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Meet Ajay, a Senior Manager of Product Integrity at Google. What does that mean, you ask? His team is responsible for the reliability, safety, and compliance for Glass. On a typical day, they put Glass through the ringer, testing all kinds of things. We asked Explorers what questions they had for Ajay, and here are the answers. 
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I'd like to work at Google just to drop glass units from the balcony :D
I'm curious about moisture testing
I'd like to see the official moisture testing results. Rain is an issue. I'm glad that the unofficial shower test was positive. 
Wow. I'm so scared I'll damage Glass, now I can see it can take a bit of a beating and I don't need to baby it as much as I do.
+Mark Barrus While I haven't pulled a Scoble, I have worn Glass in torrential rain more than once.
I still don't understand why the foil isn't encased in the prism ever so slightly.
Pay me to throw Google glass around. I haven't even had the luxury of seeing one in person
+Jake Weisz do you have the "upgraded" version that Ajay was eluding to, or is that not available yet?
+Mark Barrus I have the XE-C, my second Glass device. I actually don't have audio here, and haven't heard what he has to say yet.
+Mark Barrus I've actually not had issue with either XE-B or XE-C with regards to the foil. Both models have been worn in torrential rain. However, Chicago isn't an incredibly humid climate persistently, either.
+Jake Weisz +michael interbartolo I can vouch that the foil is in fact the weak link. Wearing it in wet weather causes the foil to slip around and become prone to damage. A lot of people thought it was due to the case but in my experience the weather is what made the foil on my B edition go south. I only put it through that test knowing I would be getting the replacement unit. I do not wear my current one in the rain anymore. Foil needs to be inset into the prism.
Less than a month after acquiring glass my glass is no longer functional. It died while I was on the elyptical at the gym. I wasn't even sweating profusely when it happened. My experience with Glass Support has been less than promising. One week after opening a ticket I am still being asked to plug it in and try to reset it and troubleshoot my charger. Not impressed.

How do you plan to make the design more robust? Do you actually think people wearing glass will not sweat? And how about your support? You should reach out to me for details on the failings of Glass Support. They are too numerous to list here. 
Ps by no longer functional I mean dead, completely void of any functionality. 
+Google Glass, there is an audio watermark at 0:13 in the video. That is what happens when you don't license your music properly from premiumbeat...
lol and I thought the premium beat thing was from another tab or I was hearing things
sorry my question took up half the video....But I had to know the durability of it =]  Thanks for answering my question and actually doing a demo! 
Dude, instead of throwing it from the balcony, how about you give it to me? :)
My favorite part is when he throws those $1,000+ pair of smart glasses of the balcony!
+Erevald Kullolli We're US only for now, but we hope to expand in the future. 

+Alan Crouch We're sorry to hear about the issues you're having with Glass. We'll have a member from our support team reach out to you shortly about this. 
LOL So far the support team has been pretty rudimentary in their response. Somebody in charge of support for glass should reach out to me, I have considerable feedback.
I wonder how it would do when babies grab at it off you'd face and try to eat it.
But will it blend? I know the video exists.
Three weeks in to my Google Glass Support experience, my glass is still dead, was told that a shipping box / label was being sent to me on April 2nd, still haven't received the box. Inquiries in to this issue are not resulting in any kind of satisfactory response. Highly aggravated, thoroughly disappointed, I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT TO ANYBODY BASED SOLELY ON THE POOR SUPPORT PROVIDED BY GOOGLE. Anti-Glass marketing campaign begins tomorrow. I have been quiet, I have been patient, I have not communicated my problems to the world YET. I will do EVERYTHING I can to let the world know the kind of support they can expect when purchasing a product directly from Google if I do not get a satisfactory response to this issue. Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Google+, Engagenet, CNET and any other social media outlet I can use will be leveraged. Are you listening Google?
+Alan Crouch We're here and we're definitely listening. We understand your frustration, and we're sorry. We're working to make sure what's happened with you doesn't happen to anyone else in the future.  We sent you an email this morning, but we'll also send you a private message here on Google+ to make sure we get you up and running again. 
Your email came after this message was sent to Glass support. I have ZERO confidence in the support process at this point. I have TWO options, One, WAIT FOR A SHIPPING BOX TO GET HERE (been a week so far) and place my Glass in said box and ship it back, cross my fingers that it is received and I get a new unit sent to me. or Option two, drive from San Jose to San Francisco, find a place to park, pay for a place to park, hike over to the Google building and exchange my Glass in person. I trust option two a lot more than option one, however, I don't know I want to blow half my day to exchange a product. What is half of YOUR day worth to you? What priorities do you have to deal with? I am currently performing security audits on all of our external facing systems due to this stupid heartbleed bug in OpenSSL, so yeah my time is valuable. Again, I am very frustrated by this so-called support process.
Hi +Alan Crouch,  I'm Teresa, a community manager for Glass. My team let me know that you were having a tough time swapping your device. I just wanted to let you know that I'm really sorry about the way this has played out so far. 

I understand that you don't have the best confidence in our service, but we want to make it up to you by getting your new Glass in your hands as quickly as possible. 

We'll message you all the details in the private thread. 
I would absolutely love to get my hands on Glass- I work for a sustainable transport charity and my job is to design and develop new cycle routes here in the UK. I'm out on my bike a lot recording, exploring, taking notes- looks robust and sleek enough not to be a burden- could it cope with some UK weather??
+Kevin Trainor Spend $1800+ on a product, have it self destruct in under 30 days and get nothing but runaround for support for over three weeks and tell me how you feel. If you haven't had my experience, good for you. If you haven't walked a mile in my shoes then keep your comments to yourself.
I can just imagine what glass would be,5 years from now
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