollout of beta versions has illustrated concerning shortcomings from a culture of technology standpoint (my first love as a social scientist-turned-engineer). Best wishes for you on a long, rewarding and exciting career, James. You already show astute insight!
+Garner Marshall I wonder if Google will offer us a frame swap out with the next release. Maybe they are looking to exhaust V2 inventory before they start stocking up V3?
Going to have to wait... $1500 to be a tester is too rich for me...
Amen. Testing benefits the company, NOT the testers. I would do it for a paycheck. I'd consider doing it for a free device.
+Faraz Bukhari Glad you are having fun trolling G+ and letting everyone know who you hate. By the way, you may want to get your facts straight before posting on other people's G+ pages.  I do not live in the UAE and have never worked at an airport.  I am a former teacher who is now getting into photography.  Have a nice day.
+Tim Johnson um I don't know if you know this or not but your profile shows your job and your location. so like get your facts straight before you start posting stuff like this
+Jennifer Tackman What a bunch of crap. I would like to apply your thinking to all areas of innovation. Maybe the high end sports car industry would be the place for more socioeconomic pc diversity leftist bullcrap. I would love to be able to be driving the latest Ferrari concept car. Elitist group? Thanks! I just thought I was a redneck from Alabama.
+Faraz Bukhari Do you know how to read, and actually comprehend what you  are reading?  My profile does not say I live in the UAE (I was there a few years ago as a teacher), and I have no idea where you got this idea that I work in an airport.
Just paid 4K on LASIK to get rid off my rx glasses. Why should I pay 2K to hang a new pair over my nose? C'mon, son...
+Tim Johnson
 Tim Johnson
Worked at Abu Dhabi International (PVT.) School
Attended Arizona State University
Lived in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Add to circles
+Scott Landers, Please don't throw around labels until you have some facts squared away. - +Arthur Brownlee IV can help you understand my pc liberal agenda. Arthur? ;-) Btw, Ferrari is lovely. I also very much like the designs of Ducati.
Scott, if you'd like to discuss design and market niches and such, I'd be happy to engage on a separate post and thread.
HI glass, I am part of a small team that is making an app that can disable texting while driving, this app might also be used to stop glass while people are driving, what is your view on this? I would also love to buy a pair of glass, but I am dirt poor right now lol 
+Faraz Bukhari Glad to see you know how to cut and paste... now where in what you posted does it say I live in the UAE?  Do you understand that "lived" and "live" have two different meanings?  Again "worked" and "work" are not the same, and "Abu Dhabi International (PVT.) School" is not an airport.

You may want to get some help with reading comprehension before running around and picking fights with strangers on the internet.  This thread is for those interested in +Google Glass.  If you "hate" how I am trying to raise funds for it, then that is your prerogative, but at least get your facts straight before voicing your hate.
+Jennifer Tackman I am sure you would. So tell us, what are the "excluding factors" of Glass and why do you consider them such?
+Scott Landers - happy to discuss in another thread. But please re-read my comment first. My concerns are not with the tech, rather the access to the beta tech. Huge difference. I always enjoy talking design, the processes of innovation in many areas and talking tech, but will not participate in hijacking this thread. Come find me and we can talk, otherwise, I bid you a lovely evening.
+Tim Johnson OK I was wrong in that. On your funds page you said that you are a teacher and a photographer but you just said you were a teacher. So you are lying to get more credit
Ordered charcoal + stereo headphones earlier today. Got a glass shipped email in the afternoon. That was quick.
Such a shame these are being released as US only. Especially when there are many of us around the world that have been talking, waiting, ready and willing to apply Google Glass to all sorts of applications - even before it was first launched and being talked about in hushed tones.
+Roberto Fabrizi We don't have plans to change the price of Glass anytime soon. We've heard that number going around, but it's not true. Stay tuned until you hear it from us. 

+Will Soto +Dylan Kiley Thanks for being a fan of Glass! We don't have any discount or subsidy programs now, but we appreciate your enthusiasm. Hope to see you exploring some day. 
+Google Glass I run an exciting competition with the UK Government National Apprenticeship Service and I want to include Glass into this years finals. Who can i speak to please?
+Faraz Bukhari You really are grasping at straws.  You do know that if you get a degree in education, work in the classroom, and then take a break from  teaching, then you are still an educator.  Same goes for engineers, doctors, lawyers, pilots, etc.  Just because you are currently not working in the field you were trained in does not mean you can no longer call yourself an engineer, doctor, lawyer, pilot, etc.

I taught for many years, and just because I am not in the classroom does not mean I can no longer call myself a teacher.

Sadly, my 4th and 5th graders, many who were homeless and lived in horrendous conditions, had better comprehension and critical reasoning skills than you... someone who wishes to graduate from Georgia Tech.
I apologize +Google Glass for the unrelated posts. I simply posted my efforts to raise the funds needed to join the Glass Explorer Program, and then this kid  I have never met before posted lies about me on this thread and on my G+ page (Google has since removed his comment from my page). I hope many new explorers sign up today.
With the Price of Glass Over $1000 or even $400 I can't afford it for now..
I wish, but no I can't either.
I repeatedly signed up in the glass page for at least 10+ times. However, I still got no luck to get opportunity to buy one. :( 
People say oh wait for the public release and so on for it to be cheaper. But in the end it won't get below $600 retail. It'll be in the same ballpark as a retail high end smartphone. If I could've today though I definitely would now.
Bought a pair today, can't wait to be a explorer
To those complaining on price, while I agree, I also read an article which gives semi good causes as well as how it could end up near the 250-300$ range reasonably soon depending on market shifts and his well press and public love goes
Sweet! Another thing exclusive to the US'ers to add to the ever growing list from Google...
I really wanna get glass and I can even arrange for someone to 'gift ' it to me but how the hell do I order it?? I can't see or get no invite! The purchase button does not work
So will curent explorers get a choice of frames or shades for no charge..... You know as a little happy 
Lol living in Holland, so id should trust friends in USA and send them 1500 dollar? OK thats no problem, then i transfer money to my friends (due to crisis they cant pay for me) does the money transfer take a full week, so missed the purchase dat ..... :'(
+Scott Lindsay 1. The appropriate term is U.S. Citizens/Residents 2. At the risk of being rhetorical i ask you this, have you any idea how international trade law works or even how U.S. trade law works. Do you have the funding to provide necessary logistics in order to provide access to this product in other countries? I am doubtful of your ability to do so. So next time you complain leave out the ignorance of the intricacies of these matters as well as your lazy grammatical errors. #LikeABoss 
+Apollonius De Alisia I agree with you on the trade between countries but they could've made it available online. You don't necessarily have to create distribution centres in other countries. In this globalised world you should be able to buy anything from anywhere only relying on shipping only. I buy stuff from China, US, South America online without them having representatives in the UK. I pay the VAT accordingly and that's it - I have the product. i.e Google ChromeCast was shipped in eastern Europe by thousands and there isn't any sales representative as a business. I had Chromcast way before it arrived in the UK officially. Many had the latest iPhone before if was officially released in the UK...
If that works why Google Glass can't work in the same way? Leave the logistics for the official releases and for the tax man...
Without being arrogant could you answer that please?
+Dumitru Furnea I will do my best to do so without being too lengthy. It comes down to the classification of the device, the intended address of delivery, as well as the Laws regarding U.S. trade in relation to a given countries own laws. I can't cite every Law as that is not my area of expertise(Thankfully),however; a minor amount of research brings to light the many ridiculous complications of something as simple as selling a product to an individual in another country. TL;DR The classification (or maybe lack therof) of google glass complicates the ability to ship it overseas. Basically U.S. trade laws are stupid and are probably the reason behind this.
+Apollonius De Alisia way to lower the conversation.

I don't pretend to understand how international trade law works (unlike some people), I'm an engineer, that's what I do... I was simply stating the fact that in Canada, there are many Google products that are not available. Some due to problems with the CRTC, others due to problems with Google.

As I said, I am no expert, but I think asking a question about if I can provide funding for international logistics is way past rhetorical and down right irrational and condescending.

Ever heard of a colloquialism? A slang? Evendently not. Look it up. You understood my meaning when I said "US'ers" therefore it's valid.

As I always say, if people start picking apart grammar and spelling, then they have no valid arguments to contribute to the conversation.

Google is a "big boy" they don't need you trying to win their arguments for them. #Way2Suck
+Dumitru Furnea Also when i said logistics i was not reffering to a physical presence of Google in other countries.

Edit: I wouldn't count this as a release, from what i gather this is a save face form of crowd funding or, this is an attempt to see if +Google Glass can succeed stateside (with all the whining about the camera and their privacy in PUBLIC) which will be one of if not its biggest market.
+Apollonius De Alisia So you accept that any google product could be available without all the complications you mentioned. It's only a matter of willingness from Google to make them available for use in other countries as part of the testing... Logistics come later to regulate prices according to each country's trade policy... :)
On the other hand  I assume it's all down to data base availability such as maps, landmarks, connected businesses, etc that come with the use of Gglass and that I think is a barrier against the use of Gglass in other countries. But then again, with the Google's resources I believe that can happen in a blink of an eye...
+Apollonius De Alisia Whatever the classification of any product I should be able to buy it when it's available for sale anywhere. How can you explain that I managed to buy so many other products that were not available officially in the country I live in? Many of them were Google products. 
Totally gutted. I have been hounding Google about becoming part of this programming only to be sent an invite to purchase . I live in the UK ! Game over........
+Scott Lindsay I made no claim to fully understanding international trade laws, i stated that they complicate availability and that may be the cause of the issue. And the use of "US'ers" is lazy and rude period regardless of whether or not i understood your meaning.
+Apollonius De Alisia I'm not going to go through every previous post, but it does look like I'm not the only one that has voiced their dissapointment in the lack of an international launch.

To set the record straight, I love Google, love Android, etc. What I don't love, is being 20 minutes from the US border and not having:

-Google Wallet
-Google Music
-Google Voice (if I remember correctly, Google bought a Canadian company to get into this business ironically)
-Google Glass (now)

I am sure there are many more services, I just can't think of them ATM.

I understand there are issues with some of these services going international, but I think the part that is the hardest to swallow, is how quiet Google is about it... They tell us nothing... Are they trying? Is the progress? What are the problems? Is there something the people can do to help? Etc. We hear a generic statement like. "Google is always looking to expand our service areas and will provide more information when it is available." (Not a quote, just paraphrasing)

I understand and appreciate the points you bring to the table, but would like it better if you could try to get your points across with less arrogance and condescension. When someone acts like that, I then feel as though I need to respond in like. (As do others, and it lowers the level of conversation)

We live in a society, where certain behaviors are expected of us, and I am fairley certain that if you and I were speaking out in the real world, you would give more respect. (At least I hope you would) So why act differently on the internet?

Who's attitude and comments are truley ignorant?

End Rant
+Dumitru Furnea That may not be the case, but given my projection of Google's direction in general and taking into consideration the general percieves business practices of most U.S. "big boy" companies amd corporations I'd guess there may be some other underlying issue that may not even be in scope of this conversation at the moment.
+Dumitru Furnea I cant explain that, but i would go as far as to say it should be available and that classification of the device type of google glass should be done very carefully as it dictates(at least here in the U.S.) what freedom we will have with it.
+Apollonius De Alisia I don't think "US'ers" is lazy and rude at all, perhaps your perception is skewed?

I refuse to use the inaccurate term of "American" for people of the US, because I am also American, as are people of central and south 'America'. (I am aware you didn't suggest I say American, but I am using it as an example because it is the most commonly used)

If you so choose U.S citizen/resident, so be it. I won't educate you on that, nor will I call you names for using it. Call me Canadian, call me Canuck, whatever works, I would never presume to call you lazy or rude...that's just silly.
+Apollonius De Alisia What you are not understanding, is that I never claimed to understand the idiosyncrasies of international or US trade. I was venting about another product that wasn't available, and you were just trying to pick a fight.

Even your "complement" (if you want to call it that) to +Dumitru Furnea was actually intended as yet another arrogant/unprovoked back hand to me.

Very hard to see/understand why all the countries of the world feel the way they do about the US'ers... Very hard indeed.
+Scott Lindsay To be blunt IRL my words would have been the same however you would have been aware of the tone of my voice and maybe wouldnt have been offended. When i see someone who appears to be inconsiderate respect all but goes out the window. I myself plan to start my own buisness one day or at least back it rather because i cant stand people who seem ignorant to me. I think they are a waste of space to the detriment of all. So pardon me if i come across as arrogant or condescending im simply just not perfect. I do however make it a point to understand EVERYONE as much as humanly possible and i include people who own and run a buisness, that being said i assure you i am not ignorant. I meant no disrespect i simply found the lack of understanding intolerable.

Edit: That society bit is lost on me since i see many flaws in it(society). And no my compliment to +Dumitru Furnea was not a back hand to you. Your taking this a bit too personally dont you think? And quite frankly many of the people who live in the united states are nothing but disgusting, thieves and whore mongering bigots so actually no its not at all difficult to understand the way the world feels about the "US'ers" its actually quite generously sugar coated,however; i still consider the term/use US'ers to be far too generalized for my taste and find it offensive.
+Gux Lino LASIK is not a permanent fix. As you get over 40, your lens will begin to harden (how fast and how much depends on your eyes exposure to UV) and as it does, your prescription will change again and you will lose the ability to focus (since the lens will lose the ability to change shape). Thus, you'll need to start wearing frames (or contacts) again. Sorry for the bad news, but look on the bright side, you can then buy glass :-)
+Apollonius De Alisia Nope. I use VPN and accsessed my account (and made purchases) while appearing to be in 4 different countries in 25 minutes.

+Thomas Hebendanz There is no one but the EU regulators to blame for this.  Do you know what it costs to get a CE mark?  For a beta product?  What would you do if you were in Googles position?  Many EU citizens have glass, they just ship it to a US address or pick it up in person (that way they are the ones violating the EU importation ban on non CE marked products when they head home and not Google).
+Rennie Allen I don't blame anyone. Why would I do that? I just said 'bleh' lol. You people are taking things to serious.
+Thomas Hebendanz "Bleh" indicates you don't think this is an ideal situation (and I agree).  The global regulations for commercial electronics for legitimate companies are ridiculous and hamper innovation and we are all worse off for them.
+Apollonius De Alisia The true irony is that you came down on me for ignorance in International/domestic trade, yet you are as ignorant as I, when it comes to that specific subject.

Keep in mind, I am using ignorant in its truest meaning, as in, lack of knowledge, which is not a horrible thing. All people are ignorant in many subjects. You are using it in the context of a defining trait in people you 'can't stand'.

I do agree that 80% of communication is non-verbal and I did miss the tone of your arguments, but I think you did put across your message as you intended, and are trying to back pedal now.

You don't have to be a "whore mongering bigot" or a "thief", to be part of the problem. A " Cyber Bully" (I hate the term, but i am using it) that surfs around the internet looking for comments to nit-pick, holding people to a standard, that he himself can't even hold up, and demeaning them, so he can feel bigger, isn't really something you want to add to your online resume, is it?

I may be taking it personally, but your passive aggressive/straight-up agressive statements make it hard to take any other way. I'm not taking your comments any more to heart than you are taking the term "US'ers", more to that point, wouldn't that term be exactly as generalized as "US citizen/resident"...?

It's hard to name the people within the country that never gave itself a name, other than United States of (Insert continuant name here) ;) it was intended to be a quirky name to that fact. It was (obviously) not intended to offend. Just as this paragraph...if you really want to, you could try to get offended over it, but it is intended to be a lighthearted joke.

I'm sorry I wasn't the easy mark that you were hoping I would be, so I could feed your online ego. If you truly didn't intend to come across like that (only you know) then I apologize for the miscommunication, however as is, right now, I do standby my initial assessment, that I received your statements as they were intended.
Communication, Consistancy and Common sense!

Communication: Spawns new ideas and collaboration among many other cultural boundaries and kids that are looking up to those so called educated or non educated or ignorant posters, look at the way we try to handle our differences between people. Part of good communication skills require that you step out of the box your in and not judge! You need to lead by example and not "get your panties in a wad" just because someone posted something you take as a personsl attack! The "nonverbal communication" can only be viewed in person or on line via video conference. There are many different opinions from around the world that could appear as a "personal attack" when, in reality, it's the ones that as posted are or could be ignorant of the facts, that's not a bad word! Remember, it's the journey, not the destination that fills your life full of knowledge and that knowledge needs to be "consistently" communicated to all involved! Getting insulted by word's is a learning tool for those who want to enhance their own communication skills and a chance for you to show the rest of the world that we as a globally connected world can express our feelings intelligently, as grownups. :Common Sense" tells you that the hackers or cyber bullies are just trying to get attention and a rise out of you, if they succeed, it makes them feel like they achieved something great, when in reality, they continue to destroy their own person, "not knowing" or "ignorant" people just need leadership and guidance, not bashing or retaliation because your feelings were hurt! Everything happens for a reason good and bad. Try not to get bogged down with the people's ignorant statements and just reach out with kind words to help those who do not understand! 
+chuan zhang +jason huntley +Mark Willow Roberts +Scott Lindsay +Gary Howard We know you guys want Glass outside of the US too. Right now, we're focused on expanding the Explorer Program here in the US. We do hope to make Glass more widely available in the future, but there are logistical and regulatory issues that make that tough. We're working on it though. We can say when or where Glass will head next, but you can stay informed by signing up here:

+wesley house You can sign up at that same link to find out about the next time we're selling Glass. 
Sold out!  When is the next time I can get hold of GG?
not really, too expensive and the feds will harras folks for free
+Google Glass Well, thanks for the update, hopefully we will be seeing it in Canada soon. We got Chromecast, so who knows!?
I know about covering the Butts with getting there Stock up with the High Price, Be smarter to Sell them for $175 $200 would be a better Choice, and the Supply will flow, and the $$$..
+Pica Delphon no it wouldn't they don't want to sell them. They just want to produce a small number to sell to a beta group. When they actually put these into production then the price will drop. But you have to be realistic. These will probably not go beneath 400 dollars. 
Oh when the TECh puts it all on one Chip, then it Go to the lower $100 $120 range for the Glass, look at the price at most of the Cheap Tablets hitting the Market. $40 - $60..Look at the Mouse the First Beta was $1000 Each, not you can get a Optic Moust for under $5 now..
+Google Glass I have a question: If I'm wearing the google glass,can I see on the glass what the person(a foreigner) is saying to me both in his language and in my language? 
If it can be done, people can communicate with anyone no matter which language he/she speaks!
Ive lost over 200lbs and want to record myself having some adventures, to inspire others, but I am Canadian and also pretty broke :(
Bootleggers in other countries can't be properly sued 
It's like an early access game except you don't get the full product at the end Xp
I'm sitting here seeing people complaining about an exclusive product not being avaliable halfway across the world. I'm in canada and I still can't buy it. 1500 is probably the real issue though...
Have one and Google is way off reality and practicality. This is wide eyed geek toy people in Silicon valley are being taken for a ride. I can design a better version in less time with better capability and usability. Frame spectacle and idea of a fixed aperture focus is impractical. Someone would know people's faces are not equally made. Grow up and try to be a better designer.
Hahaha 1500$... seriously? For a half developed product? The input sensor are only touch pad on the side frame and voice recog. So it is waaaay overpriced. Not to mention that the screen is so small that it only able to show limited information and cant be use to 'replace' real screen.
Not even close to worth $1500. Don't waste ur $€¥£
google said that it is gonna lower its worthness to 1000$ when it is fučly released