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What Google Glass Means for a Half Deaf Person by +David Trahan 
It happens to me all the time. Someone is walking next to me on my right side, so I need to move him or her to my left. I want to talk to someone sitting to my right, so I have to turn the left side of my face towards them. No, I don’t look better from the left – I hear better from the left. That is, I only hear from the left. I always tell people that being deaf in one ear is better than being deaf in both ears, so I’ve never felt like I was m...
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Great post. Thanks for sharing.

Hopefully someone at Google finds it in their hearts to give me Google Glass for my walk from Beijing to London and my current project: hitch-hiking my way across the world using Google+.
Literally, a window to the world !

It could be life changing !
+Google Glass I know glass is at early stages that's why I have a suggestion. I recently finished the Spartan race and I hope that you guys make like a indestructible version of glass which people can take to these events for first person point of view
How wonderful! I now have a great idea for an audio passthrough app so you can have Glass listen and stream realtime audio to its bone-conduction audio output.

I REALLY wish I could've afforded my Explorer invite...
 That. is so. Amazing!! As a fellow Glass Explorer, I am thrilled at this news!!

I just want to know how it works like that for him though +Google Glass  . Is it the bone conducting technology? The vibration when the words are read aloud back to you? 

And, congrats
+David Trahan !!
Using this with tourism, refugees, or with those who have impairments could be huge. Imagine going to a foreign country and having Google Translate running when you talk to someone, or looking at a sign and having it translated.

There is even a possibility that using the camera the device could isolate the person's voice you are looking at by syncing to their mouth movements. This could allow a conversation to happen in a crowded place. Or even being able to translate sign language in real time. 
I got teary-eyed reading this just now. Uplifting story that is not just about Glass but about hope and possibilities.
Waiting for mine. I just wonder if it'll help us that are totally deaf. Not all deafness is the same, so maybe some and not others. I don't know how it works, but it'd be awesome to find out. 
The bit about who gets to be on the "good side" is so true. I'd love to try this out sometime, and maybe get my "stereo" back.
As someone who has had to live exactly as this person has (deaf in the right ear since birth), I am now even MORE excited for Glass to release!
Holly cow! You know what +Google ? Im half deaf too (same ear as +David) but i have not even imagine that i can hear better thanx to google Glass! Now i know that i must buy Glass! But here, in Poland? I think i will be impossible as always... 
+Google Glass Will Glass be sale globally or again, US only?
If the answer is globally, will there be a advertisement for every region?
+Konrad Krawczuk +David Trahan me too - deaf in my left ear. I have exactly the same issues in my day to day life...never knew that bone conduction could help it. I must look into it could change my life
I'm half deaf, too, but in a different way. I can hear in both ears, but in less than half the normal frequency range. Google Glass isn't helping with that yet, but it could. I'd love to see some interactive signal processing, allowing me to isolate specific speakers more than my hearing aids do. There's a lot of possibility to having such a powerful computer that you can control and interact with to help with hearing.
+Google Glass Will Glass be available to take prescription lenses or will a  different Glass version made to accommodate this??? 
This is great! It's nice to hear that Google is actually interested in changing the world, and not fighting petty patent wars. Unlike some other company... cough *Apple* _cough_
Made me instantly tear up.  Awesome story.
So does glass allow you to hear things that are happening around you in stereo or just things happening on the device? 
Im curious as to HOW it works and what it does help with. Like can he set it to where all sound can be listened to? Or is it only when google glass speaks to him? +David Trahan 
It's awesome that they chose someone who is so deserving of being a Glass Explorer. Kudos, Google.
I had already figured this out. It saddens me that the cost is so high because I had to turn it down.
I shared this with my wife, who is also deaf in her right ear as a result of an operation for a brain tumour. We are very excited about trying out Google Glass when they do go on sale. Thanks so much for the inspirational post. 
Amon RA
Someone should write a simple Android app that directs all sounds heard by the microphone realtime to the bone conducted speaker. It'll probably have a nasty effect on battery lifetime, but it would be awesome for people like +David Trahan 
wowowow! Thanks +Google Glass for sharing this, and thank you to everyone for your thoughts! I can't wait to see more of what Google Glass can do for the world. It doesn't take much to change a persons life. 
Another great of example of how glass is not mostly about recording video, as many people seem to fixate on.
If audio is sent to the user via bone conduction, then I'm fairly certain Glass will help.
I was the same, deaf in my right ear all my life until an operation 2 years ago. I did cry. My hearing is starting to fade again but I am thankful for the time I've had. Great post
That is a spectacular endorsement of Google Glass, an example of a company using its powers not just for good, but for awesome. Way to go, Google!
I've heard that for normal hearing people, anyway, the bone conduction volume is really low. I use a Ponto (bone conduction device attached to an implanted titanium rod) and get excellent volume and sound quality from it. Maybe Google should consult with Oticon and/or Cochlear for advice? Or to license technology?

That said, I got a brief chance to try out a friend's Glass and was able to hear the voice just fine. It was quiet, however, and I don't know how well it would hold up in a louder environment.
Wow! Great job! I hope this is just the beginning of a long list of stories like this one
Too bad it doesn't work for me (I tried Glass once). I absolutely need a left-eared version if I were to get Google Glass (or that new external earbud and an extension cord). I've been almost completely deaf in my right ear ever since I had an ear infection as a baby.

Actually, just a complete left-side version (both ear and eye) would do as that is my dominant side anyways (yay southpaws!).